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Market Your Bilingual Skills – It Is More Effective Than You Think

Many job seekers sometimes try to avoid discussing their cultural and ethnic backgrounds during the job search due to fear of discrimination. However, for job seekers today, diversity is an added edge when portrayed the right way. If you can speak more than one language, you would definitely be a valuable addition to any company. So, you can give yourself an advantage by making potential employers aware of your bilingual skills.

The Global Economy

Today, companies are no longer targeting a specific race or culture; their audience is global. For businesses to better understand the dynamics of this global economy, they will need the perspectives of people from different cultures. Conducting studies and collecting data from a particular section of society will help a company figure out how to target specific audiences. In order to sell a product or service to a specific ethnic group, it’s important to understand their behavior, which is often determined by their cultural background. Different cultures are molded and shaped by the unique languages they speak.

This is where you come into the picture. Let’s say you’re from a Hispanic/Latino family and you speak fluent Spanish. Thanks to your cultural background, you would probably have a more clear understanding regarding the products that Hispanic consumers would like to buy. You might also be able to help create marketing campaigns to target this ethnic group.

Speaking the same language as your target audience will give you a far deeper understanding of their culture and preferences, enabling you to more effectively communicate with the people you are trying to reach out to. With these language skills on your side, you will be indispensable to a company aiming to market itself to all sections of society.

Know Where to Apply

Of course, before being able to tout your ability to speak a second language, you need to know where you should apply. It will help to know where your knowledge of a second language would actually come in handy. So, take some time to study the various businesses and think about how your knowledge of a second language could benefit them.

Let’s say you are looking into the digital marketing industry. With your bilingual skills, you can help them produce content in different languages that will reach out to millions of people. Many people around the world prefer content that is produced in their mother tongue, so your skills would help a business be able to reach a much larger audience.

Sales and marketing is another field where the ability to communicate in another language can benefit a company. By reaching out to your customers in a language which they are comfortable speaking, you can get them interested in your company and its products.

So, when you are applying for a job and you want to showcase your bilingual skills, always think about how you can provide value to the company. Today, many ethnically diverse job seekers tend to downplay their cultural backgrounds during the job search process because they do not want to be discriminated against. However, the culture which makes you unique is something that you should be proud of, especially when it can provide value to a business. In addition to highlighting the skills required for the job, you should also let prospective employers know about any second languages you may know.

Be proud of your unique cultural background, and let employers know that by hiring you, they are making a valuable addition who can help them reach out to a larger audience and increase opportunities for business growth, thanks to the power of language.