Property Manager Creates His Own Path

SeanHill-CloseupSean Hill had it made – a top-tier liberal arts education, a legal job with all the perks, and a law school education around the corner. It just didn’t feel right. So he went his own way, leaving corporate America behind to start a property management business and finally get the freedom he’d always been looking for in an unconventional career.

What is your job title and what industry do you work in? How long have you been doing this job?

I’m Sean Hill and I’m an entrepreneur. I currently own a property management business, which I founded about a year ago, but I’ve been entrepreneurial all my life and I’ve started other businesses in the past, doing everything from connecting black singles to cleaning crabs.

What is your ethnicity and gender? How has it hurt or helped you?

I’m a black man and I didn’t grow up well off, so I saw a lot of black men like me not given the opportunity to reach their dreams. Those who did have the opportunity to succeed most often went to college and then got a job in the corporate world or became a doctor or a lawyer.

While that’s a valid choice, I think a lot of the time we demonize those people who want to go another way and start their own businesses by calling them hustlers instead of looking at them as entrepreneurs. I think that we would be better off as a people if we focused a lot more on teaching people how to make a product or offer a service and then get others to pay for that product or service.

Not everyone fits into the corporate world – I know I didn’t – and without another option black men may think of ourselves as failures instead of looking for success that’s legal and upstanding but falls outside of the traditional business world. I really struggled with that and I don’t want other people to have those same struggles.

How would you describe what you do? What does your work entail?

In my area, most of the rental properties are owned by businesses, not individuals. Simply put, my job as a property manager is to make sure that when a tenant pulls up to one of those properties, it looks good and functions well. I help make sure that the parking lot is shoveled, that the trash is picked up properly, that the grass is trimmed and the outside of the property looks good.

On top of that, my job as a business owner is to make sales calls to potential new clients, which can involve everything from giving an estimate to touring an apartment complex, and to manage my staff and resources so that I can properly service all the existing properties that I work with.

What was your journey to doing this kind of work? How did you get here?

I went to a great liberal arts college, and when I graduated, I thought I was going to become a lawyer. I got a job at the Department of Justice, got into top law schools, and was on my way. But I have always been someone who questions rules and regulations and that started causing problems. Every time someone said do a, b, c, and d, I would think why not do d, a, b, and then jump to k.

In the world of corporate law, that’s a problem. People don’t want to hear about k when you’re supposed to be on b. I also wasn’t able to dedicate enough of my time to business ideas that I had on the side, because I had to dedicate all my time to this job. Eventually I checked out and ended up on the wrong side of the “up and out” policy – either they promote you or they get rid of you, and for me it was the latter.

So suddenly I’m unemployed and trying to figure out how to support myself after coming from a pretty good high-end lifestyle – I had the luxury studio, the new car, the platinum cards, the works. And it felt pretty bad to lose that, so I made myself feel better the only way I knew how, by working. I put myself out there and I started getting calls to help out with properties – I’ll pay you to fix my leaky basement or trim my overgrown grass or deal with a yard full of beer bottles. I started with just the most rudimentary tools and just myself and I’ve built up the business now to the point that I have staff and better infrastructure and real resources. It’s just grown exponentially.

Do you love what you do? Do you think you’ve found the right path?

What I love about being a business owner is the freedom to make my own decisions and the ability to be constantly learning and growing. Recently, for example, I thought about putting more money into marketing my business, until I realized that every dollar that I invest in staff and infrastructure is coming back to me tenfold. So I switched my plan. But I didn’t have to get sign-off from the boss or get approvals from a ton of people – I made the decision and then I acted on it. That freedom is priceless.

What education and skills do you need to get hired and succeed in this field?

I don’t think you need any specific education, but you do need to have a certain mindset. Some people are planners – they decide where they want to be in x years and then they work backwards from there and figure out their steps. But I think it takes more flexible thinking to be an entrepreneur. You don’t know what’s going to happen next so you have think while you’re running downhill – you have to be able to go with what the moment brings you and take advantage of any and all opportunities in front of you.

TakingFlightWhat is the single most important thing you have learned outside of school about the working world?

