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How to Tell if Your Job Offer is a Scam

You’ve dedicated a lot of time to your job search, and after so many applications, you did it– you received a job offer. But how do you know if it’s legit? Job offer scams are an unfortunate reality in today’s job market. Each year, more job seekers fall victim to hiring scams that try to solicit money or obtain confidential personal information.

Job offer scams prey on the eagerness of job seekers and take advantage of their willingness to work. Although, there are ways to tell if your job offer is a scam. As you continue your job search, pay attention to these red flags.


You Never Interviewed for the Job

A job interview is one of the most important steps in securing employment. Not only is it a chance for recruiters to know if you’re qualified for the job, but it’s also your chance to see if the job’s a right fit for you. In an interview, you can learn more about the job, and the employer, and ask the questions you need to make an informed decision about taking the job. Receiving a job offer without having a job interview indicates that the job you’re going after is likely not legitimate.


You Have to Pay Money Before You Start Working

Under no circumstance should you ever have to pay money to a job to begin working. With work-from-home (WFH) jobs becoming the new normal, hiring scammers are requiring job seekers to pay for home office equipment such as computers, keyboards, etc. WFH jobs should provide employees with everything they need to do their job. If you’re ever asked to wire money or provide personal information for a job, there’s a chance that the job is a scam.


You Receive a Suspicious Email

Any official communication from a job will come from a company email. Hiring scams use suspicious email addresses like Gmail, Yahoo, or any unofficial company address. It should also always be clear who the emails are coming from. If you don’t see a recruiter’s name or job title somewhere in the email, it’s probably not legit.


Above all else, if you think a job offer sounds too good to be true, it might be a hiring scam. Hiring scams are, unfortunately, a part of today’s job market. Luckily, there are ways to decipher which job offers are real and which ones are likely a scam. As you continue your job search, remember to protect your confidential personal information, and watch out for red flags.