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About EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

We are a unique and innovative retail risk management and employee benefits insurance brokerage and consulting firm, founded in San Francisco, California in 2007 with offices and leadership across the country.

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants has a depth of industry expertise across key lines of insurance, including risk management, property and casualty, employee benefits, unique specialty program insurance and private client services.


EPICness is 10 essential characteristics of our shared values, beliefs, and culture. Each should be nurtured, respected, and protected as a basis for our decisions, advice, and actions in all that we do. Put the needs of others ahead of your own, work hard together, respect and embrace diversity and community, enjoy the process – and there should be no limit to what we can collectively achieve.

Make a Difference
At EPIC, we believe people should come first. What makes us unique is we can still come together no matter what our differences are.


People First
People who are respected, challenged, valued and trusted perform at a higher level with belief, passion and loyalty. We know that our clients are not “companies” – they are people with both personal and organizational needs. Understanding and effectively responding to these needs is our first and highest priority.

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We respect ourselves by being true to our own natures and to those around us. Recognizing, respecting and enjoying the diversity and differences of others produces trust, confidence and unity. It is our empathy, humility and humanity that help to build strong, successful individuals, organizations and communities.

We have a primary responsibility to help our clients protect their people, property, products, services and profits from all forms of individual and business risk. We have a responsibility to each other to work together honestly, openly, constructively, and collaboratively so that each EPIC team member becomes the best he or she can be – as both risk management and insurance professionals and as people.
Change is constant and life is often unpredictable. We anticipate, innovate and evolve as the needs of our clients and the marketplace change. This flexibility helps us to deliver unique, innovative results to our clients, to our partners, and to each other.
We are all connected through shared beliefs, values and goals. We have a common responsibility to keep the EPIC community healthy and strong by reinforcing through our behavior this shared EPICness. We have a further responsibility to be involved in supporting and strengthening the larger communities we are all a part of.
Shared principles and values, common beliefs, and people who are aligned with them produce extraordinary results. Each of us must always think and act with the best interests of our clients and our commitment to each other as the basis of our decisions, advice, and actions.
EPICness embodies a quiet confidence to do the right things for the right reasons. We are confident in our own abilities, the abilities and support of our teammates, and the success we will collectively achieve. We are not afraid to take calculated risks for the benefit of our clients, nor are we afraid to use ‘unconventional wisdom’ or challenge the status quo.
We provide advanced solutions in program design, product placement, service delivery and program management. We must constantly look for new and interesting ways to bring creative ideas to life for the benefit of our clients. We must always try to add value by changing and evolving beyond old organizational forms and outdated business practices.
No one is more important or better by nature than anyone else. Despite what we may achieve or accomplish, we should live each day with humility, focusing on what we can do to help others and how we can improve ourselves further as partners, parents, friends, and professionals.
EPICness is having fun, celebrating and never taking ourselves too seriously. There should be both pleasure and satisfaction found in working hard and delivering our best. We should enjoy each other as associates, friends, and EPIC family members. Personal milestones and achievements should also be recognized and celebrated. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Explore the Difference an EPIC Career Can Make in Your Life

There are many reasons why EPIC has become one of the fastest-growing “best place to work” in the insurance industry. Fueled and driven by capable, committed people who share common beliefs and values and “bring it” every day, EPIC is always looking for people who have “the right stuff” – people who know what they want and aren’t afraid to make it happen.

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