Envisions Pioneering New Research to Help Bilingual Students Communicate More Efficiently

One of the biggest moments in life is when the first word is spoken. The achievement of this milestone was particularly significant for my brother, David, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome and did not say “Mom” until he was seven years old. With the help of frequent and intense speech and language interventions, my brother developed the ability to verbally communicate, which transformed from mere grunts to full words and eventually entire phrases. My experience growing up with a brother who has special needs motivates me to pursue graduate-level training and an eventual career in the field as a speech-language pathologist and researcher.

English is not my parents’ first language; consequently, I was usually the translator during IEP meetings and doctor’s appointments. Bearing the responsibility of translating for my family at a young age, I became frustrated that professionals were not equipped with the necessary training to meet the needs of my multicultural family. Although translating used to be an overwhelming responsibility for me, now it fuels my motivation to become a bilingual practitioner so I can help relieve some of the communication roadblocks that often burden multicultural families in the United States.

The Communication Sciences and Disorders program at Teachers College, Columbia University, will better position me to become an adaptive practitioner. As a first-generation Hispanic male, I can reflect on my family’s experiences, such as immigration, the language learning curve, and the difficulties accessing services because of language barriers. These experiences will not only provide a unique insight into realities that many clients face but also raise cultural awareness. This is not material that textbooks can teach, and equipping the future clinicians in my program with the understanding of this reality is crucial to progress cultural competency.

The clinical program, research, and community service opportunities at Teachers College will serve as my pillars to become a researcher, a leader of educational practice, and a professional who is ready to meet the needs of multicultural families. My experiences have taught me firsthand how our encounters with perceived disabilities help make us more compassionate, understanding members of society. Reflecting on the impact these encounters have had on me, I hope to make a change by pioneering new research strategies to help children, like David and bilingual students, communicate more efficiently so they may flourish in their lives. Through my boundless enthusiasm, I envision myself graduating and channeling my passion for making a difference not only in individual lives but also the community at large through Teachers College, Columbia University.

We are proud to announce Daniel Campollo is one of the current DiversityJobs Scholarship finalists. Vote for his essay (Facebook and other social media sharing options in left column) and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.


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  • As a former teammate of Daniel’s, I believe he has the capabilities necessary for him to exceed at the Teacher’s College – but more importantly, I believe he is equipped with the compassion to helping others that are often marginalized and underrepresented in many, if not all facets of society. Compassion is learned, experienced, and reciprocated – Daniel has these qualities.

  • What a noble aim, and so wonderfully written too. Wish you nothing but the best as you strive towards your goal, Daniel! 🙂

  • I’ve known Daniel for many years now and it has been such an honor to not only know him but to be his friend. His character is truly admirable and never goes unnoticed. He is a very driven person with such big dreams and a fire behind his passion. I can’t fhink of anyone more deserving than him to receive this scholarship.

  • I can’t think of anyone that would do better things with this scholarship! I know that Daniel will make the most of this scholarship if it is rewarded to him. His dedication and passion for this field is obvious to see from just this article. Fortunately, I also have the pleasure of knowing Daniel in person. I can attest to the fact that Daniel is just as caring and passionate as he sounds in this article, if not even more so in person.
    I would hate for the financial burden of graduate school to stop Daniel from pursuing his dream of becoming a speech language pathologist. The field of SLP would truely be at a disadvantage if Daniel does not have the opportunity to become part of it. He is almost there. All he needs is a little help with funding graduate school. This scholarship will be of great help to Daniel.

  • Seeing Daniel openly write about his experiences and the necessary change needed in education speaks a lot about the obstacles he has overcome. Although I do not know Daniel reading his essay has moved me. Education is the driving force of the United States and seeing how this individual wants to tackle problems head-on authenticates his character, intelligence, and level of drive.

    I can truly see this individual going as far as he wants, especially because of the grit that resulted from his upbringing. I see no limit for this individual and sponsoring this student will truly help contribute to making education and the U.S better than it has been.

