Nurse and mother overcomes emotional, physical, and financial obstacles to help the mentally ill

In this career interview, a nurse for a non-profit mental health organization shares how she has struggled to overcome the major obstacles she has faced, such as being a single mother, surviving cancer, and recovering from a crippling injury. While she still faces physical, emotional, and financial challenges today, she is driven to get up each day by a desire to create a positive change in the world around her.

What is your job title and what industry do you work in? How many years of experience do you have in this field? How would you describe yourself using only three adjectives?
I am a psychiatric nurse for a non profit organization where I have 5 years of experience. I would describe myself as energetic, honest, and reliable.

How would you describe what you do? What does your work entail? Are there any common misunderstandings you want to correct about what you do?
My job is to provide medical treatment of the mentally ill. A misconception is that we just medicate difficult people without a second thought. The truth is that the only time someone can really force you to take medication is if there is a court order.

Is there anything unique about your situation that readers should know when considering your experiences or accomplishments?
I am the single mother of 2 girls. I am currently stranded in New York due to a divorce. I was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and am a typical southern belle. I am adopted as well. I have survived cervical and ovarian cancer, and lived a healthy happy life beyond what my doctor expected in 2003. Because I am grateful for my recovery, I have promised to give back. I went to nursing school, and while I was in school I fell off a ladder herniating my back in 9 places and dislocated my jaw. I still managed to pass school with a 3.90 GPA even with my mouth wired shut part of the time. I am considered totally disabled because of this accident, but I continue to work. I love being a nurse. My back limits me sometimes, but I love the difference I make each day. I am now on the edge of bankruptcy and may lose my home because my children’s father quit paying his child support and because of my injuries, I can’t physically withstand the demands of working full-time and I have no health coverage because I make 15.00 a month too much to qualify for government help. But I am happy: I am alive, I have 2 beautiful girl,s and everyday I may fall behind but I make a difference, I am a friend, nurse , mother, human.

What’s your ethnicity and gender? How has it hurt or helped you? If you ever experienced discrimination, how have you responded and what worked best? Do you speak another language, and has it been helpful in your career?
I am a Caucasion female. I was once told I was too pretty to be a public health nurse, and that made me feel demeaned. I speak minimal Spanish.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your job satisfaction? What might need to change about your job to unleash your full enthusiasm?
I need to take on more responsibility and finish getting my RN certification. I am so broke now with 2 kids in college, that some months it is heat or eat. However, I love my work and I intend to go to school again when I can afford to do it and eat.

If this job moves your heart – how so? Ever feel like you found your calling or sweet spot in life? If not, what might do it for you?
This job moves my heart. I am accused of seeing the world through rose colored glasses, and wanting to save the world. I really feel like everyone deserves to have someone in their corner. Sometimes these people are so alone… I wish that all of these empty buildings the government has could be turned into acceptable housing for people who are struggling. There are too many homeless and hungry people out there, many of which are mentally ill. I want to take Kings Park (an old sanitarium) and turn it into housing and farms so that people who need a place to live can work there and have a place to stay. Let the people in need re-build it. Teach them pride… make homes for people.

How did you get started in this line of work? If you could go back and do it differently, what would you change?
I had such great nurses during my illness and injury that I decided to fulfill my high school dream and go to nursing school. If I could do something differently, I would have completed my RN right away. I need to have it so I can support my self alone.

What did you learn the hard way in this job and what happened specifically that led up to this lesson?
I am trying to find work now that does not involve lifting and there is a larger variety of positions that are less physically demanding for RN’s.

What is the single most important thing you have learned outside of school about the working world?
Be a good person.

What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you in this job?
I was giving an injection to a homeless man in a public bathroom. I made a sterile field and just as I injected him in the buttock, the door flew open and the POLICE told me to put my hands in the air. I was reported as a prostitute by the owners. There I was on one knee, needle in his buttock, pants at ankles, it was hysterical! Thank God I was wearing my badge. I am now known as Nurse Snowflake in a certain area of town.

Why do you get up and go to work each day? Can you give an example of something that really made you feel good or proud?
My patients need me. Sometimes it is just offering a listening ear, or a roll and hot cup of coffee, dinner from the church, or a blanket – These people need me and others from my office . My office was named the best in its category recently. I am proud to work and be a part of a team of people that consistently helps people learn to help themselves.

In an emergency I was able to help out with child birth, that was a very proud moment as well.

What kind of challenges do you face and what makes you just want to quit?
I work in non-profit. Sometimes I get frustrated about the budget not providing housing or food or a clean bed for someone who is alone with no family and is mentally ill, and possibly physically ill too. society forgets people I cannot. My heart breaks a little every day, and then, WOW sometimes we achieve success. The patient stayed sober, they took their meds or a bath all without encouragement, they got a job or their GED. I sometimes want to quit when the paperwork creates a roadblock that prevents people from getting the help they need.

How stressful is your job? Are you able to maintain a comfortable or healthy work-life balance? How?
I have a high-stress job. I come home and cry weekly especially now that the kids have both left for college. I cry for the good and the bad. My daughter is studying social work and psychology and my younger one studies art. We spend a lot of time talking about their new lives at school and their ideas and dreams, and laughing and crying and planning to save the world together. Now that I am on my own, I read and listen to music on the computer… it helps me escape and clears my mind and sometimes that is when I come up with new ideas to help at work.

