Global Leader, Growing & Committed to the United States

JTI has one goal: to become the most successful and responsible tobacco company in the world. In the US, members of the JT Group of Companies have grown rapidly over the last decade, investing in its presence and people through the following entities:

  • JTI Leaf Services in Virginia supplies JTI with directly contracted U.S. leaf tobacco from U.S. farmers in Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee, globally renowned for its quality and rich flavor.
  • JTI USA, headquartered in NJ, has been distributing and marketing high-quality cigarette brands since 1986.
  • Logic Technology Development (Logic) is a category leader in the U.S. vapor products market, supporting JTI’s commitment to next-generation products. Operating from its New Jersey headquarters and Florida warehouse location, Logic boasts nationwide distribution for its innovative portfolio of vapor products.
  • Prime Time International Distribution (PTID)

Top Employer

We’re truly proud to have achieved Global Top Employer status for a fourth consecutive year. We’ve been recognized in 50 countries around the world and received regional awards for Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and North America.

This type of recognition goes beyond trophies: it’s proof that we’re delivering on the promise we make to the 40,000 people around the world driving our success.