PACE, Inc. Online Orientation Opportunity



PACE offers online orientation and placement on a list for potential Personal Assistant (PA) who would like to find work assisting consumers. Looking for honest, dependable individuals who want to make a difference. Personal Assistants who are interested, will attend an online orientation that would assist them in understanding the requirements of being a PA. Online orientation consists of understanding the PA program, qualifications and the process on how to be a PA. You must attend the online orientation to be placed on our referral list. We are currently looking for PAs in the Champaign and Vermilion counties.


This is not a guaranteed job only a referral list. We will give to the Employers potential PA names after the PA completes the orientation. The more dependable, available and willing to do various tasks you are the more likely you will be hired from this list. PACE Inc. Center for Independent Living is not the employer.


If you have any further questions or to sign up for the online orientation contact Mel at 217-344-5433. We will have an online orientation Friday, May 13, 2022