For nearly 25 years we have supported grantees to help educate business and community leaders, policymakers, and the general public about the health and economic benefits of a clean energy economy. Grantees include policy leaders, business, health, labor, environmental, faith, and consumer groups, as well as military organizations, think tanks, and universities.

A thriving clean energy industry will strengthen national security, offer workers good jobs in viable industries, and keep our air and water clean and healthy—for today’s children and future generations.

A partnership of leading foundations launched the Energy Foundation in 1991
and Energy Foundation China in 1999. In the U.S., the Public Engagement Program builds broad national and state support for strong climate and clean energy policy goals pursued by the Buildings, Transportation, Power, and Climate programs.

Our Vision

We envision a healthy, safe, equitable economy powered by clean energy. We believe a thriving clean energy economy can create sustainable opportunities, spur innovation, and protect our climate—for today and future generations.

The Energy Foundation’s nonprofit mission is to serve the public interest by building a strong, clean energy economy. Pragmatic and nonpartisan, the foundation supports education and analysis to promote policy solutions that build markets for clean energy technology. Advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency can open doors to greater innovation and productivity—growing the economy with dramatically less pollution.

We are a complex, multi-site, multicultural nonprofit organization with big plans for the future. Under the leadership of our CEO, Energy Foundation has embarked on a major strategy refresh, a prioritized commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), and rapid geographic expansion.

Our Values

We lead with our values in every aspect of our work. We strive to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable to all people and living things.

  • Transformational Impact
    We are ambitious in our pursuit to deliver game-changing, durable, clean energy outcomes for all.
  • Community
    We develop and sustain a diverse and inclusive organization where collaboration is core to how we partner and work.
  • Equity
    We support employees, grantees, and advocates by providing resources to help address unjust, historical barriers based on race, gender, culture, and identity.
  • Learning
    We prioritize curiosity and risk-taking, with open dialogue to inspire growth and innovation.
  • Service
    We work together across our networks, stakeholders, funders, and internal and external teams through respect, authentic relationships, openness, and collaboration.

Energy Foundation staff work in service of a clean energy future for all. We are committed to creating a diverse environment and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.


Energy Foundation staff work in service of a clean energy future for all. We are committed to creating a diverse environment and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

We Take the Fight for Clean Energy to Every Corner of the Country
We work on priority issues across the U.S. with effective and diverse coalitions of grantees who share our vision of a clean energy future for all.

Why Energy Foundation?

We support curiosity, risk taking, and open dialogue to maximize learning and impact.
We support shared leadership that increases choice and control for those closest to the work.
We establish clear roles and expect accountability to commitments we make to our partners.
We act in service to our colleagues internally and externally, focusing on supporting the needs of those who receive our work.

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