It’s not so much about how you get the job done as it is that you get the job done, no matter what’s going on around you. And if you’re consistently having trouble getting the job done, it may just be that you’re not in the right kind of job.

What kind of challenges do you face and what makes you just want to quit?

Business ownership is tough – it isn’t just fun and free-wheeling all the time. And I’ve definitely chosen a different and possibly more difficult path than many people, but I think that I’m doing the right thing for who I am and how I function. As circumstances change, being a business owner allows me to change with them, so even if things are falling apart around me or something happens that I can’t predict, I know that I will be able to make a decision quickly, adapt to the circumstances, and move forward.

What’s a rough salary range for the position you hold? Are you paid enough and/or happy living within your means?

What’s great about my business is that it’s growing. When I started out, people were paying me $40 or $50 to do a small job here and there. Now the business is bringing in $800 or $900 a day. To be honest, I didn’t even know that you could make that kind of money, especially outside of corporate America. I can’t wait to see how much I can grow the business in the future.

How much vacation do you take? Is it enough?

One of the other great things about being a business owner is that you control your own vacation. If I want to drive down to the beach for the day because I want to get away, I don’t need to clear it with anyone but myself. So I get the time off that I need. Plus I’m more energized with my work now so I don’t need as many breaks.

What would you tell a friend considering your line of work?WorkingHard

As far as entrepreneurship goes, I would say do it. Figure out what it is that you can manufacture or offer and then figure out who is willing to give you money to buy that product or get that service. It doesn’t have to be the world’s biggest idea – not everyone is Mark Zuckerberg, but we don’t all have to be. Some of us can own a plumbing business or a property management business and make good money and enjoy our lives.

If you could write your own ticket, what would you like to be doing in five years?

In many ways, I feel I have written my own ticket. And I’m still writing it. So I have no idea where I’ll be in five years exactly, but I know who I’ll be – I’ll be someone who is authentically living their life and owning their choices and doing what they love. And that’s more important to me than a title and a corner office will ever be.



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  • I think I am inspired, which means you can be what you want to be as far as there is passion and focus. You must not wait for a white collar job with an entrepreneurial skill you can be anywhere you want to be in life.

  • This was such an incredible story, I was moved by it. I know how it was not being privilege throughout my life where there are more than plenty of rough patches and harder to reach dreams. It was never easy for me growing up while hoping to achieve something so big. This is an inspirational story and I could truly relate back and reflect on my own life. Well done.

  • Entrepreneurship is for the fearless and courageous. I admired Sean for diverting from the structured path and creating his own way. Many times people get sucked into the stagnant void of working for others and selling what has already been created for them. New ideas and innovations are what influence and shape the world. More people need to follow in this man’s footsteps and try something different so that we can really see what our world is made of and be able to advance to even higher levels, whether that be technology, health, science, fashion, design or natural resources. Everyone has an imaginative flame within them but it is through normalization and society deeming that it can burn out. This is a remarkable life story and only proves even more that greatness and accomplishment can be a real thing if we only strive to do what we feel in our hearts is right.

  • It is incredible to see how people can break free from how our society is set up, and I am thankful that you shared your story. Although my interest path is not the same as yours, the way you explain your experience and how you overcame those obstacles of suddenly loosing everything, it really inspired me into further perusing my career path. I have been through some tough situations, situations where I felt like everything was done and gone.
    My personal Career interest is in Forensic psychology; I say that I understand how you must have felt at the beginning of starting your career, because of how society expected you to become something like a lawyer,doctor, etc. Forensic psychology for me is how I see myself breaking apart from what I have seen through my life as normal.

  • Thank you for sharing! My story is similar….I was on a business path in corporate America, working long hours, commuting, missing my family. I decided to start my own business and now have the freedom to enjoy my life. It has been hard but so very rewarding! I admire your drive to succeed and define success on your own terms! I have stepped out and defined my own success and it has been the best move of my life.

