Maintenance worker finds faith and turns away from life of crime

Maintenance worker finds faith and turns away from life of crimeAre you handy and interested in a career where you can use your hands? In this interview with an apartment maintenance worker, he shares how through his faith and job training, he has been able to turn his life around, from dealing drugs and spending time in prison, to becoming a family man with a steady job who shares his faith with anyone who will hear.

What is your job title and what industry do you work in? How many years of experience do you have in this field? How would you describe yourself using only three adjectives

I am a maintenance technician in the the apartment industry. I would describe myself as assertive, patient, and optimistic.

How would you describe what you do? What does your work entail? Are there any common misunderstandings you want to correct about what you do?

It can be really tiring but yet fulfilling. There’s a certain joy I get out of having a problem, finding it, and repairing it. Not just anyone can’t do this job you have to be a people person.

What’s your ethnicity and gender? How has it hurt or helped you? If you ever experienced discrimination, how have you responded and what worked best? Do you speak another language, and has it been helpful in your career?

I am African American, and it hasn’t hurt me.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your job satisfaction? What might need to change about your job to unleash your full enthusiasm?

I have to say a 10. I love what I do.

If this job moves your heart – how so? Ever feel like you found your calling or sweet spot in life? If not, what might do it for you?

It does move my heart. I get to meet and encounter all sorts of people and work with my hands. A smile or kind word can make a major difference in someone’s day.

Is there anything unique about your situation that readers should know when considering your experiences or accomplishments?

Before working this job, I was in prison with no skills at all. I had dealt drugs up until that point. Four years later, I’ve turned my life around. I have a wife and family and the best part of it all is I became a minister. I’m able to tell all these people about the love of Jesus!

How did you get started in this line of work? If you could go back and do it differently, what would you change?

I heard from a friend about a grounds keeper job that was open. I applied and got the job. I learned as much as I could, and was promoted to maintenance technician. I wouldn’t change a thing.

What did you learn the hard way in this job and what happened specifically that led up to this lesson?

If you’re in an apartment making a repair and see another potential problem, fix it. I was in a unit repairing a faucet and heard the toilet running and pretty much ignored it. Well, a couple of weeks later I got a call after hours. That same toilet was stopped up and because it was running it flooded half the unit! So now, no matter what I’m in the unit for, if I see a problem I fix it!

What is the single most important thing you have learned outside of school about the working world?

You must learn to deal with different personalities

What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you in this job?

I went to a unit to repair a garbage disposal. The resident let me in and went upstairs. I completed my work, and called for the lady to sign the work request. To my surprise she came down stark naked!

I was so nervous I left my step ladder there, which I needed for my next work request. I searched for that ladder all day. The next day my manager called me to the office to tell me I had left a ladder in that resident’s apartment. Yes, it may have had something to do with her coming down stairs naked!

Why do you get up and go to work each day? Can you give an example of something that really made you feel good or proud?

I go to work each day to provide for my family. One thing that made me feel very good was that I was replacing a kitchen light once and through my conversation with the resident, and the work of the Holy Spirit, the elderly resident got saved. She was 62 years old. That had to be the best feeling ever to lead her to Christ.

What kind of challenges do you face and what makes you just want to quit?

Nothing makes me want to quit, but its really hard talking to a resident who has a problem with management.

How stressful is your job? Are you able to maintain a comfortable or healthy work-life balance? How?

It’s stressful when I have to leave out of the pulpit at church when I’m on call at the apartment complex. I try to keep a healthy work-life balance balance by leaving work at work and home at home.

What’s a rough salary range for the position you hold? Are you paid enough and/or happy living within your means?

$22,000 to about $30,000. I think I am underpaid, but I am thankful for what I have.

How much vacation do you take? Is it enough?

I get two weeks of vacation a year it’s enough for me.

What education and skills do you need to get hired and succeed in this field?

You should have a HVAC certification, as well as skills in carpentry, plumbing, painting, minor electrical, appliance repair, heating and air conditioning.

What would you tell a friend considering your line of work?

It’s not for everyone.

If you could write your own ticket, what would you like to be doing in five years?

I would be contracting doing this kind of work for myself.



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  • Your story is one I can really relate to having family members going through that sort of trauma, and turning it around. So its very nice to hear its not just our story its a story a lot of people can relate to. Continue to make your great life changing choices and give it one hundred percent and anything is possible.

  • I am very inspired by your positive outlook in life, how you turned something negative to positive. I think that everyone should be motivated to grow and be a better person in life. The fact that you’re underpaid and still thankful and loving what you’re doing says a lot about your dignity,personality and character. Being close to god is the key to all the happiness that you’re feeling. God believes in you when you believe in him for sure. Keep going and may god bless with more happiness.

  • Finding a job that you love doing is far more important then a job that you don’t like doing but pays well. Reading this story you can tell the passion that he has for what he does. it isn’t necessarily the most glamours work, but it is more then enough for him. This is what we should look up to. Finding something that makes us happy. Nowadays all we are taught is that we need to find a job that pays a lot and that it will bring us happiness. This goes to prove that money isn’t the whole of life. Money will never be able to buy true happiness and fill a gap in our hearts that faith should fill.

  • I genuinely love to see someone who is happy with their career because they love what they do regardless of the salary. I pray that my educational journey will lead me into doing what I love so it won’t feel like “work” but instead a labor of love.

  • Having had supervised maintenance teams at a Power Generation plant, I have come across various individuals who have broken their shell of ‘do nothing but lax’ and taken responsibilities for turning their fortunes around, albeit via hardships and in some cases, cruel lessons. If there is anything constant in life, it is ‘change’. Persistence always overcomes resistance and we see this clearly in the story told above. I had a worker in my team who had a daughter diagnosed with Leukemia and had a very rare blood group (Bombay). Instead of giving up and leaving her be, the guy regularly searches for blood donors since they are rare but makes sure his daughter gets the requisite transfusion. Dedication and sincerity to responsibilities always light up one’s life and pays dividends; if not now then surely later.

  • His story is something that is all too familiar to me. Growing up poor and Black in this country, I found myself in a community plagued by crime, violence, teen pregnancy, and overall stagnation. My uncles were always in trouble with the legal system – all 9 of my uncles having been to or currently are in jail. Dealing drugs was the mindset of most of the males in my family, and my most likely route, had God not had other plans for me.

    Society views dealing drugs as a crime and labels drug dealers as criminals rather than people, stripping them of both their humanity and their freedom. This view ignores the fact that, historically, this country, through structural and institutional racism created to oppress whole groups of people, has robbed the African-American man of a fair chance to “make it” in the traditional sense. It ignores the everyday struggle and pressures that come along with simply being a man of color. It ignores the fact that once caught up in the system, the chances of getting out and finding an employer willing to hire someone despite the person’s background and previous decisions are slim to none. It ignores that the underlying reason for dealing drugs was to simply make a living and provide for their families. The fact that this man was able to turn his life around and find a stable job is a true testament to God’s grace. His ability to minister others and share the gospel is a blessing to all those he now touches.

    The part of the story that stood out to me was his statement that “nothing makes [him] want to quit.” Quitting is not an option when the goal is bigger than just you. I can truly relate to that in my journey to become a doctor and making a difference in underserved communities like the one I grew up in. I often struggled with all the opportunities I had, knowing the struggles that still plagued my family and community. I had doubts about my own abilities and purpose. Accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior and going to church has had a profound impact on my life. I realized that it is only by God’s grace that I have been able to accomplish what I have accomplished. I walk by faith and not by sight. While there are many challenges come with studying in the field, I am truly blessed to be studying at Harvard Medical School, something I would have never even imagined growing up.

  • This story was great story on how you have control to change your life for the better. He had hit rock bottom and in this story he found his way back up. With the help of Family and God and determination he was able to make a goal and his aspirations into something he really enjoys. As many of us can relate and have obstacles in life that are so hard to overcome but with determination and motivation your able to achieve your goals. The best part is how he talks about God and how much it made him overcome his demons with drugs and being in prison.

    I can relate to this story as I have two children with special needs, a father who needs 24- hour care and still work a full-time and obtain my associates degree in business. I have worked three jobs to help pay for school and at times was a true struggle but I was able to maintain a 3.80. I felt so proud and I would love to continue with my education but with limited money to help, its a slow process but I know I wont give up on my dream to continue my education goals.

  • I truly agree that this type of work is not for everybody. Seeing the fact that this guy was a drug dealer and has now turned his life around is truly an inspiration. This guy knew what was wrong in his life and he decided to make change and fix it. Unfortunately, not that many people these days do that. I barely see people turn their life around, and especially not like this man. And one of the most fascinating parts about his story is that he says that he became a minister and tell other people about Jesus. I can tell that Jesus played a huge part in turning his life around making me really proud of him!

    Although he is underplayed, this is a way better outcome than being in jail and being a drug dealer. I love the fact that he has a passion for his job. I learned through people like this that it doesn’t matter how much you get paid, you can live a good life just be doing what you love to do. I hope this man keeps doing what he’s doing. I will make sure to get a job, not because of the money, but because I enjoy it. This man who used to always get in trouble managed to get his life together and support his family, I believe that anyone else who is willing to change their life in any aspect is able to do so as well.

  • This man’s story relates to almost every human being in that we are all on a roller coaster. He had low points in his life and battles he was facing but there was a turning point in his life. This reminds me of my life that it is not always perfect but with God in my life he can turn the battles into graces and give us more than we can imagine. John Paul II said “that life with Christ is a wonderful Adventure!” This man had a beautiful experience in helping the elderly women. Similarly, I believe it is important to take time to help the elderly and not forget about them. Small acts of kindness can go a long way!

  • I love hearing testimonies such as this one ! As I personally am a strong believer of Jesus Christ, I understand why he radically changed his lifestyle to comply by what the Lord wanted for his life. I am very overwhelmed with joy knowing he enjoys everything he does! I love that he can say he loves his job, and even though he believes he is under-payed, he is grateful for the position he holds. I can connect with him on many levels as I love my job at Chick-fil-a. Although I am payed a little over minimum wage, I love my working environment and the people I encounter on a day-to-day basis. In addition, I am very glad that this story is one of second chances. I firmly believe that no matter what you have done in your life, people deserve a second chance at making things right. This story not only proves that second chances are possible, but that sometimes the outcome is even better than expected! I love this story! So heart-warming !

  • This story is eye-opening, for a man to be a part of a criminal based society, then transferring his life around by just doing simply what he loves makes me happy and appreciative. This man is working to support his family, although he went through a rough path to get where he desires, he is where he wants to be and happy!

    I am a Allied Health major at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. I am a freshman, and I come from a rough background, people do not know much about me because I do not show it on my face/in my personality, just like the man in this interview article. A person will never know from a glance at what people are going through in their lives, or what they may be carrying on their shoulders because some people can continue a hard life with a smile on their face, just like myself and this man. I am working hard in school because I want to be able to eventually support my mom, as she is a single mother paying for my college tuition herself with help from my full-time fast food job. I want to become a pediatric surgeon, because I love learning and being hands on with anatomy, children, and I would love to have the ability to heal and make others happy at the same time. Saving lives is what I want to pursue as I continue my next few years at school, hopefully ending up in a great hospital where I can be as happy as this man!

  • The beauty in this story is this man’s ability to rewrite the course he was headed down, and as a result he now has a family, a faith and a following. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this man’s life has turned out perfect, or that he doesn’t have moments of weakness, but he has made a turn for the better.

    I can relate to his story to some degree. My significant other is currently incarcerated for drugs. It takes a very strong man (or woman) to break free from the grips of these horrible substances and to move forward.

    I can appreciate how the man in this story has turned to God and Jesus for guidance, and the fellowship of the church is sure to offer a solid support group. We all need someone or a group of people to help us out of our pits.

    The second saving grace for this man was a steady job that helped to stimulate his mind. I can relate to that. At times, the only way I can see through the situation I am in is by keeping so busy I don’t have time to think about what is happening around me. Aside from that, my hard work gives me something to be proud of and I can fondly look around and see signs of a job well done.