What’s a rough salary range for the position you hold? Are you paid enough and/or happy living within your means?
I make $24,500 as an LPN working part time. I am going to most likely have to file for bankruptcy because my ex-husband is not paying court ordered child support, and I am not able to work full time, but I don’t qualify for state aid due to my spinal injury and a wrist injury. I do well as a part time nurse but it is not enough to eat and pay bills, plus there is no health insurance available that I qualify for.

I am still not giving up…. I believe I will find a way to save my house and my pride. I am a great compassionate nurse with a big heart, so I will find a way or another part-time job.

How much vacation do you take? Is it enough?
I took a four day vacation this year, and I took my birthday off. I would love to take a week vacation and see something wonderful like Paris or Pompei or India.

What education and skills do you need to get hired and succeed in this field?
You must have a HS diploma or GED to be a psychiatric nurse, plus an RN degree, LPN or LVN.

It is a tough field, and some people can’t handle it emotionally. It is a true calling with tons of patience required.

What would you tell a friend considering your line of work?
Nursing is a calling… do Labor and delivery and watch life being made, or do geriatric medicine and make friends with the elderly, asthey have so much to teach, and so much to say.

If you could write your own ticket, what would you like to be doing in five years?
I would like to be able to have finished my RN and be well onto my NP. I hope to found a project re-purposing the old Kings Park property into housing, and make enough money that I can catch up with my mortgage, bills, and have enough left over to eat and have health insurance. Maybe get married and have a couple of new adopted or foster kids. With God’s blessing, I would like to be somewhere near both of my girls.



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  • The story warms my heart! I myself grew up in one parent house as my mom divorced when I was a kid. I can’t really relate to the first person but I experienced it as a second perspective because of my mother. My mother is a hard-working woman that does relate to this story… I always been grateful of her and want to pay her back for giving me the best life that she could afford. Because of her, I am currently entering my life in College as a Health Science major, and she is the main source of my inspiration for my goals. She encourages me to be a better person on a daily basis, which maintains me focused on my goals of being an ER Doctor. Also thanks to my mom, I have found my pact as she assisted me to shadow and volunteer in our town hospital (Cox Hospital), this opened my eyes to the future career that I desire. I hope that I can pay her back one day.

  • This really touched my heart but it also proves that the faith that I have in God will always allow lead me to success. This kind of reminds me of the time I worked for Victoria Secret and that job but me through a lot in such a short a mount of time and I don’t regret it because being a plus size woman in a store meant for skinny/petite women can be a struggle.

    Many other plus sized women would enter our store and I could sense and feel their insecurities as they ran through the racks trying to find underwear or a shirt that would fit them. The job consist of a lot of standing and lifting and ever since I started I have been having very bad back and hip pains. But I endured that pain to see a smile on a beautiful women’s face.

  • I am currently a Medical Assistant at NYU. I have been pursuing a career in Nursing for some time now. I am currently in the BSN program at Long Island University. Working fulltime, being a single mother of 2, as well as dealing with mental health issues make finishing school quite trying. Do you have any advise on how to stay on track? I feel as if a lot of obstacles continue to interrupt my academic career.

  • I also feel that I tend to view the world through rosy-colored glasses. I often wish I could save every individual who is suffering from mental illness, so I understand where she is coming from in her drive to help as many people as she can.

    I aspire to be as passionate about my career as she is. I truly want to make a difference in society, and change people’s view of mental illness. It is not some scary monster we need to hide from; rather, we must confront it and learn to help ourselves and each other in battling it.

  • This story is truly inspiring. I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field, but I also knew that being a doctor I would not be able to connect with my patients how I would like. That is what made me decide to be a nurse. I just finished my first year of nursing school. And just like her, I want to be able to go to school for my NP as well as have a family.

  • This is a truly touching story. One that shows strength and perseverance. Although my story and testimony don’t mirror this one as many others don’t I’m sure as well, this does not take away from any others struggles whether big or small. Each person has a story and it serves the opportunity to grow in wisdom and strength, to be a conqueror. This has inspired me to continue on and strive towards my goal in obtaining a career of helping others.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story! It is people like you who make the world a better place every day. I have three kids and am going to start medical school this fall. I know the process is going to be difficult but that the ability to make a difference in people’s lives once I am done will be completely worth it. Your story inspires me and when I get to some hard times I will remember how you persevered through difficult times to make a difference for others. Thank you!

  • You are absolutely phenomenal! Like the saying goes, the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest & most beautiful of all. I hope that you come back & read these comments to lift your mood & see how inspirational you are! I also hope you have reached your goals by now, the shelter idea is wonderful.

    I know what it’s like to feel like your life is run by financial problems, I come from a single parent household, where my dad hasn’t been in the picture for 13 years. Your strength & resilience reminds me of my own mom. From a daughter’s point of view I can tell you how grateful & proud I am as a daughter for all the stress, work, & hardships you’ve had to endure to get your girls to college.

    It Is refreshing to learn about the struggles of a professional, a lot of times it’s important to know that everyone struggles. It keeps us humble & human. I am motivated by your story & your drive, my dream is also to help the less privileged through Doctors without Borders. Thank you for all the positive energy you are putting out into the world, we appreciate your work & your effort!

  • When I was in high school, I found out I had the hairline fractures on my L3 and L5 and it made standing for long periods of time painful and nearly impossible. However, I worked through it and it helped me find where I wanted to go in life. I wanted to help those who could not help themselves. This story reminds me so much of my mom and I because she was a single mom and she struggles a lot with me being in college and sometimes having a hard time making ends meet.