  • Thank you for sharing your story! It really hit home when you were describing the “ability to be constantly learning and growing”. That is something we should strive for regardless of what job or industry any of us are in. If we are put in a position where we are stagnant, or we are shoved into a job where we cannot improve or grow, we should realize that there is so much more out there for us than that. I have been in a position prior where I was unable to go up despite being a candidate for a higher management position; I was told that I just wasn’t on that path. That is when I realized that I needed to find a place that would help me grow as a persona and an employee. I wanted to “write my own ticket” too, and I’m so happy I left and found the place I work at now.

  • Sean, thank you for sharing your experience. I definitely feel that there were various pieces I could relate to. I have greatly wanted to kick off my own path and business, but I’ve spent a great deal of my working years in the corporate world – for highly respectable companies I’ll add, but as you shared, there’s always a process and timeline to be followed of which expectations or desired results don’t just happen from day to day. In the meantime, I’ve decided that a good path for me to further develop entrepreneurial skills is to attend grad school for my MBA. It’s a two year program which I know will go quickly, but I’m hoping that I can further build some confidence and potentially hone in on skills that I can later market to folks and potentially formulate a business around!

  • Your story is amazing, it gives hope to all of us, it is an incredible example of how perseverance is the key to achieve our dreams. Been an entrepreneur is never the easy path, however, it has incredible results not only for ourselves but it will also impact our society. As you did it, this story becomes an example for many people that are trying to free themselves from the routine.
    Change is important and necessary and sometimes the big corporation can not offer that opportunity and challenge to help us in the professional growing process.
    The key is the passion, you have to love what you do to succeed, once you find yourself doing what you love you are not working anymore, and everything just playing in the same way to make the success come by itself.
    I did business management, and I was working in the field but my passion has always been interior design, the creative field is never an easy path, it is actually very demanding, but as long as you love what you do there is never going to be nothing hard enough to stop you from completing your goals!

  • Your story gives me hope! I was someone who felt I was meant for one thing but went a different way because of what I thought I was supposed to do. I started off going to school for Business but I wasn’t enjoying myself. Every day I felt like I was just going through the motions they wanted me to and I had to force myself to get me work done. I did not feel like I could try something new and go off the beaten path (your step k). Finally after a year and a half, I could do it anymore. I didn’t feel challenge or a passion. I took a step I did not think was possible. I am now studying environmental studies and learning about social injustice and biogeography. I LOVE IT! Every day I go to class and learn about problems in our world that I can fix. That I can change, and I can change them by trying something different. Every moment I am not in class I am volunteering or working in community issues and I am so happy. I spend my time helping people and living creature that need it and don’t have a voice. It is amazing to work with people who don’t shut you down. I can aim for a big project and instead of someone saying “that won’t work,” the people around me help me to get it done to create a better world for all. Once I graduate I am looking forward to creating my own business to help underprivileged families and community of social and environmental justice.

    When I first left my old major it was scary. I felt like I was leaping into the unknown. Everyone I knew was going to school for medicine, law or business and I was changing the pattern. I did not know how it would work out. Are there even jobs out there for this major? But I would rather be happy, enjoy what I am doing and help others then work in an area that doesn’t allow me to be me just for security.

  • I love the story of Sean’s success because it gives me inspiration to be somewhat like him. My passion is not in property management, but rather in the field of art. At the moment, I’m not sure exactly what career I want to pursue in art, but I know that I’m going to have to find that out for myself. That’s why Sean inspires me, because he made his own path in life and figured out what he really wanted to do rather than being content with staying inside the corporate landscape. Yes, he’s making good money from it, but I think the journey to find your passion and the satisfaction that you will have with yourself once you do, is worth more than any material object in this world.

  • I am very impressed with this young man…I too have been an entrepreneur my whole life starting as a teen.
    I buy, sell and restore cars, houses , and items people discard, example; furniture etc.
    I am 53 and presently in college pursuing a degree in fine arts with an emphasize on 3D animation. As an entrepreneur I believe you are never too old to try new things.
    I have been a Realtor for over 11 years and believe in having more than one coal in the fire, in other words,,the sky is the limit, Just go for it!