  • This story kind of reminds me of my past as well as inspires me at the time. Years and years ago I too was not in my best behavior when I was the age of eighteen. My life was turned upside down be cause of the path that i had chosen to take. Not the path that was instilled in me all of my life. Instead I wanted to lead the life of what I thought the world was about then. Gangs, drugs and criminal behavior was all that I had seen when I came to this state at the age of sixteen. I had learned like a chameleon to con and manipulate people and the system, which was not how I was raised at all.
    By the age of twenty two I had two children and I had met a man who cared for me and tried to treat me like a queen. I wasn’t ready . I fought him tooth and nail and anything that was right. We have been through up and downs and me, in and out of jail, mainly for probation violations for not doing what I was told to do. We ended up being married and together we have seven kids.
    Well to say the least I can relate to this story because after all the ups and downs, the struggles, the tears and pain. I can say that God has kept his hand on me. After those rough years of my wild behavior in 2010 I decided enough was enough. I had worked years and years as a caregiver and I was burnt out. So in January of 2012 I decided to go back to school and obtain a Degree. In 2015 I graduated with an AA degree in Administration of Justice degree, an AA in Criminal Justice and Certification in General Education at a community college. I am now in my second year at a four year university with three quarters to go to receive my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. While at the community college I became involved in the community and at the college with lots of volunteer hours. I am now a role model for my very own children who now wants to attend college and get their degree. I have two who are in the service also. So I can say that I have went from being a statistic to be apart of something more positive…An educated woman and a role model for many. My husband and I are now getting ready to celebrate our 25th anniversary in August and to say the least he is so very proud of me and he is my greatest supporter still. God is good! He has truly turned my life around and gave myself and my family another chance.

  • Not much is said about this man before he found Jesus except that he was a drug dealer and was in prison, but we can infer that his life felt empty. I can’t imagine how surreal would have been to receive a reality check from a prison cell, but it’s something that many people experience as they come to Christ.

    This man’s story reminds me a lot of my own. I was fourteen years-old but had grown up way too fast. I was participating in activities that were unhealthy and weren’t allowing me to grow. Like this man, I was in a place of emptiness when I finally heard the word of God and the character of Jesus. In this season of brokenness and darkness, I was saved. From this moment on, my life has never looked the same.

    Like this man’s, my life was radically changed. I really like how this man responded to the question regarding his salary. He said, “I think I am underpaid, but I am thankful for what I have.” With God, the prison of entitlements are removed and everything in life becomes a blessing. This is very prevalent in my life as well. I think I am entitled to things such as a good paying job when I grow up, but in reality everything I earn will be a blessing from the Lord. Sometimes it’s easy to forget these things about God, but I am thankful for this story that has reminded me. It’s a true testament to the character of Jesus by how he turned a life around and provided this man with a job that he loves.

  • I love how amazing God is at healing and changing people’s heart. I think God will continue to work through you and will make an impact on multiple people’s lives.

  • It is truly inspirational to see someone who hit rock bottom and survived in a prison setting rise up from the ashes and rebuild himself into a new and better person. Even though I have not personally been through the trials and tragedies this man may have faced, if he can turn around his life in the midst of dark times and reestablish himself and his life, I am filled with confidence that I, too, can as well.

  • Faith is important. It’s invaluable. There is nothing like knowing that you’ve been completely defeated by the world around you and somehow relying completely on your faith because that’s all you have left, all that you really need. More often than not, it’s easier to get kicked and stay down. To hear that others manage to make it everyday, to hear stories of rock bottom to fulfillment in family, God, and work, is inspiring. I know from my own personal experiences with failure that picking yourself back up, admitting to yourself that you alone weren’t enough, is painstaking. Hearing this story makes me proud to belong to the same faith as this man.

  • This was truly an inspirational story with a very powerful message. God can use us all if we just allow him to. No one sin is any better or any worse the other. This man showed extreme bravery and selflessness. He wanted better for himself and trusted and believed that God would not only grant him that but deliver him from his substance abuse issues and his fascination with the fast lifestyle of selling drugs.
    I think this story speaks volumes in regards to this mans character. I can only imagine how tone would get accustomed to the fast cash and the lifestyle. Id imagine that would be easier said than done but this young man shows that through faith and prayer anything is possible. I myself can also relate to his struggle. When my mother passed from breast cancer I began to self medicate with alcohol. Before I knew it I had developed a dependency on it. That became my way coping, my way of maintaining, that is until God spoke to me and told me that was enough. That was two years ago and I haven’t had a drink since. I haven’t even had the urge so I just like this young man, am living proof that God’s love for us is life changing if we will just embrace it.
    Now this individual is able to share his story, his testimony with others and bring them closer to Christ. His story will touch many and inspire many people struggling with the same or similar issues. A second chance at restoration is what this man was given. He has learned new skills and loves what he does. That is truly a blessing. Many people would have gotten discouraged or let the stigma from being incarcerated be a deterrent for them to obtain employment but not this individual, he became triumphant in his time of adversity.

  • This is an incredibly inspiring story. It’s always a blessing when you find the ability to turn your mistakes into a foundation for inspiration. This man was able to see the mistakes he had made for what they were—past mistakes—and move on toward a brighter future.

    We sometimes forget that where we are and what we’ve done doesn’t have to define where we’ll go and what we’re capable of in the future. I got into a lot of trouble when I was younger and have had to work through alcohol and substance abuse issues. However, what I went through has made me stronger and led me on my path to my future career.

    I got sober at nineteen, today I’m twenty-four and a year away from graduating from law school. I’m going to be a public defender after graduation, and hopefully help people like this maintenance worker get a second chance to do the right thing. We all have amazing potential and we just have to recognize it and have the opportunity to let if flourish.

  • I can relate to this story and this man in many ways. I was also a drug addict that found myself at the end of my road. I did not go to jail, but I was very close and knew that if I did not change my ways I was going to jail or going to die. I had a lot to cover up and when I started my sobriety I found GOD too.
    I didn’t go to any meetings or hang around others who were trying to get sober I just did it. I asked GOD to help me and He did. I knew that if I didn’t turn to Him I wouldn’t have a chance in the world to get thru it. My family started to talk to m again and my whole life turned around.
    The first two years were the hardest, I did keep my job but I had to deal with all the pain the drugs were covering up. That was the hardest part. All the past abuse and memories that had been buried for years came out and the new me was born.
    Like this man I now have my family and my job and live my life to the fullest. I enjoy every minute I can get with every family member, because all that time I wasted with them hurt them like it hurt me. I don’t want to waste any more time.

  • Wow, what an amazing story! This man has overcome so many obstacles in life that so many others have succumbed to. He was able to overcome a life of crime and drugs and completely turn his life around. The key is that he wasn’t able to do it himself, he had help! The key is that he was given a strength that is not his own. Finding God completely turned his life around because he was made into a new person, and the strength to do that was given by God. I find this incredibly inspiring, because my life was turned around because of God as well. He leads me where I need to go, and has a higher plan for me. He always has my best interests in mind, and He always gives me strength to do anything I put my mind to.

  • I think that this was an awesome story. I am very proud that he is using his job as a ministry. This is one of the reasons why I am choosing to go back to school because I want to retire doing something that I love to do. When reading his story I feel so inspired . He took a few detours in life and made some bad choices but it did not stop him from moving forward with his life. I give “society” a big kudos for giving him a second chance at life. I think that when he says he’s truly happy with his job , he’s happy. Not everyone is cut out for the job like he said in the article but clearly he chose this field because it was his calling. What’s for him is for him. I really appreciate his story and testimony. I’m sure that there is a young man out there that may read this article and may use this article as a stepping stone for his next step in life. This article says that mistakes can happen but your able to bounce back from it. God is an amazing God and he’s given this man a second chance at life and in return he ministers to his customers. Not everyone can say that they are blessed with opportunities like that on the job. This was a great article .

  • This story reminds me a lot about myself growing up in less fortunate situations where my mother became a widow and worked various miscellaneous jobs to provide for me and my sister. In this process, we were left to raise ourselves and in turn turned to the streets for that love and support that we didn’t feel at home. I started off on a road leading to destruction being involved with delinquency, dating bad guys, and experimenting with alchohol and marijuana in middle school. Eventually this lifestyle even while trying to change my surroundings would catch up with me in my adult life in which I got into a fight that caused me to be locked up and facing 10 years in prison. Through God’s grace and mercy I didn’t do one day in jail and was taking off of probation early and was able to get my record expunged.

    This lesson was necessary because I have sinced then gotten my bachelor’s degree and working on my master’s in hopes of working in law enforcement and speaking to the youth about never giving up and not becoming victims of their environment. I am also an ordained minister as of April 2013 and walking strongly in the Lord. To God be the glory for is loving kindness!

  • This story reminds me of the Robert Frost poem. Life is all about choices. Its never too late. Fall down six times, get up seven.

  • You never know what path you will take in life. For this man it definitely wasn’t the path of
    least resistance. Regardless of what
    path he took he reformed himself, has learned the lesson of good citizenship
    and is making an honest living.

    This is an inspiring story.
    It teaches you that with God’s grace you are able to embark on the path
    to lasting fulfillment. He reminds me of the man that I want to become. No obstacle in life is too large to overcome,
    even one as serious as being incarcerated.

    We all have spoken about how inspiring the man in the story
    is; however, let us not forget his employer.
    It is not every day that someone is willing to exhibit social
    forgiveness. People deserve a second chance.
    This man may have been thrown off course by his social conditions but he
    overcame. If others in the world were
    able to follow suit, the world would be a better place.

  • This was a very inspiring story. There are so many young black men that have to turn to selling drugs to make money. Some of them would like to work a regular job, but that can’t seem to catch a break. Opportunites are few if you have a criminal record.

    The man was given an opportunity and he used the opportunity to turn his life around. He is very thankful for the job he has. He takes pride in his work, and uses his job to evangelize. Now he can take pride in knowing that he is a productive member of society who earns a living and take care of his family. He gives God all the praise for helping him turn his life around.

    I work with teens and mostof them are African American. The opportunities and life chance are limited for African Americans due our countries long history of racial discrimination. We try to teach the youth that we work to take advantage of all the opportunites thaey possibly can. We help the gan life skills and a sense of purpose that will have them in the relationship with people at home, school, works, any where. The eens also have to perform 20 hour of commmunity service each school year. I am always happ to see our teens accomplish their goals for the school year.

    As adults we have the responsibility of being the best we can be for the young people who in our lives. We have to be productive paticipants in this society. Yes, there are many things that have to change so that all people have opportunites to be successful. However, there are opportunities and if you want to be successful you have to make sacrafices. No pain, No gain!

  • Though I do not relate to his career choice, I do relate to his work ethic and the passion he brings to his job everyday. One thing that really stood out to me was when he was asked, “Rate your satisfaction.” And he responded, “I love what I do.” I think that is a superb career goal to have. So often, young adults are pressured to choosing their career at a young age, and often times people will graduate and still not know what they want to do. Instead of creating a specific distinct career goal, I have created a life goal: to love what I do.

    I have experienced a similar story when I went on s mission trip to Kosovo in 2012. I, along with a team of about 30, created a vacation bible school camp for the kids of Kosovo. The expectations are always different than reality. I thought I would preach the gospel and share the love of Jesus with the children, but instead I was more involved with the Kosovo volunteers (who were closer to my age). By the end of the week and a half trip, we were all walking in love, and very kind to one another. It’s the happy surprises in life like that, that keep me going.

    Though I had the fortune of not getting involved with drugs, or prison time, I do believe that everyone deals with their own demons. Personally, I dealt with the unfortunate experience of an abusive relationship. But, just like the inspiration of this man, I can proudly say that today I have overcome past issues and I am made new everyday in Christ alone.

  • This article is definitely worth reading. Being a woman, I am looked down upon as inferior to a man. I am a pharmacy technician, and customers view me as inferior to the pharmacist. It is aggravating sometimes. I just pray to God and I know he will only give me something I can handle. God is the one who always has our back even when we feel like we aren’t good enough. I used to stress so bad I would break out into hives and have anxiety attacks. I turned to God and have been lucky enough for that to stop happening. No matter what position you are in, you can always turn the page and be somewhere completely different. All it takes is determination and willingness to change.

  • You’re story is truly inspiring. It amazes me to see how someone can reach rock bottom and make a complete 360.
    Although I don’t take part in consuming drugs nor have I been to prison I was sucked into the wrong crowd of friends in high school and lost my motivation to be in school. I graduated high school on a tiny string while learning I was 8 weeks pregnant. At 18 I could barely take care of myself let alone another life. Having a child was bi biggest motivation to become a better person. I continued pushing myself to further my education. I earned an internship at a corporate partner where I was hired full time in the HR department. Whoever said a young mother couldn’t be successful is wrong and I intend to prove it. My son is my motivation to making life challenges. I am glad you have yours.

