President and CEO


 For 20 years, Martha Galindo’s translation company, Galindo Publicidad, Inc., has offered specialized multilingual foreign language expertise to clients who want to grow their markets. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own company or what it might be like to run the show,  this will be a good read for you.

What is your job title? How many years of experience do you have in that field?
President and CEO, 20 years.

Martha-portrait-225How would you describe yourself using three adjectives only?
Able, willing and ready. Sounds funny but I guess it is true. That probably translates into entrepreneurial, resourceful and independent.

What is your ethnicity?
I’m Mexican.

mylogoHow did you get started in this line of work?
It will be 20 years this June…  the business need was there. It was a niche not being served in Pennsylvania. I was already working and driving the marketing for two years of a language services company. My focus there was dealing with ad agencies, marketing departments, market research firms, training organizations and some administration work. I had worked in a management position in a very large insurance organization in the area and I had learned about the corporate culture in the US.

I wanted and needed the independence and the freedom since the family responsibilities were growing as well. So I set up a different entity with a focus on advertising accounts. The business was profitable from the start and put the bread on the table. It was never a hobby. It slowly grew.

Where you work, how well does your company do ‘equal opportunity’?
We are a US based small global company utilizing the services of translators and editors around the world. Their gender and race are absolutely irrelevant to the functions and services required. All translators are treated the same way. We communicate through the Internet. A few are local and attend events where we learn and mingle. Depending on where they are located and their country regulations they may be paid through different methods. But all receive assignments based on the match of their skills and the needs of the clients.

walking-on-the-beach-450On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your job satisfaction? What would it take to increase that rating?
I created my job and I switch gears when I want to or need to. More sales with more happy clients would make me happier.

Is there anything unique about your situation that readers should know when considering your experiences or accomplishments?
Well, we can educate and educate the market and make them aware of how many differences are out there in our industry. If you need to market to the US Hispanic market, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I think I have the ability to connect the dots and we are always learning something new.

Why do you get up and go to work each day?
Truly believing that clients rely on my expertise and the skills of my teams to get the job done is a very important reason. To keep their trust and loyalty is an honor and a privilege. I feel grateful because hopefully, it is also a positive example for my children.

What did you learn the hard way in this job and what happened specifically that led up to this lesson?
Credit policies changed. We must have a deposit or full payment before we assign a project since the professional translation service cannot be sold to someone else once it is complete.

WRONG-300How stressful is your job?
Unreasonable deadlines are stressful. But we can control that. We know when to say NO to a client even if that means losing the sale. We know what it takes to deliver certain volumes at the right quality. No compromises with such matter. We cannot deliver half a document. That pretty much takes care of the stressful issue. Family health matters are more challenging sometimes. The treadmill helps to clean my mind and stay relatively fit.

What’s a rough salary range for the position you hold?
I don’t have a salary. Depending on the gross sales and the expenses to be covered I then use money that I need or access the credit that I require. It has fluctuated very much depending on the economy. You learn to live with more or less.

What kind of challenges do you face and what makes you just want to quit?
The changes in corporate policies of clients affect their accounts payable cycles. I need to keep a healthy balance of accounts where lack of predictability is a factor.

What education and skills do you need to get hired and succeed in this field?
No less than a college degree. Graduate degree preferred. International living exposure. Sensitivity and passion for language, places, and other cultures, besides other technical skills.

What would you tell a friend considering your line of work?
Find a niche. This is pretty crowded and does not give away your knowledge.

How much vacation do you take? Is it enough?
Very little. No, it is not. I try to combine work and new places when I can.

If you could write your own ticket, what would you like to be doing in five years?
Restoring colonial properties in LATAM like Mexican Haciendas and putting them back in the communities with a different attractive and sustainable land use. Kind of a dream. I need partners. I can see a ton of possible uses for those restored beauties. Want to help?



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  • I think this story is extremely inspirational to young Hispanics such as me who have big goals and dreams. Seeing how someone saw a need for a business and made their place in the market is extremely inspiring. Seeing the diverse world we live in and the need for companies such as these that market not only to one country and language but to many shows that sometimes people just have to think outside the box to make a name for themselves and make a job when there are none. I knew that finding a niche in today’s society and job market was important and this story just cement my believes that through hard work, ingenuity, and dedication people can accomplish anything they put their minds into!

  • This is a truly inspiring story! I am so glad I got to read it and I am enthusiastic as to my own future knowing that myself as a minority can still be successful like Martha is. I would like to thank Martha for sharing her story and just say how truly inspiring it is.

  • This is a wonderful write-up/interview and very inspiring as well to up and coming younger generation to create a niche for themselves and function in it.

    It has brought to my mind the struggles I had to encounter after completing my Undergraduate studies, working voluntarily for two years after that and not being able to secure a job in an already saturated job market.

    Eventually I had to start something on my own; a sales company that dealt in the sale of appliances, Smock materials and the manufacture of beaded and wire jewellery. There was a need to diversify since it is always better to have multiple streams of income coming in.

    Things became quite slow at a point but one thing that really stood out for me was the fact that waht actually sustains any business is one’s ability to solve a problem, providing a needed service and keeping your clients happy.

    Business might not always flourish but there is satisfaction in knowing that you have provided a needed service and made someone happy.

  • I am so incredibly inspired by those with the facility to realize their goals, create a plan, and make it happen. Though I’m still in college, I’ve been in positions, both academic and professional, where there has been a need for a product and a leader to realize it. What I find most galvanizing about your story Ms. Galindo, is your ability to realize your needs, both personally and professionally, while maintaining a full grasp of what you have to offer and discovering a way to make the two work for you.

    “…You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I think I have the ability to connect the dots and we are always learning something new.” As someone who dreams of creating a company of my own, I find it refreshing to hear leaders express their thoughts on innovation. Too often I hear entrepreneurs express the need to produce something that is completely innovative and new in order for it to become successful. Again, it’s encouraging to bear witness to a successful leader whom embraces the given circumstances, adapts, and overcomes.

    A fellow Latinx person from Tucson, AZ, I empathize with your cultural identity and desires to restore Mexican-American heritage in a way that is “attractive and sustainable”. So much of the city I live in begs for a revamp of local barrios to help revitalize the strong Hispanic community present in almost every corner. There is so much untapped potential with so much to offer the world.

    Thank you for sharing your story – I am truly inspired.

  • Becoming the CEO/ President of your own company is such an admiring achievement and is something I wish to accomplish for myself. I feel I share the same qualities as able, willing and ready or how you translated them too entrepreneurial, resourceful and independent. Thank you for sharing your experience with us and expanding our insights on what it takes to be a CEO and what motivates you in order to reach success.