    Much like the story, I also want to work in psych, hopefully pediatrics, and I want to have my RN as well as my NP later in life. This woman also seems to have an urge to travel and I tell people everyday a place I want to travel when I graduate.

    The drive she has for herself and being a good mom is powerful and gave me the exact drive I needed to finish out my school year successfully. I hope that one day I can account to at least half of her passion and love for her job.

  • As a pre-nursing student in college attending my freshman year, I admire how hard you worked through the trials to become an outstanding nurse. You survived many tragic events but still maintained an excellent GPA and finished your goal of becoming a nurse to give back. I, as well, have fought through hardships to further my education and ultimately become a nurse.
    When I attended my first semester of college last year, the transition was difficult, Thousands of new faces on top of hundreds of different buildings meant that I was officially in college. As my semester went on, I will never forget the day of October 20, 2017. After my math midterm that I aced, I received a phone call from a random number. The voice was my best friend’s mom but she was calling from a different phone. As I listened to her wail and cry, I understood one sentence she said. “Adrian had been shot…Walmart…and its bad!” said Tina. Everything else became a blur and I thought my hearing gave out because I could not hear anything else after that. My mind wondered to the darkest and most painful thoughts I could bear. As I made my way to the hospital, I was able to peacefully say goodbye as he slowly went off to a better place.
    Now, this tragic event was a defining moment in why I chose to be a nurse. In the story above, you said that you “had such great nurses during [your] illness and injury” which is why you chose to follow your dream and become a nurse. This is exactly what happened and why I chose to be a nurse. I arrived at the hospital, the nurses were loving and caring. Their supportive words mended his family and friend’s hurting hearts, mine included. However, this one specific nurse would constantly check on Adrian making sure he was comfortable even when he was unconscious. She came in with a smile and brought hope to us. In comparison to you, my illness would be the effects that Adrian’s death brought upon me and the nurses that overwhelmed the room with encouraging words motivated me to become a nurse.

  • I have also been diagnosed with cancer; mine however was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I admire her optimism and her perspective on life. When health problems hit you hard, it tends to break you. However, the strength that she found to keep her positivism about life are inspiring. This story is reminder of how tough we are and that we can try and fight whatever comes our way.

  • I enjoyed reading this post because I was watched my mom experience some of the same struggles you did. She grew up in a low income family so she was unable to go to college right away then my mom had me early in so she had to began work early. When I turned 7 years old, my mother was finally able to become a nurse and receive her BSN degree. This accomplished was not without struggle sometimes my mother would starve before she fed me or she would work extremely late nights to make sure. I had everything I needed as a young child.

  • This is a truly inspiring story! I can’t imagine everything that this person went through at once. I come from a single-mother household so I definitely understand the struggle.

    When my mom would lose her job, we would be struggling to figure out how we would get groceries and, basically, how we would make sure we had the things we needed. There were a lot of times where we cried because we didn’t see how things would work out and things didn’t seem to be getting better. However, I am here to say that things will all work out!

    I am pursing a career in nursing and I know that it takes a toll on a person emotionally, mentally, and physically. But especially after reading your story, I feel like I’ve confirmed that nursing is for me. The stress is worth it, especially knowing that you saved someone or made a special impact on their life.

  • As a disabled college student, I understand what this nurse is feeling. I have seen many people not given the care they need and it breaks my heart. I was lucky during the time when I received a devastating brain injury to have had a proper care and support. To every single day be surrounded by those in need and provide them with whatever help she can and still not be enough due to rules and regulations must put her through so much mental and emotional turmoil. yet she perseveres, and I idolize her for that amount of sheer strength.

    Right now I have been worrying a lot about my finances because of my job cutting down employee hours to only four every single week, not to mention I am attending a college that in my two years has already put me in more debt than either of my sisters. However, I know attending school is vital for me to have an impactful career in the future. Something I hope to accomplish in my time here at school is a documentary about how accessible certain cities are for the disabled. In a way, this is similar to the nurse’s idea of “that all of these empty buildings the government has could be turned into acceptable housing for people who are struggling.” She as well as myself just want to make the world a better place for those who are not fortunate enough to be able to do so on their own.

  • This story gives me hope. I am currently a college freshman trying to make it in the health field. Your struggles are things that I am already trying to overcome such as financial struggles. I am an out of state student, and tuition is very high. My parents have been struggling to pay for my tuition.

  • Wow, that was an amazing story. It’s amazing to see you always wanting to give back to others, and that’s what I want to do too. I’ve been diabetic since I was young, and all the counselors at my doctors office weren’t. They told me I could talk to them, but they don’t get it. Sometimes kids need someone to talk to who has gone through the same things. You are amazing for wanting to help and give back when you yourself are struggling. That’s an amazing heart to have, and I hope I can have a heart like that too someday.

  • As a daughter of a single mother, I understand the difficulties and obstacles put in the way of mothers who have goals to accomplish while having one or more children but not using it as a barrier, but as a stepping stool to work harder

  • This story is something that I have experienced in the medical field. I used to work as a phlebotomist going around the whole hospital to draw blood from patients. The number one thing that I experienced is how much a patient wanted to tell their story but never had the chance because of the amount of work and time their providers were doing. Just by sitting and listening to their story healed them a little bit by making them more comfortable and aware that there are many out there that care about them.

    I have a single mother who works six days a week, thirteen hour shifts just to make ends meet. She is sixty-two and has a strong mindset with a frail body. I have not met anyone in my life who has been this resilient and endured suffering but still cared for a stranger. This has inspired and motivated me to do the same. Being able to help someone else, care for them enough, and make their life better is what we were meant to do.