  • The transition of this man from being a drug dealer to a passionate man with a family and a steady job is really incredible. It is extremely difficult to get back to a normal life once someone has committed to crime but he did it with his own belief and passion. How much patience does it take for a man like him to believe deeply and turn over his life? He is definitely persistent and he is worth a life.

    I thought I had been very optimistic but comparing to him, my optimism is not as effective as his. Every one has made mistakes, some very little and do not matter but some can be very serious. Although I have not been imprisoned, I have gone through similar experiences. When I was in middle school, I got addicted to a video game but my parents did not give me a lot of money so I had to lie to my parents to get money. I used excuses such as book fees. I knew it was terrible to do that but I was young and so addicted. The situation lasted for about half a year and I finally told them the truth. I knew they were disappointed very much, so I decided to work hard to earn it back. Hopefully I would be like this man.

    His passion and optimism really inspires me to be persistent. He has achieved his goal even under terrible circumstances, therefore I believe I could do it as well.

  • This man’s life is an inspiration for everyone. This story taught me how a man can achieve a respected position in life through his struggle. I like his description about himself as assertive, patient and optimistic. These are the qualities which helps person to chase his dreams or to get an honorable living. This man showed example that hard work with faith for right things never fails. Being patient and optimistic shows that sometimes we don’t get best things on time, because they have their right time so for the right time, we need to be patient and hopeful.

  • This story is truly inspirational! It goes to show how hard work and dedication can pay off. This man could of very easily given up once he went to prison. I have heard of many stories were a person goes to jail for something then they get out, and then wind back up in there. He could have started drug dealing again once he got out, but he decided to make a change.

    I can still relate to this mans story even though I haven’t ever done drugs or been to prison. I can understand where he is coming from. He was been through a lot in his life, he has had is tough times and now he is having his good times. Just like me when I was younger I wasn’t able to read very well. However we didn’t let that stop me, I found a private tutor that came over to my house multiple times a week for multiple years. I learned many things from my tutor, and some of those things like organization and studying habits I still use to this day.

  • How Inspiring. This proves that no matter how deep you are in the darkness, there can always be a light shining through it. Everyone deserves a second chance, they just have to want it for themselves. Good for him.

  • Reminds of a person I grew up with. People do change… it is just a matter of hitting rock bottom to become something and someone better. There really is hope for a person that fails and we shouldn’t give up on them.

    This man is a lucky guy to have such a great support system– his wife and family, because without them he probably won’t have any faith left in him… and that’s probably what we all need, faith.

  • His story is truly inspirational and encouraging. I can relate to his story in that I know people that have been down the same path that he was taking, before he turned his life around. I too am saved and I understand the joy he was speaking of when he stated the older lady became saved after a conversation with him. It’s a wonderful thing to give your life to Jesus. He is doing a great work by ministering to people and by working a legit job and taking care of his family.

  • I chose to read this article because the name appealed to me and I’m glad I chose it as it is a truly inspiring piece. It reminds me that you are never too messed up that God cannot turn your life around! Phenomenal! I was so amazed that this guy did not fall victim to recidivism. Instead, he took what he learnt from prison, applied it in the real world, and made something of himself. He may not have the perfect job or the best paying job but he is humble, content, and he satisfied. This is a truly remarkable testimony that will remain in my thoughts for a long time to come.

  • As someone who has spent time locked up myself, I’m so glad to hear how you were able to turn your life around.

  • Loving what is done for a living is finding ones purpose. Not all purposes pay the same wages but do give the same reward, happiness. This man is happy with his work because he is conscious of the greater good that he creates. He takes advantage of the people he meets and shows them love and kindness by conversing with each. Although he believes he should be paid more he doesn’t strive to do the best job he can for more money, but to ultimately make others lives around him better. That furthermore make him happy by fulfilling his purpose in life.

  • Wow. This story was so inspiring and a great reminder to all of us including myself about persistence and the power of Christ. This man has taught us that God has a perfect plan for all of us. God is a faithful God and He made a promise to us that we will live a good life. And this story shows that God always keeps His promise and brings joy to us no matter how much pain we are in.

    I personally connect a lot to this story because I understand what it’s like to be forever transformed by Christ. I was not locked up in jail or got involved in drugs but I was consumed by low self-esteem and lack of love and support in my life. I developed low self-esteem throughout middle school and high school because I didn’t have a stable social group and I felt lonely and unworthy of being loved by others. My life completely changed when I met Christ during my sophomore year of high school. I was awed by the fact that Christ died for me on the cross because He loves me.

    Today, I am a more confident young woman pursuing a degree in psychology and I am constantly overwhelmed by His love. Even though I don’t have a lot of money or good grades or a stable job, I have a God who loves me.

  • I can relate to this story in the fact that I am African American as well and have also felt that awesome feeling when someone I know finds Christ. It is a truly overwhelming and amazing feeling. Much like him, I do not think being African American has not hurt me in any way in my life, not in my education or career.

  • This is truly remarkable. You have a man in dire need of a wake-up
    call and in a split second, he got it. This is truly an inspiring story. A man
    so consumed in the life of violence and drugs changes his ways through Jesus
    Christ and family. They both were fixed points. What is truly remarkable in my
    opinion, is how he knew this was happening. He knew that if he didn’t change
    his ways (and fast for that matter) he wouldn’t be so lucky and have a future.
    Like with the story about his first repair job where he knew something was up
    but just didn’t care. It woke him up! He learned from that day on that life isn’t
    going to be handed to you. Its hard work. But in the end it is always worth it
    to work hard for things that people can admire and look up to you. If you
    admire this guy as much as he admires Jesus Christ and his family, and take his
    story to heart, who knows what you can accomplish.

  • Sounds like this guy has been battling some pretty tough demons in his past, but sounds great to hear he has allowed the grace of God to transform him before it was to late, everyone has issues in his or her life. But its how we allow them to influence our daily life that determines our destiny. Sure I understand, being addicted to drugs and crime can consume you, but we need to step back take a look at the future and see ourselves in this future. And that’s is what this guy did, and he dint like it, So he got himself together and look at him now.

  • This story is very heart touching. It should be shared to other to enjoy. I’m glad to see the he found a job he enjoyed and turn a new leaf in his life. This story make me think of the quote shown below:

  • This story shows me how even though you may be at your lowest point in life, that God can change your situation completely. This man was delivered from drugs, and prison. You may sometimes get knocked down in life to places that you never thought you’d be, and situations you never wanted to be in, but God is always there chasing after you waiting for you to come to Him so that He can wrap his arms around you, love you, and change your life forever.

    In this story you see a broken man that had been beaten down by life, and because of his decision to follow Christ he has been able to get off drugs, and refrain from being in prison, he’s been able to get a great job doing what he loves and encourage others through his career, and also he has a family who loves him, and cares for him.

    I can relate to this story because I know without Jesus in my life I wouldn’t be who I am today. He leads me daily, gives me peace of mind and covers me wherever I go; And greatest of all He saved me when He laid His life down on the cross, because of Him I am free. Free to live a joyful life, free to bring joy to others lives and to take the love that he has given me and shower the world with it.

  • Reading this story showed me that no matter what kind of adversities one faces, there is always hope in creating a better future for yourself. Through his faith in God, he was able to turn from his wickedness and follow the path that God laid out for him, becoming blessed in raising and supporting a family. I appreciate his perspective on being blessed and grateful for what he has, even though it may be meager according to society’s standards. He works hard for his family, which is truly commendable.

  • This gentleman is of true power and insight on how people should be thankful for what they have. He gives off great advice in terms of prepare to work with different types of personalities. In my profession, people have a hard time expressing the true emotion they are experiencing and majority are shown through anger. I am humble in my life to know that this is not them truly and put no other thoughts into it. Wonderful story.

  • I am extremely moved by this man’s story. I feel like everyone has reached a point in their lives where they have gotten into a bad situation or gone done the wrong path. It is good to read a story that shows someone who has had a positive outcome and been able to overcome their bad situation.

    I have never personally been involved in any type of illegal activity or drugs, however, I know what it feels like to get into a bad place in life and feel like there’s no escape. My freshman year of college my parents’ relationship took a major turn for the worse. My mother suffered from physical and emotional abuse and eventually filed for divorce. I felt very lost during this time and isolated from my family since I was away at school. I didn’t know where to turn and I often resorted to partying and alcohol to help to drown out my immense sadness. My roommate, seeing my struggle, decided to start the process of bringing me to Christ. Throughout the next year I began to accept Jesus as my savior and managed to pull myself out of the deep depression that I had sunken into.

    Now a year later I am doing better than ever. I just went on a mission trip to Valencia, Spain and am sharing the word of God with others. God pulled me through some bad situations and has made me a better person. I feel like in that sense I can relate to this man.

  • This man has a powerful testimony that needs to be heard. A lot of people turn away
    from God when trials and tribulations come into their lives. This man was on
    the street selling drugs, but instead of associating with people of that nature
    in prison, he took a spiritual approach to his life. Not only does he not
    complain about his job; he loves what he does and has the desire to continue it in the
    future under his own management.

    This man has a strong character in dealing with other people and
    does not allow temptations of the world corrupt him. He is proud of the man he
    has become and is determined to live a life accordingly. Another attribute I
    applaud in this man’s life is his power not to focus solely on money. He
    understands his job under pays him, but that does not give him the desire to go
    back to the fast pace money of the drug world. Instead of chasing money, he
    holds on to his newly instilled values.

    This man has courage to let go of his past and live for God. He
    does not take the easy way out of life and fully commits to every job given to
    him, regardless of the outlined description. This man lets his light shine in
    his everyday life and is not ashamed to tell anyone who is willing to listen.
    This man gives me hope to continue in the values I was born into. I am a
    Christian whom sometimes gets distracted in the ways of the world, but there is
    a second chance available to make things right. This man took the chance to
    take his situation and make it for the better, and that is what I am going to
    strive to do in my life.

  • Personally I see people all the time in my life that i wish i could just give them a chance. Some people just see people that are stuck in life (drugs) and think that they wont ever make it. Me on the other hand I see them for who they really are. I have had many friends in the past that just needed the right guidance and that “push” that helps them get up off their feet. The people that are involved and indulged into the drug life dont want to be like that. They want and have the urge to be successful just as a lot of us do. Its the drugs that keep them down, not themselves. The world needs to see people for who they can become and not for who they are.

  • This man truly does prove to us that perseverance and hard
    word is one of the most important things in our lives. He is such an inspiring
    person to read about, as he is gracious and very humble throughout his interview.

    One of the things I can relate to him with, is his passion
    to his line of work. His passion unlike mine was actually to his work life. In
    my case I set my mind on to basketball. My junior year of high school I transferred
    to a school where I knew absolutely nobody at. My thinking was that, I am only
    going to play competitive high school basketball once, why don’t I go and play
    somewhere where I could possibly win a state-championship at? My first game of
    junior year, in the beginning of the second quarter I jumped up to throw a
    full-court pass to an open teammate for a lay-up and in a split-second my life
    changed. When I landed, I landed on a defenders foot breaking my right ankle and
    tearing all three ligaments in my right ankle. I came to this school for one
    reason, basketball and now I had that taken away from me. I was absolutely
    stunned and depressed as the one thing I truly did love got taken away from me
    so quickly. A couple days after surgery, I finally had a reality-check when I realized
    I need to work my butt off and get back on the court for myself and my family.
    I worked my butt off waking up at 5A.M. every day before school for physical therapy
    for about 8 weeks and got myself back on the court ready to play. My physical
    therapist said I was one of the fastest recoveries he has ever seen, and he
    accredited it for my hard work and determination.

    Concluding myself and this guy have shared some character
    traits that all individuals need in their life to succeed.

  • I can relate to this story, as I too have come from a dark
    place and have been redeemed and have had my life turned around by Jesus

    I grew up in a good home, and was raised by incredible,
    loving parents who took me to church several times a week. Upon reaching high school, however, I started
    to drift away from the man I had always wanted to be and the morals which were
    formerly so unshakable. I started dating
    a girl, and gained a new group of friends who seemed like a people. Eventually, I became very selfish,
    manipulative, and immoral in regards to my relationship. I also started to drink alcohol and smoke pot
    with my friends.

    For a while, I lived like this, lying to my parents and my
    girlfriend about my nighttime activities, and seeking what pleasured me the
    most. I would smoke and drink 3 or 4 nights
    a week. At this point, I thought that I
    had my life under control. My dream was
    to marry the girl I was dating and become a rich lawyer.