  • Communication is vital in the world that we live in. These services provide an outreach for those in need and it is incredible. My dreams are ambitious just as you are. I want to someday become a project manager. Reading this gives me the drive to continue my education and gets me excited for the future. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Reading stories like this are so inspiring, first of all I’m also mexican and from there I feel a connection, I’m studying industrial design, service design and if I can I would love to minor in business, becoming a CEO of any company is a great achievement, one I want to achieve myself some day, thats the fuel that gets me up everyday exited to do what I love. Maybe starting my own company someday would be my way to go, whatever comes, I’m ready exited for it.

  • After reading Martha Galindo’s article, as a student I realized that school is very important to reach the higher ranks of a company and it takes lots of experience to get to where she is.

  • Interesting, a business area I did not previously give a lot of thought. My father started a small family business in photography twenty years ago in south-east Europe. Before I came to United States to receive high quality education, I worked in the company for several years and expect to take over the business sometimes in the future.

    As the company’s president, my father has numerous duties. Every year, when he would take vacation days, I took over most of his duties and the work was certainly hard, but also satisfying. In my opinion, the most important thing is to get through the first few days. However, economic fluctuations can really shake the business. Yet, although with ups and downs, we are still in the business. Kudos to you for keeping your business still moving forward.

  • This is such an incredible story! I love the adjectives you use to describe yourself and I hope as I grow and develop as a person that I can become all of those as well.
    It is so amazing that you created your own job and you LOVE it. That is what I am striving for; a job that gets me up in the morning and not something I dread going to everyday.
    I loved how you said you like to try and combine work and new places when you can! I think it is so important to take opportunities and use them to benefit us and it sounds like that is your life everyday!
    Your hard work and dedication is truly inspiring and I hope to be a successful woman like you some day!

  • Thank you for your story Martha. It is encouraging hearing stories of such companies here in America, and seeing what their goals are and how they are being run. I am a college student working towards becoming a certified American Sign Language interpreter so I know I’ll be working with these types of companies in the future! I am also Mexican and hope to one day also become a Spanish translator. It gives me joy hearing of other individuals who are also passionate about languages and creating language accessibility. Reading this article has just made me even more excited to reach my professional goals!

  • Thank you Martha Galindo, I had a great time reading this article. I am a Mexican American who grew up with a single immigrant mother. I hope to one day be able to show my culture through the art I create, and with that I plan on working with other immigrants to tell their stories. I really enjoyed seeing some represantation, thank you!

  • As a Mexican-American myself, reading about Martha Galindo made me feel both proud and refreshed. Growing up 15 minutes from the Mexican-American border it is rare to hear about Mexican American woman leaders who have made it big.
    As a perspective law student interested in foreign law and policy, it was especially wonderful to read about Gallindo’s innovative language services. As an undergraduate obtaining degrees in Spanish and Italian proficiency it is motivating to know the wonders that being proficient in multiple languages can offer.
    I hope to one day be a Mexican American woman leader as Martha Gallindo is herself, and to be an inspiration to young Mexican-American women interested in professional careers.

    • I am honored to read your kind words. So glad you feel proud about your heritage. Go inspire other girls and make a difference in the fascinating field of foreign law and policy! And, Yes, languages open minds and open worlds.

  • As a Mexican American myself, reading about Martha Galindo made me feel both proud and refreshed. Growing up 15 minutes by the border it is rare to hear about a Mexican American woman leaders to look up to who have made it big.
    As a perspective law student interested in foreign law and policy, it was especially wonderful to read about Gallindo’s innovative language services. As an undergraduate obtaining degrees in Spanish and Italian proficiency it is motivating to know the wonders that being proficient in multiple languages can offer.
    I hope to one day be a Mexican American woman leader as Martha Gallindo is herself.

  • Hi Galindo,
    Great story. A friend and I, are actually thinking about starting a translation company after we graduate from college. your story helps me to know that it can be possible, even though it take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve. Which we are willing to do

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Thanks for telling us all about your career and passion. I really can appreciate someone who has strong leadership qualities and isn’t afraid of creating the jobs that not only fits them but is a necessity in our society.

  • Martha, I have to say I really admire what you accomplished and it was done when you were of a mature age and being female is that much more Awesome. I am a woman who decided to return to school to obtain my degree at a later stage in my life. Most of my classmates and even my professors are younger than me and in some instances the same age as my own children, I have always taught my girls that they can be anything they want and they can achieve their dreams through their education. After preaching to them about going to school, they through my words back at me and said, “Mom you can do this! You don’t want to be someone’s secretary your whole life” And so when I lost my job in December of 2012, I made the decision to return to school and by February of 2013 I was back in school. I am hoping once I obtain my degree I want to open my own firm that caters to the needs of bachelors or people too busy to see to their day to day items like preparing meals, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.-the concept being my company would provide these day to day chores for people who are unable to for variety of reasons. Its a job I believe would work for those busy on the go individuals who do not have enough time in the day to accomplish it all. I want to thank you for your inspiring story.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Janice. You are an example to the people that can go back to school and reinvent themselves. YOUR story is inspiring to me. I finished my graduate degree before getting married. Worked for the corporate world for a few years before I started the business in 1993… But I am glad you find something there that motivates you as well.

  • Congratulations. Your story is empowering and inspirational. I want to be able to be successful in life as you have been. Being a hispanic woman myself is not easy to accomplish many goals. I grew up from a family who believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen. My grandmother thinks I am foolish for having a dream to start my own medical practice because I am supposed to be a housewife. I have some doubts in accomplishing my own practice but you are an inspiration to continue in my passion.

    • Listen to your brain an dyour heart… and Ignore the thoughts and the words of people that did not know any better.

  • Martha Galindo is the perfect example of someone who is not afraid to go after what she wants. This article is similar to me in that I wish to translate and interpret Spanish for those who do not know English very well. It is very reassuring to know that there are in fact jobs available to people with an nontraditional major, and a job created by someone who saw a need and filled it. I took leadership roles numerous times throughout high school, and hope to continue throughout my collegiate experience. I hope to be lucky enough one day to hold such a position as Martha does, and will continue to work towards that goal and learn more and more along the way.

    • yes you can Sierra … it is not so much the title… but the passion and the independence .The determination to follow up and make it. Best wishes.

  • Congratulations on your success, Martha Galinda! What an inspiration you are. All of my life, I have wanted to be the CEO/President of my own company. This past fall, I began interning with an Advertising/PR Company. As I began the work, I noticed how much effort and energy it took out of my boss, the current CEO of the company. She had to know everything and how to do everything. This experience really opened my eyes to just how much it takes to run your own business. I immediately got to work perfecting my craft. My boss also started off in the corporate world. She soon realized that she, too, had to find her niche. By specializing in music festival culture, she was able to become unmatched in her field. You and her, both, have shown me how important it is to find something that works for you and stick with it. This is something that will stick with me for years to come as I strive to create my own company.

