Smith College

Founded in 1871, Smith College opened in 1875 with 14 students. Today, Smith is among the largest women’s colleges in the United States, with students from 48 states and 68 countries. An independent, nondenominational college, Smith remains strongly committed to the education of women at the undergraduate level, but admits both men and women as graduate students.

Why is Smith a Women’s College?

Smith College was founded at a time when there were practically no choices for women who wanted an education equal to that available to men. The idea of such a college was a radical notion in 1871, but its success has been dramatic and undeniable. And for more than 140 years, Smith has stayed true to its mission of providing women with the best education available in the liberal arts and sciences.

Today, of course, women have many options, but we have only become more convinced that, for many women, a women’s college is the best option. Providing the academic challenge, personal attention and wide-ranging opportunities you’d look for in any college is still our most important goal, but, as a women’s college, we think Smith offers some special bonuses.

Smith College campusIt’s a fact that students who spend more time with professors do better academically and are more sure of their career choices.
At Smith, women are the focus of all the attention and all the opportunities.

Having a wide variety of female role models tends to boost the aspirations and career achievements of female college students. More than half of the professors at Smith are women as are many top administrators. Our alumnae are leaders in many fields.
At Smith, faculty and alumnae offer outstanding role models.

Leadership experience in college provides training and encouragement for leadership positions in your life, your community and your profession.
At Smith, all of the leaders are women.

Smith offers social and academic exchanges with four nearby colleges, weekend parties and events drawing students from the many colleges in New England and elsewhere and many student organizations, club activities and athletics, all of which makes for a lively life outside of classes.
At Smith, women can have a great social life. (Really!)

At Smith, there are no stereotypes about what women should do, but there are unlimited expectations about what women can do. Smith is a great training ground for careers that might still be considered non-traditional for women.
At Smith, any career choice is an appropriate one.

More than 48,000 Smith alumnae are ready to help students step into internships and careers. Even the Ivies can’t boast a network of thousands of successful women willing to share inside information about their professions with both undergraduates and other alumnae. It’s a lifetime guarantee!
At Smith, the “old boys’ network” is an “ageless women’s network.”

Of course, the world is coeducational. But Smith women enter it more confidently than women graduates of coed schools.
After Smith, the future is wide open.

Smith College campus

Equity & Inclusion

The Office for Equity and Inclusion supports the college’s belief that diversity in all aspects of the educational environment is necessary for achieving the highest level of academic excellence. Members of an educational community rich in varying perspectives, outlooks and values is better prepared to deal with complexity and participate productively in a pluralistic society.

Our Mission & Commitment
The Office for Equity and Inclusion grounds its work in the college’s mission and sustained commitment to be a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus. We aspire for every member of our community to uphold these principles. To promote a shared understanding across campus, here is our articulation of the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.

A commitment to DIVERSITY requires us to develop an awareness of who makes up our community and what their experiences and identities are.

A commitment to INCLUSION requires us to make sure all community members are seen, heard, respected, and valued as full human beings and are encouraged to contribute to community life.

A commitment to EQUITY requires us to remove obstacles to full participation and recognition for members of our community, and to pursue corrective justice for those unfairly denied full participation and recognition.

Employment Opportunities

Smith College seeks to attract individuals who are committed to our mission of providing the highest quality education to women. Smith College enjoys the reputation as one of the finest colleges in the country. This reputation, tempered by time and challenged by change, holds strong because of the dedicated work of our staff, faculty and administration.

We are a diverse group bringing to our community different talents, perspectives and experiences. Our strength arises from this diversity and is sustained by a community value of providing an outstanding educational environment for our nearly 2,700 students.

Smith College campus