    The day before my senior year of high school started, my
    parents confronted me and told me that they had found bottles of alcohol in my
    room. They were worried that I had
    become an alcoholic, and were very concerned for me. They also knew that I had been smoking
    marijuana and driving under the influence.
    In a matter of minutes, my life—my plans—came crashing down in front of
    my eyes.

    After I told my girlfriend, she was devastated, and
    immediately broke up with me. My parents
    were heart-broken, and told me that they were going to start drug-testing
    me. After this, I lived in shame and
    kept even more secrets from my parents and from my ex-girlfriend. Eventually, I couldn’t stand living the way I was anymore, and I told everyone the entire truth. At this point I knew that I could not handle the
    stresses and pains of life alone, and surrendered my life Christ.

    Since then, I have learned to live beyond my mistakes. I have healed from the pain that I caused
    myself, and have learned to forgive myself and not live with regret. I now have a wonderful relationship with God,
    with my family, and with a girl to whom I plan to get married. I no longer desire to become a rich lawyer,
    but am considering pursuing my J.D. and perhaps fighting for religious freedom
    in America.

  • This story is a great testimony of how God has a great power over the lives of those who trust in him. Before you surrender your whole life to him, things could go in a direction that God would of never picked for you to be at like in prison or dealing with drugs. This man is living testimony of how much God can change a person.

    I’ve never had an experience with drugs or prison. I’m not a maintenace-worker or African- American. The one thing that relates my life to this story is how the love of God changes a person.

    Since my elementary years, I thought about suicide many times. I had no reason to live or at least that’s what i thought. Throught the years I had people in my life that I should of never trusted and went to places that God would of never lead me too. I was a child of this world and I hated my life.

    My freshman year of College I finally met God and my whole life changed. From being suicidal, angry, mean, impatient, risentful, and everything that is bad, I went back to being the kind and loving human being that God had created me to be.

  • This story is inspiring to my life because I am daily pressured by my peers to fall onto the wrong path. It took a conversation from my principal and my parents to show me the positive alternative. Now I distance myself from the wrong crowds and focus on my eduaction.

  • This story really hit close to home for me. I am currently a correctional officer and work in a maximum security prison. I have been there for six years and have seen many repeat offenders. They often treat prison as if it is a revolving door with three hot meals and a cot. They seem to love it there. A very small percentage of offenders go home and never come back.
    Although I am a correctional officer, I have also been on the other side of the fence when it comes to having a loved one incarcerated. My fiancé recently was charged with possession of illegal substances and served time in jail. This broke my heart and embarrassed me at the same time. I was embarrassed by family members and co workers. My family members put me on a petal stool all of my life and never in a million years thought I would settle for someone who lived the “street life.” I was embarrassed by co workers because not only did I work there so did my father, stepmother, and a host of cousins. I felt like I tarnished our name forever as I had to submit conflict of interest paperwork stating I had a loved one incarcerated.
    After serving 18 months in prison my fiancé decided to turn his life around for the good. He realized everything he had jeopardized and the time he missed in his daughters early years was precious. He soon enrolled in a trade school for truck driving and has been successful in his career since. I am beyond proud of him. This was definitely a life lesson for the two of us.
    As a correctional officer I did not have faith in many offenders but as a fiancé I realized anything is possible.

  • This story is very inspiring and it can change the lives of everyone that is in a situation that they do not want to be in. This story lets everyone know that if you trust in god anything is possible. This man sold drugs and the result of that led him to prison. Once this man was released from prison, he could have continued on the same path, but he chose to turn his life around and started a new path to success.

    I can relate to this story because I almost gave up on my education. A lot of my friends had financial support from their family to help them through college and it discouraged me from attending college for several years because I did not have that support from my family. I had to take out loans to further my education and did not want to take out loans for school, so i chose not to attend school at all. Months later I had a change of heart and decided to get an education and if I have to take out loans then this is what I have to do.

    I looked to god to give me strength on pursuing my education. I researched different colleges and found the right one that best suited me. I then performed my searches and found that I could apply for scholarships that could help reduce my tuition costs. If it was was not for faith I would still be at home doing nothing on my free time without any education under my belt. My story today is that I have an associates degree and now I am working towards my bachelor degree.

  • I can’t say that I have been a maintaince man and understand fully what this guy is talking about, but I do know about having hurdles to jump over to reach where you wanna be in life. The fact that he was able to catch his mistakes and turn his life around to a happy environment is amazing and I congratulate him. His story could serve as a inspirational tool for young men on the wrong path and let them know that’s it’s not to late to change for the better. I applaud this guy fr his hard work and honest living and hope nothin but the best in his future.

  • Truly inspiring story. this is what we call simple living. life is great when you love what you do. Simple living is not about money, how much or little money we have. Simple living is not about asceticism. It’s about living in solidarity. It’s about embracing the motto “less is more”. Simple living is choosing quality over quantity. It’s about living responsibly. Simple living is about uncluttering our life from all unnecessary noise and distraction that keeps us from living Christ-centered lives. Only you know what the things that need to be eliminated from your life are. Sometimes we even refuse to recognize them.

    God has called us in different ways and in various fields. He does not guarantee a smooth sailing but one thing that is certain is a safe landing. there will always be challenges that comes our way, but His grace is always sufficient to help us overcome them. I can also identify with similar challenges this person faced. While working at my place of work, a female coworker did also the same thing thing to me but that never distracted me from doing my job. By the grace of God overcame that challenge. this coworker is now a born again christian after i had a talk with her. Only when we walk with God can we find the true meaning and purpose in life.

  • This story resonates with me given he fact that I was an “at-risk youth” growing up. I was often in trouble at school, and even when disciplined, I just couldn’t get my act together. I feel a lot of my problems stemmed from low-self-esteem due to being told repeatedly that I would never make something of myself by my teachers. Then, out-of-nowhere, I also had a spiritual awakening that gave me a new-found confidence in my abilities. Now, when I see challenges or opportunities in my life, like this man, I am eager to tackle them head on. This attitude translated to my college performance, and I have been rewarded for my diligence with the opportunity to become a pharmacist.

  • I think that faith is a very important tool to have when making an attempt to improve one’s life. In fact, those who have faith and perhaps use prayer as a tool to supplement that faith have much better observational skills, and seem not as afflicted by death and disease. It just goes to show that within each person is the ability to transform into anything. Spirit moves through all things.

  • This man, in my opinion, has considerably the best qualities one can have. Unlike many he is very honest in his replies to the questions, and is not subjective. His balance of his faith and work life show an excellent display of professionalism. Having some type of supreme deity or belief system of some sort is crucial to our daily development. It develops morals and gives us something to work toward; however, it should not interfere with our careers. Also, his self-revelation of his prior faults helped propel him in a positive direction which can similarly be given thanks to his newfound hope.

  • I can relate to his story. I have transformed my life too. I did not go to prison, but I did try to fill the void I felt within myself with drugs. I started using drugs when I was 15. I did not quit using until I was 21. I have spent six years of my precious life in complete isolation and delusion. I’m 25 now, and have not yet found a reason to use any kind of drugs.

    I used to be a very unhappy, and ungrateful kid. As a kid, I suffered from low self-esteem, and inferiority complex. I never believed in myself, and was constantly seeking approval of others. I used to be bullied too. Bullying left me in the quicksand of resentment. One of the reasons I used to be bullied was because I was different. I belonged to a different ethnicity than the people who used to bully me. I have lived significant years of my life in misery, and negativity.

    Reading this story, I have found hope. I believe in myself today, and I was missing it in my life. I was looking for contentment in wrong things. I have found out that the source of contentment is within me. I have found that nobody else can make me happy. In addition, I have found life’s about doing the next right thing, and that is what I’m trying to do on a daily basis. Now, I am working on getting a Bachelor’s Degree. I pay my bills. i do not lie, cheat or steal anymore.

  • This person’s story shows that change is possible, it takes work but in the end it pays off. His connection with God impresses me, he probably realized that he could not do it alone and with God all is possible and that he will forgive you if you repent, this will allow you a new clean start.

  • I am a Regional Property Manager in the housing industry and I to have worked my way up to the position I hold now. In this industry it takes a special person to be able to handle the day to day dealings of the residents. Working in this industry is not for everyone and you have to love what you do in order to succeed.
    This story is a great example of what it means to never give up, determination and perseverance. No matter what curves life throws at you just know that someone is in your corner cheering you on to succeed. No body can want anything more than you; if you want it go for it and work hard for it.
    Jesus is the answer for the world to, if you have the faith of a mustard seed and believe with all your heart in him and what he can do for than nothing is withheld from you. Favor to get jobs and move up without having all the credentials, financial security and most of all peace.

  • Before I found my faith I was lost. I was extremely reckless with my behavior and was probably on a path that would have led me to a place that was rather dark.

    I had embraced the idea of moral relativism. I was sure that I could do anything I wanted as along as I felt it was right. Unfortunately this led to a life of promiscuity and alcohol. As long as it was legal, it was ok, right? I left a girlfriend behind that was pregnant and claimed the I was the father. I tried to convince her to have an abortion and to leave me alone, I didn’t want this responsibility at that time.

    God has brought me back. I was lost and now I am found. I am happily married and have no desire for any woman except for my wife. I may still have the occasional drink, but never in excess anymore. I’m going to school and have a hopefully bright career in front of me. I can not explain what made me turn 180 degrees from where I was, other than God relentlessly loving me and seeking me until I had the courage to follow him.

  • Wow, this story really inspired me. He clearly displays great determination and I admire the fact that he is appreciative with the life he was given. I can relate to this man’s story because I was once in a similar position. It took a very tragic event for me to realize that I had to turn my life around. I was accompanied by the wrong crowd of people while engaging in negative activities. Unfortunately, this lead to me being shot multiple times while witnessing the death of my best friend. On the positive side, I learned to appreciate the elements of life and to make the best of every opportunity given to me. That is why I can relate to this courageous maintenance worker. He does what he has to in order to provide for his family and that is an admirable trait in any human being.

  • In My life I began to turn to the wrong people doing the wrong things when i was younger. Now that i am older I am still friends with some of these people, but it is good to know that my friends can still change as the maintenance worker has and become solid Christians.

  • I really enjoyed reading this post. His job as an apartment worker is not particularly for me, however, I love how he used his faith within his job in order to turn people to Christ. I think it is a blessing that people get to experience telling someone about their faith when they least expect it. It makes everything so much more rewarding. I desire to be a teacher and although in the school system. it is separation of church and state, I still believe I can spread the message of Christ through the way I love my students, show them kindness and act on the fruits of the spirit. I want to be an example so that maybe, one day, someone can walk up to me and say, “Ms. Gregory, there is something about you that stands out” and then I’ll be able to say, “It’s the Christ in me that shines.” I cannot wait to make such an impact in my field as this man has done!

  • This story is beautiful because it resonates with things happening in my current life situation. When I was ten years old, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondilitis, a rare autoimmune disease that gives me chronic back pain. While I dealt with this pain, it was hard to manage school and a part-time job in dining services, and my grades were suffering as a result. However, through hard work and dedication to a higher power, I was able to earn a 3.6 gpa while working and volunteer tutoring at a high school during the fall 2013 semester. Just as this inspirational worker turned to the Lord to go from a drug dealer to a successful maintenance worker, I was able to transform my constant hurt into a positive through faith and dedication to my one passion; teaching English.

  • This situation can be said to be that of a second chance. In life, you don’t fail until you have agreed in your heart that you have failed. This man was in jail prior to getting this job. He could have chose to live life the way most ex-convicts do, and remain wayward. He could have decided to fail, but he opted to succeed instead. A point in my life, I was considered the dumb kid. I schooled in Africa, where you had to choose between Physics and Chemistry or Government, Religious Studies and Literature in 10th Grade. What this meant was that in 10th Grade, you get to decide whether you were going to go the science way or social science way. I chose for the science at first…. I failed woefully. No one could have failed Physics as bad as I did, I mean I literally failed it. First term went by, I thought I just needed to brush myself up, but after failing it the second time, I gave up. It was not the life for me. I wanted to be done with school, but life decisions at that point where not in my hands.
    My parents asked me to try sciences again, I had lost all hope in school, my aim was to fail the semester again, so I could get transferred to an easier school. I started the semester in science, but almost midway through, I silently switched to social sciences. I went for extra lessons, read late, I was going to make it. I wasn’t just going to agree to the ‘failure’ label everyone put on me. I eventually ended up doing better than average. I graduated from high school as one of the best social science students (Top 5), and it was then I realized I wasn’t a failure after all.
    In summary, all i’m trying to say is, you determine your failure in life. No one else. It depends on you whether on the line of trying to strive for success, you agree to the temptations that may set in, and if you don’t. This man decided not to fall in for the naked woman’s seduction, and who knows, it might have caused a setback in his life, if he actually yielded to her temptation.