  • Ever since I was little , I felt the need to go linear, go to college get some sort of stem degree , and live my life working for a salary , monetary stability , that my family never had. I was hypnotizing the idea of finally having not to worry about money troubles, having security. Everyone responded with about women in stem saying it is easy to get a job with good pay which is probably true. Seeing these women in tech having this power and awesome lives, made me erase what I wanted to do to fit in the easy mold of stem. I am not saying its bad but I felt incompatible with tech and very unhappy with college, but it changed when I went to my first art class.

    As a child, I loved drawing, my grandmother had to buy me a sketchbook to bring to school, so I wouldn’t turn in doodle ridden schoolwork. But I always seen it as a hobby, always thinking how it could never be a career.But when I picked up charcoal in my art class , for the first time in college I felt happy, free and honestly complete. I knew I can’t go on the path that won’t make me happy , that won’t make me whole. It was hard giving up the idea of having that cushion that I never grew up with but I knew deep in my heart that I could never be able to work in a career that someone else pushed onto me.

  • Even though my passion is very different from Hill’s I do have a connection with his story. Pursuing my own passion has caused me to go through my own adventure and experience new things that I never thought I would conquer on my own, and I made a new path for myself.

    Being from a Mexican family, going to a college in a different state was very big and unexpected. It was hard leaving my ordinary life to something different but I left to make a something out of the dream I always talked about. Everyone in my family attended a college in Texas or never thought twice about college. Of course my family wanted me to do more with my life than that. For some reason I thought thy would resent my decision of leaving, because I was going to a different state to study Illustration. As my last days passed by in Texas I had my whole family all around me congratulating me, hugging me, telling me that I’m going to knock everyone down with my talent cause they believe I have the talent to do whatever my heart sets on me doing. I never wanted acceptance from my family, I was going to go towards my passion for art whether they supported me or not, but the amount of love and acceptance made me more willing to work extra hard not just for me but for everybody I was leaving behind.

    I walk through the halls of my college and feel a new found confidence in myself cause I’m doing what I always dreamt of doing and doing it with care and love; I wouldn’t do it any other way.

  • I find that often times people are driven by multiple passions in life. Most people tend to follow the most ‘visible’ passion, for it is a common belief that the stronger passion is the most apparent. However, sometimes that is not true and anything can quickly take over.

    Personally, since I was a kid, I was very convinced I was going to be either a soldier, police officer, or a firefighter. I always wanted to be that ‘everyday hero’ that society loves. I wanted to do good but still be like-able by my peers. It wasn’t until the end of high school I realized that the true ‘everyday heroes’ are the ones that are unrecognized.

    Perhaps no one appreciates the work they do, but they themselves recognize the job must be done. On the other hand, maybe they are respected and appreciated, but their job feels like it has little impact. However, their passion drives them to keep doing what they love doing no matter what the world around them thinks.

    That realization allowed me to pursue my other passions; I found that I love to referee soccer, I love to research and discover new things (even if it is just new to me), I love to program computer software, and I love helping people. So instead of being the hero that puts his life on line, I decided I would follow an alternate passion that will make me happier: biochemical medicine and research.

  • I was very moved by this. Something similar was going on with me and I understand what you went through. My family was not very well off and I had my own idea of a dream. My family however, was not supportive of what i wanted to do and told me I should continue doing what they wanted. I am a very strong believer in running after what you want and doing what you want. A job is a job, but what is the point in doing something you won’t enjoy for the rest of your life. Taking the risk and doing what you wanted was a risk worth while and from personal experience I know this as well. I recently read a book called The Element by Ken Robinson, this book was what helped me realize what i wanted to do with my life and what goals I should set for myself. You take control of your own life and thats exactly what Sean did.

  • Sean your story is very inspirational and motivating. I went through a similar situation where i always was told i was good at something, but it was not my calling. When in my last years in high school my parents kept persuading me to go into law. I always said yes to give them that satisfaction. But when it came down to applying for schools and needing to pick a major, Law was never my first choice. I felt an obligation to my parents to choose going into Law school, but i always knew that what i liked to do was plan events and someday manage my own event management company. Taking risks is somethings a good thing. My parents took a risk by coming from a different country to the U.S. why not take a risk and go into the Hospitality field. My hopes and dreams are just getting bigger as I mature and continue my education at FIU. I cant wait to go out into the world an make a difference, like you did just by taking a risk and following your heart.

