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My daughter flew over the handlebars a dozen times and got banged up pretty good. I had taken her to a gentle grassy hill just like it said in the magazine article about teaching your kid to ride a bike. But, it only works if your kid can reach the ground while sitting on the seat. Oops! Lucky for me, she’s focused and ignores pain. She was still eager to try something new and learned in a heartbeat on a basketball court. That’s how success is.

great leaders are madeSuccess demands pain and suffering. Consider Steve Jobs. Easy to forget his failures now, but he was devastated when he was fired from his position as CEO in 1985. He also had many product failures which you can be sure he took personally. He often cried in difficult meetings too.

Success causes mental and physical pain for your boss. Building a business is not a 9-to-5 job – it’s 10 to 12 hours a day and there are times you don’t sleep when you want to or need to. It’s the nature of managing people and getting things done in competition. It’s a little like war (or raising kids) – there is always a crisis. There is always noise, there is always pain and there is always fear. You don’t want to add to your boss’s pain.

How you handle crisis matters. It matters to your boss and your career. If your boss looks calm and collected to you, it’s for a reason. Negative emotions are costly – they drain energy needed for thinking clearly and performing at a high level. Negative emotions undermine performance and are contagious too. Chronic negative emotions cause illness. So choose – you can be the one your boss wants to take into battle, or the negative, panicky, hysterical one.

headed for burnout?If you want to be combat-ready for your boss, your family or your friends, learn to manage your energy. Below, I show how. I’m not speculating about these things. These are things I’ve actually done to recover from a chronic illness that brought me to my knees (that’s code for “I wanted to die”). Actually, I didn’t really want my life to be over, I just wanted the pain to go away badly enough that I thought through every option for stopping it.

These are the things that eventually restored me and will charge you up, too. I know they work:

Exercise – There are a billion studies showing that exercise improves your emotional, mental and physical health. You could spend years reading them or just start exercising 20 minutes or more a day. Make sure you’re breathing hard for at least 10 minutes. If you’re outside in a beautiful setting, it works even better. Read about high intensity interval training if you want to get your workout down to 4-8 minutes.

no maternity leave?Recovery – You need a proportional recovery for every effort. You won’t notice this if you are young and healthy enough, and that’s why we send 18-year-olds off to war. Eventually, with enough age and stress in your life, you’ll find this like the law of gravity.

To keep your balance, you need to plan and formalize your recoveries. Do whatever it takes to bring yourself back to a full charge. When your battery gets drained, that might mean walking around the block, a 10 minute nap, a half hour massage, 5 minutes of meditation, a day off, or going to bed early for three days in a row. Whatever it takes for you.

Enjoyment – You’ve got to have fun and joy in your life to balance the crap. Joy is powerful. Being silly with my kids does the trick for me. I also garden and fly radio controlled gliders. Watching TV doesn’t count unless it’s something short that can make you cry with laughter like a good episode of the Three Stooges (try Men in Black).

Positive rituals – your ability to focus on new things and exercise discipline consciously is more limited than you think. Every bit of self-control you exercise in a day draws on a limited reserve of energy.  When you feel overwhelmed, it’s because your tank is nearing empty. One way to stretch your energy farther is to build rituals into your day. A ritual or routine allows you to run on autopilot for a while, conserving energy for other uses.

attitude of gratitudeEven better, routines can replenish energy if they are recovery rituals. A few examples on the personal side: I wake up in the morning and say a prayer. It doesn’t have to be religious, just a reminder of you want to live your life and what you’re grateful for. I try to walk or hike every afternoon for 20-30 minutes. My walk starts with another “gratitude prayer” and then I stretch for 15 minutes. This is dynamite for me.

Sleep – Sleep is sacred. Get seven or eight hours of sleep. Go to bed at 10 o’clock.  If you have a sleep debt, take a nap during the day (if it doesn’t interfere with your sleep at night). If you are a light sleeper, make sure you sleep in total darkness (use blackout shades), no telephones or TVs in the bedroom, and use ear plugs if necessary.

Go to bed at the same time every night after reading a book for 10 or 15 minutes (no electronic devices). If you have insomnia, use Sleep Restriction Therapy – nothing else works as well. If your sleep quality is poor, find out if you have sleep apnea.