  • This career story touched my heart and I understand how hard it is for a single mother to keep her children happy and have a financially stable life to support them. My mother was single for four years and had to work even though the salary wasn’t enough. Now, painfully she suffers from a mental illness called paranoia. I’m excelling to hopefully major in nursing and minor in psychology to help people with mental illness, because I know how a family suffers handling a person with that problem. Once I get the opportunity to go to nursing school, my goal is to become an RN and help women with child delivery, it can be a difficult time so I want to be one of those women making a good change in someones life.

  • I grew up with divorced parents, and financial circumstances have held me back many times when it came to extra-curricular activities and academic opportunities. I developed a passion for psychology, and have allowed it to motivate me to stay in school and pursue an undergraduate degree in psychology. It has been a rough road, but I am confident in myself to keep moving forward, and one day have my own practice for marriage and family counseling.

  • I was an LPN for a year before I became and RN. I worked in a variety of positions, many of which didn’t turn out to be my “niche” in nursing. I enjoy teaching, having learned and gained experience during my 20-year Navy career. I’ve had many encounters with Medicaid members during my 3 1/2 years as a case manager, many of whom had behavioral problems. I’ve always treated people with respect and that attitude came in handy working with conditions like bipolar, schizophrenia, depressive mood disorder, and others. I’m currently enrolled in a doctoral program to become a DNP-FNP (family nurse practitioner.) I hope to work with my fellow veterans to try and improve their quality of life.

  • Your story is moving and inspirational to read. I completely relate to your story in the sense of financial struggle and becoming a future travel nurse. I grow up with a single mother who worked really hard every day to give my two siblings and my self a successful life. I am thankful for her every day and she is the reason I push myself in school to become a nurse because she always said “your health is everything’. I want to help improve the medical system for the unfortunate country’s to have better access to medical essentials. It’s been struggling journey financial but I won’t allow my financial fears of not having enough money to get where I need to be in life.
    I also have a comprehension learning disability that truly pushed me to work even harder to succeed in school, my personal life and etc. My disability is apart of who I am and I never allowed people to put me down or let it define who I know I am. Like I said above, you are an inspiration for people to keep fighting for what truly matters in your life. I know I will as well.

  • This is a very inspiring story that shows strength and hope. She showed so much strength when caring for her patients and by not giving up even though she faced many personal obstacles. This is a truly wonderful story that everyone can learn and grow from.

  • This is such a touching story in which I look up to all nurses ever since I started as a Certified Nurse Assistant. I can relate because each day is very different and working in the hospital can be like roller coaster having many ups and downs. In which I grew to love it. Just knowing at the end of the day that you tried your hardest to provide comfort to each and every patient makes my day and puts a smile on my face. So shutout to nurses all over and thank you for all you do!

  • I am currently working as a CNA and can relate to some of the same things. I work in the dementia and Alzheimers unit, here there are patients with other mental illnesses and I agree that the one of the most important parts of the job is to make the patients feel like they matter and are not alone. Most of the time the patients just want someone to talk to and although it gets tough and patience runs thin from time to time it is rewarding to get to take of them, they truly shape the way you are as a caregiver.

  • Hello, I am currently an LVN, going back to school. I found this site via SJSU website. Job searches can be hard, but the range of work function make it worth it in the end. Nursing has so many options, you can work in a hospital, office, or private. I love it,

  • I have been struggling with mental health issues this past year and a half. I have been going through really rough phases of depression and anxiety. I am going to school to become a nurse and I haven’t quite decided what specialty to dedicate my time to yet. I was thinking kids because I love children and seeing their faces light up. This article really helps me realize even more that I want to be a nurse.

  • Being a nurse can be a stressful job, there are so many things you go through in order not overwork yourself and to get overwhelmed. You are taking care of a human being, their life is in your hands. So you have to know what you are doing when treating them. There should not be any discrimination in the workplace doesn’t matter where it is, everyone should be treated equally. There are good and bad days in the medical field, but the good thing is when you feel like you have made a difference in someone’s life and to hear that thank you from the patient.

  • I love reading your story, and I think it is so admirable that you have such a high motivation for yourself. Although I haven’t gone through nearly as much as you have I understand the will to want to make the world a better place. Everyone goes through problems in their life, but I think the difference is how we move past them.

    Although I don’t want to go into nursing, I want to go into a career that helps others and makes other people happy. I relate to you because, I get happiness from making others feel better.

    It is amazing to read your story, and see all you have gone through and still see how determined you are to make the world a better place. And I know by waking up in the morning and doing everything that you are, already is making an impact on so many people.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  • I am a single mother of 2 beautiful girls! I am finally returning back to school to pursue a specialty in Labor and delivery! It has been my goal since day 1 of first delivery as an assistant. its amazing the struggles you can overcome! and that’s the goal!

  • This story speaks to me greatly and it one of the reasons why I chose to attend medical school. When deciding to come out, I really struggled with the ideas that were fed to me from my father, since a young age. These thoughts and opinions fostered complexes and a constant sense of doubt. Medical staff, such as the one in this story, helped me to separate reality from the opinions I thought to be true. At the person explains, not every issue in medicine is fixed with a pill but rather can be helped through talking out inner thoughts or simply being there for the patient.