  • I really loved this interview. I can relate back to my life when i was heading in the wrong direction and that after graduating from a Military school i was able to get my life back together focusing on success. I have graduated from Norwalk Community College in December of 2013 and will transfer to Southern CT State University in the Spring of 2014. I am happy with what i have done so far in my life.

  • I can relate to this man because it seems like he made some bad choices in his life that he was not proud of but eventually changed his life around. Growing up I was always spiritual, but do to bad habits such as drinking I found myself making bad choices. At times I felt like there was no hope. At five years old due to enlarge tonsils I stopped breathing and has to go into the hospital. I was told that I was very close to death. In October 2005, after leaving a few of my friends that had recently lost family members I blacked out behind the wheel due to lack of rest and flipped my truck over and once again nearly died. This caused me to begin giving up hope, but it seemed like an angel kept telling me do not give up HE is with you. I believe this man heard this same voice and knew in his heart that something was here that is better for him, and he never gave up.

  • This is a true story of how finding god can change your life in all aspects. You can tell by just reading his responses how proud he is of where he is in life now. You control your life and you can change it at anytime. This story proves that no matter where you come from you can change where you are going. People like these are the real heroes of our lifetime, we need more people with this kind of dedication and passion. Reading this story hits close to home because even though I have had a rough past, I have decided to change it and i know my future is bright because I will be doing something I love.

  • It’s always great to hear the story of someone turning their life around. I feel like a lot of times people get discouraged and feel like nothing can change once they’ve gone down a certain path. This man proves just the opposite.

  • I thinik this is a very good man! He reminds me of myslef when it comes to helping peopl out. And leading them into a better and different direction in life. I would definetly take him up on the advice for seeing a problem with something fix it, Because there were some times when I saw many problems that I could’ve handled instead just pushed them to the side and they would always pop up again.
    I hope that everyone who reads this article will learn something valuable from it. And will apply it to your everyday life, Because there are some people out there who need a smile or a Goodmorning our words go a long way. Im blessed that I read this article.

  • I respect and admire this gentleman for being able to turn his life around. I’ve watched my son and daughter-in-law lose everything as they got more involved with drugs. They are still struggling to change, with little success after 6 years. They have been in and out of jail and can’t get jobs.

    I have had my grandchildren for 4 1/2 years, ever since social services took them away from their parents.
    My wife and I have our grandchildren permanently. They are 6 and 10 years old and call us “Mom” and “Dad” as they hardly see or talk to their biological parents. It is so sad seeing drugs tear families apart, so it is always great to witness someone overcome that demon.

  • I really enjoyed reading about this individual. I am happy to hear that he turned his life around and is doing much better than he was at first.
    I remember my life before I had my daughter, I was very selfish and was abusing my body by doing drugs and alcohol. Once I found out that I was pregnant, I decided to stop doing both and focus and working and completing school.

  • I’m probably the last person you would think could relate to this man, but as soon as read the header I knew we had something in common. I am not a maintenance man however, I do come from a discombobulated background with a drug problem. The irony of it all is that I met an apartment maintenance manger who showed me the path to recovery and it all started with a friendly conversation while fixing my kitchen sink.
    It takes a lot to over come our pasts and move on to a brighter future. I’ve been clean and sober almost 6 years and recently worked at a rehab facility as a housekeeper. I often discussed life’s problems in recovery with patients while cleaning their rooms. I would often get feed back from management (usually negative because I wasn’t “certified” to talk to patients) where patients would give me high recommendations. I’ve even been thanked by patients both outside of the hospital or upon discharge for helping them. Getting in trouble for helping patients with problems is what drove me to get back to school and start a career. I cant wait to start helping more people!

  • I am inspired and can relate to this article. I too had a rough life full of mistakes and regret. I grew up in an old fashioned and very biblical home but by the age of 16 I had had enough of the sheltered life and longed for more. By age 17 I had a daughter and by age 19 I landed myself in jail for 2 months. I have lived on the streets, slept on couches etc. I was never into drugs but had many friends that were. After going through all of these hardships in life and seeing the awful things I had seen I decided I had enough of the “world” and would turn my life back over to God. I knew I could never walk the straight and narrow around my old friends so I picked up and moved to a state where I knew NOBODY! I got a job, struggled and raised my daughter. I decided to go to college to further my education because I realized if I didn’t help myself and family then nobody else would in the place where I had very few friends and kept to myself. That was 2 years ago. Since then I quit my dead end job and started my own business which gets bigger every day. I have managed to build a new life in this state with good friends and people I can call my family. None of this would have happened if I didn’t have those tough lessons to learn, and I would have never been able to make better choices for myself and daughter without God calling me back “home.”

  • This story is a great reminder of how loving and gracious God is to us. He doesn’t look at our faults and condemn us, instead He picks us up and puts us back on the right track. I think it’s beautiful that this man did not count himself out of the race, instead he got back up with God’s help and moved forward with his life. This story also proves that God can use anyone no matter their background or story to do his work. It is never too late for anyone to be used in the kingdom of God.

    I can relate to this story because I once lived sinfully, but God pursued my heart. Despite all I had done, He said I choose you. There was no condemnation, no guilt, and no pity party. Instead He took me as I was and said move forward with your life. Now I’m a new person thanks to Christ, and even still He’s working on me everyday, but through His love and mercy I continue to thrive in Him.

  • I find this to be Truly inspiring. I also have difficulty relating to people who discovered a connection with God. I identify as agnostic but have always been intrigued by how so many people discover faith. But so much can be gained from someone who has discovered their faith in religion. It brings humility and understanding and in a way I always envied that.

  • Honestly this is a very touching story. I come from a family that is full of all types of people. From students, LVN”S , Supervisors, and criminals. I have always struggled between the two. Its always be a struggle walking the straight and narrow for me. But through my christian faith I have perservered through my struggles. Praying and going to church have been a major part of my life.

  • His story was very inspiring. While I was reading this, I thought about how he talking about going to jail and being on drugs. once i read that i thought about a family member of mine who when through the same thing. (drugs and jail) That made me realize that sometimes you have to go through the bad to get the good out of life and it’s really true because the two things turned her life around. Now she’s working , she’s married, healty and pregnant with a baby boy!

  • Wow. What a perfect story for my own personal change of heart these past few months.

    Back in June, I went to an International Christian Student Leader Conference with my family, and although I didn’t attend many of the small sessions, I went to all of the key note/worship sessions. Although I may not have had a criminal past and may not have been doing anything necessarily “bad,” I wasn’t doing enough good. I had a change of heart, and Satan knew it and presented me with my own obstacles.

    The subtleties in which you acted as a man of God are what I’m hoping to do in this coming school year. My father, a International student minister, has encouraged me to get involved with fellow international students like myself at my school. I’m excited. Thanks for the words!

  • This is a fantastic story of what a life of crime can bring to you and what a life of hard work and perseverance can give you.

    Despite his unfortunate past he managed to surrender his life to a higher authority and now is blessed with a beautiful family and a rewarding ministry job.

  • When i was a young girl, i knew my older brother was in some trouble or another with the court system, and saw the changes he put my mother through, because we were all raised in a single family home, and i vowed then that i would go into Law school, and be a counselor for rehabilitation of these young men & women, i recently graduated with my AA, and i am majoring in Criminal Justice, and plan to go on to be a Lawyer
    I know it was my Mothers and my Faith in God that got us through these hard times, and gave us some understanding of what was going on, so as the young man wrote, he relied on his faith to get thru his hard times, and now my brother is home, and doing very well trying to get his life back in order. It is not easy for people with felonies to bounce back and turn their lives around, so it will be people like me that will be there to help them become a more productive part of society with my abilities to counsel, and defend

  • 2 Corinthians 5:17 says “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” This can clearly be seen in this case. This man who used to be a criminal and in prison, has made the decision to let the old things pass away and become a new person in Christ. Christ has transforming power and this maintenance worker is clear evidence of this very fact. It is such an inspiration to see how this man is now doing positive things and even being a positive influence to the people around him.

    In my life I have witnessed a similar power through Christ. I used to be caught up in many things of this world. I would only care about pleasing myself and I didn’t care about the people around me that were in need. However, when I came to Christ I became a new creature. I began to have more love for the people around me. I joined this missionary group called NAPS (The National Association for the Prevention of Starvation) and began to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, provide medical work for suffering people and share the gospel of God. Through this ministry many lives have been impacted, but my life has been changed as well.

  • I find this story to be a reminder of where I personally come from, and that a new start is exactly what some need to aspire for greatness.

    Being boring and raised in the inner city of Chicago I understand this mans story all to well. I have witnessed many of my own friends and neighborhood youth go down a spiral of a life of crime from selling drug to stealing cars, shootings, and gang banging. I blessed when I was confronted on numerous occasions by people who wanted to rob or shot me and my friends as a teenager, that I was either never harmed, or was able to live another day. Once I got the change to go to college I took it. instead of being angry and ready to shoot back to those that hurt me and my friends, I chose a different route and decided to continue my education.

  • being from a rough neighborhood, and african american i can relate to the transition he had to make, i know what its like to want to do right but yet be surrounded by all the wrong people. it takes a lot of self discipline and faith to make it out of a situation when all odds are against you.this article gives me further motivation to stay on track and keep working hard. i appreciate it, and stay focus

  • I love this story! This man can be an inspiration to others in similar situations. We are very similar in that we both consider ourselves as assertive, patient and optimistic! I also like the fact that he didn’t let anything discourage him while he worked hard on achieving his goals. I am in a similar position where I have a job, working for less pay than I feel I am worth.. Very underpaid. I have a BA and only makes 25,268.00 a year while in grad school. I do indeed love my job, and the peace of mind makes up for the lack of pay, compared to the job I had before this one. My faith in God and strong determination will carry me throughout this journey.

  • It’s fantastic that this man made such a connection with god, to the point that he completely changed the direction of his life and, beyond that, chose to go forward in pursuing this connection with god, which later led him to find a steady job that he loves and to leave the treacherous world of drugs and crime. Such perseverance and drastic change truly shows dedication to a cause, and the best cause one can fight for is oneself.

    I find it difficult to relate to those who speak so passionately about discovering a connection with god. I have never been terribly religious. I learned about both Hindu and Catholic religions, growing up in a household of mixed ethnicity, but I always thought of the beliefs more as stories or myths than as ideas that I actually believe in. Committing myself to a belief in something so specific as a religion whose roots I may never know the truth about is a concept I find it difficult to dedicate myself to.

    That said, there is much to be gained from understanding and accepting people who feel strongly connected to their religion. In high school, there was a guy I knew who was a seemingly typical jock and had always been simultaneously revered and hated. He was ridiculously good looking and decent to have one-on-one conversations with, but in a group setting, he was quick to forget your friendship or even to be the bully for the sake of impressing his friends. Somewhere along the way, he was exposed to Christianity and god and became a person who changed for the better. Suddenly he was kind to everyone and went out of his way to be genuine and helpful.

    As I stated before, this is nothing I can relate to directly, but I am in such awe of people who have these revelations. They give me faith in the determination that people are capable of, but, at the same time, they make me aware of what different mindsets people have. There is such diversity in the mindsets we as humans have, and we can never truly understand any of them but our own.

    It is so worth it to simply accept and, more importantly, respect, that we all think differently. My lack of compassion toward religion as a concept is all the more reason for me to respect that someone else, such as the man in this story or the kid from my high school, does feel a connection toward god. He is capable of thinking in a way I can barely think about, and differences like these create a growing world and human race.

    Diversity creates awareness. It lets us know how many possible combinations of people and mindsets and backgrounds and ideas there are. It allows us to see potential for the future, because it exposes us to so many possibilities. An idea you disagree with is not one to be ignored, it should be explored further, and, at the very least, respected, because you can never know what ideas that idea may lead you to.

  • The story of this man is truly inspiring specially for those who sometimes think
    there’s nothing else to do other than to keep on failing. Here is a man who is
    teaching us that no matter how low you can get, God is here and he’s willing to
    save you and take you out of the hole you may have dug for yourself.

    Even though I haven’t been to prison or consumed drugs, I can relate my own story to
    this man’s because God once saved me from my own prison of low self-esteem,
    insecurities and lies that had blinded me from seeing who I truly am and where
    I stand in this world. I was under the influence of what the world thinks I
    should act or look like. No magazine model, no TV show artist or no Hollywood
    star can compare to the beauty God has put not only in the outside, but also in
    my heart.