  • Martha Galindo, you are doing exactly what I hope to do once I finish my degree. I am currently a freshman striving to graduate in 5 years with the 3 in 2 program offered at my university with a Masters degree in both Business and Spanish. One thing I have realized from my first year in school is that many believe entering the business world is easy, and your story proves it is anything but. To make a splash in business, one must bring more to the table, such as being bilingual like you and I. More and more companies around the world are interested in having employees who are bilingual and have experience in the world of business who can take new companies and new ideas to the next level like yours. Thanks for showing me that with my major, there is a world of possibilities so long as I’m willing to take the risk and put in the work to achieve my goals.

  • Felicidades Martha Galindo! We are like-minded. As a fellow workaholic, you must break free to refresh yourself. A little more vacation will do your mind and body good. I’m currently attempting to enter the Foreign career field. I am weathered from many failed companies that I worked for, but the skills and experience were definitely worthwhile. I am currently searching for a mentor. Do you have any recommendations for me?

    • Thank you Veronica!
      Help us understand, please, what do you mean by a “Foreign career field”? International Relations, International Marketing? Do you speak other languages?
      Have you lived or wish to live overseas?
      Thank you for your comments and best wishes to you!

      • International Relations is my passion. I speak Spanish and brushing up on my French. I do wish to live overseas with my children. What do you recommend?

      • I replied, but it doesn’t appear that it actually posted. I desire to work in foreign affairs. I speak Spanish and brushing up my French. I need guidance.

  • Absolutely fascinating being that I aspire to one day run my own company. It is great to see an empowered, goal oriented Latino women (like myself) whom set her sights on the prize, and went for it. Good for you!!!

  • Inspiring. I have went through life where the odds were definitely against me. I struggled independently to get an education, also aspiring to be a business owner.

    • It is possible Derrick, and there is help along the way. we just have to recognize it… and grab it. There are many opportunities to give back as well.

  • I like how you stated that you have no salary. I think many are out there to earn a set amount. But what amount can truly make a person happy? Once you make that set amount, you’re always going to be reaching for more. As you stated “you learn to live with more or less”. While I do not have a similar story, I hope to one day. I am working towards my degree in hopes to become successful in life. I will always keep your story in mind and remember how you worked your way up the chain, learning everything that you could before venturing off. I really like how motivated you are and how you remain that way.

  • I appreciate all the work performed by Mexicans here in the United States. Hard workers like you represent us and overall better the image of foreigners. One of the major benefits of immigration is that cal help the economic development of the country. Immigration has a positive economic impact and it is well established. Public perceptions to the contrary notwithstanding, the National Research Council reports that immigrants neither displace American workers, nor do they lower wages, and that overall they contribute to the economy annually. From an economic perspective, therefore, if the nation accepted more immigrants, it would enjoy even greater benefits. This should be considered an important source of necessary labor for American economy.

    Another greater benefit of Mexicans who come live in the USA is that it expands the culture and diversity around the country. There is no other country in the world that has the diversity that the United States has. The diversity between races, languages and cultures bring to the habitants more tolerance that difference one to another. Important because they need interpreters to be able to communicate. The diversity also brings new ideas, new perspectives, new music, new food and of course different customs. Thanks to the cultural knowledge from the people from a different country living in the United States, immigrants benefit the nation by providing and advantage access to foreign financial and commercial markets. In my opinion, have the potential to shape the cultural future of America.

    Throughout history, marketing and entrepreneurship have been important sources of economic, social and cultural vitality for the United States, and I think translating and interpreting can help to the development of this country in very strong way.

    I am proud that we have people like you representing the Mexican Community!

  • Martha, that is a fantastic story. I really like that you had to take the hard road to the top. I think it says a lot about your character. The fact that you knew what you wanted and made a plan to get there is very admirable. I am a Native American student in my first year of college. I am in the process of starting a renewable energy company with a friend. Your story reminds me of mine in that you have a passion for what you are doing and I think that is hard to see in many business executives today. As I begin my journey for my company, it feels reassuring to read a story of someone who is similar to me. Thank you for your story, it has made an impact.

    • Thank you Jake! Best wishes in your venture. You are correct. It is a journey with turns and rainy days too. It is Fun!

  • This story is extremely inspirational. It tells me that it is okay to be a minority and to always strive for my dreams. I should not do something because people would not think that I could do it. I can reach my goals if I set my mind to it.

    • Of course, Kourtney! Classifications are not needed. They aren’t required either to move on and make a difference.

  • I admire your work – being bilingual or multilingual is becoming all the more important in our society. Understanding one another is one of the first steps towards effective collaboration, and it’s great to see that there are companies that can facilitate that.

    Additionally the aspiration listed about restoring colonial sites and promoting sustainable development is amazing – and I think it is necessary in order to preserve our heritage.

  • This is such a great story that has really inspired me to continue on my education and career path. I am also of Hispanic descent and would like to think that I could become as successful as you. I would hope to someday own my own business, be the CEO or be my own boss. What you are doing is fantastic and the fact that it is something enjoyable and can make such a connection with is really remarkable. I hope you keep up the good work Martha, and that you keep doing what you are doing.

    • Thanks Matthew. I appreciate your words and wish you the best. YES, you can. Find your niche. and feel free to adapt it and adjust it as time or market needs change. Business and life should not be against each other, ever.

  • Type A, I love to hear great stories such as this one by Martha Galindo, somebody who to there passion and morphed it into a living. Ms. Galindo likely didn’t make many excuses and that what most likely drove her to such success. Furthermore its very common for minority to sometimes use there race as an excuse however it is not an excuse it should be fuel to overcome the blockades that stifle you. Needless to say Martha Galindo will forever be a amazing and real inspiration to all.

  • Truly this an inspiring story, i admire the fact that she found a niche market where she can help herself be financially secure while helping others in the process and was also confident enough to leave her job at the language services company in order to make her need of being independent a reality. I can relate in a way, i’m a Business Marketing major at Towson University and i’m also a bilingual; i speak both English and Amharic (Native language of Ethiopia) fluently. After i graduate and have a little taste of life in the respective job field, i plan on helping Ethiopian business owners in the DC/Baltimore area market their products and services in both languages.

  • I love this story of how she found her own way to the top. Similarly, I’m striving to become the CEO of a company in the future. I like reading stories about people trying to make themselves better through hard work. I’m currently learning Spanish and German. Spanish for my job and German for my in-laws.

    • Languages is only a factor Aly… but it opens your mind to other perspectives and that evolves into skills to troubleshoot and see the world with more options.

  • This is a great story. I am Mexican and bilingual like you. Also, I wish to open my own business soon and work for myself and the benefit of everyone else. My focus is natural resource efficiency and sustainability and my goal is to change the world. Stories like yours inspire me to keep going with my dreams as they reassure me that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. Thanks for sharing your story and passing on your wisdom.

