Caption contest #7 – therapist cartoon


Ronald Eugene Shultz
Ronald Eugene Shultz

A few words with winner, Dr. Ronald Shultz of Cleburne, TX:

What do you do for a living? I am a Desktop Engineer Associate for Cook Childrens Medical Center. I am also an ordained minister currently doing ministry at the Johnson County Jail.

Has your sense of humor ever helped you on the job? I have done customer service for many years and try to inject some humor in every contact. When I have to wait for a password to authenticate I ask the user to tell me their favorite limerick or sing the first verse of their favorite song since I do not have hold music. Most won’t sing and I had to censor one limerick reminding them we are being recorded.

Ever used humor in a job search? Only if I felt that it fit into the interview, but most interviewers have been stern to austere so I don’t try to break down their facade.

What’s your best advice for jobseekers? Relax, be yourself unless you crazy then you may wish to assume another role.

What do you find funny and not funny about job search? The mind game. I have gotten jobs where I felt like I had never been in the career field and have not gotten jobs where I knew I could be an asset. Once spent an hour on the phone and never felt so stupid in my life and got the job. If you are not aggressive some think you lack confidence and if you are confident some think that is a bad thing. Interviewing is my weakness because I do not play the mind game very well.

by Tom Wood

Eric Shannon


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  • All I said was that all the corperate directors deserve their big bonuses and they were right for downsizing our company and not giving us raises and taking away our morning breaks and making us pay more for our health benifits and putting parking meters in our parking lot and installing pay toilets and making us work through lunch and not paying us for our overtime and bringing in recent grads to do our job at half the cost and not giving us vacation or holidays off and working on the weekends for straight time and making us work without air conditioning or heat or lights to save money and make us sign life insurance policies to the company so they collect if we pass away and make us purchase our own office suppliies and did away with our christmas party and hold the deed to our homes and losing all our pension and 401k money and cutting our pay in order to keep our jobs, it’s still a good company to work for. Now nobody at work likes me! I just don’t understand it.

    • Hello Ronald,

      If you send an email to support justjobs.com with your preferred email address to reach you at we can get your certificate taken care of for you.  Congratulations!


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  • i have nothing better to do, and i love complaining and noone listens to me so i came to you. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!!!