    Now that I know the truth and His light is guiding me, I no longer am part of that prison
    I had put myself into. I have found hope in Jesus, I now have dreams and goals
    I thrive to achieve and with God’s help, I believe anything is possible, and
    just like that man, I will too, succeed and use the talents God has given me for
    the benefit of our society and the Kingdom of God!

  • A man that was at the bottom was pulled of of the hole he was in by Jesus Christ and is now able to have a stable job, a family, and able to share the word with others; this is truly an inspiring story. I honestly cannot relate on the aspect of going to prison and stealing but I can relate on how much the Lord has changed me once I became saved and has brought me to where I am today. It would have been much easier if after high school I would have said no to college because of my financial need but instead I saw how important it is to get an education. Therefore, I did my best to get good grades, get scholarships and get my associates degree.

    I recently just graduated with my associates and I’m dying to continue my education by getting my bachelors degree. Even though I don’t have all the money necessary to pay for my bachelors I know that with the Lords strength and my determination, I will be able to accomplish my goal of achieving a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. This man truly has showed that you can use your struggles in life to build your character and move yourself into a better situation.


  • I think his story is just amazing. To turn your whole life around from nothing to everything! I say everything because he has given his life to God and God is everything. This man has been given some amazing skills and a blessed life. He shows it too by being thankful for what he has and not complaining about what he doesn’t have. God Bless him and his family.

  • This story reminds me of when I was a delinquent. I used to run the streets late at night with my friends without caring whether i have school work that was due the following morning or not. A few years ago my behavior worsen and I’d made some careless mistakes which has gotten me in and out of various schools in my district.

    God has given me a second chance in my life to correct all these mistakes and now I’m a proud African-American male that is now attending a 4 year university while following my dreams to help people in need just like the individual in this story. Satisfaction is an essential component of happiness, so if you love what your doing whether is pays 10k or 100k, then go out an conquer it, and be the best you can be and the money will flow regardless.

  • Outstanding and inspiring story. I am inspired by this story and get motivated on how everything can be done even if is impossible. It also taught me to have faith on yourself and be determined on whatever you’re pleased to do, Never give up. If you fail at the first time, keep on trying until you succeed.

  • This interview inspired me to overcome major obstacles in my path no matter how impossible they may seem. There is no place deep enough a person can be that they can’t get out. Now whenever I encounter an obstacle that seems impossible to get through, I will think of the maintenance man who has done more than fix apartment buildings.

  • Miracle, an extremely outstanding
    event, thing, or accomplishment. This story is a clear example of what very few
    experience as the rewards of true faith in what can be accomplished with the
    right amount of will. Everyday people pass one another on the streets with judgment
    ever hovering over their minds based on only what they can visualize from
    external appearance. Rarely do individuals try to understand the challenges and
    obstacles that face each stage of one’s life in their process of judgment.

    In my own life, judgment is an environmental
    aspect that many have a hard time keeping distance from, whether it is through
    discrimination, sexism, or even prejudice. The true moral of this story is not
    only what faith can bring if one takes it into their own heart, but also that
    we as human beings should not judge one another but rather try to understand
    what some have gone through. Life passes once, things cannot be taken back,
    things cannot be changed. It is important to always treat every day as if it is
    permanent and cannot be fixed, however, in this man’s case I believe he is the
    rare exception that despite everything that may go wrong, there is no end of
    the road.

  • This is an amazing story! The love of Jesus makes everything possible. He turned his life around and is saving souls in the process.

  • This is an inspiring story. I love to hear when people change their life for the better. It just goes to show that success is about mindset. He mad a decision to make a change and he did it.

    One thing that I found amazing about this story is that they asked his ethnicity and if it had ever hurt him. He proudly stated “I am African American, and it hasn’t hurt me.” He didn’t think his race held him back in anyway. That says something about this man.

    I’m latino and grew up in a small town in the south, and of course you are always going to have some people that disrespect you. However, I was taught that character, heart, and hard work were stronger than any prejudice. My father came to this country in the 60’s before the large latino immigration in the south, and he really experienced prejudice. He didn’t let it stop him however and was able to give my brother and I a good life with everything we needed. Thanks for this amazing story.

  • This story is so touching. This man believes he is underpaid yet he turns around and says he is thankful for what he has. Having a job is a blessing that this man does not take lightly.

    I’m actually about to head to work and lately have been discouraged with working a retail job while I am a full time student but reading this story reminds me to be thankful for the job I have and the people I see everyday. This man makes the most of his job bringing the joy the Lord gives him to every resident. I need to take a note from him and use the joy and blessings He has given me in everything I do.

  • Reading this story reminds me of my dad, he did a lot of maintenance work and I can remember him coming how always smelling like paint. so i know its not the easiest job to do. I defiantly agree with it not being a job for everyone because one must have people skills and if you don’t have people skills its a hard job to do, but the fact that he was able to find god and is great.

  • Reading this story reminds me of my dad, he did a lot of maintenance work and I can remember him coming how always smelling like paint. so i know its not the easiest job to do. I defiantly agree with it not being a job for everyone because one must have people skills and if you don’t have people skills its a hard job to do, but the fact that he was able to find god and is great.

  • This story is really touching and teaches you to never give up on succeding and have perseverance in life. Im very glad that they are people like this even though he didn’t have a great start he didn’t give up and now has what he really wanted; He looked and found his pursuit of happiness.

  • This is very inspiring, because there are many people out there that just give up on their lives and have no desire or drive to do anything. This man came from a rough past and now has come out the other end and turned his life around. It is also amazing that he became a minister after everything he went thorough. He has strong faith and is willing to share his story. With a strong belief and faith in God anything is possible. It is also a story we can learn from that money isn’t everything. In this story, the man shares that he isn’t making incredible money but he is still more than happy with his job.

  • It must feel good to do something for your own good. Choosing a healthier life style instead of hurting the one thats already damaged. knowing he could do better and persuing that outcome is what got me. i am happy for this person and they must feel happy for themselves now and accept life how it is.

  • I loved this story! This is familiar to my cousins story. He was a brilliant kid growing up and got accepted into Stanford to become a doctor, but his senior year he got caught up with the wrong crowd doing the wrong things. He became an alcoholic and a drug addict. It became so bad that one day, he was drunk, he got into a fight with another man and then at point blank shoot him and killed him. He got inprisoned for life and lost his whole future. He hit rock bottom and thought that he could never get back up and that God would never forgive him. Now over ten years later, he found God while in prison and is now a preacher to his inmates. He has helped countless numbers of men, bringing them closer to Jesus, just like this man did to the 62 year old woman. My aunt has been approached by numerous random mothers thanking her for what her son has done to bring Jesus back into their sons lives. If he stays on the path he is on, he will be getting parol in two years where he hopes on continuing preaching and bringing many more people closer to Christ!

  • This is an amazing story. I work with teenagers, so it is great to have stories like this on hand that I can relate to my students. They could find something like this uplifting and encouraging.

  • I felt so happy for this guy while reading his story. Nowadays we are living in a society in which you are discriminated by the job, religion, age, race, etc. This young man is a true example of overcoming those obstacles that life gives to you. I like that he is very thankful about the things God give to him, I think that if we had at least one more person like this man we would have a better world today. This kind of people inspire me to continue fighting for my goals and obstacles that life put in my way.

  • This story reminds me of my family friend. John was always getting into trouble. He would be brought home at night escorted by the police. He would spend nights in jail an was always looking for trouble. “I love the adrenaline and attention” John would say. One day John realized exactly how much everyone disliked him. Even his parent were starting to give up on him. One day John went to confession in front of the neighborhood priest. John came out crying. he had become a new man in that very moment. He left his life of danger in trouble for a safe and religious life. John has been visiting schools telling the kids of his story. He is now on his way of becoming a priest. John has changed and we are all looking forward to hearing out sunday service from Father (catholic priest) John.

  • This story really reminded me of Les Mis.

    In this economy, you always hear about joblessness and pink slips. But here is a man who had life worse than most of us and through his journey with God showed the rest of us how good He is.

  • I love this story. Kind of reminds me how i found Jesus and how i let Him into my life as my Lord and Savior. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Keep going!!

  • This story is an example of the many options that we are given. We are all free to choose what it is we want to do. I recognize myself in this story because I too have found Jesus in my life and through my faith I am more decided to give back to those who need help.

    I am looking forward to graduating with a masters in counseling psychology to be able to help struggling families find hope and work hard to overcome their hardships. We all go through tough periods in our life but with the right guidance and desire to succeed we can overcome all difficult moments.

  • This story is great in that it demonstrates a life lesson. If decisions got you into a situation, decisions can get you out. This man decided to build upon the second chance he was given. Going to prison was a setback, but it turned out to be a setup for a comeback. He may never have found his passion and call to ministry had he not gone that route. We will encounter various obstacles in life, but we can overcome.

    This story is a modern day example of the scripture found in Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

  • It is great to see someone come out of the bad and into a good life experience. It seems that now all we see are the stories of the wrong people have done and how corrupt this world is. It is comforting and exciting to see that there is hope in the world and we can all learn from it. I know that I have not lived a life of example and feel I have disappointed people with my life choices but I know that I can change things. I can make things better for me and those around me. To have faith and trust in something you can’t see and just “leap” takes a part of you that not everyone has but everyone should do once in their life. “Leap”

  • This story can apply to many, faith and hope make our dreams come true.

    Although I did not fall into the trouble that surrounded me growing up, I faced a choice everyday. A
    choice to hang with the wrong crowd, the choice to “try” something inflicted by peer pressure, or a choice to stay on the right path.

    Growing up in a single parent (mom) household, the guidance needed for a young Hispanic boy was not always there. We lived in areas that were not always safe, where guns, drugs and gangs were prevalent.

    I made the choice to stay in school and to stay on the right path. This has been a journey to get to where I am now, accepted to the college I have chosen. My faith and my determination have helped me arrive.

  • This is a very nice story. It is nice to see individuals like this that make a difference in their life. There are so many individuals out here that do not change for the good and need someone like you as a mentor. Sometimes bad choices just make it longer and harder to get where you need or want to be, and just because you have made mistakes in the past, does not always mean your future is over from their. Nice to see you made it out of the darkness.

  • This is a beautiful story. My father went through the same thing. He isn’t a family man now, but he has been able to get his life on the right track and will gladly tell young people about how he got off track and how he got back on track. He now works in construction.

  • This article inspired me in a few ways. The first is that the man being interviewed is a successful African-American male. At first, he was like many other African-American males today dealing with drugs, but he found Jesus and turned his life around. While I am on the topic of Jesus, I must say his Christian lifestyle inspired me as well because I too am a Christian and am familiar with many ministers. I also liked how he rated his job satisfaction a 10. Too many people have jobs they dislike, and although it still provides money, nothing beats getting paid to do what you love. The last thing I want to mention that I probably found the most touching was his mention of providing for his family. I know a lot of African-American males with families out here that aren’t adequately provided for because the man isn’t doing his job. The fact that I am reading about one that provides for his family and loves doing it just gives me hope to find more and more African-American males like him.

  • Throughout my life I have been exposed to various situations, people and experiences. I cannot say that I do directly relate to this story, but I do know people close to me who are in a similar situation. Growing up with divorced parents optimism is always the best policy. In this story, the maintenance work attributes much of her “success” on having a positive attitude. As cliche as this may sound, the attitude you have towards any given situation is a direct effect of the outcome. No matter what situation life throws at you, give it your all and have a positive atitude. For me being a optimist was the only option to live through a divorced family. And in her situation optimist helped her overcome her background disabilities of being in prison. Compliments to this woman for having the ability to look past her past and see the future optimistically even if its not doing the most ideal job.

  • I can relate to this story very well
    not only because I am a female but also because I always hear and have heard
    things like boys are better than girls and that they can do so many things that
    girls can not. i am going to be the first person in my whole family to become a doctor and when people back in my country are acknowledged by this, they tell me or/and my parents that girls are not supposed to study that much and how is it that my parents will allow me to “work a job”after I get married. I come from a very distinct background when compared to the American one and for that reason I put quotes around “work a job” because people in my country think of it as a job instead of taking in that it is a career path.

    I am here right now trying to prove them wrong that anyone no matter where or whatever field they want to pursue, that they can do it IF they have the potential. Nothing should hinder what you want to do and you will be successful because you are going to have to do it with passion and a mindset that you are gonna make a change by proving people wrong if they say you can not. SO overall, don’t let anyone or anything come in your way.