  • A great read! Being Hispanic myself, I understand the need for bilingual speech therapists in the field. Although I have no experience with speech therapy specifically, I can recall many, many times throughout my life where there was a language barrier between my family (who learned English as a second language) and the person they were trying to communicate with. I have been the translator in these situations, just as Daniel has. This makes me thrilled to know that there is a student as hard working as Daniel that is trying to alleviate the overlooked issues in society, such as this one. Please help Daniel ignite his journey to becoming an SLP!

  • Daniel’s experiences and commitment speaks volumes about his character. In today’s age, we are often left ignoring those in need, especially communities who have been historically marginalized. Students like Daniel remind me that there is plenty of work to be done, and with students like him there will be solutions.

    Someone of his talent and dedication will truly serve the community in ways many of us have been waiting for. Daniel will be attending one of the best universities in the U.S in a high-need field. An equation like this spells out successful on levels unfathomable. it is clear that Daniel is BY FAR THE MOST deserving one of this scholarship.

    Granting this individual this scholarship will truly leave a fulfilled goal in the scholarship’s committee job. If picked, I have no doubt in my mind that Daniel would be the greatest representation of this scholarship and would make your company proud.

  • What an inspirational article!
    The kind of person you are can make or break your career as a speech pathologist. One thing that stands out to me about Daniel is his extreme level of patience which is essential in his field. When most people would become frustrated with a situation, Daniel is always the one to stick around and help. I have seen people walk away from situations when they seem helpless, but Daniel always sticks around. He truely has a passion and drive to help people, no matter what or how long it takes.
    With Columbia’s extreme tuition cost plus the cost of living in NYC, this graduate program is almost impossible to fund without scholarships. Daniel is very deserving of this scholarship and I hope you will see this from reading his article!

  • Growing up I have seen Daniel progress from a young, respectful, and ambitious man into a gentleman who is fulfilling all of his dreams and desires. It is an extreme honor to be related to Dan and to see how profound his level of aspirations are is truly admirable. This individual deserves this scholarship more than anyone else because of his relentless spirit to aid those in need. I fully support Daniel in his professional and academic endeavors and this scholarship will truly help him in his first steps in changing lives.

  • Personally knowing Daniel for the past couple of years has let me see what kind of person he truly is. He is someone that the field of speech path would be lucky to have. I believe that he should be awarded this scholarship so that he can help pay for his tuition at teachers college. This scholarship will help him be embark on his journey to becoming a great speech pathologist that everyone feels comfortable around.

  • Reading such an inspiring article has proven that Daniel possesses qualities that are highly valuable and rare. I cannot think of a person more deserving than an individual as such. His determination and personality are highly unique in today’s age and helping someone of his nature should be of the utmost importance to creating a better society.

  • Daniel is my sons good friend, watching him grow up to be a young man with ambition has been a privilege. The way he cares about others and goes above and beyond to do good has been eye opening and absolutely wonderful to watch. I’m sure he will do great things for students with special needs because he’s an amazing person! Very proud of you Daniel and good luck.

  • I have known Daniel for as long as I can remember. He is a very hardworking, enthusiastic and compasionate individual. I have seen how much time, effort and commitment he has put in to fulfill his dream of becoming a speech therapist. Having a brother with special needs, Daniel is able to relate to the everyday needs and struggles these families face. From a young age he has taken on a large responsibility and has handled it better than anyone else could. I truly believe Daniel is very deserving of this scholarship and I can’t wait to see what his future holds.

  • I personally have a brother with a disability, and I have worked with students with intellectual disabilities for many years. In addition, I come from a family where English is not our first language, so this article has a lot of significance for me. I’m really moved by what you are trying to do. Thank you and good luck!

  • Dan’s empathetic qualities make him uniquely qualified for the area of study he has chosen. I would highly recommend him for the Teachers College.

  • I graduated from high school with Daniel and we’ve been friends since the 7th grade. In the time that I’ve known him, Daniel has exuded honest leadership, work ethic, and inclusiveness within the multicultural community of Fort Lee, NJ. I am happy to see that he has used these traits to continue growing as a professional.