  • Congratulations Martha E. Galindo!

    Galindo Publicidad, Inc seems a great company leaded by a bright
    and passionate CEO. I am impressed with the interview and I also appreciated
    the comments. Being independent and having the strength to run a self
    owned business is very attractive nowadays! I also appreciate the way that Martha
    E. Galindo mentions family responsibilities being an important part of
    her life and one of the good reasons to have an own company.

    Thank you!

  • Thank you for the GREAT story. Actually, I am a minority person (racially) in the USA however Your story gave me an opportunity to think about what can I do, how can I do in here as a minority person. Thank you so much.

    • You are welcome Hyunki Yoon. You are a person… the classification as a minority or not is a statistics matter…depending on where you are… I suggest you don’t use that info as a limitation. Ever.

  • Thank you for the inspiring story. This is a great story because it tells us about an important way to enjoy our works: finding its significance to someone, either ourselves or our clients. By this way we can enjoy and motivate ourselves for our works no matter how hard or stressful.

  • Congratulations Martha Galindo! Your story is incredible inspiring, and gives me hope with my future. The most inspiring aspect of your story is the fact that you managed to find your niche, and be successful in it.

    I have a passion and love for sports, ideally I would love to become a professional football player but obviously the odds of that are slim to none. However, I have decided to pursue a business degree and my dream is to work for a professional sports team, that way I can make a living and still be surrounded by the thing I love.

    Continue to work towards your dream and continue to inspire people of all ages.

  • I really enjoyed your story. You are truly an inspiration for women of all different ethnic backgrounds. I feel that your line of work is really important, I am currently learning a second language and I feel it will really be beneficial to me in the work place.

    I have hopes in one day owing my own business or becoming a CEO. I feel that women are often over looked in the field of business, and should be taking more seriously. Back in high school, I was apart of a club called the future business leaders of America. We attended multiple competitions were we would build a company and present how we would market it and have profitable sales.

    However, the women in this club were often over looked and I did not really get a chance to voice my opinion. My senior year, I decided to step to the plate and represent for the females who had great ideas in running a business.

    I thank you again for sharing your story and wish you the best of luck.

    • Thanks Rebecca. One way or another your display of leadership skills will take you further. Some say we, women in business deal with uncertainty in a very different way, Not sure about those statements, however, I tend to read, digest and put aside statistics… use your brain and your guts. they coexist.

  • Thank you for the great story and information! This truly was comparable to my life because I once started my own business designing and selling t-shirts. Your story has showed me the truly limitless abilities of us as minority entrepreneurs. I will definitely heed your advise and understand the success that is available for me in my future.

  • Thanks for sharing this story. Although I am not interested in starting up my own company, your story is very inspiring. You make me rethink about what I should for the next step. It is not just experience about business. Thanks a lot.

  • Thank you Martha Galindo for sharing your story! You and your business seem to go beyond looking for monetary value. It seems that you really like to reach out to people and help the business world come together regardless of racial and ethnic boundaries. I, too, would like to reach out to people and even erase racial and ethnic boundaries. I am not bilingual…yet. I’m on my way to becoming fluent in Spanish,and hopefully French, German, and Chinese in the next few years to help me excel in my career path (Communication – Public Relations concentration).

    Two years ago I traveled to Spain for two weeks during the summer. I was visiting a girl who my family housed as a part of a foreign exchange program. At that point I didn’t know as much Spanish as I wanted to but when my parents came to visit during the two weeks it was enough. My parents didn’t know any Spanish and I helped to translate what the girl’s parents were saying as best I could. It also worked the other way around; when the girl who stayed with my family and I was in the U.S. I would have to translate what she was saying to my parents and what my parents were saying to her.

    This experience opened my eyes to all the possibilities that being multilingual could give me in a professional and personal setting.

  • Congratulations Miss Galindo! Sounds like you have had your head in the right place for a long time. I hope to be able to possible be president and CEO of my own company one day, and this article inspires me because it reminds me that everyone has to start from somewhere, including me. I will take this article as I go on my journey into college and begin working on my college degree!

  • I found this story to be particularly inspiring for a few reasons: first, I really appreciate how Ms. Galindo is able to stay adaptable to both her personal/life needs and the needs of the market in which her business serves. She seems to be able to shift gears depending on what serves her best and what serves her clients best. Developing a career in which this type of shiting work is possible is an incredible accomplishment. Bravo! As someone who spent a brief tenure working in the corporate ESL training world, I can relate to the difficult corporate policies that dictate the services that Ms. Galindo and others in the field are able to provide.
    Second, I like Ms. Galindo’s pragmatism. She seems to live her work by the “reality principle” when she realizes that her industry is a crowded space and that knowledge about the industry is something that should be shared sparingly. Yet, she still takes the time to blog about it here and share her advice. Thank you for your contribution!

  • Congratulations on all your accomplishments! I know, from being bilingual, that you are able to help so many people with your abilities. Just how you do this for a living, I love to help others by using what I have.

    When I was in Germany a few weeks ago, I was in a medical clinic with my dad. There was an American woman who was receiving treatment and so the nurse was trying to explain to her what she needed to do with her new medication. The American woman was having trouble understanding the nurse’s broken English and so the nurse asked for me and the Polish translator that was there. Since my first language was Polish, I was able to help everyone out.

    The German nurse proceeded to talk to the Polish-German translator the instruction for the woman’s medication, the translator would then tell me in Polish, and then I would explain to the American woman what needs to be done.

    Although this process was bound for error, everyone was cautious because it was a woman’s health we were dealing with. I know how much translating benefits and brings people together.

    • Nice example Isabel! Professional medical interpreters are needed in many places… and more adequate policies to support their training and hiring.

  • Not only was the an inspiring story bu also very motivational. One of mine dreams is also to become a CEO of a company or a firm. Not only is this a dream, but after reading this interview. My dream can become reality. And it only motivates to keep working hard and study and impress the right people in order to come by this opportunity.

    I know exactly what it feels like to be able to translate and using this skill to your advantage. This is not just a skill but also a blessing because of the generation that I live in today. Which is the higher percentage of Hispanic today in our society. This can be very helpful and can make stand out against a competitor. Even though sometimes we take things for granted, I surely do not take this blessing for granted. I take full advantage and use this skill in my everyday life. I constantly try to get better at speaking Spanish, I also am enrolled in Spanish course at the University of Kansas.

    This story of Martha Galadipo keeps motivating me to keep fight to make my dreams reality. Even though it might hard to fight and struggle. However, without the these hardships it wont prepare for the obstacles that come later on in life. Martha has prepared herself, thus why she is very successful and an excellent inspiration. Congratulations Martha you deserve it and many other people including myself are proud of you.

