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What Makes a Great Team?

Factors that can contribute to your success are diverse and specific to your situation. However, having the right team is a fundamental step in accomplishing great things. Achieving excellence as a professional starts from the environment you find yourself in. Your environment, in this context, is not so much the physical environment as it is the people you are surrounded by. Having a great team is the trick to getting better and more efficient results within your professional capacity. That’s why we’re looking at the key things that make a team great!

  1. Respectful Communication
  2. Defined Objectives
  3. Specialization
  4. Accountability
  5. Good Leadership


Respectful Communication

When working with a team, especially professionals in different fields, there can be clashes of information and misunderstanding. However, with mutual understanding and respect for one another, flawless communication is attainable. Effective communication is a great way to ma a project achievable and great teams have great communication.


Defined Objectives

As a team, there should be a unified goal for the project or task at hand. While the goal is clear, the objectives for achieving the desired outcome have to be defined to ensure that everyone is on board. This relates to the need for effective communication as every member of the team must take part in the process of defining the objectives of the team. Staying informed about the team’s objectives makes it easier to contribute your quota to ensure the team’s success.



The definition of a great team rests in the diversity and versatility of its members. When working on a project, it is crucial to define roles and milestones according to the specializations of team members. Through a division of labor, technical knowledge, and resources, a great team can achieve its objectives within the set deadline.



For any great team to work, every member needs to be responsible for their contribution to the team. Recognize strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and optimize these attributes for the best team result.


Good Leadership

A good leader makes a team great. In the position of the leader or project manager, you hold a great deal of responsibility for the team and you should encourage members’ participation. As a member of the team, you should help the leader achieve the team goals by contributing efficiently to the team’s efforts. If you’re assigning or being assigned to a task within the team, be sure to communicate any opinions politely and professionally during brainstorming sessions.


With the right people in your corner, working towards the same goal and contributing equally to the project’s success, you will become unstoppable! Understand your abilities and limits, optimize your strengths, and unlock new levels of success with a great team!