    Daniel clearly has unyielding passion for his cause, and I am excited to see him complete his graduate research and other accomplishments at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. I am confident that Daniel will be met with great success in his career as a speech-language pathologist, serving as a role model and friend to the children and families that he will work with. He is a deserving candidate of the DiversityJobs Scholarship.

    Best of luck Daniel!

  • I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Daniel personally for few years now. He is a genuine, humble and respectful young individual who is extremely driven and knowledgeable in his field. His upbringing and the challenges he has faced from such young age has enabled him to amass valuable experience related to his field of study. Daniel should be distinguished for all of the positive steps he has taken towards impacting his community for the better and shedding light on such important matter that is speech disability.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Daniel personally for few years now. He is a genuine, humble and respectful young individual who is extremely driven and knowledgeable in his field. His upbringing and the challenges he has faced at such young age has enabled him to amass valuable experience related to his field of study. Daniel should be distinguished for all of the positive steps he has taken towards impacting his community for the better and shedding light on such important matter that is speech disability.

  • Daniel Campollo is one of the most passionate, hardworking, and selfless individuals that I have had the pleasure of knowing. I am truly captivated by his strong self-awareness, deeply rooted values, and kind heart. In fact, many times after speaking to Daniel, I often found myself feeling inspired and in awe of him.

    I was fortunate enough to grow up alongside Daniel. We have been friends from kindergarten through college, so I was able to watch him embark on his personal and academic journeys. Throughout the years, I have watched Daniel mature as a bright young man, gain more confidence, and discover his passions. Knowing that Daniel works tirelessly towards his academics, extracurriculars, and helping out with the family business, I know that this grant will help lessen the financial burden of Columbia.

    Daniel Campollo is so deserving of this grant, and I hope that you all can see that as well.

  • Great article and thoughtful perspective on cases that need to be discussed. Research is key to our society and you are definitely thinking in the right direction.

  • Having met Daniel about a year ago, I’ve come to learn a lot about him as a person and the more I’ve learned about him the more I admired how he goes about his business, he’s a great individual who deserves everything coming his way.

  • Very inspiring article, Daniel is very determined and has a strong passion in doing what he loves most. Best of luck to you Daniel!!

  • We need more passionate speech and language pathologists. Daniel has the background and experiences to make a wonderful addition to the field.
    Sara Lowe-Bouchard, M.A.,CCC-SLP

  • As a special educator I have found myself becoming more and more impassioned about the importance of a wrap-around approach to best support our students.
    Daniel’s story highlights, from such a personal perspective, how essential family members are to our students’ teams.
    Daniel, we can learn so much from you, and I am inspired by your dedication, and drive to make a difference!

  • I am a licensed recreational therapist for the Fall Mountain Regional School District in New Hampshire. It is clear from reading Daniel’s story that he would be an excellent candidate for the DiversityJobs Scholarship. Being a member of an IEP meeting as well as communicating with doctors is not easy, especially when there is a language barrier. Daniel seemed to learn early on that being an advocate for his brother would be a very important and crucial role. He will make an outstanding Speech-Language Pathologist because of his background and passion for bridging the communication gap with students with disabilities, their families and the resources they utilize. Good luck Daniel, I hope you are chosen for this scholarship because you totally deserve it!

  • Although I do not know Daniel personally I do know how to assess ones character and worthiness. I am an educational consultant with a focus on providing guidance and support to disability professionals who work within school districts throughout New England.

    I am acutely aware of the need for intelligent , devoted and compassionate individuals to pick up the mantle of providing excellent and innovative teaching strategies for students with disabilities and their families.

    Daniel is an especially rare gift and appears to possess the dispositions and characteristics -intelligence, grit, compassion – all of the qualities that, when combined, equate to excellence.

    In addition, the field of Speech and Language Pathology needs a stronger male presence and, Daniel, brings this added benefit – his bilingual fluency and authentic cultural sensitivities.

