Western Governors University (WGU)

Western Governors University (WGU), is an online university for the 21st century.

Driven by a mission to expand access to higher education through online, competency-based
degree programs, WGU is also committed to being a great place to work for a diverse workforce
of student-focused professionals. The university has pioneered a new way to learn in the 21st
century, one that has received praise from academic, industry, government, and media leaders.
Whatever your role, working for WGU gives you a part to play in helping students graduate,
creating a better tomorrow for themselves and their families.

Join us in our commitment to the WGU Promise: helping our students achieve their dreams for a
degree and career success by providing a personal, flexible, and affordable education based on
real-world competencies. Ever since WGU was founded in 1997 by a group of U.S. governors,
our competency-based education model has revolutionized the way students learn, master
concepts, and progress to a degree. Every bachelor’s and master’s degree program curriculum
is designed in partnership with leading employers, increasing our graduates’ chances of
launching exciting careers. If you’re passionate about building a better future for individuals,
communities, our country – and you’re committed to working hard to play your part in building
that future – we invite you to consider WGU as the next step in your career.

WGU is dedicated to promoting inclusion, respect for differences, equal opportunity, and
diversity in our institution. We believe in the power of education and the value of expanding
access and opportunity to all individuals. Our goal is to create an environment where students,
faculty, and staff all feel comfortable and safe to be their best selves while having opportunities
for educational development.

Equity has been in WGU’s DNA since the beginning, and we are passionate about the
recruitment and retention of diversity in students and employees. In fact, the concept of equity
was written into WGU’s original mission statement: “to improve quality and expand access to
post-secondary educational opportunities by providing a mean for individuals to learn
independent of time or place and to earn competency-based degrees and other credentials.”

Ready to learn more? Join us at www.wgu.edu/careers