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5 Ways AI Can Help You Build the Perfect Resume

We’re constantly hearing about artificial intelligence (AI) these days – in the news, at parties, everywhere we go. It clearly has a lot of different applications. But have you thought about using it to help you land a job? More specifically, are you aware that AI can be very helpful when it comes to crafting a resume that is both impactful and unique? Keep reading for five ways AI can help you catch the attention of even the most hard-to-please employers.

How AI Can Help Build the Perfect Resume

#1: AI Can Match Your Skills to the Job Description

It’s important to tailor your resume to your target job ad. In the past, this would have required you to slowly read through the job description, noting any repetitive or notable keywords or phrases. Nowadays, AI can carry out this task for you – and way faster. You can then use this valuable information to make sure the necessary keywords are naturally incorporated into the language of your resume, helping it to bypass ATS barriers.

Similarly, AI can help you customize your resume by offering suggestions based on your target job description. Tailoring your resume specifically for the job you want will make it stand out, hopefully catching the eye of the hiring manager.

#2: AI Can Rewrite and Edit Your Resume

As you write your resume, AI can provide a helping hand when it comes to grammar, word choices, flow, and tone of voice. AI writing assistants like Grammarly, for example, fix typos and make suggestions related to adding, deleting, and rearranging words. While it will still be necessary to proofread your resume before sending it out, these AI tools help prevent obvious errors from going unnoticed. They can also improve your writing in general, so make sure to take advantage of them.

#3: AI Can Help You Avoid Unconscious Bias

Many hiring managers are unintentionally influenced by certain biases when they look at resumes. For instance, they might make assumptions based on your name, gender, or even the school you attended. Select AI tools can help prevent the occurrence of these biases by anonymizing your resume (that is, eliminating certain personal information), making it easier for recruiters to focus on what they should be noticing – your skills and qualifications.

#4: AI Can Suggest Resume Templates for Your Industry

The way your resume looks will likely be impacted by the industry you’re in. Those who work in a creative field, for example, might want to build a resume that is more personalized, colorful, and out-of-the-box than, say, an engineer who will probably use a more standard structure. With AI, you can quickly and easily obtain resume templates that suit your industry. These AI tools make fast and accurate suggestions about which layouts, colors, and fonts will impress the hiring managers in your particular field.

#5: AI Can Offer Resume Analysis and Feedback

Finally, AI software learns from successful resumes and analyzes resume patterns to track trends and provide you with the best feedback and format recommendations possible. Rather than the anecdotal input and opinions you might receive from a human resume coach, AI’s suggestions are based on quantitative and objective historical data, helping to ensure that its advice will set your resume up for success.

How AI Can Help Build the Perfect Resume

As you can see, AI can be very useful when it comes to crafting an effective resume with less effort. From helping you tailor your resume to editing it, providing feedback, and more, there are many different AI tools available that can make the resume creation process easier than ever before. Don’t shy away from these incredible technological advancements; instead, use them to your advantage so you can score the perfect job and build a great career.