    There is a strong and common thread throughout all of the testimonials of those who know Daniel that, without a doubt, support the worthiness of his being awarded this scholarship.

  • This country needs more people like you! I so admire you for your commitment to your parents, your brother, your culture and wanting to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Early intervention and intensive speech & language therapy are crucial for fostering independence in children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities.

  • I’ve watched Daniel grow up from a respectful, smart, friendly boy to a motivated, disciplined, passionate young man. I’ve watched and listened to him for the past several years speak of his hopes, dreams and studies for his future. I was always impressed with his focus on what he had planned for himself. I’ve watched him along his journey to get where he is today. And I am not surprised by his accomplishments. He is deserving of all of it. I can only except from him more great things and I know he will achieve whatever he puts his mind to. If anyone is deserving of this scholarship it is Daniel. Not only is he deserving of this because of his hard work and dedication, he is also deserving of this because of his kindness towards everyone around him and how he treats everyone equally and with respect. I have never witnessed him being less than wonderful to those around him and even to those he doesn’t know.
    I look forward to watching him continue to be successful in whatever he does and wherever his path takes him.

  • Danny and my son Tim were roommates at the Univ of Hartford their Junior year. While visiting Tim during his 4 years I was able to get to know Danny and immediately picked up on his devotion and passion for supporting and teaching children with special needs. He would tell me about his classroom experiences reaching out to so many students with his enthusiasm and bilingual background, As a Director of Special Education I “hear Danny’s” words about the challenges that parents face every day and he certainly experienced it at a very young age with his own family. I believe that Danny absolutely should be considered for this grant to become a speech and language pathologist as he “will” make a difference in the lives of so many children and young adults.

  • Daniel was the president of Best Buddies at University of Hartford. As co-chair of the Advisory Board for Best Buddies Connecticut and as the parent of daughter with Down Syndrome who was part of the Best Buddies chapter at University of Hartford, I can not speak highly enough of Daniel and all that he will bring to your program at Columbia and to the community at large. He has an understanding, a compassion, a work ethic and an authenticity that is not found very often. He devoted so much time and energy to students with special needs at the University of Hartford and was a leader among his peers. If I had to give him a grade, it would be no less than an A plus plus.

  • Knowing Daniel for years since our soccer days in elementary school, I’ve created a very close bond with him. Over the years and especially these past couple, I’ve come to realize that Daniel is unique. He goes above and beyond for everyone in his life, he shows tremendous affection and care for people of all backgrounds, and personally, inspires me to be a become a better person. Daniel deserves everything good that comes to him and this scholarship will help forward him towards his future aspirations.

  • After being Daniels roommate at the University of Hartford for one year, I can confidently say that he is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. Ever since the first day I met Daniel, he has expressed a relentless drive and passion to help people with special needs. I cannot think of anyone else who is more deserving of this scholarship than Daniel Campollo.

  • Knowing Daniel for years since our soccer days in elementary school, I’ve created a very close bond with him. Over the years and especially these past couple, I’ve come to realize that Daniel is unique. He goes above and beyond for everyone in his life, he shows tremendous affection and care for people of all backgrounds, and personally, inspires me to be a become a better person. Daniel deserves everything good that comes to him and this scholarship will help forward him towards his future aspirations.

  • As someone who has been very close friends with Daniel for years, I can attest to his passion toward promoting a diverse environment which fosters inclusion. People tend to be harsh when it comes to others with special needs and often don’t seem to understand the reality behind it. Daniel has always been someone who has been years ahead of his friends in not only understanding what his peers are going through but also advocating for a community that welcomes everyone regardless of their ethnicity, disability,etc. He is a prime example of someone who goes out of his way to help others. This scholarship will tremendously help Daniel but more importantly will allow him to make an impact on so many people’s lives. I am proud to be friends with Daniel and I fully support his journey to become a speech-language pathologist.