Anxiety and fear – Embrace them. Your fear has the power to paralyze you and it will win if you fight it. Don’t. Often, there is some important message behind your anxiety you need to hear. Talk to yourself. Say, “I feel anxious and that’s alright. I’m basically okay. I have what I need and I can handle this. What am I afraid of specifically?” Write your fears down on paper and consider them carefully.

Look at the worst-case scenario. Can you survive that? Then write down some possible solutions.  I don’t know exactly why this works. Maybe spelling out your fears puts a clear border around them. With no border, they ooze around and can grow like weeds. Get them out of your head and into words and they’ll shrink down and sometimes blow away altogether.

Energy drains – Find work you enjoy with a team that energizes you. Don’t enjoy the work? Ask for different responsibilities. Crappy boss? Leave (read What Should I Do with My Life?). I had a crappy boss once and also developed a strong stomach pain that lasted until I got away from her.

A coworker said “just do what I do – every morning I get in the shower and pour a gallon of Vaseline on myself so her crap will just slide off me.” I couldn’t do it. If you can’t get away from the crappy people around you, the next best thing is to refuse to engage with them, and refuse completely.

Food – What you eat has a big impact on your energy level and mood. Anything you eat that causes your sugar level to spike also causes it to crater afterwards. This causes your adrenal glands to pump out cortisol which makes you hungry and now you are on a roller coaster leaving you drained at the end of the day. To get off the roller coaster, you need to make dramatic changes and unlearn most of what the media says about nutrition.

change your diet to improve your energyI’ve left this for last, because it’s too difficult if you haven’t experienced a health crisis. But it works and will be here when you’re ready for it: No caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar or sugar equivalents and no processed food. Sugar equivalents are things like fruit, juice, bread, rice, pasta. Those are all foods that cause your sugar to spike.

On the plus side, healthy fats found in whole foods like eggs, cheese, butter, beef, pork, shrimp, fish, olive and coconut oil etc. are delicious and will keep you feeling satisfied. Everything else you eat should be a vegetable. All you need to know is here.

One last thing – if you follow this diet, there are only two critical vitamins you need to learn about: vitamin C & vitamin D.  I take a little over a gram of vitamin C every day and get 50 g by IV a couple times a year. When I was very ill, I would get vitamin C by IV up to twice a week. Next to a good night of sleep, nothing (that’s healthy) has the power to energize like vitamin C.

Okay, there is one other thing and that’s methyl B12. If you’re a vegetarian, eventually chances are you’re going to develop a chronic illness. You need to take mb12 (and its companions) supplementation seriously.

others will notice your improved energyNobody can do everything on this list all the time. I can’t. But do whatever you can manage and people around you will notice your increasing calm and strength. Energy is the final frontier. Go boldly.

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  • Enjoying your work is all about your attitude. I work at a grocery store, and the time doesn’t always pass quickly. One thing I found to keep me motivated is making goals for myself. I try to be more productive with my work, and encourage customers and coworkers. With all these things working in my mind, I find the time pass a little quicker. 

  • Come to work charged up and combat ready. I used to work at a church doing youth ministry. My boss, the youth pastor, would always tell us to come to work appearing enthusiastic even if you weren’t. He would always come in super bubbly and energetic. I took after his example. When you appear enthusiastic, it won’t take long until you actually are.

  • My heart has throbbed as I entered for my first day, as I started new tasks and agendas, and when review time came around. I must say I can relate to anxiety and fear associated with certain work experiences and talking yourself down is a must. This is especially important if your in a management position; it is just like poker– no one is to know your hand. I think we all have a slight doubt that comes to mind about whether we can really perform at a new job or meet the criteria. This to me is also a natural part of growing in our lifetime and these fearful bouts later transform into higher confidence and stronger positive reactions to later situations. I think there are two keys: One is submitting to the training and absorbing as much as you can to be a driving force, and two, love what you do (or at least like it enough to be ready for the day) so that your waking up and thinking how you will be greater than yesterday. When you combine the two, you will be combat ready! This is impressive to even higher management who may have lost their drive over the years, and your energy will flow through the worklplace! This attitude and energy keeps you on your toes, ready to take on any situation, and prepares you better for the times when things just don’t happen the way you intended. I feel all of these traits supply the tools to be ready for your everyday, where you can come to work prepared and ready for battle!