  • I always appreciate hearing a story of an African-American male leading by example. The stories of those that aren’t glorified in the media are the ones that so many people are unaware of. That is both a good and a bad thing. The good about it is that it proves that there are African-American males out there that are family men and do whatever takes to provide for their family in a way that is socially and legally acceptable. The bad is that there are so many people unaware of African-American males, such as the one in this interview, that live an honest, positive lifestyle.

    My father is an African-American male, and he does all he can to provide for our family. He is a hard worker and is showing me more and more just how much sacrifice of one’s own wants is necessary in order to help others in this world. My father, like the maintenance technician, has made mistakes in his past, but he has turned his life around and is raising me to be a strong, African-American man who can make a difference.

  • As an African American male, this is inspiring. I can relate to his story in a way. As a teenager in
    high school, I suffered from depression and handled it by usings drugs and alcohol. Numerous times
    my parents have tried to help me, but in the end, I could only help myself. It wasn’t until my senior
    year in high school when I found Jesus, that I truly began to get my life together not only for my
    family, but for me. I’m now a college freshman and a disciple of the Lord!

  • this is an encouraging and inspirational story. There are some many in the world that wont even try because they fell there prison time will exclude them from opportunity. He found a way to be happy and successful.

  • This story is an inspiration of what faith and perserverance can do in a person’t life. He overcame the odds and reached a level of elevation that he will forever use. Some people that become addicted to drugs and the easy life of selling get so engulfed into this lifestyle. Congratulations and continue to seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto you.

  • I really love reading story and how the way that he was change his life. No so many people can say that they complete change their life after prison, that Jesus actually change their life, and that that person actually find a job after prison. This story can help so many people that came out of prison by motivate them. I am so happy for this man and I hope he stay on the right path because any thing that can make a person go back to the wrong path. For example: That woman tried to have a sexual intercourse with him or something with him. He got so nervous that he ran. Keep up the good work and thank you for giving people hope after prison

  • This is a strong motivational story about life changing
    example. It proves that the change is possible when effort and opportunity
    merge in people’s life. People have the opportunity to turn things around to be
    productive be participant our economic system. Ex-conviction record are no
    longer the limiting factor to be successful, it is the individual’s attitude
    and the recognition of member of society that people deserve second chances because
    society as a whole needs their participation.

  • I am so touched by your story its always good to see person overcome their “Achilles heel” to see him overcome and make something of his life not only for him but his family. Its not easy to overcome addiction it takes everything out of a person to get back on track and barely nothing to get off track. It put me in mind of a friend of mine that was addicted to drugs she used it to numb her emotional and physical pain of an abusive husband. Friends and family rescued her from the situation and it took alog time for her to gain her self worth and to feel again.

  • This story is very motivating. I am extremely impressed that this man went from dealing drugs to being a family man. most people come out of jail and go back to a criminal life.

    I relate to this story in a very odd way. my situation is with athletics. I broke my sternum two times in one season, and this made me not eligible to play one of my favorite sports. I also persevered and moved on by switching sports to swim team. I went on to be a team captain and do very well in swimming.

    I am very thankful for people like him who can change there ways from the criminal life by finding a calling. This man’s is god, I would say my calling is athletics because it keeps me out of trouble and gives me great leadership and confidence skills I use in every day life.

  • I am a witness that people can change and Christianity works. I once too did things that I was not proud of and was at one time ashame to share with my children or others. However now I understand our testimony help others and we have nothing to be ashame of. Once you are a Christian, you are a NEW creature!

  • I really am touched by this man’s story. I am also a Christian and I believe that finding God is the best thing that can happen to you. I think that it is wonderful that he found the greatest love that we all will ever receive and I am so happy for him.

  • This man has a great testimony to his life and how he had struggles and then came to know the Lord. It is the way it is for many people who come to know the Lord, it was for me. I just love knowing that the Holy Spirit is working in the lives of so many!

  • I like this man’s testimony and life story. It is fascinating to see a person who has been through so much change their life around and create a new start for themselves. It shows the hard-work and determination and effort that someone is willing to pick up their life and turn it around to help and minister to people that may be going through things in there own personal life.

  • Through trials and tribulations breed success and character I am glad that you are able to live out a passion and have the goals to accompany your future successes. Keep up the good work and keep looking forward. Your story was enlightening, godspeed!

  • Hello , I am in Southwest Houston Texas with a client that has a similar case with a felony however he is also looking for a maintenance technician job . Can you give us any suggestions

  • Like the testimony above, I believe everyone in life has had their own life struggles and obstacles to go through. Being a women of faith, I myself have struggles in college. It is extremely difficult to relate to someone who does not abuse drugs, drinks alcohol and parties every weekend. The balance between school, work and other extra ciricular activities makes life much more challenging that it feels like sometimes I might as well drink, or abuse drugs in order to find some sort of stress reliever ,but I know that I should feed more off my spirit and less on my flesh.

    The life of a student in college is never easy, there will always be something or someone trying to put you down, some sort of critic always watching your every move waiting for you to fall down and so forth. I, like the man telling his story above have faith that we can get through anything in life with the help of God Almighty.

  • Everyone always struggles with there own problems in life. What makes a better person is learning from those mistakes. Being in school and having to rise above the peer pressure is the same way. i myself have had my faults but as a teen becoming a young adult isn’t easy.

    Especially through these times. But, if I’ve learned anything after becoming the young man i am today just like the man above in the story it is that a little faith can take you a long way. With faith even when you think all hope is lost anything is possible.

    I could have easily dropped out of school, abused drugs or alcohol but I took a leap of faith and let go of my so-called friends. After awhile my life turned around. My grades were higher, my parents were proud of me and most of all, I was truly happier.

  • No matter what life throws at you, the Lord is there and has something better in store for you. You just need to have faith and things will turn to positive. This story really hits home my borther was in prision and now he is walking in faith with the Lord. Things are looking postitive for both of them.

  • This is an amazing story. Im glad you left the life style you had and can now provide for your family, I know the struggles you go through everyday. Its really hard but at the end of the day you do it for your family. Keep up the good work your doing a pretty amazing job!

  • This story is a testament in faith and courage. Sometimes the odds are against us and the choices we make can affect us tremendously. Being lost in our past can also be a detriment to our future. Having strong faith in God and remaining positive no matter how negative the situation, we can overcome it all. I really enjoyed this story as it shows that with God on our side all things are possible. No matter how bad the situation everyone deserves a second chance and with that second chance we too can make a difference.

  • I really enjoyed this story because he over came his struggles and became an all around handy man. I am so glad I read his story because I went through some what of what he went through.

  • I totally relate to your story. I too was an addict, with no future ahead of me but jails and prison. In prison I surrendered my life to Christ and started reading my bible diligently. God has done for me what I couldn’t do for myself…. given me a new life and a great educational opportunity. Thank you for sharing your testimony.

  • I can really apprieciate this article. Some of the best people in world are those who hae turned an unfavorable situation in there lives into a positive situation. They are the peop-le that can impact so many others because they can relate.
    I strongly beleive we go through things for a reason. The reason is ususally to help others. This story reminds me that it is not always where you start, but where you finish that counts.

  • I could relate to this interview. Going through adversity,
    facing discrimination and unexpected experiences I could always led in my faith
    in God, trust in Him and enjoy all seasons of life.

  • This interview was really encouraging, through its clear demonstration of the power of the Holy spirit. In particular I was moved by the fact that this man led a 62 year woman to salvation, someone whom most would assumed was coming to the end of their life and stuck in their ways – but Jesus Christ can conquer all! The optimism and contentment weaved throughout his words is heart warming. His clear focus on living a life dedicated to Christ is evident – I’m thoroughly inspired by this.

  • This article shows that if you believe and have faith in God that anything is possible. It is amazing how he overcame his past and proceeded to become successful in life. Not only did he find a trade, he also became a minister.

    This showed that he did not stop at just becoming a maintenance technician, he went on and became a minister also and juggles both with his personal life.

    This story also relates to overcoming any fears or obstacles in life and providing faith to continue on. I have experienced the thought of not going on to finish my degree to just give up because I felt I could not do it. Believing in myself and overcoming the fears of the real world I was able to see that I can complete my degree and have a better life in the future.

  • This interview shows what faith can do for a person. By believing and trusting in God he will help you through all times.

    Its great that the man believes in the Lord as trys to inspire others. He trys to take care if his family and does what he likes at the same time.

    If we all set goals and ask Jesus to lead us in the right direction he will, he is so great and nobody will be satisfied without him.

    I would say congrats to the man for staying with his family and trusting in the Lord to get him out of his stump.

  • I love the fact that this article expresses the truth of what God can do in a person’s life despite what he/she has done in their past. The authenticity of this man’s life really shows how powerful his testimony is, in being in prison, being a drug dealer and having the power of Christ completely transform his life.

    It is clear that he enjoys what he does and as a minister of the gospel seems to have a balanced life that is done in excellence. As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and a minister of His gospel, l myself am excited to see what else God does with this man’s life as well as his community involvement as a maintenance technician.

    I have also worked with a maintenance crew before within an apartment complex, and I know that, that type of work is not easy and really can have an impact on you physically and mentally as well. I would definitely like to meet this guy just to have a even more in depth conversation of how the Lord uses him within the body of Christ.

    This particular story really shows the truth that with Christ in your life, all things are possible, which is the truth of the word of the Lord. It is not to my surprise that this man of God experienced a supernatural shift in his life once he met Jesus for himself. For anyone who truly believes in the name of the only Son of God they shall be saved. Romans 10:9 declares, that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead then you shall be saved. The Love of God is ever prevalent in this man’s life and I enjoyed reading his story.

  • this question and answer is very inspiring. especially when he says that he was in prison and was dealing drugs , but found Jesus. this proves that everybody has a calling and as long as you put my mind to it you can acheive it. this also moved me , i personally have not started my career but i hope to one day be as happy and faithful to my god as he is. may god bless him and may he continue to help others with his talented gift of fixing things. 🙂

  • This story moved me. I have to be honest and at first, I was thinking wow this is a long story, but then I got really into it. It just inspired me in all kinds of ways and to see or hear about anyone overcoming something like this really is amazing. It’s extremely hard to want to change someone about your life when you just are not motivated but to see someone else do it, when their conditions are far much worse, truly is liberating. It makes all the trials and tribulations in life suddenly fade away into being less significant. I feel like I was brought to this page to read this story and am really glad I did.

  • This story was very inspiring. I have made some bad decisions. I have a cleaning job for which I am way underpaid but I use that money to survive. Having a relationship with Jesus has kept me humble to stay at the job. With faith anything is possible.

  • * I absolutely enjoyed this story for many distinct reasons. First, I find it overwhelming when a person who has had a rough past, especially with a criminal history, manages to change and give their lives to God. The fact that this man dealt with drug, was in prison with no skills whatsoever, and managed to have a family and a job is seriously inspirational. He is an African American who is proud of what he does and he won’t let anyone change that or do anything about it. He’s keeping his head up and succeeding in life. I’m a woman from Puerto Rico, and I’m about to attend school at Ball State University at Indiana and I know that being a minority will be an interesting journey but I can’t wait to see how my future will slowly unfold.

  • I found this career story to be very inspiring which also allowed me to read first hand on some of the troubles a person can go through. I do love the fact that these questions allowed this man to provide honest and sincere answers to what he had gone through before and after his career. Many people can relate to these type of experiences but very few will actually publicly reveal their journey through life’s troubles.

    I did not have to go to prison for some of the bad decisions I made growing up, however I can relate to a lot of the struggles that he went through as a minority growing up in a low income family. Growing up in rough neighborhoods can have a lot of temptations and can easily direct a youngster in the wrong direction. While going through these struggles I married my wife, had my first daughter and found the lord as well. Finding Jesus and having my daughter made me forget about my old ways and seek the path of righteousness. I now have a job I love and can set as an example to my children and teach them the ways of Jesus Christ so they dont have to go through the troubles I did growing up.

    Finding my religion has allowed me to think positive in troublesome times, sometimes when I think all has failed God will shine his light down on me and show me that he will never lead me a stray. The Lord has a purpose to everything and I am glad I found him because my faith has allowed me to raise my family and lead a life he can be proud of.

  • This story is awe inspiring. It reminds me of some of my family members and friends who were leading a life that was taking them to either a jail cell or a chalk outline. One of my pastors who was my neighbor and close friend lead a life of crime and was very happy when he found Jesus. I myself am glad to have had people around me to lead me on a righteous path and set a good example for me by sharing their experiences. Church has helped me get through tough times and I am better off with it.