    I hope to motivate the healthcare community to be more accepting for many struggling communities including LGBT. A healthcare facility should never be a source of further judgment. This nurse could be the only one in the patient’s life to support and accept their decisions and, more importantly, who they are. I think it is people like this nurse who have this innate responsibility to just help others, that will make careers in this field as impactful as possible.

  • I think think this is just one more incredible display of the power that women hold. As a woman starting on my journey to become an RN I can’t even count the number of times someone told me I did it because I wasn’t smart enough for med school, asked if I get to wear the “sexy little outfit”, nursing isn’t hard, and that I should stick to raising children. A woman’s role in society is to bring a fierceness, compassionate, grit to the world we live in never succumbing to the ill prescribed past our systemic oppression had in mind for us. Women are resilient. As seen in her story women can be wizards of multitasking and wearing our many different hats.

  • This article is relatable to me in more ways than one. I grew in a lower middle class household with parents that were battling an all too common opioid addiction. This addiction worsened my mother’s already existing depression. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with sever scoliosis that would need intervention within 6 months. The only intervention available for scoliosis that had progressed as much as mine was to perform a spinal fusion surgery.

    As with many people with a drug addiction, my mother was hospitalized on multiple occasions. The occasion that stands out the most was February 15th of 2003. I had told my mother that I felt sick that morning and she allowed me to stay home from school. As I was eating the oatmeal that she had made for me, she had a seizure. Somehow, my second grade self knew exactly what to do. I called 911 and waited with the EMS team for my dad to get to our home from work. When he arrived, we drove my mother to the ER in a near by city. As our small family sat in that emergency room, my mother had another seizure. At this point, I was rather traumatized. My father took me to the waiting room as I cried and cried. As he tried to calm me down, a nurse came and sat us. She offered me a drink and brought it back out to me. There was no way for her or any of us to know, but that was a defining moment in my life.

    Years later, I was 17 years old and was preparing for one of the hardest events of my life. My family arrived at the hospital early in the morning for my check in. I was the only patient of the day. The surgeons expected the surgery to last nearly 8 hours. The nurses calmly talked to me as I waited to be taken back to operating room. Hours later, I woke up in PICU. The pain was unimaginable. During those hours, the surgeons had straightened my spine using two 12 inch rods as well as 22 screws. The nurses through the night were calm and patient with me as I couldn’t find a comfortable position, not realizing that at this point there wasn’t a comfortable position. The next day I was moved to the pediatric unit. The magnitude of what I had went through was finally setting in. The days that I spent on the pediatric unit influenced me more than I would know. The nurses were my advocates. They cheered with me when I made small milestones such as walking to a chair. They were there to listen to me when I was embarrassed about needing help showering.

    A short time later, it was time for me to choose a degree to pursue. I considered everything from an attorney to a business degree, but there was only one degree that I kept coming back to; nursing. My parents had since went into recovery from their addiction. My mom shared a story of a nurse talking to her while she was in one of her hospital stays. The nurse had told her to think of her daughter and how I needed her. It wasn’t until years later that my mom found sobriety, but she did think of that nurse and those words throughout the years and it eventually helped my mom to decide to sobriety. The nurse never knew the impact that she made, but nonetheless she did it. I thought about how these people did so much more than just check my vitals and help me heal. They helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. The idea of being able to do that for others is what led me to pursue this career. When I entered my nursing education, I wasn’t prepared for some of the harder parts of this career. This profession comes face to face with patients and families in some of the worst days of their lives. They may be facing some of the hardest decisions of their lives. If I can help them by listening, cheering for them, or even just bringing them a drink, then my late nights of studying and hours in class and clinical will all be well worth it.

  • This story is so touching and very encouraging. She is a hard worker and she cares for her patients. I am currently majoring in Public Health but i am planning to do my masters in Nursing but i have not decided what type of nurse i want to be. I can relate to to where she said that she is struggling financially which is current position now. I am taking loans to cover my tuition and school expenses. However, i hope some day i will be able to give back to society by helping those who are sick because i love caring for people.

  • This story is very inspirational, I can relate to this because my grandmother went back at the age of 55 to get her LPN. But I can relate to this story in another way because I too love helping people and it is a passion of mine to do so, and before I decided to go to school for nursing I did not know what I could do, other than volunteer work. Life is hard and it sucks when we try and do the best we can do and still seem to get no where. But we just have to keep fighting and never give up.

  • I love that you are so clearly a fierce patient advocate. As an ICU nurse, I mirror many of your sentiments. Our patients NEED us, they feel alone and scared. I have held a young mother’s hand as she gave birth, I have hugged a woman who just found out she had cancer, and I have sat with a grieving family when they learned their child would no longer walk after a car accident. It is such an honor to be able to guide people through the worst times in their lives, and to show compassion and empathy. Thank you for what you do!

  • This was so captivating. I really can’t imagine how hard it is for you to go through everything you have and still do what you love. This is a prime example of how the love for a specific job can motivate someone to get up everyday, no matter the struggled faced, and do what they love. Seeing how she realizes how important she is to her patients and vice versa, only motivates me more to go into the medical field to help people. The satisfaction of helping someone completely trumps the struggle one has to go through to get there.

  • Wow, I am so inspired by this nurse’s story. One of the main reason why I am working my butt off to get into nursing school is because I want to take care of people and that is my passion. I want a career where I can get up every morning knowing that I have the power in helping people. Sick people need the comfort and healing and that is what I want to provide for the ill.

  • I think many people can identify with this story. Many people who do choose a career in the health field, specifically nursing, tend to have a back story. It’s amazing how one’s determination to pursue his or her goal is undefeatable.