    • Thanks Andy. Life does not have to be a constant struggle… if you love what you do, it becomes second nature. And every experience and exposure counts.

  • Congratulations on your two decades of success Martha Galindo, your story is very inspiring. Even at this point in my life, a freshman in college, being bilingual has proved to be very helpful. For example my roommate’s english is not very good so the fact that I am able to help him with english and have no trouble communicating with him in his native language is rewarding to me and extremely helpful to him. I am really intrigued by your goals of restoring haciendas and communities in Mexico, in doing so they will be better able to participate in their communities making them much more efficient and independent. I wish you and your partners luck in achieving this dream. I realize how important it is to be well cultured and know several languages, so I have started learning a third language going to become trilingual. Thanks for such an inspiring story Martha!

  • Galindo Publicidad, Inc seems like an incredible company headed by a bright and passionate CEO. I am impressed with Martha’s honest interview here. I lived in South America for a year, traveling and volunteering with local organizations and I love Martha’s dream of restoring communities in a sustainable way. I do want to help! I think it is hard to find a company CEO who has such inspiring goals. I love reading articles like this about corporations that are doing so much good. I am a teacher, so I often think that all office jobs are the same, or that teachers and “business people” have opposite aspirations. This article humbles me and reminds me that “business people” are equally as important, and many of them are teachers in one way or another. Galindo Publicidad Inc is teaching other companies how expand through language in a culturally sensitive way – making their businesses more informed and accessible globally.

    • Thanks for your kind words… Still a dream… The progress is that the area in LATAm has been decided and we will start with something in Queretaro Mexico. Keep in touch please.

  • Thank you for sharing this story. I actually shared it with my Father who is from Mexico. He was lucky enough to be the first in this family to go to college and when he graduate he had a great job but realized it wasn’t making him as happy as he should. He realized he wanted to be his own boss and have a company of his own. Your story reminds me of how driven and successful you can be when you put your mind into doing something you really enjoy. You both have really inspired me to own my theatre company and so the best I can be successful. Thank you again.

  • Congrats Martha! This is a tremendous company that has provided a consistent and enriching service for more than two decades. Your ability to reach out to niche communities certainly aides the larger surrounding and more diverse communities.

  • Thank you for that inspiring interview Ms. Galindo. I too one day would wish to start my own company. It’s like you said, its all about finding your niche. This is why I am going for a MBA degree with a focus on entrepreneurship and international business. My father is trying to be one of the many Libyans trying to boost the Libyan economy by bringing in American companies in the country. I want to help with my father’s push towards a better life in Libya, and at the same time learn more about international business.

    Going back to your article Ms. Galindo, I have to say I really liked the opening, “Able, willing and ready, translates into entrepreneurial, resourceful, and independent.” I have many ideas for different business’s and thats by far a great way to introduce myself, if ever given the opportunity to become a entrepreneur like yourself. I just want to say thank you for your time and commitment for pursuing what you want to do not because you have to do it. I will inspire others with this same mentality. Thanks again Ms. Galindo and I hope some day soon you get the opprutunity to restore some of those colonial properties. I would enjoy to see one.


    • Thank you Malik!
      We can certainly be those bridges the world needs, in our own ways… observe what is missing in the region and why would it work what you can offer. The how will come. we cannot have all the answers at the beginning.

  • Kudos to this lady. Reading this articles gives me hope both as a Hispanic, and as someone who wants to work in the translation/interpretation field. It looks like her company even works with freelancing translators. This soulds like an honest, very rewarding job. Once I graduate, I’ll make sure to look this up onceI graduate college!

    • Keep in touch. Yes we do. The free lance translators and professionals are the soul of the company. The flexibility to serve the market comes from the right matching of skills, abilities, cost and experience of the language pairs available on a global basis.

  • Wow, that is very impressive and motivational. As an immigrant myself I understand how it difficult it could be in a foreign country but she clearly shows in a very simple yet practical manner of how anything is possible.

    • Thanks Bahar Karim … once you understand the principles and the logic of the culture… you can adapt from a culture that can do many things at the time to one that handles things, service and priorities one at a time, and in a specified order. Then you can “align your ducks,” so to speak.

  • Wow! I love so much this lesson. Is very helpfooll to understand the importance of the lenguage in the bussines and how it can helpus to create our own job. Martha´s career is a really motivational hostory.

    In my case I had to learn English to access opportunities to grow professionally. My native language is Spanish, but there are not many opportunities in my career to study in Spanish. For this I have learned English and have gained access to more professional oportunities. I think is very important at least to be bilingual to arise in the business world. Martha’s example is a good working guide and express a great experience advice.

  • First of all I would like to say how happy this article has made me. Being a young hispanic girl myself, with aspirations of one day entering the business world, it’s comforting and motivational to know that doors can be opened if they are pushed hard enough. Your success is remarkable, and quite inspiring.

    I am pursuing the major of integrated marketing communication and a minor in spanish, so when I read this I couldn’t help but imagine myself in your position one day. Slowly but surely, hispanics are making a mark all over the world, and we have people like you to thank for that.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts Dayanne! There is a lot to cover and your generation will make the difference for sure! There is no such thing as isolated marketing today, in any language…. how do you eliminate from the equation the influence of friends of friends in the purchase decisions when people are being exposed to so much so quickly? Integrated Marketing communications responds to our times and you seem to be “cooking” a pretty good future :)…..

  • Congrats Martha, wow I am truly inspired by your accomplishments. For years now I have juggled school and business simultaneously, excelling well in both. Till today I really didn’t have a clear goal but your story has inspired me to aim for greatness and not stop working hard. Thank you!

  • Ms. Galindo’s story is truly remarkable. She is a true business woman, monitoring markets and niches needed in order to fill certain aspects of ordinary people’s lives, yet she bases her work off of moral principles that are held in high regard at her own corporation. Ms. Galindo’s ethical morality is what sets her apart from other CEOs of large businesses and companies. She bases her work off of client satisfaction, not solely on revenue, allowing her to put the customer before all else. She also cares for her employees, understanding that, no matter how much the customer is willing to pay, there is certain point where one must say “no” in order to avoid high stress levels.

    Not only is Ms. Galindo a powerful business woman, she is a true role model for all aspiring entrepreneurs, and businessmen and women. She was able to not only just create a company, she was able to nurture it and help it grow and expand into what it is today. Her actions of merging her culture with a open niche allowed her to create a company that could provide services for citizens that weren’t offered before.

    Ms. Galindo is truly an inspiration and a role model I look up to. I am also bilingual and haven’t always considered it a strength in my favor. After reading about Ms. Galindo’s ability to use her heritage in order to create a business that was needed, I feel as if I can harness my culture and individuality in order to achieve great things as well. I hope to create a business in a similar fashion in order fill a niche that is open and to make a difference in other people’s lives.

