Spreading Goodness In All The Right Directions

Our founder, Milton Hershey, built the company on the principle that to do well is to do good. Our people share a deep connection to the company, our brands, and our enduring purpose to help children succeed. The foundation drives the values of our Hershey family, from our home in the farmlands of central Pennsylvania to our manufacturing and sales teams across the country and around the world.


The foundation for our vision of global growth is a vibrant, diverse workforce. Our eight Business Resource Groups (BRGs) support every employee around the world with an inclusive work environment. We rely on these groups for finding and developing the kinds of talent, skills, knowledge and cultural awareness that will ensure innovation and success for The Hershey Company into the 21st Century. Hershey’s BRG’s include the Abilities First, African American, Asian, genH(Generations), Latino, Prism (LGBTQ and Allies Affinity Group), Veterans and Women’s group.

Our BRGs:


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