    Personally, I used to be in and out of the hospital, and I used to abhor it. Over time, though, I got used to the feeling of a hospital. Instead, I decided to become a physician. This article not only was emotional but helped encourage me to pursue my own goals. Best of luck to the author!

  • This story truly moved me. I was shocked to read about someone who has so little and yet gives so much. Not only this, but she has overcome multiple health issues of her own? Remarkable.
    It’s hard to compare my own struggles to the ones this nurse has overcome, but I definitely have had my share of health issues concerning my own mental health issues. If I were to meet this woman and have her as a nurse for a day, I would be thrilled just to be able to spend the time with this wonderful woman.

  • Wow. You really are an inspiration on not giving up no matter how many obstacles get thrown your way. I have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I get so many physical pains that it makes it hard to get up in the morning, but I do.

    I can really relate to how you really want to help those who have for the most part been on the sidelines when it comes to receiving help. I want to be an attorney that specializes in immigration and family law. I want to help those people who feel like they have no one left to help them out. Before I go to law school I want to get a masters degree in Psychology because I always loved the idea of understanding my clients a bit more than the average attorney. Especially because the type of law I want to do involves children I want to be more understanding of how the case affects them.

  • I have so much respect for how much love and passion this woman shows to the world and her family despite her difficult situation.
    I also have a dream of helping people with mental illnesses, or patients that deserve better care, like the one she is providing in this career story.
    I relate because my family has also struggled financially for years, but I too refuse to let that stand in the way of my goals.

  • This story is truly touching and one to which I can relate. I am currently in school to get my paramedic, and have faced financial issues for most of my life. My parents had me when they were both very young, and though they’ve given me everything that I’ve needed, I’ve watched them struggle. But somehow they scraped up the money to put my dad through paramedic school, and he now gives back to his community working as a paramedic. I’d like to follow in his footsteps.

  • I feel the same desire to help others as this woman does. Helping others is very rewarding and it defines who I am. Ever since I was little, minor emergencies have happened all around me. My youngest brother grew up having seizures quite often. It horrified me when he would turn blue and twitch on the floor. My other brother almost died from choking on a penny. Stemming from experiences named, I have wanted to help others in times of need. I hate the helpless feeling of a bystander. I am dedicated to receiving a biology degree from Utah State University for the future of entering medical school. My path is set, and I will achieve it.

  • This story is incredible. In some aspects I can relate and in some aspects I found so much in the story to look up to. I too want to pursue psychiatric nursing. I am starting BSN program in 2
    weeks and will have to quit my full time job, because it is an accelerated full
    time program. I had also always struggled financially and I understand how
    stressful it is. Although, I cannot relate to having a disability and not being
    able to work, I myself had to face and continue to face some struggles in my
    life. It is encouraging to see someone persevere and use the setbacks to make
    them a stronger person.

    I can certainly relate to being told certain things just because I am a woman. I will always remember when I was chopping wood while visiting my grand grandmother. After my family found out
    they stated “it is a man’s job, why were you doing that?”. Luckily it is not
    odd at all to see a female nurse, but I am sure I will continue to experience
    sexism in the future.

    I like that you cleared up a common misconception about psychiatric nursing, that it is not all about medicating people. And although I am well aware of the patience it required to work with
    individuals with mental health disorders, I am worried that I will not have enough
    patience. But on the other side I relate to wanting to save the world, and I
    strive for the same determination as you do!

  • I may not be a mother with a physical disability, but I am a nurse aide who has been working with dementia patients in a long-term facility for about 4 years now. It always sounds crazy when I talk to people around me about how I love my job. Yes, it is stressful at times, yes it asks for a lot of patience, but at the end of the shift I feel the biggest joy because I have accomplished my duty and managed to put a smile on that certain resident’s face who felt misunderstood, frustrated, or alone at the beginning of the shift.

    Being more than a full-time undergrad student and working 3 jobs is pretty challenging. I can relate my financial struggles to this nurse’s economical status, as I know how it feels to be nearly bankrupt. There comes times when simply having dinner sounds luxurious. Life is not as easy as it seems and I’m pretty sure many people can agree with me on that. This is why reading inspirational story like this makes me stronger to think I am not alone, and that I am even more motivated to finish my current undergraduate degree while being in the top 10 percent of my university, and continue for a graduate program in health care where I can interact more and even be able to prescribe medications to the mentally unstable.

  • I admire her tenacity and will to push through the many obstacle she has and continues to deal with. I too have overcome challenges that were very difficult. I am currently rebuilding my life and determined to make a difference. I returned to school after 22 years in order to finish my bachelors degree, and I am proud to say I have maintained a 4.0 G.P.A. I will be graduating this December and I will be working hard to graduate Summa Cum Laude. My dream is to return to Guatemala, Central America. I lived there for two decades, and I would like to return and work with domestic violence survivors. My goal is to create programs that would provide financial assistance for education or vocational training and other resources to help with the rebuilding of their lives.

    In my own personal experience I know that education or vocational training is pivotal in helping women become financially independent. Many women remain in abusive relationships because they are not economically solvent and do not have outside support. My life goal is to help other women as I was once helped and now I am looking towards a brighter future.

  • Perseverance comes to mind when I read her story. No matter what the struggles were she overcame them and persevered. She never gave up hope. Even at the bottle of her struggles she pushed through. For me the hardest thing in life to overcome is the unknown, but you have to put one step in front of the other and carry on. She did that! Being a nurse is not for the faint of heart. You have to be mentally and physically capable the face the worst scenarios. I admire the people that are able to go through nursing school and serve the community.