    • Thanks Ppatel… always learning. Glad you can find useful inspiration here. ALWAYS, an additional language will give you an edge… regardless of what it may be apparent to a few… ..

  • Martha Galindo’s story is very inspirational. She gives hope of opening my own business. I’ve always desired to own my own company and I am very interested in languages so that could definitely be a possibility. I am definitely looking into pursuing a career that involves languages and business. Her answers to these questions really gave me a realistic perspective of the benefits but also the challenges that go along with chasing your dreams.

    • Thanks Sophia… Languages will always open doors. in any field you choose to develop your professional activity.Best wishes.

  • Congratulations on your success Ms. Galindo. I admire you and your success, being a CEO is something to very proud of. Being able to communicate with others on a non-English basis is great. My parents are not from America and there are three different languages spoken in our household. When my parents leave the house they always say its comforting to be able to interact with others with the same cultural background. Thank You for all your contributions to this country Ms. Gilando, they are very inspiring.

    • Thanks Ashley. Feel grateful and proud of those tools they are giving you and define your own future with the confidence you got additional assets to bring to the feast of the global marketing table..

  • It so amazing that Martha Galindo really beat out all the odds and made a difference. Not only is she Hispanic, but she is a woman. She is such an inspiring woman. Being an accounting major, I found this article very helpful. Although i am still only in my first year of college, I really hope in the future to open my own accounting firm.
    Success stories like this help prove that with dedication anything is possible. It proves that with hard work, much can be done. I am also inspired by the fact that with all the success she has earned, she chose to give back.
    Thank you Martha. When i first moved to America from India, I didnt know how i will do, but I have learned over the years due to stories like this that its not about race or even gender, but instead about the hard work and dedication.

  • This is a real inspiring story of how she made her goals become a reality the fact that she is head of a corporate
    business that helps Hispanics is truly amazing to the fact that she accomplished her marketing dreams and used her skills to make it possible for all hispanics to be given a chance.

  • Ms. Martha Galindo’s business model is one that I seek after and look up to. According to the information she provided in this interview, her company values ethic over profit.

    Personally, I think that this should be every company’s value, especially big corporations where many employees are hired. People should always be placed over profits. Working conditions should be a company’s first and foremost concern – its employees’ health, salary and interest. It seems like she values her workers’ health by not letting her employees work overtime, rejecting “unreasonable deadlines” and saying no to her clients despite loss of profit. Judging from her statement “I don’t have a salary”, I infer that she doesn’t take big bonuses for herself either. She doesn’t talk about paying her employees fairly. However, from a person who “learns to live with more or less”, I think she pays her worker well. That’s another thing I will do if I were to open my own business as well.

    Also, she is a very hard working woman. In my opinion, having a hard-working CEO who also respects her employees sets a company apart from others and makes it successful. She firmly believes in her job and the importance of her company. This force keeps her motivated, gives her energy and desire to continue committing to her job. I respect this. I am working constantly to pursue this trait and induce such passion into my work.

    I aspire to her success: having moral principles, good work ethics while running an effective business. I also appreciate Ms. Galindo for giving back to young entrepreneurs words of wisdom through interviews like this. I plan to have my own business that models after hers.

    • My Nguyen, balance, balance, balance… you are in business to make a difference and a profit. but you cannot shoot your own foot, ever. A clear and strong sense of ethics will always send you to sleep well and wake up inspired…in any business.

  • There is nothing better than working for yourself when it comes to career. That is what I have always wanted and plan to do in the near future. You have given me inspiration and added strength to start from scratch and grow to where I want to be. It is very appealing to be an entrepreneur but it takes a lot of courage. You are a very brave woman. You have also reminded me to have a giving mind as I succeed. Congratulations on your 20 years of success and thank you for the inspiring story.

  • I am very impressed with the type of work Martha Galindo has done. She has defined the American Dream through her company in which she has established. She is living my dream career of becoming a business owner that has had inspiration from life to create a living of her own that she enjoys herself. Wanting to do the same I am extremely happy for her and her success as I hope to find my niche and duplicate this success in my own way.

  • I love the Mexican Haciendas and wish to create a new take on the haciendas that could integrate and strengthen families hear in America. Part of my desire to bring back the hacienda format is to provide an alternative to rest homes for our parents. It’s too often the norm in America that the previous generation becomes an inconvenience. Yet if two or three siblings shared an adjoining home with both privacy and common access to their parents property then we might share the burden and the joy of our parents as they age.

    Who knows we might even enjoy each other during the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing about you company, adventure and your dream. Keep me in mind when you start working on it.

  • I really like this story because besides being a psychology major I do want to open up my own businesses and this gave me the courage and the drive. Thanks

  • ¡Felicidades, Martha Galindo! You are an inspiration to all woman. Specifically, for Mexican woman who strive to be independent and successful. I hope to be a sole propriertor in the near future. Your story is a simple reminder as to why I am doing what I am doing and where I hope to end up one day. You said that you would like to, “restore colonial properties in LATAM like Mexican Haciendas and putting them back in the communities w/ different…and land use.” Both you and I have something in common and that is the love for our roots. I too one day hope to restore a community in LATAM. I would like to re-store the “public” parks in the small town of Union de Tula, Mexico (where my parents are from) and turn them back into what they once were.

  • I read your story. I think you are a good example for all the people who want improve their entrepreneurial skills. What had picked my attention is the fact that your salary depends on how good the sales are, which shows that the financial well being of your business is more important to you than your personal satisfaction. Your commitment to provide a quality work is also an important. I congratulate you for those 20 years of success and I wish you 20 more. I plan to do some translations in the coming months. I am totally fluent in French and Haitian Creole and my english is very good. It will be an honor for me to collaborate with a company like yours.

    • Thanks Karl… I appreciate your words.
      Send me your data and I will give you some feedback regarding your interest in this industry.

    • Thanks Karl, send me your data and I will give you some feedback and pointers to pursue that. Best wishes!

  • Martha your story is amazing. As a person who want to has a translating related job in the future I really value the work you have put in your company. I love your idea of providing a service to help clients reach other markets.

    I often get the the criticism that my bilingual skills are much better to use in another settings, but my interest in translation is to help people, much like your self. I am working on a Legal Studies and Spanish double major because I have seen the need of the Spanish speaking community for accurate translations in the legal systems. I have seen many people get marginalized and screwed over for not knowing what is going on. The legal language can be complex enough, however poor translation and lack culture understanding have been detrimental to many legal cases. I am truly commitment to helping the Spanish speaking community in my area and I thank you for doing your part in your area as well. Keep on the good work.