  • Sean I really appreciate you sharing your story on your success. This is very motivational piece for those of us who aspire to do the same thing but may have hard time knowing which route to take. Often times, I find the hardest thing to do is to take a risk, but in order to be successful its imperative to be open to taking risks to achieve and sustain your goals. In addition you can be afraid of having a few bumps in the road. I am always trying to encourage myself to strive for excellence and I establish this same set of values in my children. I like the way you accepted responsibility for your actions and your success. This is an integral part for us as individuals to do, often times we allow the way we grew up or the bad experiences we endured to dictate our success and determine our level of motivation when we really need to recognize we create our own destiny. The way that you grasped this concept and used it in furthering your education and ultimately achieve success speaks volumes. It is my hopes that I will do the same as I continue my education and move forward in life.

  • In this day it really is every man for themselves. the question should always cross our mind, what is it i really want in life. do i want to submit to the social norm and lose myself, or do I want to take a big step forward and with the ambitious state of mind, concur the odds against me. I am also a student at the Art Institute, if there is one thing that is obviously apparent, is that schools today teach a person to submit to the social norms. the question is are we going to submit or are we with in ourselves start a new positive, revolutionary state of mind with in ourselves, so that we may redefine what the word success means for our own personal standards. No longer being controlled by the socialist thoughts that corrupt America’s thinking. will we re-educate our minds so that we may take on names such as entrepreneurs or do we continue to fall in line.

  • This article makes sense to me. Sean Hill had faced adversity and change it. He went to maing his dream from nothing and turned into something. He has inspired to realize that i want to be one of those great minds that benefits in changing the world and giving everyone a fair chance.

  • Sean Hill’s story resonates with me on so many levels. First off, with being of African heritage. As African-Americans, especially as African-American men, we are often marginalized to feel that we are not going to succeed in life. I admire Sean’s positive and ambitious state of mind in face of all of that, still going to college and graduating as well. I am currently enrolled in school and I feel that I am disbanding that negative stereotype or expectation placed upon African-American males. I want to show that you can have ambition and that you should not conform to the negative prejudgments that society may hold against you. I also admire Sean’s free will to go with what his desires are. I feel that I am free spirited in that way and I want to go into professional territories that don’t restrict me to just my major. I feel that there are so many things to do in this world and there isn’t anything hindering an individual from doing them. I feel that as long as a specific mindset is instilled during the journey, then anything is feasible. That is why Sean’s story is very important to me.

  • This is a powerful conversation and I found myself inspired. His ability to get up and find a way after adversity struck and his notion of creating his own definition of success is required reading, especially for African-American male.

    I am currently attending Georgetown University and my career is on the up but it wasn’t that way a year ago so I understand the struggle. I am also a black male from less than ideal roots but here I am taking care of a family and improving as a man and professional.

    I also agree with his philosophy regarding being an entrepreneur. While its filled with pitfalls, owning your own business or just going for it is empowering, win, lose or draw.

  • This gentleman is a real inspiration and I can definitely relate to him because of the way I’ve seen my parents work. My mom was a single struggling mom for a very long time until she met my stepdad. She always worked in banking but I remember her always saying that she was miserable. She would always sign up for little side businesses here and there and I never understood why she would do that since she had this great job at the bank. Once, she started an online travel agency and she would be so happy coming home from work just to get online and run her agency. Later, she started a Mary Kay business that she hired me to help her run. I saw the energy it gave her and the pride and smiles that she kept on her face whenever she would speak of her business and hand out a business card.

    This gentleman states that he loves the ability to constantly learn and grow and that is what I saw in my mom as she ran her businesses on the side. She was always researching marketing ideas and learning about companies that she could market to. I learned so much about being an entrepreneur from my mom. Like this guy, she taught me that the freedom and piece of mind is priceless.