    I strongly believe that one of our moral obligation to sociality is to take care of each other. Our nurses do that. They take of us. I remember being on my dying bed after delivering my 3rd child and my nurse coming in and saved my life. She tells the story that something in her heart told her that she needed to check on me, even though she had left my office a few minutes before. Thank God for that. I thank her everyday for saving my life and giving me the gift to see my 3 boys grow.

    I suffer from mental illness. It is a challenge for me to get out of bed sometimes but I have 3 little guys who need me. I know that giving up is not an option. I have to persevere and be the best person I can be for the betterment of society. I need to contribute the world because that is my purpose in life.
    I am a village girl from a 3rd world country that was given the opportunity to be someone in America. I will become one worthy. Getting my college degree will be one of the many opportuniites.
    Thank you for Memphis girl for sticking through it!

  • This woman’s passion for helping others is something that truly inspires me. Despite her health conditions, her low pay, her stressful life, her struggle to afford basic needs items and pay bills, and her other sacrifices, she continues to strive to be a public health nurse that genuinely blesses her patients’ lives. As a soon-to-be medical student, I can certainly relate to many aspects of her story and her impetus to help the greater good, but here I will focus on one statement of hers that really touched me, “Society forgets people I cannot.”

    I’ve been volunteering weekly for two years at a free clinic for the uninsured in the inner city areas of downtown Orlando. As the financial eligibility specialist, I am responsible for helping our homeless and uninsured patients get approved for medical care. My volunteer work has allowed me to learn about the daily hardships of impoverished persons, especially those of immigrants. Typically as I inquire their financial status, they will openly disclose their lives and adversities to me. Since my Cuban grandfather had to work very hard to pull himself out of poverty when he immigrated to America, I have been able to empathize with patients encountering similar obstacles. Moreover, as echoed by the nurse’s story, I have realized how one person can make a significant difference in others’ lives.

    I’ll never forget the night that Cory and his husband came into our clinic. Cory smiled as I greeted him, shook his trembling hand and led him to my office. But his smile quickly began to fade as he explained how his untreated diabetes had landed him in the emergency room several times that month and he could not afford insurance. After entering his financial information, I discovered that he did not qualify for benefits because his gay marriage was not recognized by our outdated system. In disbelief, I brought the matters to my local manager. She responded: “I don’t have the authority to edit our system. There’s plenty of other patients who need help right now. Tell them to try again in a couple weeks.” But I was not going to take “no” for an answer. I called the lead manager over all of the company’s clinics, explaining the issue and politely demanding that our policies be changed according to the new gay marriage law. He quickly approved, and Cory was able to see a doctor.

    I will never forget the look of hope and graciousness in Cory’s eyes, nor will I forget how his husband shed tears of relief upon hearing that Cory was finally going to be in the hands of a physician. But their appreciation is only part of why I will always cherish that night. Cory and his husband taught me to value every decision we make because sometimes these decisions can truly bless other people’s lives.

    In summary, this public health nurse has been able to capture something about medicine and healthcare that, unfortunately, not all healthcare providers in this day realize: Medicine is about treating the person with the disease, not just the disease itself. I admire and can relate to her sense of altruism. It is the feeling of being able to bless other people that has motivated me to pursue such a difficult career path. I commend healthcare providers like this nurse who keep the real spirit of medicine alive.

  • This is a beautiful career story about perseverance and determination, no matter what the situation. I can identify with this woman’s struggle in many ways. To hear that others go through so much yet overcome that which comes up against them is encouraging. So many people face hurts and huge upsets in their life, however still believing that their goals will be achieved. For me, hope starts right here in sharing stories and encouraging others. I didn’t go to college when I graduated high school. Instead, I worked and started a family way too early. I didn’t give myself time to figure out who I was because I was looking for love and all the things that I though were missing but could only give to myself. This stemmed from unresolved issues from my early life and it wasn’t until eleven years later that I finally did start college. In my life path, college came after a marriage, two children, a divorce, losing everything I had, including my job, and homelessness. After all this, I was able to finally focus on allowing myself to heal mentally and emotionally, with my children, and truly understand what real faith was. Though I had to rebuild my life from nothing, I was blessed to be able pour all of my energy into building the career that I always dreamed of. I had a really great job, but now I am building a career for myself and it’s because of college and perpetually moving forward. We all have struggles but as long as we can continually move past them we can continue to mold the future we want.

  • I identify with the passion of this nurse. It is simultaneously heart-warming and heart-breaking to see others who are driven to care for underserved populations in such underpaid work. As a social work student, I joked about the abysmal compensation rates in the social work field, but as an adult, reality has made it less of a laughing matter. Admittedly, this is one reason I am returning to school in the fall; to acquire a degree that is typically better compensated. However, my primary goal in returning to school is to increase my effectiveness in improving the health, safety, and well-being of individuals and communities that are so often overlooked.

    The nurse’s story about the police finding her in a public restroom administering an injection, reminds me of the interesting places and situations I have found myself in when working with people in homelessness and domestic violence. When bringing ill and inebriated individuals at risk of frostbite into the shelter, police officers usually refused to physically assist them, leaving me to lift and half-carry full grown men on my own. On one hand these are funny to relate, and on the other it is frustrating that this is a reality our system has allowed to develop.