  • As I read the title of the article I felt related to it, one has to be “charged up and combat ready” basically for life and destiny. The reason I felt related to it was because I had and experience three years ago associated with success and suffering. I came to United States from Mexico for the first time in my life  knowing the basics of English and understanding half of a sentence because it took me too long to translate the whole dialog. It was stressful and painful to be around people and try to communicate and not be able to. This uncomfortable situation, instead of being and obstacle, helped me to realize how much I wanted to learn and to succeed and to stay calm and be patient to my learning process, of course always giving the best of me. I stood focused on what I wanted and what I needed to do to achieve it. I took walks in moments of stress or anxiety, went to sleep early so I could be fresh and ready to learn and in any opportunity that I had to talk or to communicate to others I took it. Fear is your worst enemy when you are trying to learn something new that you have to put in practice. I tried to stay confident and do my best and if I failed i would learn from it and try not to do it again. In my opinion life has to be taken like that no matter where you are, in your job, with your family or personally you have to be ready for combat being positive and believing in yourself. It might not be easy to achieve what you want, but life is not easy and we have to learn how to deal with it. Trust in yourself and everything that you want you will get.

  • Having been previously enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for 5 years, I have had my share of combat related experiences.  I have had a personal experience with everything in this blog post and I can assure you that Eric Shannon is right on the money with all of these lessons.  Being able to answer questions with confidence and taking full responsibility regardless of the outcome demonstrates maturity in the work place.  I trained Marines to work with specialized equipment in communications in the rear to help assist in the preparedness of the platoon.  Simulated crisis and deadlines help to prepare for future deployments.  We also physically trained three times a week and allowed time for recovery in between training.  All of this was done in preparation for actual combat and what I was able to learn in the military, I have transferred into the way that I approach things in the civilian world as a system administrator.

  • As an environmental science major, I have to go to school ready to learn new lessons each day. This in a way is preparing me to be combat ready. I have to be ready for anything and everyday each day. In one class, from on minute to the next,  I may be learning thermodynamics and the next minute it may be a lesson that has to do with Chemistry. In combat people need to make split second decisions and switch from one thing to another without hesitation. The same principal applies to a college student.

  • I am currently attending college for criminal justice, I am hoping that when i graduate I can obtain a job in my dream field of law enforcement (I’m hoping to be a cop in other words). Each and everyone one of these different topics pertain to the things that I am going to have to do in order to be prepared for the different things I’m going to be facing every day. I have to be be well in order to protect the public, and myself, so having a healthy diet and taking vitamins to keep myself well are important. Excercise is also really important, staying in shape is imperitive to being able to chase criminals! I have to learn how to put anxiety aside so that I will be able to help the public relieve theirs!

  • This lesson is one that can be embraced by any person, working within any field.  I am currently employed as a full-time Nanny while working toward my degree in Elementary Education.  I find it imperative that I begin each of my days with the best possible attitude and outlook.  As a Nanny, my responsibilities go far beyond playing Chutes and Ladders or Play-Doh.  I am responsible for three children in every sense of the word. My employers rely on me to be a role model, and that requires me to maintain a positive nature, and lead by example.  The children I care for are strong, positive little people.  I know that I help teach them these important traits through everyday lessons and by being a strong and positive leader for them.  
    It is because of my wonderful experiences as being a Nanny that I have decided to finally pursue a life long dream of being a teacher.   

  • This was a great reminder of how work attitude and energy can be changed by each other and by what we do outside of work. I once worked next to a health food store and it made it easy for me to eat healthy. At first it was just because that was the closest (and fastest) place to get lunch but then the benefits kicked in and I began eating healthier all the time. I was more energized at home, which meant I got more done (less to have on my mind while at work) and I was more energized at work. 

    That extra energy led to me doing more and feeling better. I slept better and woke refreshed so I had no problem getting to the gym in the morning. The boost from the work out made me feel even better. When the weekend came around I had plenty of time and ideas for fun and relaxation because my week was so energized so I was able to get back to work on Monday ready to go!

  • Be ready for work by leaving your personal life at home. When you arrive at work be ready with a smile on your face, ready to tackle your job and enjoy every minute of the day. Give 110% of your time, effort, and focus on your job and you will accomplish your daily work.  Have a positive attitude and outlook on life makes you a better coworker and give your job environment a happy atmosphere in which to work.

  • I am a fulltime student, mom, wife and waitress. But when its time to go to work, I neeed to put my game face on and be energized and ready. My job as a waitress alllows me to be home with my kids during the day, and be able to pay for school. As a waitress I get to share in my customers experience going out to celebrate birthdays, accomplishments, and even their first dates. They need someone who is on it, smiling, can answer their questions and recommend menu items that may interest them. My colleagues also have full lives, and if I am not on it, they need to pick up the slack.

