Laerdal Labs DC

Our Start
Founded in 2004 as B-Line Medical, we were originally tasked with building a better medical Clinical Skills exam system. Since that time we have grown from a small start-up working with four U.S. medical schools to become the world’s leading provider of video-driven healthcare education solutions.

Our Future
Two years ago we became part of Laerdal Medical, as Laerdal Labs D.C.

Alongside our parent company, Laerdal Medical, our mission is direct: helping save lives. Our vision is that no one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness, trauma or medical errors. We understand this mission is very ambitious with the world facing severe challenges.

At Laerdal Labs D.C. we help achieve this by delivering innovative digital first solutions that bridge both the edtech and healthtech industries in both simulated and live clinical care environments.

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