    I am going to school for nursing but I hope to become a Nurse Practitioner so that I can run my own practice one day just like an entrepreneur would!

  • This article really hits home with me. I too am seeking entry into law school after i finish up my undergraduate degree, but like him I’m unsure. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss, but i too always have wanted to be in the Law or Politics sector as well. I’m not sure exactly what path to take but I figure i’ll know when its right.

  • As I was looking through all of the various articles on this website, I was drawn to this one in particular. The title itself captivated me (“Property Manager Creates His Own Path”), as I, myself, am an aspiring entrepreneur. I don’t have any idea on what kind of business I want to create, but I do know it’s something that I want to do with my life.

    The reason why I am so drawn to becoming an entrepreneur, like Sean, was so that I can have control over my fate and make my own rules. Yes, it is a lot of responsibility to be your own boss, but for me, it is honestly worth it for the freedom to make my own decisions and for the ability to be constantly learning and growing. I’d rather have my job conform to me than have myself conform to fit various jobs within my lifetime.

    Being a multi-racial woman in this day in age, I am confronted with many advantages and disadvantages in the work place and in social aspects every day. I get a lot of people asking me what my ethnicity is and have people who are always trying to figure me out. I don’t identify myself with just one race, I identify with all of the different races that I am and I also identify myself as apart of the multicultural community.

    Some advantages I face include: bringing diversity to any community, being able to adapt to many different cultures, and offering a different mindset to others. On the other hand, some disadvantages that I face include: people not taking me as seriously, being overlooked, and even being looking down on because I am not only an ethnic minority, but a woman as well.

    What scares me is that I hardly ever see big time successful multiracial women in the business world. What I’ve noticed is that other multiracial women like me mostly make a big name for themselves when they are in the show business, a lot of times due to the fact that they seem “exotic” to others.

    The business world is very male dominant. It scares me to be wanting to do something that hardly anyone like me is doing, but at the same time it’s very exciting. I know that the road ahead of me will no doubt be a challenging one, but it’s something I’ve been dreaming of doing for a long time now. I’m hoping to be able to be a positive influence to other multiracial women, or even other minorities for that matter, in the future and show everyone that a person’s gender and ethnicity doesn’t determine one’s success, it’s one’s mindset and work ethic that does.

  • This article is very eye opening and relates to myself in a lot of ways. My junior year in high school I was really thinking I wanted to go into the medical field and I was ready to pursue the opportunity and try to go along with the rigorous but rewarding process. As I continued to grow and learn I kept an opened mind and my senior year after winter break I felt that business was my calling. Like Mr. Hill I find the business aspects of freedom, growth, and exciting nature very intriguing and it fits my style more than being in the field of medicine. I now would like to pursue a major in Business and more specifically Business Administration or Finance as a move forward with my life. I have never had the most money, in fact we struggle and live pay check to pay check and I really want to create a change in my family as I will be the first to graduate from high school and first to go to college at the University of New Mexico. Mr. Hill breathed new life into me as he changed careers midway and still found a way to be successful and tear into a wonderful opportunity. I don’t think I will have to change majors or career choices in college and I really want to chase my dream of becoming a successful businessman as my love for math and passion to succeed to show my siblings things are possible you just have to work hard to chase what you love to do. I want to start something in my family, a new chain and I will be the start of it and do something I love to do and be successful in it just like Mr. Hill. I think that was a very important point Mr. Hill made. He could have had the luxurious life and the name and title to him but it wasn’t something he loved to do. Now he made his way to do something he loves and enjoys and I think that is what makes him successful and enjoy his life. I hope to do the same with my life and use all of the work in and out of the classroom to achieve a successful and bright future like Mr. Hill.

  • This is a great article. I currently attend a university pursuing a BA in Computer Engineering. I am in limbo about my future, if I should make a career as an Engineer through a Corporation or venture off and become an entrepreneurship. I think it is great to break the mold and we need more people in the world to think outside of the box. Receiving my education, I have learned over time that life is not about problems that are solved with formula sheets. I have to apply the things I have learned along with problem solving skills to accomplish goals which Sean’s life displays. I envision being able to help solve issues in my community with more freedom as my own boss than waiting for approval from a board.

