Fargo Public Schools

Our mission in Fargo Public School is to educate and empower all students to succeed. This means focusing on the needs of all students and collectively working to ensure that we provide opportunities for every child to pursue their goals and dreams and to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve those goals.

To ensure that our schools are committed to excellence through a student-centered learning environment supported by positive collaborations with students, staff, parents, school, and community, we provide students with a broad knowledge base by engaging in a standards-based curriculum with co-curricular opportunities. The Fargo Public Schools Strategic Plan is designed to create the experiences we want for children in our progressive and fast paced community of Fargo.

fargo job

Fargo Public Schools, the fourth largest employer in the city of Fargo, employs nearly 2,000 permanent employees. In addition, FPS employs temporary or seasonal employees, including substitute teachers and paraprofessionals, and staff for summer school, summer programs, summer maintenance, and tutors. This brings the FPS employment total to more than 3,000!

Join our team
We are hiring staff members who are dedicated to the educational advancements of all students in our District. All team members play an important role in the services we provide to students and our community. You can become one of a valued members of the Fargo Public Schools team.

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