  • In 2009 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I can remember looking at my doctor with a confused and horrified stare. Diabetes?!? How?!? I am nurse…I know better. Knowing that I did not want to begin an insulin regime, I decided to work with my physician to find a way to manage or resolve my diabetic symptoms.
    When I sat down to write out my life changing plan, I realized I had way more stress than any person could handle without having a nervous breakdown. I was a new nurse, wife, daughter caring full time for my mother as she battled breast cancer, starting my BSN, starting a second job, working 80 plus hours a week…and I can go on and on. I did not take time for me, I was tired, angry, and overweight…way overweight. In two years I had gained 100 pounds. Not only was I unhealthy, I was not beneficial to my employer because I was always tired and feared making a lethal mistake, and I was not an asset to my family, who relied on me a great deal.
    In January 2010 I began what I like to call my “Take Care of Me” plan. I began to exercise with a personal trainer three times a week, made healthier food choices, learned to meditate, treat myself to a massage at least twice a month, and use my paid days off at least once a month for a “me” day.
    As a result, I lost 110 pounds and I have more energy and I am more focused. Caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unit is demanding and nurse often neglect to take care of themselves. On my unit, together with 7 of my colleagues, we petition the manager to purchase a massage chair for our break room and permit a 10 min relaxation break two times during our 12 hour shift. This has brought about a dramatic change in the level of energy of the nursing on the unit. Throughout this life transforming process, I have learned that the small steps really make a big difference and that it is important to make time for yourself.
    Thank your for providing me with the opportunity to participate in your scholarship program.

  • In 2009 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I can remember looking at my doctor with a confused and horrified stare. Diabetes?!? How?!? I am nurse…I know better. Knowing that I did not want to begin an insulin regime, I decided to work with my physician to find a way to manage or resolve my diabetic symptoms.
    When I sat down to write out my life changing plan, I realized I had way more stress than any person could handle without having a nervous breakdown. I was a new nurse, wife, daughter caring full time for my mother as she battled breast cancer, starting my BSN, starting a second job, working 80 plus hours a week…and I can go on and on. I did not take time for me, I was tired, angry, and overweight…way overweight. In two years I had gained 100 pounds. Not only was I unhealthy, I was not beneficial to my employer because I was always tired and feared making a lethal mistake, and I was not an asset to my family, who relied on me a great deal.
    In January 2010 I began what I like to call my “Take Care of Me” plan. I began to exercise with a personal trainer three times a week, made healthier food choices, learned to meditate, treat myself to a massage at least twice a month, and use my paid days off at least once a month for a “me” day.
    As a result, I lost 110 pounds and I have more energy and I am more focused. Caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unit is demanding and nurse often neglect to take care of themselves. On my unit, together with 7 of my colleagues, we petition the manager to purchase a massage chair for our break room and permit a 10 min relaxation break two times during our 12 hour shift. This has brought about a dramatic change in the level of energy of the nursing on the unit. Throughout this life transforming process, I have learned that the small steps really make a big difference and that it is important to make time for yourself.
    Thank your for providing me with the opportunity to participate in your scholarship program.

  • Last summer I was opportune to get an internship downtown Atlanta as a System Analyst. Being that this internship was 40 hours a week, I had to learn how to jump the ropes. I was not used to working long hours like this. It took me a while but the process of me learning how to handle a full-time job definitely made the experience worthwhile.
    I’ve always seen my parents work a full-time shift but until I got that internship I never knew what exactly they went through. I came to a realization that the most important thing people must realize is that if you do not love what you do, you will not be enthusiastic or motivated to get up every morning and go to work. 
    The other thing I learned is that getting a good night rest and healthy breakfast gets you ready and equipped for the long day ahead of you. As cliché as that sounds, I found this to be very true. The days I went to sleep late and woke up rushing to work without eating breakfast the work day always went by so slow and my productivity was not as high. On the other hand, the days that I went to sleep on time and got up to eat breakfast, I was more energized and productive. Time went by faster than I could even imagine. 
    I was charged and ready to get any task completed. I went to work with a positive attitude and was ready to give nothing less than 100%. 