    • Good, Jenni
      If you like that line of work try to get the federal certification for Court interpreters… Check NAJIT and their requirements. Those are the pros in the interpreting field for legal purposes..

    • Good, Jenni,
      Thanks. Keep in mind that understanding and learning about the background of those users is the key… So, try to spend time overseas in those countries and bring with you the cultural meaning of those legal concepts to the U. States. . that is how they react to behaviors, beliefs, conflict, respect etc… cultural reactions…

  • I am hispanic as well as you and I have been translating for my parents since I was a little girl. I am originally from Puerto Rico and have been living in the states for about 10 years now. I like the answer you gave when they asked “Why do you get up and go to work each day?” I believe in doing your best and being efficient for the customers is always a must. I am perfectionist when it comes to my work for others, art is my passion. My goal is to have my own graphic design company in the future, I do not want it to be my hobby but my career. I was inspired by reading this article.

    • That is great to hear, Jomayra!. Graphic design is a fun field full of challenges. Your bicultural background will always be an asset.

  • The comments of credit policies with clients is very true. Contracts with clients can very challenging, you must have up to date criteria.

  • This was a great inspiring story! I realized that success and happiness takes a bit of time. I did not know that services like this are so useful in many areas. I plan on doing much research since I am interested in languages and cultures throughout the world. In my future I’d love to find a place where I can be committed for as many years as you have.

    • Thanks Jasmin! Best wishes. Languages and cultures is a fascinating field. So many tools now to learn and share from people around the world. Find your niche.

  • Congratulations. Your story of such success is inspiring and a makes all of us striving for success seem realistic. With hard work that I’m sure you had to do to accomplish your goals, indicates that you’ve made good solid choices in life.
    I wish that I could say that I made those good choices, to achieve my goals early in life. I worked doing what with a degree I could have gotten a lot more money. All of my excuses at the time seem redundant in today’s light. So here I am, later in life realizing that that degree means a great deal to me, so I am in school striving to achieve my lifetime goal.
    Your story is an inspiration and I did enjoy reading about a successful journey.

  • First and foremost congratulations on reaching 20 years of achievement as the president and CEO of Galindo Publicidad, Inc. Your story is very inspiring and an indicator that anyone can reach success by creating a company with hard work, persistence, and most of all positive motives. You certainly realize that everyone in business should have a fair and equal opportunity no matter what their nationality or first language is. For this reason people in business should be bilingual in order to diversify their everyday interactions.

    I plan on studying abroad next spring in Australia in order to broaden my horizons by embracing this large world we live in from an international standpoint. I feel as though this will be a life changing experience because i’ve never been out of the United States before despite the fact that I have always wanted to travel abroad. I have always been interested in meeting people of all nationalities because the world we live in is separated by negative stereotypes, cultural differences, and language barriers.

    Martha, your story also relates to my ultimate goal of creating a non-profit organization that will work towards connecting people across the globe through similar interests. It will also encourage people to follow their dreams no matter what economic demographic they fall under. Reading the details on your company reassured me that an organization with a diverse backbone can help change the world.

    • Thanks Ryan… very interesting:) Enjoy Australia and any other country or culture you decide to be exposed to. Best wishes with your ultimate goal.

  • Congrats.

    I was too in a situation like this. Getting into college was a tough experience for me. It came with a plethora of changes, and a ton of work had to be done. The challenge i had when i was trying to get to my dream of getting into college was dealing with my mom being diagnosed with cancer. This left me to do things for myself. College applications and financial aid applications were the hardest thing to fill out by myself. But with a little hard work, and dedication, I was able to get threw it all.

  • This story really shows how the world is changing and the need to adapt. The world is becoming smaller and smaller each day. Business is no longer national but global. Any newcomer to any industry must be able to make connections between cultures. I have already started adapting to this world of business. I have begun taking Italian courses in college and learning Korean on my own. Being able to handle myself internationally will be a true benefit to a demanding career path in the fashion industry.
    But I also wish to study abroad next semester in Florence. Studying abroad is an avenue that will allow me to begin accomplishing some of my professional and personal goals. I would like to become fluent in several languages; I would like to travel around the world; and I would like to become familiar with different cultures other than my own. I am confident placing “studied abroad” on my resume will help me gain employment once I graduate. There are some things you can learn from a book or in a comfortable environment. But others things must be learned by stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to succeed. I believe studying abroad is one of the most beneficial things a student can do to gain indispensable life management skills and a well-rounded outlook on life.
    I commend you, Martha Galindo, for finding a way to bring to world closer together and building a business from that. Being from Pennsylvania myself, I understand the need for a specialist in such a diverse market. I hope to one day be someone that does not need your services because I can successfully understand these markets and communicate freely to and within them.

  • Wow Congratulations Martha. Its amazing you’ve been committed to your career for about 20 years and you seem to really love what you do. I never knew that companies like this existed and its nice to know that they do.

    • Thanks Elijah. Translation and Language Services is a very old field in the world. It keeps growing and as an industry, it has many challenges. Mostly related to education of the markets we operate and others related to the evolution of the tools we use to serve those niches better.

  • Wow Martha, this was such an interesting article to read. Before reading your story, I never knew companies like this existed. What I find most interesting is your commitment to equal opportunities (gender, race don’t matter). As long as an individual can do the job well, it shouldn’t matter what race or gender he/she is. In a world with so much ambiguity, I’m glad to see that you’ve taken a huge step in the right direction. LOL this company screams diversity and togetherness! Thanks for a great read Martha.

    • Thanks. Regarding the diversity, It is just the nature of the beast 🙂 We love to deal with voices from the globe to serve our clientele.

  • I think this is a great story. I, myself love the diversity in the culture around us. I have only been exposed to few cultures different from my own, but I plan to expand my experience. I will be studying abroad in Barcelona this coming Fall and in Prague in the Spring. I can not begin to explain how excited and grateful I am to have this opportunity. Jesus has blessed me.
    I plan to expand my knowledge in business on an international level. I think learning the language is only a small part of communication. Living in someone else’s world gives you an entirely new perspective. It can help you understand better one’s customs and where that language comes from.
    I only wish that everyone could be so open minded and would want to expand their cultural knowledge. I think what you’re doing is great and it’s a great inspiration to myself.

  • This is a great example of success and determination to succeed. Martha saw a need in her community and found a way to fill that need. With her hard work and determination, she grown her business and has continued to be a great success in the ever changing corporate world. Martha has a competitive spirit and a corporate know how to keep her business competitive in the market. The need for bilingual specialists is growing. A bilingual specialist is an asset to any company in any field of industry. Martha’s story is a great motivator!

    • You are very kind… i am glad it motivates others. We all have challenges…and must decide early on how much you want something and what are you prepared to do to get it. This means you should not feel guilty for adjusting your goals… you are here for the long term… Do not waste energy in small battles.

