Realized calling to be presenter while studying Agribusiness

Learning at a young age that I define the limits of my ability has made me set no limits for my achievement. In college, I decided to major in Agribusiness because my family had a farm in which I would work on after graduation. I enrolled in a biology class expecting a droning professor covering forgettable material. Instead, Dr. Steve Smith presented everything, from cellular biology to tree ring formation, with such energy and clarity that he could engage my inner smile. My name means energy in Sanskrit.

Watch his full video essay below:

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  • This is gem of person who is intelligent and has best intentions to help people without discrimination. I have known him for many years.

  • Chetan is certainly someone to keep an eye on. I have had the privilege of knowing him personally and professionally for almost two years. His energy and dynamism is hard to beat. He also brings real dedication to all of his undertakings, can’t say enough good things about him.

  • As his former teacher and neighbor, I have known Chetan for many years. He is self motivated, honest, hard working, passionate, and charismatic. His intentions to improve the lives of others and the world at large are very admirable. He is like a spark of light and positive energy.