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This is the CCPA “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” page, which applies to all LATPRO, INC. website properties. LatPro, Inc. does business as DiversityJobs.com, LatPro.com, JustJobs.com and other affiliated websites, including:

africanamericanhires.com, allairportjobs.com, allanalystjobs.com, allautomotivejobs.com, allbilingualjobs.com, allconstructionjobs.com, allcounselingjobs.com, alldialysisjobs.com, alleducationjobs.com, allfoodjobs.com, allhispanicjobs.com, alljobsinnursing.com, alllanguagejobs.com, alllgbtjobs.com, alloutdoorjobs.com, allschooljobs.com, allspanishjobs.com, architecturejobs.org, asianhires.com, butlerjobs.org, cablejobs.org, civilengineeringjobs.org, collegefacultyjobs.com, commercialconstructionjobs.org, computerjobs.net, disabilityjobs.net, driverjobs.org, engineeringjobs.org, ethanoljobs.org, facilitiesjobs.org, fieldjobs.org, fortwaynejobs.org, geriatricjobs.org, horticulturejobs.org, insurancejobs.org, jobsinaccounting.org, jobsinbanking.com, jobsinfinance.org, jobsinhealthcare.com, jobsinhospitality.net, jobsinhospitals.org, jobsinhr.org, jobsinit.org, jobsinlasvegas.org, jobsinnonprofit.org, jobsinoperations.com, jobsinscience.org, jobsinsoftware.org, jobsinteaching.org, jobsintucson.org, justparttimejobs.com, latinojobs.org, logisticsjobs.org, marketingjobs.org, mortgageconsultantjobs.org, neonatologyjobs.org, nursingwork.org, payrolljobs.org, professorjobs.org, qajobs.com, retailjobs.org, rockcountyjobs.org, salesjobs.org, sustainabilityjobs.org, transportationjobs.org, truckjobs.org, veteranjobs.net, wehirewomen.com, latproinc.com, diversityjobsalerts.com, latpromail.com, overfiftyjobs.com, nativejobs.org, justjobs.us, blackcareers.org

What is CCPA and why do we provide the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link?

LatPro, Inc. and its websites provide the “Do Not Sell” link to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), California Civil Code Section 1798.100 et seq., effective January 1, 2020. The CCPA is a new data protection law that provides California residents with certain choices about their data, including the ability to tell companies not to “sell” their personal information. The link is there to inform you of this choice.  Although the CCPA only gives California residents the right to make these requests, we allow non-California residents with the same choices about their personal information. Please see our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy for more information.

What does “selling data” mean?

A common understanding of “selling” information is that it involves a company taking information it has learned about you and exchanging that information with an unrelated third party for money, who will then use that data for a new purpose that you did not intend.  LatPro, Inc. websites don’t do this with your information.

However, the CCPA has a much broader definition of “sell” than this. LatPro, Inc. and its websites abide by the law, and your wishes, as it relates to this right.

What LatPro, Inc. websites do that may fall under this definition?

We use “may fall” under the definition of “selling” data because the CCPA is new and these issues are not yet resolved.  We’re carefully watching the State of California and its Attorney General for any new interpretations of the CCPA.

Here are some examples of business practices that may be understood as “selling your data”:

  • We’ll show or relay a job seeker’s resume to an employer when that job seeker willingly applies for that company’s job openings.
  • We sell access to a resume database for companies seeking to find new hires.  When you upload your resume and don’t choose to keep it private, your resume may appear in these resume searches. Job seekers that choose to keep their resumes private will not have their resume featured on these search results.  Resume access and the corresponding use of a job seeker’s contact details should be strictly employment-related.
  • We run email marketing campaigns on behalf of employers promoting their job openings (but we never give them the emails themselves).
  • We send newsletters to which you opted in.

Each practice above is inherent in our mission to help you find jobs as we take into consideration your choice to share your resume and data.

What LatPro, Inc. does not do:

  • We don’t sell data to data brokers.
  • We don’t exchange information about you with a third party for money.
  • We don’t allow usage of our resume database for anything unrelated to employment opportunities.

Opting out of data “selling”

A request to not “sell” or “transfer” your information to an employer prohibits us from providing our services to you. In order to opt-out, please request that we delete your account and personal data via:

Email to webmaster@latpro-inc.com
— or —
Contact form: https://www.diversityjobs.com/contact/

By submitting this request, you are declaring that you are a California resident taking advantage of your rights under CCPA.

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