  • The effort that Daniel puts into everything and everyone that he comes into contact with is inspirational. He has personally motivated and encouraged me to do things that I didn’t even know that I could do. He has helped me so much in my own process of applying to graduate school when I felt extremely overwhelmed and defeated. He sees the best in not only me, but in everyone even when they don’t see the best in themselves.
    Seeing the bond that he has with his brother and all of the buddies from Best Buddies is heartwarming. His diverse background of growing up with a brother with Down symdrome, parents who learned English as a second language, etc., has made him so understanding and accepting of everyone. He is someone that people just feel comfortable around because he is so genuine. A person with so much compassion and understanding towards people of all kinds is needed in the field of speech pathology. I believe that there is no one more deserving of this scholarship that will help fund his education at Teachers College.

  • I’ve known Danny for two years now, and in that time he’s proven to be one of the most down-to-earth, compassionate people I’ve ever met. His dedication to whatever he puts his mind to is amazingly strong, and it makes me so happy to know that he’s going to be following his passion at Colombia. It’s clear that he will change a lot of lives in his future and I’m so excited for him to do so. If there’s one person I know who’s deserving of this grant, it’s Daniel, hands down.

  • I have known Daniel for since he was 8 years old as both a coach on the soccer field and I as a member of the Fort Lee Board of Education. Watching Daniel grow into the man he is today is a true testament of the his hard work and determination. Not only has he overcome so many obstacles in his life, he did it without a complaint, worked through all adversity with a smile and is somebody his peers are proud to call a friend.

    Having been a member of the FLBOE, I understand the importance of having bilingual therapists, these families are having a tough time dealing with their child’s issues and it’s important for them to understand what can be done and how it’s going to be accomplished.

    I don’t know all the finalist, but I can only hope they are as worth of this scholarship as Danny is. This would be a game changer in this young mans life.

    Good luck Danny

  • I have known Daniel for the past 4 years as a peer and good friend at the University of Hartford. His work ethic is something to be envious of, and he continually puts forth his best work for others. He does not hesitate to help others who are in need, even at the expense of his own busy schedule. Countless buddies from the Best Buddies Program at UHart would consider Daniel to be one of their best friends, and Daniel treats each student as though they are his. Daniel is more than qualified to receive this award, and he deserves the chance to continue his gracious and caring ways in the field of Speech Pathology.

  • Amazing article! With the compassion that Daniel demonstrates, he can/will be doing work that can help those with disabilities, especially if given this scholarship. The goals that Daniel has are life changing goals. People with a thrive and determination like Daniel, are the type of people needed in this field.He has worked so hard to get to this point and deserves this scholarship to help further his education. Keep doing great things Dan, proud to know you!

  • Daniel is a compassionate, and hardworking man and I truly believe he would put his whole heart into his work and research at the Teachers College, Columbia University.

  • Dan is one of the realest friends I have made at the university of Hartford. Even though we wouldn’t see each other for weeks at a time because we were both so busy with our studies, it was always smiles and genuine conversation when we did. What makes Dan such a great friend is that he makes you want to be a better person. Whether it’s by motivating or by leading example Dan has a gift of bringing out the best of people.

  • I’ve known Daniel since high school and throughout these past few years, he has shown himself to be one of the kindest, thoughtful, most understanding people I know. This article is amazing and genuinely represents his perspective and view on why he is so motivated as a student to help others, especially those with special needs. Daniel has worked so hard and continues to work hard today in order to really make a difference. His compassionate self is a driving factor that his future will be filled with many successes as he continues to become more knowledgeable in the field he has a passion for. He deserves everything he’s earned and will earn in the future, including being a part of Teacher’s College!

  • Daniel is a passionate and hardworking individual with an infectious personality. It is obvious that Daniel’s area of study has personal meaning to him. His actions and experiences, especially throughout his college career, prove that he will be an asset to the Communication Sciences & Disorders Program and is certainly deserving of this scholarship.

