Best Job Sites for Diversity & Inclusion

Current anti-racism protests are forcing organizations across the US to take a hard look at initiatives to diversify their workforces, recruit diverse candidates, and create equitable and inclusive cultures to address workplace inequality. And while successful diversity initiatives are a vast undertaking that need to be championed by the top leadership levels to effect lasting change, niche diversity sites play a crucial role in this process.

Let’s be clear: there are too many talented, diverse job seekers in the market to prevent recruiters from thinking ‘these candidates just aren’t in our pipeline‘, or ‘there is a ‘talent gap’ between our requirements and candidates who are applying’. It’s not that the candidates aren’t out there; it’s that you aren’t reaching them. Ask yourself: Is my organization doing enough – and the right type of – outreach to engage ALL candidates.

If you aren’t using the right diversity sources (like the ones recommended below), you may not be doing enough to welcome candidates of all backgrounds, so the best person for the job can make it through your funnel to the hiring stage.

Here are the top 12 diversity job sites to help improve your diversity and inclusion efforts:


General Diversity

DiversityJobs.com, aka Diversity Jobs, is the #1 diversity job board online. The site unites employers dedicated to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) with job-seeking Black Americans, Latinx, Asians, Native Americans, Women, Veterans, People with Disabilities, and Members of the LGBTQIA+ Community. Services include single job postings, automated job scraping, online reporting & tracking, compliance solutions, resume database, email campaigns, and customer employer branding opportunities. DiversityJobs.com also publishes an annual list of Top Diversity Employers by industry and original thought leadership on a variety of workplace diversity topics.

See all the Employer Services they offer to help with your diversity recruiting efforts.

Black and African American

BlackCareers.org offers a simple US job search for Black Americans looking for a range of career opportunities. Candidates can opt for daily email alerts with new jobs matching their search criteria. Employers can post single jobs to reach this audience.

AfricanAmericanHires.com is for employers who are posting job opportunities to hire more African American professionals. The site also publishes unique content geared towards African American diversity in the workplace and career stories from current professionals.

Hispanic and Latinx

LatPro.com launched in 1997 as one of the first diversity job boards of any type. The site still caters to Hispanic, Latinx, and multi-lingual professionals, and has all of its original content appearing in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Employers can post single jobs, opt for job posting packages based on volume, resume database search, email campaigns, and banner advertising.

AllHispanicJobs.com is a job search site for Hispanics looking for careers with US employers. The clean search interface allows candidates to quickly find the right opportunities from employers looking to hire for a range of positions, with over 40,000 current job opportunities live.

Military Veteran

VeteranJobs.net, or Veteran Jobs, is about ’empowering veterans & transitioning military with jobs and resources’ for the current market. This platform provides them with current opportunities from employers hiring veterans and intriguing career interviews from veterans entering the civilian workforce. Employers can reach these candidates through single job postings, job scraping memberships, and targeted advertising.


WeHireWomen.com is dedicated to female professionals finding careers with organizations dedicated to both hiring women and providing equal opportunity for career advancement. The site offers a simple online form for employers posting jobs, while female professionals have simple search tools and the option for emailed job alerts.


AllLGBTJobs.com is a job board where LGBTQ-friendly employers with inclusive cultures post job openings to attract the best LGBTQ talent.


Like its sister site AfricanAmericanHires.com, AsianHires.com is for employers posting job openings to recruit Asian professionals nationwide. The site offers single job posting options and daily job scraping of an employer’s career site. For job seekers, the board publishes unique content geared towards Asian diversity in the workplace and career stories from current professionals.

Native American

NativeJobs.org caters to Native American, American Indian, Native, and Indigenous job seekers across the US. Employers post jobs to reach a range of qualified candidates in all locations and industries.

People with Disabilities

DisabilityJobs.net is a job site for job-seeking professionals with disabilities looking for career opportunities from employers known to have disability-friendly work environments. Employer options are single job postings, job scraping memberships, and targeted advertising.


AllBilingualJobs.com is a job board uniquely serving candidates who are fluent in multiple languages, with all job postings having special language requirements. In addition to English, job-seeking candidates speak languages from Spanish and Arabic to Hindi and Mandarin.


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