Cityblock was founded on the premise that health is local. In October 2017, we launched Cityblock with the support of Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet Company. Since then, we’ve planted roots in Brooklyn, grown our team, built our technology platform, and are caring for thousands in underserved communities. Today, we partner with health plans to reach people in neighborhoods that face high poverty rates and accompanying social challenges.

Imagine a world where technology
and community health unite.

Where a software engineer, a data scientist, a care provider, and a community member sit side-by-side to build a comprehensive view of an individual’s health. Where a product manager joins a care team huddle to hear what challenges members are facing and synthesizes that feedback in order to build technology-driven solutions. Where a nurse or Community Health Partner can send feedback right to an engineer, who can immediately start to build and ship a product feature.

This isn’t an alternate universe—
it’s how we work at Cityblock.

How is clinical work at Cityblock different?

  • Be part of a driven, integrated team. Improving health takes a full team—including members themselves. Our care teams are fully integrated and work in close coordination together and with members to address all factors of health—medical, behavioral health, and social.
  • Work with technology that works for you. We’ve built, and keep enhancing, entirely new technology capabilities, designing our platform, Commons, specifically to support providers. Equipped with Commons, our care teams can seamlessly communicate and coordinate care, whether at a Cityblock Neighborhood Hub or in the community.
  • Spend your time caring for members. Freedom from traditional fee-for-service care means our providers’ attention is fully focused on caring for our members and their needs. And our product and engineering teams are constantly refining our technology to support care teams in what they do best—caring for our members.

We believe that everyone should have care for what matters to them, no matter where they live.

We’re a growing team of technologists, clinicians, and operators working side-by-side to radically improve the health of underserved communities, one block at a time. Every day, we embrace diverse experiences and perspectives, while holding firm to our shared values in how we work together and serve our members.

People are at the center of what we do

  • Listen with humility and respect.
  • Never hesitate to act against injustice.
  • Be inclusive; harness the power of a diverse community.
We work with purpose everyday

  • Have fun, think big, be creative.
  • Always keep promises.
  • Just keep swimming.
We challenge systems that need to change

  • Dare to question the status quo.
  • Partner to build lasting solutions.
  • Share what we know, and seek to know more.


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