  • I have known Daniel for the last four years and he has never failed to amaze me. Daniel never stops thinking about and helping others. As a peer and recent graduate from the University of Hartford who studied Special Education, I have been lucky to take a few classes with Daniel throughout our time at school. His passion is apparent when discussing topics in class. Daniel is very deserving of this opportunity.

  • This is an amazing article that shows some of the responsibilities and privileges that Daniel was raised with. Knowing Daniel since High school, he was always passionate about helping students with special needs. Through his hard work and determination, Daniel’s one step closer to achieving what he has always wanted to do. He is a person who has always put others before himself and with the help of this scholarship he can focus even more so than before on his education to become the best therapist he can be.

  • As an immigrant who came to this country in 7th grade without knowing a word of English, I’ve had many frustrating experiences not being able to communicate fluently. In high school, when I was called up to practice on varsity soccer team as a sophomore, Daniel was one of the leaders of the team. At the time I was so nervous to play with the upperclassmen that I kept stuttering and mispronouncing words which embarrassed me and made me want to not talk at all. But because Daniel always reached out first and made small talk with me, eventually I felt comfortable in the environment that used to intimidate me. Even though I’ve only known him for a short period of time, I have no doubt in my mind that Daniel’s compassion and proactiveness to serve others will allow him to positively influence many people’s lives in the future.

  • I first met Daniel my freshmen year of high school, he was our soccer teams captain, a person that the whole team looked up to, especially the younger members. Daniel was always regarded as a person who worked incredibly hard and someone who showed kindness to everyone regardless of who they were, even myself who at the time was a freshmen who warmed the bench. In our small town Daniel is well known as a person who consistently soughts out to grow and help the community. As a student who had also grown up with immigrant parents, I completely understand daniel’s incredible pursuit, but most importantly believe that a person like Daniel would be the best person to accomplish these goals.

  • I’ve known and been friends with Daniel Campollo since Sophomore year of high school. I remember being the new girl at school, and Daniel being one of my first friends. Eventually we became really close and would even drive to school everyday together. After all these years of friendship, I’ve learned so much about him as a person, how determined and dedicated he is to everything he does, and just how giving and kind of a friend he is. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend, mentor, student or peer. I’m so proud of how far he has come, getting into Columbia for grad school, honestly no one deserves it more! I’m sure he is going to keep doing big & great things, and I genuinely can’t wait to hear about it all.

  • My first year playing soccer in high school I met Daniel, he was our senior captain who led all of us on the field as well as off the field with great example. Always known for his work horse mentality and true kindness for all kids on the team, even myself the freshmen who barely got any minutes. Regardless of who you were Daniel treated everyone with the same concern and friendliness. Daniel has done great things in our town and is known by almost everyone as a person who continuously seeks to grow and help his community.

  • I met Daniel at the University of Hartford about three years ago and can attest to his hard work and dedication to his studies. Ever since I have known him he has put school at the forefront of his responsibilities and has worked tirelessly to create the best work possible. As a student who has majored in special education, I know how important and beneficial it will be for Daniel to pursue this career. Daniel is also extremely caring and giving, always helping his friends and putting the needs of others first. I hope you will consider awarding Daniel with this scholarship so that he can spread his passion to all his patients- I don’t know anyone more deserving of this award!

  • I’ve met Daniel through my sister, who attended college with him, and every time I have crossed paths with him, he was extremely compassionate and hardworking. He is deserving of this scholarship, as he has worked hard to get to where he is today, and is so close to achieving his dreams to make this world a better place. I can say with absolute certainty that if given the opportunity through this scholarship, Daniel will go onto Columbia and dedicate himself fully to pursuing his dreams. As shown throughout his essay, he is motivated, enthusiastic, and overall the perfect candidate for this scholarship.

  • I’m the very short time that I’ve known Dan I’ve observed that he is a kind, genuine, hardworking guy.

  • Daniel is a very professional and friendly young man I had the pleasure of meeting when I visited my younger brother at the University of Hartford. It would be incredible to see him continue his studies at Columbia!