  • I have never had a job but I do go to school full time and I am a first time full time mother. I always watched my parents tend to my little sister and I and still work everyday and I did not think it was that hard, but now that I am working on school work monday through sunday and trying to take care of my five month old daughter all the time to I have realized how hard it can be and how you can get run down. I have found through if you are prepaird for school and you wake up, eat something healthy, and get started you can do it. I love going to school and learning new information and I love it more knowing that one day I will be able to work with students and I love taking care of my little girl and that is what helps me make it each and everyday.

  • I always come to work with full of energy and feel like I’m combat ready when really my work is mostly administration and clerical services only. My early morning runs make me feel like I’m ready to combat any situaiton I would be dealing with in my daily activities and so I bring my positive to work and influence those who are around me. Makes me feel good and alive!

  • I do my best to get all my sleep at night, black out shades do not always help. I am usually charged up for work and ready to battle anything for about half the day. It’s right about lunch time when I feel tired and need a nap. I am just glad I have positive people to work with! These people keep me going and bring my energy back up to 100%.

  • I would also like to mention that the reading for 10 minutes before bed, really helps! I find there is no better way to make me really tired,  than by reading a book. Just do your best not to be too interested, or you may never get to bed!

  • Doing what interests you is key for being motivated when working. Even if you start at the lowest of the ranks in a company, you will be motivated if there is a perspective for growth, a goal that you want to achieve. If you see no perspective, no meaning in what you do, then it is better to look somewhere else. Being happy and in tune with your job will definitely lead you to a wake up ready to go. 

  • I always come to work prepared for change. Since the cut backs with my employer, there has been duties giving to me that is not a part of my job. I enbrace this change because I know that I am making my more valuable to the company by being able to jump in when there is a problem or we are short of staff.

  • I do my best to stay fully charged at work and throughout my day. Some days it is difficult because i am working to jobs and going to school. I find it helpful to use my down time as days of rest. Its like i have to charge my batteries back up. The best way to control a busy schedule is through time management. If you create a schedule and stay focused on your goals, then a busy schedule like mine is not too exhausting. I just stay focused on my goals and what i want to achieve.

  • I am an ER nurse, and I have to be ready for anything that could happen. I come to work ready to stay on my feet for 12 hours. I believe it is important to have a positive attitude. I also believe we should try to do the best job that we can do each day that we work. I serve a population that needs kind and compassionate care with a need for education. I love to educate my patients so they can live smarter and better lives.

  • I am a college student usually found bent over a book, my computer or desk.  The other position is walking miles of campus with a 20 pound backpack.  Without a few quick meditations and yoga stretches each day I could never perform so well at my studies.  This practice is also great for exam stress…I meditate on peaceful thoughts and blessings before I go into the exam to get those A’s.  

  • A great way to get some sleep is to play a card game. I used to play Solitaire or Pyramids. They are both boring and time consuming games, so they can put you to sleep fairly easily. I tend to sleep well afterwards and feel energized in the morning.

  • One of my major learning experiences involves dealing with staff related issues.  I am supervisor of 13 individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses.  The overall idea of the ‘work program’ is to offer viable learning and growing opportunities to each of the employees.  The structure of the program is a paradox of sort.  On one hand, we are to treat each of the employees like a ‘normal’ employee.  On the other hand, there are people put in place to serve as liaisons and spokespersons for the employees. There are many more obstacles to deal with before termination or replacement.  Does this assist the employee with understanding what is expected in a ‘real-life’ work experience. I am not sure.  But, one thing for sure, patience is definitely the guiding force. 

    In past supervisory postions, stated policy addressed things that were considered immediate terminations and write-ups.  These things were not tolerated and would receive immediate consequence.  In my present position, employees are given more verbal warnings and staffings (case managers, support members, supervisor, and employee meet) to address the issues and determine if the issue is work-related or medically constricting. 

    Overall, I have learned that there are things that I can change and things that I cannot.  I have learned not only to determine the difference, but to not allow those things that I can’t change to affect me.  I have learned that it is possible to say whatever needs to be said, while being considerate, thoughtful, and respectful.  Lastly, the greatest learning moment for me is when I am able to accept my mistakes and know that I am still learning – as all in the world are.  Thanks

  • This “show up reday for battle” is very interesting because we can apply it to pretty much any situtaion, especially as employees and students. This section talks about thing that we might already know but it’s always good to be reminded that we need to keep a balance in everything we do, including recovery after effort, sleep, dealing with emotions; basically taking care of ourselves in order to  perform better.

