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Women Job Seekers Guide

In recent years, the female presence in the workforce has seen a substantial increase in just about every industry. However, the overall job market continues to be male-centric, and women often encounter challenges in the job search process that their male counterparts do not.

Regardless, women today have more opportunities than ever before to make their mark in a working world that, not too long ago, was dominated by men. With the right preparation and mindset, you, a hard-working and motivated woman, can achieve the position you desire and send a message that you are not intimidated simply because of your gender. Here is what not to do:

Don’t Avoid Challenges

In several job sectors, the common notion of professional female inferiority still prevails. Many women grow up witnessing gender discrimination in certain professions and are discouraged from pursuing a career in these sectors. Never allow someone else’s notions regarding your abilities to prevent you from taking on new challenges. Remember, you will never find out what you can accomplish unless you try.

Don’t Hesitate to Share Your Opinion

In a society where women have not always had a voice to express themselves, many women hesitate even when discussing topics in which they are knowledgeable. omen who are self-assured in their speech come across as confident candidates in the eyes of potential employers.  Be free to express your opinions and see what an amazing difference it can make in your personal and professional life.

Don’t Play the Victim

Many women try to gain sympathy from potential employers by talking about how difficult the decision was to take a career break, and how it has affected them financially and emotionally. Women who play the victim card usually do not get any favors from employers. No one would want to hire a candidate who complains about their circumstances rather than putting in the required effort. Be proud of who you are, and project confidence when speaking with employers.

Don’t Always Play by the Rules

We live in a society where people are taught to abide by the rules from a very young age. Unfortunately, this often prevents women for applying for roles where they think they won’t fit in. When applying for a job, don’t be afraid to push boundaries and go beyond what is generally accepted. Apply for any job you want, regardless of whether an industry seems to favor a particular gender or not. You don’t need to be 100 percent qualified to excel at a job when you apply. If you are confident and passionate about learning, you can accomplish anything and break through stereotypical gender barriers.

Don’t Believe in Stereotypes

We all have heard things like this – Women are not good drivers, cannot write code, should stay home and take care of the kids, etc. Our society has long held stereotypes for women and unfortunately this has carried over to the workplace. Don’t believe in stereotypes. If you really want a certain job and you think you will able to do it justice, go for it.

Don’t Settle for Less

Many women tend to accept the fact that they would be paid less than their male counterparts, and as a result, they accept lowball salary offers. Remember, it is the quality of your work that should decide your pay, and not your gender. The work you do is just as valuable as the work done by your male co-workers. Therefore, never settle for less than what you deserve. The key is to tactfully negotiate your salary, and bring it to the point that is in the best interests of both you and your employer.

At DiversityJobs, we are committed to helping women achieve employment best suited to their abilities. Whether you are a returning professional or a work-from-home mom, our focused, niche job communities can find you the ‘perfect’ job you are looking for.