  • This is an awesome article written by an amazing individual who wants to make a positive impact on the lives of students with special needs. As a special education teacher in a diverse school district, I know firsthand how important it is to have more bilingual therapists in the field. It is crucial for parents to have a full understanding of their child’s needs in order to make daily and educational experiences more enriching for the students and their families. Seeing how hard Daniel has worked throughout college and all of the heart he has put into this dream of his is inspirational. I have no doubt that Daniel will be an exceptional therapist in the near future. I would love to work with someone who is so committed to improving the lives of students with special needs, like Daniel is.

  • As a Latin mother makes me proud to read this. To see how Daniel C. Accomplishments and how he has overcome obstacles which most students are not even aware existed. Most of all for him to want to help and change how society deals with these issues which are overlooked . He deserves this scholarship and more to further his passion!

  • Being a close friend of Daniel, I have seen him grow and develop into an extremely caring and hardworking person. Daniel is extremely competent to handle any challenges that are thrown at him. In my opinion, Daniel’s hardwork, aspiration, and experience will provide him with the capabilities to use this grant effectively.

  • I first met Daniel when we were barely teenagers, since then Daniel has positively grown in multiple aspects of his life. As intelligent, disciplined, and eager of a learner as he is, he’s always shown a love for culture of all kind. I’m extremely happy that he still shows as always a strong interest and passion towards assisting multi cultured families, and those with disabilities. I know he’s destined to do it on a macro scale, and I’m truly excited to see a future of him attending The Teachers College, Columbia University.

  • Danny is an amazing young man. I am a physical therapist working at a large Children’s Hospital and I know from experience that when people have the kind of motivation that Danny has, being the brother of someone with Down’s Syndrome, they go on to be the most compassionate and dedicated therapists. I had the opportunity to meet Danny through my daughter who attends college with him and he was polite, respectful and kind. I hope that he receives this award so that he can achieve his lifelong dream to help others who struggle like his brother did.

  • As a roommate of Daniels for 2 years as an undergraduate, I witnessed the excellent work ethic that he has. He is very passionate about his work. I also worked with him on the executive board of Best Buddies where he served as the president. Best Buddies is an organization that integrates young adults with special needs into the community through various events. Daniel was a great leader and truly cared about each member of the club. Daniel is certainly deserving of this scholarship.

  • Having been Daniel’s high school friend and track&field partner, I’ve spent quality time with him for many years. He displayed excellent leadership skills and communicational tact throughout his entire time in high school and in college, being able to effectively utilize his bilingual ability to help parents and teachers communicate with one another easily. He’s continuously volunteered his time to help make his community a better one and has never once seeked credit for it. As a first-generation college student myself, I saw Daniel graduate and gained inspiration from him being able to overcome all odds and to be who he is today. I could not imagine a better person to receive the grant, as he continues to learn and grow more as a young professional and more importantly – a compassionate human.

  • I know Daniel from the University of Hartford, and he is the true definition of a friend. He always puts others before himself. When there was a hiccup in leadership for a club that is incredibly important on our campus, Best Buddies, Daniel took the bull by the horns and stepped up to be an amazing leader. He not only managed the logistical side of the club well, he also made life long connections with all of the members. The students in the club saw him as a big brother and loved to joke around with him. He knows how to work with anyone and brings out the best in everyone he interacts with. Every student in that club knew they had a friend in Daniel and could rely on him. He is one of the most driven people that I know and he will accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Please consider Daniel the top candidate so he can spread his joy, hard work, and friendship with all of his future patients!

  • As an undergraduate student looking to pursue psychiatry, I understand how fundamental one’s personal experience is to his or her motivation to become a clinician. If I weren’t surrounded by friends, family and peers affected by various mental-health issues, I would never have followed through with the pre-med program. I don’t know Daniel personally, but just by reading his story, I can tell just how profoundly his personal experiences have impacted his drive to be a clinician, and turn difficult life experiences into a way to help others. I can tell that this grant would go to great use if it were going towards his education, because this motivation is the kind that will cause someone to really commit to making a difference in the lives of others.