Career Advice

Looking For a Job? Look Within.

So the statistics are daunting: 1 job for every bazillion applicants.

Sometimes really feels like it, huh?

With the competition being what it is, doesn’t it make sense to do a little research and actually apply for jobs you want? Seriously, why waste the company’s time (and other candidates’ prospects) by possibly getting to the interview stage for a gig that doesn’t even resonate with you? Yeah, we all need to make money, but by looking at your values – the big ones and the minor stuff – it should ultimately affect to which jobs you apply.

What about morale? Whether it’s strong-arm tactics telling you when you’ll take vacation, or learning a retiring employee was given nothing in regards to a send-off – these “little things” will make you feel crappy in the long run. And few workplace stressors are more damaging than feeling like no matter how hard you work you’ll never get ahead. That feeling of hopelessness can be especially prevalent amongst women and minorities who have dealt with a history of wage gaps, underrepresentation, and discrimination in the workplace.

Do they care about diversity in the workplace?  What about recruiting for diversity? Thankfully, more and more watchdogs are now in place, and would-be employees can (and should) do their homework by reviewing companies’ histories. publishes its Top Employers for the year, DiversityInc. promotes the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies For Diversity each year, and it’s easy to find experiences from current and past employees on Glassdoor. As a potential employee it isn’t enough to know that the job offers a competitive wage and health benefits; what are your opportunities for growth and success?

You can gain valuable clues about a company in surprising ways…

Does the company recycle? Or do they pretend to recycle, yet ultimately throw everything in the regular dumpster out back? (Yes there are companies that do this and you would be shocked by who they are). Do you even care? Well you should, even if you don’t care about being green – because a company that goes to the effort of pretending to recycle, yet doesn’t – is full of shit. This company is also habitually wasting time trying to fake people out (Read: Inefficient) and the company obviously doesn’t value your time, either. Next!

Think it doesn’t matter? Think again. Because if you’re reading this then you aren’t the kind of person who’s going to be content merely scraping by for a paycheck. Sorry, Bud – but you’re wired to want to make a difference. So do your homework and find out who – and what – is right for you. Look at your values and where you can imagine seeing yourself in 5 years; not the cheesy textbook answer you’ve planned for your would-be boss, but the real answer. Because believe it or not, it’s not all about the money. To ensure long-term happiness and fulfillment in the workplace you’re going to need to feel as if you make a difference and you’ve got a future. Go to the effort of learning as best as you can whom you’re hoping to work for.

Can’t find the answers? Ask. There’s a reason they call it an Inter-view.