  • I’m a teacher at one of the Head Starts and my work life and personal life have been a battle from the start. It was easy as a child to bypass any sort of responsibilities thanks to my parents, but once I hit my senior year of high school everything changed; my first born son. Due to the fact that I was now a pregnant teenager and in need of money to support a baby that I was not going to willingly relinquish I knew that there was only one way out of it and that was with a job.

    I applied and got the first job I ever applied for at the age of eighteen and have been working nonstop since then. Thirteen years ago I applied for the position I have now and trust me that working with children is easier than working with some of the adults there. The struggle is always there for me and everything that’s said here has literally been a part of my life since the beginning. I’m glad someone finally wrote down my life’s journey.

  • I’ve learned to treat every day at work as a new challenge. A challenge to put my best foot forward and a challenge to have the kids I work with do the same. When working with kids, it is vital to express enthusiasm and to not simply go through the motions. The kids can sense whether you are happy, excited, mad, or sad, and your own attitude will almost always affect theirs. Showing up ready for battle means that you are willing to give it your all to not only fulfill, but also go beyond your duties as an employee. 

  • What a wonderful article. It is so true about negative people. Negativity has a negative effect. If you can not ignore it, get away from it. Misery likes company and it will stick to you like nothing else. Do not join into the negativity is the best thing ever. Thanks so much for a great article.

  • I was constantly running low on energy day after day after only being at work for a few hours. I decided that a life change was in order, so I started eating healthier, working out and doing yoga on a regular basis and instantly noticed that I had more energy through out the day and actually looked forward to going to work everyday.

  • I enjoy this article, because I love to feel positive and motivated every day. To keep myself positive, First I thank God for all the blessings that I have, and for the opportunity to live another day. Then I read a new motivational quote and that elevated my ego for the rest of the day. Also smiling, smiling help me feel happy and made someone else happy. Positive actitude is what we really need to do our best in every aspect of life. After reading a book “mujer sin limites” (woman without limits) from Maria Marin, I learn that everything can be achieve, you just need a positive actitude in life, and even in the worse cases you can keep calm and feel that something better is coming in the way.

  • I enjoyed this article. I’m working with a boss who is essentially the opposite of everything this article states. He has a good heart, he just struggles with leadership concepts. He’s retiring in a year or so and the company wants to promote me to his job. This article has reinforced the concepts I’m learning at University of Phoenix and assured me that my actions are in the right direction.

  • Working is hard work weather it be mentally or physically you should always go in at it with the expectations to work hard and that way if you have an easy day it will be a treat especially if you were ready for a hard one.

  • I was always tired half way through my day, no matter what I did it didn’t seem to work. But then I started eating better, trying to exercise, and sleeping a regular schedule and my energy level got better. I still need to work on these things, chocolate is always calling me in its many forms, but I am trying to do better so my work performance gets better.

  • Working for a non-profit with few employees at times leads you to feel overworked and overwhelmed. However, I manage because I am constantly thinking of the people we serve. Non-Profit work is not for the faint at heart. You are in the trenches and there does not seem to be a tangible reward. The reward is when someone later comes and informs you of the great work you are doing.
    To keep my energy up, I have changed my diet, work out a little more and keep focus of the people I am serving. This is what allows me to work long hours in the office, work at home, and at times go to the office on the weekends. Serving the community does not just end at 5:00 p.m. Emails that come to your phone, or when you’re working on a paper for school work is always a constant thought. As it is right now.
    Your boss must know they can depend on you regardless of the time of day. That may seem a bit much, but the pay (not always monetary) at the end of the day is the best for me. Alcolades will come, raises will come; however, the best reward is how you feel upon the completion of a project.

  • This article is amazing and completely relatable for so many people out in the world right now. We all feel tired, overworked, and ready to just lay down and give up. We are all giving in to stress when we don’t need to or have to. Simple lifestyle solutions can be the answer to so many issues in a person’s life.
    Personally this article is really hitting home because of personal issues coupled with a hectic job and college life. Exercise and diet can be just the first step to creating more energy and positive emotions to make life just that much easier. Thinking positive and journaling day to day feelings can also be a slight help as well.
    Go into battle positive and healthy mentally and physically, and nothing can stop you or even trip you up on your path to greatness. Don’t be afraid to admit that you need help and a lifestyle change. Laughter and positive thinking are your best friend, and soon your coworkers and boss will be too.

