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Want your boss to delegate more to you? Never do this…

Want your boss to trust you and delegate more responsibility to you?

First, be very careful to separate fact from opinion in your mind and in your speech. Your boss wants the facts first and your opinion second. Give them in that order and make it clear which is which. Separating fact and opinion is the foundation for good judgment and good judgment is the foundation for trust and responsibility.


your opinion second

Second, never bring your boss guesswork without also bringing two ways to fact check your guesses. If you feel compelled to speculate — offer to research or experiment as necessary to draw a solid conclusion. So, if you speculate, follow it up with – “I’ll find out by…”

Why go to the trouble of researching answers? Because you’ll:

  • discover you can answer a lot of questions yourself
  • become a source of positive energy
  • build confidence in yourself
  • show you understand that your job is not to pose riddles but to solve them

Show your boss that you are good at gathering facts, telling the truth about what you found and forming reasonable opinions around those facts. Do that and you’re well on your way to making yourself indispensable!

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  • I like this article because a lot of bosses are looking for self-starting individuals who will be able to look up an answer to questions. This way the manager knows they can leave and you are capable of completing tasks efficiently and effectively by yourself. Finding answers also makes you more knowledgeable of your current job and can open opportunities for people to see your knowledge and you expertise and it can provide you with new opportunities including a better job.

  • This article had great advice for people whether they have an established career, are just starting out, or even for navigating your way through other experiences where you will need to interact with a person of authority.
    I once had a supervisor who said that she does not even listen to employees who bring problems to her, unless they have at least two valid suggestions for solution or improvement. I have carried this with me ever since. If you cannot state your issue, give succinct information of the impact, and have thought through a manner of moving forward, then you are just griping or gossiping!

  • When asked to gather facts or work on a project your boss expects you to do most of the fact checking and leg work yourself. Make sure if you have a question regarding to the project you have answered all the questions yourself. Know the facts.. do the research.. I worked in a job where I did quality control. All I did everyday was fact checking behind another person or computer. Research everything.. even if it seems silly.. education whether it is for a project at work or furthering your degree to obtain a certain career is always key. Don’t fall into the shadows, put forth the effort and you will go far

  • Working in Human Resources requires a lot of research and a lot of fact compilation in order to present issues to the “higher-up” of the company. I’ve only been working in a processing role for a month and already I’ve found myself having to present facts to my supervisor that will inspire important decisions for certain employees at my company. I have learned quickly that I need to present the facts AS IS and not how I think the policy should be run. A lot of times I find that these things are vastly different, but I know what our guidelines say and I know how to point them out to the influences. I’m surprised by how much responsibility and investigation has been essential to my current position.

  • Building confidence within yourself is essential. It will only help you in the workforce. Always try to keep positive because people are more likely to respond in a good way.

  • The was informative to me as well because I too work in a Pharmacy. We have to show that we can solve problems for our patients with the prescriptions that are written, or if an insurance carrier has an issue, or if there is someone trying to get a fake presecription. Working in a pharmacy has a lot of gathering of facts and information we must get our selves to figure out what a patient may or may not need. You sometimes have to be in 6 places at one time, between answering calls, making calls, talking to patients, typing presciptions, the list can go on.

  • This information is useful to me because I work in the pharmaceutical industry. Everything we do needs to be supported by research and experience and I feel this reinforces those ideas in a more general manner that can be used for anyone.

  • This is really great information that I can really use. I once had a boss who told me to say I do not know, if I do not know, but to say, “I will get back with you with that answer by,” sounds much better to me, and it does not make me look like I am ignorant.