Giving Back

"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded."
- R. W. Emerson


Our commitment

At DiversityJobs, we are committed to giving back and bringing awareness to causes we deeply care about, both as individuals and as a company.

We embody what we stand for, believe in what we do, and support causes that reflect who we are. We feel that it is our duty to contribute to communities locally and abroad.

Organizations we support

As a company, we are involved with the following organizations and we invite you to support them as well:

Do Your Part is a non-profit organization active in disaster relief, committed to assisting in the relief of people in US and abroad. Do Your Part provides onsite and remote assessments, coordinates evacuations and resources in the first response phase of a disaster. They also provide distribution of relief supplies to families setting up their lives after losing everything to disaster.

Website: https://doyourpart.org

HISPA is an organization that mobilizes Hispanic professionals to eradicate one key reason why our youth does not pursue education: a lack of role models. Via their Role Model Program, Youth Conferences, and Corporate Visits, their volunteers emphasize the importance of academics and demonstrate that all students can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Website: https://hispa.org

The main goal of FRIENDS OF GUATEMALA, INC is to ease the multiple needs in health care and education in Guatemala. They assist with the provision of shelter for patients and their families by providing them safe housing while they await treatment at various hospitals. Friends of Guatemala works with hospitals, corporations and individuals in the U.S. to secure surplus medical equipment, medications and educational material.

Website: https://www.friendsofguatemalainc.org/