  • Man, this guy is a great example for me. From the article, what I know about him more than a man of success is that he is practical, confident, responsible, decisive and likes to challenge himself. Notice what he said: “It is no so much important how you get the job than as it is that you get the job done”. When asked about what will make him to quit, his answer is like “Excuse me? Let me confirm with u: I will never quit.” And his confidence is just all over the article, especially in the last answer! He did not say “I wanna be” but “I will”, a real claim!!! An admirable self-confidence!!!
    And thank you for the story!!! I mean, I have already decided my major: I chose the major I liked the most, not the one which is easier to get the job because I think that if I’m good,I will get a job! But I’m still hesitant. This story enhanced my belief in my choice!!!!

  • Sean Hill’s story is very inspirational. The fact that Sean changed his profession in order to be comfortable in his mindset is what makes his story truly unique. I can relate in the aspect of being a minority. From my personal experience, I am from Colombia, and most people associate my family as cocaine dealers and other frivolous accusations about my family and myself. Many people did not believe that I would go to college, on the account that language barrier and common stereotyping of Hispanics. Its sad that the only thing people tend to focus on when it comes to a particular race is just the negative, never really the culture or great accomplishment a race or country. However. thanks to fantastic role models, such as Sean Hill, it may hopefully educate future generations to not make hasty decisions or judgment on an individual’s race or ethnicity. Sean Hill’s story can also send a message to adults as well, saying that it is never too late to change your future to something that is even more enriched with positive results and growth in this world.

  • Sean Hill’s story is interesting and very inspiring, I think he is definitely going places in life. I think entrepreneurship is a difficult path, many businesses go down hill with a few years because the economy is very flip floppy. Not only that the generation and technology are constantly changing.When it comes to having your own business, these are things you need to take in high consideration. I feel as though when you create a business you want to be successful, you need to think; what do/will people always need? I think Sean idea is one that has/will take flight because he “hustle” is fixing up houses, managing a property. People houses always need fixing because no house is perfect, things break all the time. the way I can see this not going so well is competition, or a recession. But I think his story is great and wish him the best of luck with his business.

  • Sean Hill’s story was pretty inspirational to me. I am Hispanic, so I also come from a minority background where I did not have the best of anything. It is also similar to how the majority of the people from where I am from all want to go into the same career, I can relate with Sean Hill on how doing something else, something that we may enjoy more would make our lives better. The happier that we are with our jobs, the better chance of us succeeded in the career path that we love whether it is being an entrepreneur or working at a desk. Basically what I got from this story was that I should do what I want to do and what makes me happy.

  • Wow! This is very inspiring. Just seeing that an African American not even that but a person can achieve their goal no matter what people think. It’s great to know that you can change your mind about what/who you want to become. To connect, I am an African American who wants to get into corporate law. I know that the road ahead of me may not be already laid down, that I have to work to achieve something, but after reading this it’s good to know that if it doesn’t necessarily work out for me then I shouldn’t give up but look for other opportunities. Thank you for letting us read your story.

  • This story describes me completely. I am so happy to have read up on this information mainly because I am also an African American male who is fighting to earn a spot in the law field. Knowing I am a minority, I am aware that it may be difficult for me to accomplish receiving recognition in the field, but I am more than excited and more than motivated to go about going through everything after reading this article. It helped out a ton.

  • I’m glad I came across this story, especially now. I can easily relate to this man’s desire to not follow corporate America’s traditional standards. I myself am interested in starting my own business in the future, and it’s both motivating and gratifying to know that someone who looks like myself has done so well, so young.

  • Thanks for publishing this young man’s creative and inspirational story. It’s always great to see a entrepreneurial success story. How can we network with Sean Hill? Is he on LinkedIn?

  • Being a black female, society can give me many obstacles. Especially where I have grown up in a mostly white neighboorhood. But, I have had a job here ever since i was 15, so I have made a name for myself.