Studying Biochemistry and English Rhetoric & Writing, and hoping to go to medical school

I chose my majors together because the combination will allow me to do the most good in the world. I love researching two-partner secretion in my biochemistry lab under doctors Daniel Grilley and Robert Weaver. In order to successfully apply for grants to fund research, one must become a strong writer so one’s sponsors know the big picture of one’s research and its applications. I have also always been in love with reading and writing. I feel that this combination of majors will let me communicate my aspirations to the best of my ability and conduct the future research that will help people suffering from chronic pain.

My path to education has been a unique one. I began my college education at age 16 and fought to keep afloat amid unfamiliar social and academic circumstances. The age difference between my peers and I made me isolated and scared to build friendships. I also felt torn because I had no clue how my peers and mentors would react to my bisexual, nonbinary identity. The next year, I joined six clubs and fell in love with my favorite one: women’s rugby. I was able to push myself physically, which helped with my anxiety and depression, and I also built friendships within the LGBTQIA+ community.

I suffered a traumatic head injury after two seasons and my GPA plummeted because of my pain, memory loss, and dependency upon my roommates for tasks as simple as taking a shower or getting out of the building during a fire alarm. Multiple doctors and academic advisors recommended that I take a year off from school to recover, but I am an individual dedicated to learning, and the prospect of abandoning what I love most was heart-wrenching. I decided to continue my education to the best of my ability despite my head injury and worsening depression and anxiety.

This upcoming school year I look forward to challenging myself academically and physically, although I will not continue to play rugby. Graduating with degrees in Biochemistry and English Rhetoric & Writing would not only be rewarding because I could help other people but also be a testament to how determined I am to succeed. Moreover, it would prove I am stronger than my trials and that I am ready to apply to medical school so I can help others in constant physical pain. My education would have come to a halt if not for the wonderful nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and neurologists that have helped me on my journey; I cannot wait to pass on their kindness.

We are proud to announce Libbie Miller is one of the current DiversityJobs Scholarship finalists. Vote for her essay (Facebook ‘Like’ and other social media sharing options in left column), click the ‘heart’ just above comments section below, and/or leave comments of support to help us with the selection process.


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  • I have known Libbie Miller for fourteen years and she is an outstanding and deserving candidate for your scholarship. As her kindergarten teacher it was very evident that Libbie could meet any challenge, be it academic, physical or emotional. She always out performed her peers, but did it with such grace and helped others in a compassionate manner. Even at five, Libbie demonstrated her inner drive to assist others and make her world a better place! Libbie is a gifted mature young women with many exceptional attributes. She displays determination, dedication, self motivation, is an active role model and leader, knowledge seeker, and an artistic individual who will be a tremendous asset to the medical field. Libbie’s academic journey has been as unique as she is. It has been an honor to observe Libbie on her academic and personal pathway all these years, for she has earned many opportunities and made the most of them proving her extraordinary attributes.

  • As one of Libbie’s elementary school teachers, I have had the pleasure and privilage of watching her grow into the beautiful young woman she is today. Libbie has shown ambition to do and be her best as long as I have known her. She is always striving for more. She is definitely a role model for many. Libbie is an excellent choice for this scholarship. Best of luck, Libbie!!

  • Libbie is one of the kindest, thoughtful, caring individuals I have ever met. I had the privilege of getting to know her through rugby the year we overlapped at UW-La Crosse. Libbie’s desire to help others is something that has always been true, I hope she can continue doing so through her medical profession.

  • Libbie is an Amazing young woman that makes this world a better place. Her intelligence, compassionate and loving heart and persistence to live life and make the most of it make her the best candidate to receive your scholarship! Libbie has Success running through her veins and I admire all she has accomplished at such a young age, there is no doubt she will continue to thrive and continue on her path of being a leader and an admirable citizen of this world!

  • Linnie is an excellent cadidate! Her intellect and dedication to leArning is surpassed only by her curiosity, leadership, and heart!

  • Mx. Libbie is a star! A well deserving candidate for this scholarship! When it come to being and empowering Libbie does it all. They leave there light in everything they do!

  • Libbie is deserving of this scholarship! I was one of her elementary teachers and can speak of her ambitions at that early age. Libbie showed such a drive to read and learn while receiving additional assistance with her reading development. To see how she prospered and delved into reading is a testament to her strong ambition! I continue to follow her on her journey to achieving her goals. Her heart is big, her drive is immense and the difference she will make for others is immeasurable. Please consider Libbie Miller for this DiversityJobs Scholarship.

  • Outstanding candidate for the scholarship. With her own life experience, personal drive, and drive, Libbie would be and excellent recipient for the Diversity Scholarship.

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