  • I noticed that when I came home from work that I would be very grumpy and would get agitated by the drop of a hat. I noticed that the night before I was not getting eight hours of sleep we are suppose to get. This article is confirmation of what I need to do. Also because of the tension on the job I try to take five minutes to myself when I get home with no interuptions. Its helping out a lot.

  • This is a very good article that I feel is very beneficial in all areas of life. Sleep and exercise is very important and enables us to stay healthy, stress free, and emotionally stable.

  • I really want to run my own vet clinic and practice one day and am currently going to college. The stress is quite high now and I know it will be equally or higher than it is now when I become a large animal vet. This can help me manage it now, and if I can manage it now, it’ll help when I get to that position.

  • Being a College student, it is a fairly challenging thing to manage your time and energy when you are constantly loaded with work and community service to keep up with. Most of the times you are forced to sacrifice either the quality of work you produce or sleep. Some say SCAD stands for “sleep comes after death” which is partially true. Regardless, once I regulated my sleep cycle incorporated with daily workout and nutritious foods, I’ve proven to myself that it’s all about using your energy efficiently. As long as I keep up with the lifestyle I have now, I can see myself being efficient in the long run through remaining years in college.

  • Working two jobs to pay for school, and going to school for 17 units takes a toll out on my energy. This article is right by saying the food you eat and your daily activity needs to be apart of your daily life. Staying positive and just knowing that there is a life fulling goal that you are reaching for makes it all that much attainable.

  • Great article! It’s awesome to know that you’re not the only one dealing with all of these things on a daily basis. Last summer I was a part of a research program at the university that I am currently attending. It was a huge eye-opening experience for what I will face when I enter a Ph.D. program, which was the point. During this last summer I was spending my entire days in the library working on my research and leaving when it was night time. I obviously was not eating right, nor was I balancing enjoyment, exercise, and academics. I know this post is about jobs and the working experience, but I’m a full time student only focusing on school. Toward the end of that summer I had learned how to make time for what was important. I finished a really intense work out that I would do 6 days of the week, I would have time to be with my family and take my dogs to the park, and I began to take healthier lunch options with me for my long days at the library.

    One of the classes that I took as a part of the research program was basically trying to provide all of the details that nobody discloses about graduate school. One of the things that the professor emphasized most was the importance of taking care of ourselves. As students, many of us seek perfection the first time around, but most of us also know that it is almost impossible. I’ve learned as a result of this experience that I must take care of my body by watching my diet and keeping exercise as a priority and by balancing out all the things and people that are important to me. Doing these things right now as a student will definitely help me later on when I begin my graduate program and when I begin working.

  • Exercise, nutrition, and rest are essential if you want to stay healthy, obviously. But did you know that being healthy can raise your confidence, and helps ward off depression.

  • this sounds similar to my current situation. going to school full time and trying to work a third shift job from 930pm-630am and then having to wake up and go to my morning classes. I was barely getting any time for sleep or even eating. my sleep patterns were all messed up I just couldn’t take all the stress from classes to working that night shift job. So when I reached my wits-end I stopped working the night shift job everyday and lowered it to every other day to where I didn’t have early morning classes the next day, I was able to get enough sleep and try to focus more on my studies instead of means to make money. but overall I think I’ve made the right choice.

  • I think recovery is the biggest component of this. I work with children every day and they sure do take a lot of energy! I am constantly on my feet, trying to think ahead of them, and worrying about what they might do next. This takes a toll on my mind and body every single day and by the time Friday rolls around my coworkers and I are talking about how much we need a break. I take the weekend to recover as much as I can so I can come back in on Monday morning fresh and ready to start the whole process over again!

  • I have learned how to find ways to create my own success and many of these suggestions could add on to my game plan. For one, I know that my eating habits need to get better. Especially, as a freshmen in college, I have already noticed just how easy it is to let yourself go. This goes along with exercising, however, I exercise quite a lot. I am part of the basketball club team at my school. After every practice I get a “runner’s high” and feel like I can accomplish anything!

    Sleep is getting so hard to manage. Some nights I find myself up until 4 in the morning trying to finish up all my assignments. Part of it is my fault though, I am involved with many clubs and organizations at school and never say no when they need me to do them a favor. My schedule is full and time consuming, leaving me with no time for assignments! Hopefully it is just a freshmen adjustment, and that I’ll get better at this all.