  • Beautiful story, Martha Galindo! We need more people like this, for sure. I love to see women in positions of leadership. You saw a need for people that were underserved and you created your business around that. More importantly, you did not set up your business for the sole purpose of making a profit but to help out people who truly needed it.

    Being bilingual is something that is not very common in this region, unfortunately. Learning another language helps you to understand so much more about yourself and others! The recent immigration debate would have a different dimension if a lot of people understood what is like to go to another nation and be unable to express yourself. Translating and editing also offer a great opportunity for non-English speakers to bring their work to an audience that would not ordinarily be exposed to it.

  • What a great story! I really admire Ms. Galindo’s acts and how she changed her language skills to fit her career. Being bilingual is a very special and important asset and is needed in many different careers. I am African American and have seen race come a long way in the career industry. I am thankful for that.

  • I think it is amazing how successful a Latina can be. I know it is hard to see a “minority” being successful. It does not mean that a minority cannot be successful, it just means that sometimes it is not expected of us.

    I think what you are doing, and why you are doing it is awesome. There is a need for the translating services that your company provides. I think some people ignore the fact that there is a need for translating. Some people fear that it means the minorities are getting served too well. It is a time where people need to embrace the idea of diversity. I believe being diverse brings more money.

    In order to be successful one must be open-minded and flexible. I can see that you are sacrificing a lot to stay where you are at, but nobody can be successful without taking sacrifices and risks. I appreciate your work, if nobody has told you that yet. One day you can take the vacation you have always dreamed of. The day you retire will be the greatest. I hope one day I can see I am successful as you.

    • Benedito… thanks for your kind words.
      Yes, flexibility. Anybody can do it. This is a journey with surprises, peaks and valleys. And yes, reliable translation services are needed for global audiences. This is not just for domestic multilingual communities.

  • Wow, your story is so inspiring. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. I am especially entertained by your story because my mother works as a court interpreter and she does some document translations as well. Your story really reminds me of her a lot.

    • Thanks Robert.
      Good for your mom. She has a tough job! as a court interpreter. There is a lack of professional and certified court interpreters nationwide.

  • Congratulations Martha Galindo. Is a really great story. I am really proud of what you have accomplished in your career. I think that being bilingual is god to communicate with others that don’t know the native language and need guidance. I myself am bilingual
    and it has help me because I can help people by translating to them. Being bilingual
    has helpd me in many ways. I really admire this lady for everything that
    she has accomplished.

    • Thanks Fatima… As you well know, being bilingual is not enough to translate documentation. if you are serious about developing that type of skill, there are many resources and most importantly, a few national and international organizations that could prepare you, test you and certify you as a translator or as an interpreter. Whatever you decide. Enjoy the journey!

  • What a great story! I really admire Ms. Galindo’s acts and how she changed her language skills to fit her career. Being bilingual is a very special and important asset and is needed in many different careers. I am African American and have seen race come a long way in the career industry. I am thankful for that.

    • Thanks Defann. We all can learn foreign language skills. It is an acquired skill. Don’t let anyone say the opposite. Immersion programs in various countries are the best. Then we need to make sure the labor market rewards such acquired skill with more attractive compensation packages.

  • Wow! I really admire how Ms. Galindo merged her language skills with her career so perfectly. I too often forget that being bilingual is a mighty asset and she only reinforces this idea. Also love the idea that employees are not judged by race or gender but are rated solely by merit. A truly rare and admirable quality in a boss.

    • Thanks for your kind words Nestor. The ability to match skills, timing, availability, technical and cultural expertise, language pair, education, certifications, etc. is what drives this industry. Clients benefit from that custom matching and we all enjoy the results 🙂

  • I never thought of opening my own firm because I thought that was too much of a risk to take. This interview proves that I was right, however, Mrs. Galindo has the right attitude and willing to committ. This is why she succeeded. Becuase I am also a bilingual of Chinese and English, I have always wanted to help the society to solve communication problem. I have a manager who understand limited english, he always come to me for formal letters he receive. Sometimes, the letter would only be a promotion letter from the bank but he would be super nervous about it. I can totally feel his pain and therefore I really like Mrs. Galindo’s idea.

  • This was a great interview with Mrs. Galindo. I am glad that she shared her story with the world. I personally want to open an architecture firm. I currently in my major and loving every minute of it. With my architecture firm I would love to have a diverse group of client. This interview showed me that any is possible with hard work commitment, and perseverance. One day I hope to accomplish my dream. Thank you for the motivation.

  • Congratulations Mrs Galindo on your 20 years!! I am quite sure that is been years of dedication to your job and sacrifice but also I know that is been very rewarding the accomplished of your goals. I wish you more and more years of success in own business.
    I personally always wanted to have a little dance school so I could offer people and children different dance classes from ballet to salsa. I will be very nice I someday will be able to accomplish that I will try to work on that later on because I am currently at school.
    Again I wish you the best and success on your life, I think people like you we should admire and respect!!!

    • Thank you Sandra. Go for it!. Offer your classes at the local library or at a school for an after care program for example…. you will have valuable experience while you finish school.

  • Wonderful interview Martha !!!!!! I am very proud of you !!!!!! Amazing 20 years…right????
    I know Martha since we were in College in Monterrey Mexico, and I remember how smart she was in classes…..
    I feel so bless to have Martha as my friend and I will always be proud of her job and her beautiful family !!!!
    Blessings for you Marthita !!!!!

  • Becoming a CEO/ President of your own company is such an admiring feat. In my opinion, it’s very ambitious and amazing at the same time. As for me, my dreams are very ambitious: I want to own and operate both my own veterinary clinic and a chain of bakeries. Two unlikely combinations, right? It just so happens that I love the responsibilities that will come with both of these ventures. One day, I, too, will find my niche! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Reading things like this is my motivation to keep moving forward with my dreams! I’m studying finance and ultimately want to own my own consultant firm. I have the passion and believe I have the skills but stories like this is what puts extra gas in my already vehicle to keep on moving!

    • Wonderful… and if I may suggest, give yourself the freedom and the flexibility to focus on something within the consulting firm umbrella…

  • This is the reason I keep coming back for your services! you are the best in your field! keep with the good job!

  • Fantastic interview, Martha! And because I’ve known you for the past 19 years, I can attest to your professionalism and the quality of your work, as well as being a wonderful human being!

    • Thanks for your words, Cory!. It has been an incredible journey. And you trusted me with the development of scientific abstracts in Spanish for medical conferences in LATAM! Your creative direction for pharma pieces was a great experience. Thanks again.

  • I personally know Martha and find she never sleeps on opportunity. A go-getter that reaches for perfection and no less. Very proud of her accomplishments and excited to see her unfold her many innovative ideas and concepts in the future. Congrats to your successes.