  • I can relate to this story as I also did time & worked as a maintenance worker when I was 1st released.

    With FAITH, anything is possible!

  • This story is very inspirational and it lets all individuals know that your past does not determine your future, you determine your future!

  • This story exemplifies what it takes to overcome becoming a product of one’s environment. Growing up in predominately low-income, minority neighborhoods in Chicago, there is a lot of exposure to drugs and gangs. Many of the children, I went to grammar school with are now in jail or some are dead from a life of crime. This is a lifestyle that many are statistically said to engage in at some point in life.

    Coming from this type of environment, I chose a different life for myself. Instead of going to high school in the neighborhood, I attended Lane Tech, one of the top high schools in the city of Chicago. Detached from my immediate environment exposed me to a variety of cultural backgrounds, which led me to make different choices. On the other hand, former friends and classmates, of mine, are people I see now that have chosen to be the typical statistic.

    Through maintained faith, hope, and love, I have been able to graduate from a community college with an Associates in Arts and I am in the process of being a college graduate with a Bachelors in Arts as a Political Science major. People I grew up with as a child are now memories. The best word to describe this story is empowerment. When everyone has cast a person away, it is the consistency of self belief with a reliance on a higher power that keeps you on the path to success and self-fulfillment.

  • Great story! In many answers he seems very passionate about what he does, and it really does seem like he enjoys it, even though he feels that he is a little bit underpaid. I guess money doesn’t matter too much if you really love what you are doing. I also really like that he was a drug dealer and in prison for part of his life, but he turned it around and became a better person, with a good family and a good job.
    This inspired me in a way to never give up, and to be happy with what you do.

  • It is always uplifting to read a story about someone who has turned their life around. Making a difference is always applauded and the fact that he is willing to share his story speaks a lot to his character. What a boost!!

  • I’ve had my fair share of similar experiences as well. It’s a rough obstacle to withstand, but everyone is given a chance to overcome them. I am proud to hear that you have left those dark times behind, and used them to forward on with life.

    It’s a natural desire for people to judge others based on their past decisions, but you live your life independently and don’t care what others would have to say on the subject. The most important aspect of your story is that you’re happy now and doing what you love to do. There’s no better way to experience life.

    Thank you for sharing your story, because it is an inspiring one for myself and others. I hope that you continue in happiness with your journey.

  • This is a very inspirational story. It reminds me of a book Im reading call the dream giver. When things get hard people forget to take a step back and look at what they have and what they can use to get to the next level. And once you accomplish your dreams the joy you get from doing what you are meant to do is the best feeling in the world.

  • Very inspiring story, it reminds me of when I came to Christ and realized I needed Him. When you are lost, you don’t realize that you need something you haven’t found yet. So you continue to live the life thinking you are good.
    The day i realized I needed Christ in my life, was the day I took a big sigh of relief I had found what I had always been searching for. It took a huge weight of my shoulders

  • The single most important thing which I have learned in this working world is to be honest and loyal. As long as one is honest and loyal he or she can accomplish anything. Most employers would prefer to hire an honest employee. Honesty and loyalty is the key concept.

  • This is a great story. I have to be honest, I do not think everyone deserves a second chance, but this man went to prison for dealing drugs. He didn’t murder or rape anyone. He completely turned his life around and now he is doing what he loves to do which is HELPING people. That’s wonderful that he has a beautiful family now and became a Minister. Never judge a book by its cover. Always listen to someone’s story. You don’t know anything about them until you’ve walked in their path.

  • I can really relate to this article. Similar to this man it took a tragic life event in order to turn my life around for the better. When I was thirteen years old I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At first I questioned, “Why did something like this happen to me?” However, I soon realized that this illness was meant to serve as a wake up call for me to put my life together. Like this man I began to serve my community more by taking part in Relay for Life, volunteering at my church, and acting as a team captain at M.S. Walk events. I also worked hard at school and graduated at the top of my class. Now I will be attending Teachers College at Columbia University in the Fall. This man’s story is proof that you can turn your life around as long as you work hard and use your faith to be your guide.

  • I can definitely relate to this article, and I look up to this man for bettering his life it is easy to fall back into old habits when things are difficult. It has a very inspiring message and the man is obviously very optimistic, he didn’t give up and that is the most inspiring part.

    My mom is a house keeper with two kids and ever since my parents split up she has been supporting us alone! To make matter worse my sister and I both got diagnosed with Vitiligo which is a skin condition where there is a loss of brown color from areas of your skin and it results in white patches. That took a toll on the three of us tremendously, my little sister gets treatment once every week which slows down the treatment since its suppose to be at least three times. She does what she can with the little we have and she cant afford to have us both on the treatment. She is truly my hero, she never complains and always put us before herself in everything especially since its only the three of us now.

  • I have never been in prison or committed any crimes but my brother has. It has been difficult for him to stay out of that cycle and out of prison. I can relate to this story directly through my brother. It makes me happy to see anyone succeed and truly embrace what took them to their current place. It makes me extra happy when an under dog or someone labeled less likely to succeed, succeeds.
    I was a single parent of four kids for several years more than once. I did not like myself and felt constant guilt over my mistakes and failed marriages. I struggled to make ends meet and was constantly torn between working and providing for my kids and still being able to have quality time with them and myself. I gave into pressure of who I was, who I wasn’t, and who I THOUGHT I should be. It took many years to realize what is important and what is irrelevant to happiness.
    I am now 35, in my third year of college, getting good grades, and slowly simplifying my life down to the basics without too much distraction. I try to not just accept or tolerate my mistakes, but embrace them fully and appreciate why I am where I am today. For the first time in many years I love myself so I can better love those around me. I live under my mold of who I know I am, and I strive to keep it that way no matter what society or family believes that should be. I have also found a great satisfaction in helping others in my current job just as the maintenance worker has, as well as through volunteer work. I even remarried and finally found myself in an eternal relationship with a partner.
    I am not actively religious but I believe in faith and posessing a center of existence. I respect and admire those who follow God or a particlular religion and share the knowledge and goodness of what it has brought to their lives and what it can do for others. With or without a religion, it is essential to believe in yourself, love yourself, and embrace all that you were, all that you are, and all you will continue to be, just as the person in this story has.

  • I found this story very interesting and inspiring. It pushes others that may be going through a similar situation knowing they can make something out of nothing. I am thankful for this stories because it just verifies that it is all up to me how my life can go. Determination not to be like the crowd can push you to your limit but it is only if you allow it too.

    Having God in your life i believe has a great impact on everything. At one point i thought i was going to be in the number of statistics that proved African American having a large amount of high school dropouts;however, i changed by making the decision to educate myself so i could be just as successful as any other race. I also came to the conclusion at that time when i was doing bad; things could not get any worse so why not try to make the best out of life.

  • This story gives me hope. I would like to be a social worker, but am constantly told that there is not enough money in that field and I will not be able to live comfortably. But, I believe that God’s calling for my life is to help others, and as long as I am happy doing what I love, money will follow. Thank you for the reassurance of my decision to follow my dreams.

  • One thing that made me feel very good was that you said that through your conversation and the work of the Holy Spirit, the elderly resident got saved. I get so excited when I hear what God will use you to do if you are available to him.

  • This story is very touching to me! A close friend of mine has gone through the same thing as this, and is now working as a construction worker with great pay. I am a spiritual person and believe that God can bring anyone out of anything! It is encouraging to hear stories like this. Thank you for sharing!

  • This story gives me hope for my family, and myself. I grew up very poor because my parents were addicted to drugs. I was the oldest girl of 5 kids so I had to take care of all my siblings. I never knew when my parents would be home, or if we would have anything to eat that day. I was 10 years old, and very depressed. I grew up to really want more but didn’t believe I’d have it. I became a moter myself at 15. I was beaten for many more years. I suffered many loses including the death of one of my children by the time I was 24. My siblings, and I had no real guidance so the streets was what came to guide them. They began to rob, steal, and sell drugs which they do to this day. I was always the one that had an inner voice that advised me against certain things( thank God). But for many years I watched them go to jail have child after child they couldn’t take care of, and didn’t to care while I struggled to care for mine. I still struggle to this day to keep my head up because all I have gone through however because of people like this I have hope that my life as well as my siblings lives can be better. I am now 30 years old working on a bachelors degree hoping to provide a better life for my children. God is good!

  • This is an inspiring story because this shows how wonderful someone’s life can be when you trust Christ. He is using his faith to lead others to God despite his challenges and obstacles that he’s faced. Like this gentleman, I was faced with many obstacles where I did not think anyone was out there that could help me. But I realized my God was bigger than my problems and I put all of my trust in him. Things may not have worked out according to my plan, but the worked out in God’s timing which is better.

  • I really am inspired by this story because he is using his faith to lead others to christ. The Lord uses us all in many different ways to lead people to Christ. He works with people everyday and that is not an easy job, yet he is meant to do that work for many reasons. I recently started working with adolescents with substance abuse problems and it is not easy. I pray that the Lord will use me for what the kids need just for that day. I am inspired by this story.

  • I think that this story is amazing for a few different reasons. First off the fact that he was able to change his life from where he was is amazing. Secondly, in this rough economy where everyone is focused on getting ahead and making more, the guy is not just content with what he has but is completely happy with it all although he clearly deserves more. Very inspirational

  • The gentleman mentioned, “became a minister”, that
    is fantastic. I am a Minister as well; all of the “hard knocks” that
    I have lived would have “knocked” me out with a 10 count if it had
    not been for the Lord. I have to live for the Lord all the days of my life and
    share the goodness that He has bestowed upon me.
    I want all to know of the Lord’s saving Grace and Power, through His word, my life, and as well as; my works.

  • Praise God. Life is to short to focus on the negative. It is importat to remember why we are here and what our purpose is in life. Never loose hope and remember to focus on why were brought to this earth.

  • I like this story because it moves me. The world needs to be a better place, we need to all step up and become better people. This is truely inspring to many. It takes a very strong person inside and out to change your lifestyle.

  • Your story means a lot. Your dedication and desire to move foward and stay out of drugs is inspiring. Many people need that deternimation you have to provide for your family. I myself feel that i am underpaid but i still due my best job because it also provides for my family.

  • Your story is very inspiring I have been in your same shoes. When I was younger and in high school I thought that gang banging and selling drugs was the coolest thing that there was. I was not worried about what the future held or going to college then, but when I had my first child I started to change and then went back to my old ways. After awhile I changed my whole entire life style and I decided that I wanted to go to school to better myself and provide a better future for my children. My now future wife pushed me to pursue my dreams and enroll into college because I would like to open up my own business and become my own boss. I am very glad that you changed your life around and I wish you the best of luck!

  • Spoken like a true christian. I was once in your shoes as well and when god take sover your life many doors will open. I decided to pursue my education and after graduation would like to open my own business. I love to cook so foods is my business of choice and it would also help my church out. We do many bake sales in a year and I make many pies, having my own business would allow me to donate more pies for the church. I love your story and you are right. Sometimes jobs are not for everyone, each person has a place that will work for them and their community. I am glad you found yours!

  • Your story is extremely inspiring. I love your positive attitude about life and the blessings you have. It’s very true that a smile or kind words can completely alter someone’s day or life. It’s often that we get so caught up on what we do not have, we often miss the many blessings that we do have to share and be thankful for. God bless you and keep that optimistic attitude. Don’t ever change regardless of what may change around you.

  • I’ve struggled all my life feeling very little satisfaction with the various jobs- childcare, retail, food service- until I got my C.N.A. license. It was a decision that has changed my life. I have found more job satisfaction and happiness through my work as a nursing assistant. A job that brings satisfaction is a way to find happiness through the rest of an individual life, because we spend so much time at work, a stressful job can lead to more family or firend stress.

  • I worked as a assembly tech for 20 years in three different companies. I loved my jobs but felt way under paid. Now I am on Dialysis and do not work. That is way Iam going back to school.

  • I was just making the comment today about I was a female hustler, now turned my life around and in college, getting an Associates in Criminal Justice. Never know the path that God takes you until you get there.

  • I wish alot of people could be as strong as you and turn their lives around I see it everyday with my own family this is the story of their lives but their continuing to do the samee things with lives. So blesses that I didn’t yake that path I just wish people would understand that when they make bad decicions it hurts just more than them. I’m so happy that you over came this struggle. Good luck and keep up the good work.