    I definitely am better with recovery, enjoyment and positive rituals. I find that it does help me to face every day with my head held high. I am finding that my success in school is sure to come as long as I embrace my struggles, take life day by day, and trust myself. While reading this lesson I kept finding myself nodding my head in agreement. I have endured many hardships in my life, some that were close to ruining me, but I have been able to find a way through it and triumph! My success will be a life long journey with struggles but it will be worth it.

  • these articles really helped me even some of them were knew but think over again, since I start learning take care of my body to handle things, also idea of people. negativity has negative influence.

  • Balancing work and play is one of the most important aspects about life. In my own experience as I have grown up seeing people who get too focused into one particular goal that they lose the objectivity in obtaining that goal. Without the balance of unrelated activities the mind gets overworked, and so it becomes even more imperative to find the balancing factors in ones own life.

    Going through College I have realized just how many distractions there are in life. However I also realized that if one masters self-discipline those distractions can be beneficial. Ultimately it boils down to whether or not one can control his or her passions and have those passions fuel the drive to change the world.

  • This article is really great. These are some great ways to be successful. Even though I don’t work for a big company these apply to me and the school that I work at. I have a hard time making time for myself sometimes and following up on all of the topics mentioned above but they are all important.

  • I am always nervous whenever it is time for me to meet for an interview or network with a potential employer. The nervousness makes it difficult for me to sleep and my eating habits are terrible. I then decided to exercise right before the scheduled interview or event and realized that it made me sleep better and I was more alert and my thoughts were clearer. Therefore I decided to workout more and I feel more prepared and less nervous.

  • I fully agree that in order to bring your best professional self to work, you need to be working on your best self at home. As a college student, I am at an age where I am developing these skills and learning how to do things like balance my diet and find time for the gym. It’s been a learning experience, but I have been able to see the benefits of being consistent and conscious. But there are other things that I have learned on my own and that I think are important to show an employer (or professor) that you take them and your work seriously.

    I have made it a personal policy to leave for every class an hour early, causing me to arrive in the classroom 30-45 minutes early. This has served me well in multiple ways. I am always able to find a seat front and center in the classroom, which means that I can’t afford to zone out once class begins because I am right in front of the professor. This also means that I am in a better position to engage with the professor, to make eye contact, to show my understanding. Arriving early with all of my assignments completed shows my professor that their time and lessons are a priority to me, and that I am able to manage my time to make sure I am never late and always prepared. I try to treat my professors as I would an employer, and therefore behave in a way that would earn a good letter of recommendation some day. Lastly, arriving extremely early allows me to socialize with other early students, and to make friends with likeminded people who also truly value the education we are there to learn.

    When I was in high school, I was not this responsible student I am now. I showed up late to most classes. I regularly turned in incomplete assignments. Though I liked most of my teachers, I did not go out of my way to impress them, or even to meet their basic expectations. But now that I am in college, all of that has changed. I took this as an opportunity not just for an amazing career in the future, but to change who I am today. I have grown so much: more professional and driven than I ever thought I was capable of. From dressing up for presentations, to attending ever single extra help session offered, to being on a by-name basis with my professors, I have studied the successful people in my life and applied every lesson I could learn to my own life. I don’t believe that anyone is born with “what it takes” to succeed in their field; I believe that it takes consistent and conscious personal growth. This has been my approach to college, and this is the same mentality I plan to continue through my working years.

  • I am becoming a performance major so this really speaks to me! I have to be prepared for anything and get lots of sleep and treat my body well with good food and exercise. This will definitely help me in college!

  • As a full time college student majoring in engineering, it is hard to get enough sleep, not have anxiety and get easily discouraged. It is almost like a full time job. But I have learned through experience, the support of family and friends that despite what life throws at you, it will work out in the end, as long as you keep your head clear and stay positive. Towards the middle of the semester i was constantly stressed, always worrying about things that were too far ahead in life to be thinking about. Someone suggested to me to take 30 minutes each day to myself, to do something where what you are doing causes you to forget about everything else going on. And to me that was playing basketball. I started to play basketball, whether it was just shooting around or playing pickup games, for at least an hour a day after my last class. This noticeably reduced my stress levels and at the same time I enjoyed playing. The worst thing to do as a college student is constantly stress because it feels like your in ball pit where all the balls are glued together and nothing but your head is sticking out, and every time you try to move, you just feel more and more stuck.