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Tips for Working Remote and Finding Remote Positions

In March of 2020, the world changed forever. COVID-19 spread like wildfire, and offices all around the world closed either temporarily, or permanently. For the employees who primarily worked in-person, and were now forced to work remotely, this was a substantial change. Going from working every day at a desk at work, to suddenly switching to working from home the next day. That adjustment completely altered the working habits of so many people. Staying productive while working remotely is not always the easiest thing to do. While working remotely was not unheard of, it was not the most popular way to work before COVID-19. With this big switch for so many people, it became apparent not everyone knows the best way to stay on top of their duties and tasks while working remotely.

Looking for a remote role? There are countless ways to find a remote position within a company. A great way to start is by searching Once on the website, the top selection bar has a drop-down box under the option Job Seekers. After clicking on the Find Jobs selection of the drop-down box, On the page, you will see two text lines where you can enter job titles or positions, and a space for a desired location, or if so, desired just type Remote in that line. DiversityJobs makes it easier for you to find remote jobs by providing buttons on the top right-hand corner of each job posting with a remote button so that you don’t even have to see the full description to note it is remote.

Whether you are applying for remote or in person work, there are certain things that an applicant should always remember to do. Customizing your resume to the specific company/job position Is the first step and it can be crucial to your application process. In addition to your resume, attaching an updated and personal cover letter is a terrific way to increase your chances of obtaining the desired role.  Also, most job seekers forget to follow up after submitting an application. Sending a check in email or other form of communication can be helpful if sent after a reasonable amount of time. Finding a remote position is now easier than ever.

When looking for a remote position, it is important to be aware of techniques to be productive, especially if remote work is a new experience. Some simple yet effective ways to stay productive while working remotely:

  • To-Do lists
  • Music or podcasts
  • Being comfortable but not too comfortable
  • Updates/check-ins with team members/supervisors
  • Taking a walk outside (if possible)
  • Keep your workspace clean and separate from home life

Working remotely is not for everyone and that is okay. For the people that do not like it, or just prefer to be in an office setting, some ways to cope are by taking a walk outside or just away from your computer, to get out of your space for a little bit. Even if you can section off a part of your living space as a working area, some people are not able to make that mental disconnect from home life and work life. To help with coping with this, staying organized is incredibly helpful, as you will feel more in control of your situation. This also ties in with having to-do lists. If you are someone who has trouble staying on track and knowing what needs to be completed first, a to-do list is a fantastic way to stay on track and organized.

While some of these tricks and tips work for some people, they are not a guarantee for everyone when working remotely. Communication is key, especially when simple communication with a teammate, coworker, or supervisor can help alleviate the stress some people experience working either hybrid, or fully remote. The best, most general, advice is to figure it out by trial and error. Do what feels right and keeps you happy, all while staying productive and active as an employee. Not everything is going to be perfect but figuring out what works for you is so important when working from home, or wherever.


Written by:

Jacob Diker | Marketing Intern – Circa

Katie Coleman | Product Marketing Manager – Circa