Our purpose as a company is to inspire and empower families to lead fulfilled lives–to let our customers know that the things that make their lives better are within their reach. That goes for our associates too. We want you to grow professionally and personally, so we offer empowerment and potential in an environment that makes you feel at home. We’re down to earth, but we’re up for the challenge. We’re friendly, but we’re focused. We work hard, but we have fun—experience life at Kohl’s.

Kohl’s is committed to creating an environment where everyone feels a sense of equity, where diversity is valued at all levels, and where inclusion is evident across our business.

Kohl's employees walking through store smiling
Our People
We strive to be purposeful in attracting, growing and engaging more diverse talent while giving associates equitable opportunities for career growth. Along this journey, we’re championing the value and strength of our differences to foster a workplace of inclusion and belonging.
Our Customers
We strive to celebrate our differences and help more customers see themselves reflected in our brands. Along this journey, we’re working to offer culturally relevant products, designs, and storytelling that is meaningful to diverse customers.
Kohl's customer looking a baby clothes
Kohl's Community Engagement
Our Community
We strive to drive economic empowerment through conversations, programs and partnerships that improve the quality of life in underserved communities. Along this journey, we’re embracing opportunities to address racial disparities.

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