Career Advice

O*NET Translator for Veterans

When you’re a veteran, it can sometimes be challenging to transition your skills and experiences to find a civilian career.  That’s why we want to share the Veterans Career Exchange Skills Matcher which helps you identify your skills by creating a list of your skills and matching them to careers that use them.


The Veterans Job Matcher tool is another way to identify potential jobs in the civilian workforce.  You can choose to enter your MOC code, use the Keyword search and enter in a military occupation, or search military occupations by military branch. The translator will then offer up civilian occupations that match your experience. You can also view a career profile of each occupation which will outline the job requirements and necessary skills.  This tool will help you identify jobs in the civilian workforce that match your military skills and will also display the typical wage information for each occupation.


Lastly, look up your strongest skills to determine which professions best fit them on O*NET. Find, search, or browse through more than 900 professions based on your objectives and needs, and then use in-depth reports to discover the needs, traits, and possibilities specific to your chosen profession