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What Is Diversity Recruiting?

Diversity recruiting is actively seeking out job candidates who are from diverse backgrounds, taking steps to ensure talent acquisition processes are more inclusive, and removing barriers that prevent all candidates from having equal opportunity during the hiring process.  

In relation to the workforce, the term ‘diversity’ was once a code word for ‘people of color’, or those of African American, Asian, or Hispanic descent. For the sake of inclusion, a more modern take on the idea of diversity has been adopted to encompasses other groups, such as women, military veterans, and individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community. This change in definition is a reflection of the tumultuous history surrounding diverse populations fighting underrepresentation in corporate and government leadership positions, large wage gaps, and discrimination in the workplace.

For many of the most inclusive employers, diversity has grown solely from ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation to a more holistic view that takes into account one’s culture, experiences, background, values, and perspective on the world.  These traits are what make people ‘diverse’, and the savviest employers are looking for people with creativity and unique ways of thinking based on such traits.

Millions of monthly searches for “jobs” on Google give us insight into what job seekers are looking for in their careers, and what they find valuable in an employer.  It turns out they are looking for meaningful careers with organizations that value diversity and that have inclusive cultures, which is why it’s critical for employers to have strong diversity recruiting programs in place.

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