Webinar: Standing Out During Your Interview


Are you ready to ace your next interview?


It’s common for professionals to be uncertain, nervous, and anxious about interviewing. The stress of the big day can cause you to wonder if you are truly prepared and if you will make the best impression.


In today’s job market, behavioral interviewing is one of the most popular interviewing styles, centered on how you have handled different situations within your past work experience.


These “storytelling” interviews will have you talking about your past while hoping to make a good impression.


How can you prepare and what should your responses be? We will explore the STAR Method of answering behavioral interviewing questions and how you can put your best foot forward. This webinar is designed to help you prepare and take the fear out of interviewing! Join us for this interactive webinar.

Learning Goals for Participants:

  • Learn about the STAR Method for behavioral interviews
  • Understand how using the STAR Method will help build confidence before the big day
  • Find out 4 ways to be more likable during an interview

Porschia Parker-Griffin, CPC, PCC, Founder & CEO of Fly High Coaching | Millennial Performance Institute

Please note: registration for this event is limited to 10,000, but only 1,000 attendees are able to attend the live event on September 14, 2022. We recommend logging into the webinar before the start time to ensure a seat. If you are unable to join the day of it will be recorded and available on-demand for you to view within 72 hours.