    My divorce left me isolated in a city I was not familiar with, and I came to depend on my work relationships to create new connections and to build up my life again. I have come to view divorce with less negativity, as I cannot say I would have come to where I am now without the challenges it introduced to my life. I am thrilled to see this nurse has persevered, and raised children with passions of their own.

  • Just from the brief synopsis in the beginning, I knew I was going to love this story! I was at first intimidated by words like “obstacles” “struggled” and “challenges” but then phrases such as “overcome”, “surviving cancer”, and “positive change” caught my attention and I knew this was going to inspire me.

    As someone who comes from a very similar family situation and wants to go into the healthcare industry to help people who struggle with mental illness I relate to this woman and her story tremendously. My father had a rare and difficult brain tumor removed a few years back and is still unable to work and can no longer afford to pay child support for my mother who is currently working two jobs and suffers from Depression and Bipolar Disorder. They both work so hard day in and day out to pay for my sisters and I to get an education and make sure we are fed, healthy and safe. As a kid – I can say from the bottom of my heart I appreciate everything my parents do, all parents like them, and this woman who work tirelessly to provide for their children.

    Having a mother diagnosed with a mental illness has not been easy and it is one of the reasons I knew I wanted to go into healthcare. I’m hoping to graduate with an undergraduate degree in Allied Health and continue to study Health Psychology. In a perfect world, I would be working with patients with mental illness who need proper care and treatment and like this woman, I know that it is not an easy job. It’s emotional and time consuming, but I have a passion to help others who may not be able to help themselves. And if that means a few sacrifices need to be made then I’m willing to do that because I care very deeply about what I do and I want to make a difference in these people’s lives.

    I love how she says “I really feel like everyone deserves to have someone in their corner. Sometimes these people are so alone…” because often times mentally ill people are seen as inferior or just crazy people and they can be alienated from the rest of the world. And that’s not right. They didn’t have a choice to be diagnosed with their illness and as human beings on the same planet they deserve the respect and compassion that they’re often deprived of. We need more people in the world like this woman. We need people who don’t care about the money because they know they’re doing the right thing. I want to be the type of person who puts others first and treats everyone equally. We need more people who can accept others for who they are. I want to be the type of person who is good and job and makes people happy. I am that type of person and if we all were a little more kind and caring, if we all lived life a little more like this woman, the world could be much better of a place.

  • After reading this woman’s career story, I can clearly discern her passion for reaching out a helping hand and providing care, despite all the obstacles she has had to face. Although my struggles have little to no comparison to hers, I like to believe we have a similar passion in life. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Due to being born in a country that suffers immensely with poverty, I have made it my ultimate goal to some day help out and give back to those who are not fortunate enough to seek medical help. It is easy to overlook these types of struggles in a first-world country, but having personally seen how poverty can affect individuals, I am completely driven by the desire to offer any assistance or support I can possibly give.

  • “While she still faces physical, emotional, and financial challenges today, she is driven to get up each day by a desire to create a positive change in the world around her.” This quote really spoke to me. I feel the same passion and positive feeling for people but have suffered greatly due to mental illness. I sometimes feel discriminated against but I persevere, like the woman interviewed, to work hard and find the same happiness in a career as anyone else.

    For a while, I found great excitement and energy in working as a kennel attendant at an animal hospital. I felt like an animal nurse, and like I was helping a population that I truly cared for, animals. My next endeavor I hope to find meaning and purpose in is in counseling. I am admitted to attend Adler University in the Fall as a student in their Master’s Degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I hope to help as many people as I can in ways that aren’t often addressed in day to day life. I feel there is an important need to talk out and express ones feelings and sometimes a friend is not always available. This is the path I think of to keep me motivated and take the steps towards everyday.

  • Although I do not fully understand this woman’s struggle with children, my need to help no matter the effect it has on me is very similar to her own views. Growing up, I always saw the problems in my community when it came to mental health.

    Because people need the help, I have to be the change I want to see in my community. It may not make a difference in the near future, but it will help people in the time being be more open to getting help since it would be affordable. I am even legally blind in my left eye, leaving me subject to ridicule from peers and disadvantage when it came to sports, although my parents never got me glasses. Even with this, I was sent to a predominately white school and was the target of racist comments and hate, never getting a solution other than to, again, “forget about it”. Throughout my life, I have also struggled with depression and anxiety disorder, once putting me to the edge of a failed suicide attempt and trying to just “forget about it” like I was told by my dad. Even though I face obstacles I haven’t gotten proper help for doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t receive help either.

    Hopefully after obtaining a PhD in Psychiatry and another degree in Business, my plan is to be hired at a local care center or hospital, getting training and certifications needed to proceed in becoming a licensed psychiatrist in my area. I will start to advertise my services first within my family and friend groups, hopefully doing well enough for them to spread my name around. Eventually, I can have my own private practice that ensures complete coverage for patients or, at the very least, a incredibly reduced rate that can be paid in a short amount of time at no risk to the patient’s finances, because everyone should be able to afford mental health care.

  • This story is very inspirational because not only have you overcome the troubles of being a single mother but also tremendous health issues that i cant even imagine. I can relate to you with having troubles with money, i come from a single mother and a dad who doesn’t like to pay child support either, I know how hard it is to live like that and for you to be able to work and take care of 2 children is amazing. It really makes me think about how much I can achieve with the hardships I go through as well.

  • The weight of the world often seems unbearable. As I make my way to a coffee shop to work on school projects, work deadlines, and scholarships I catch my thoughts running at a million miles per hour. You should be doing something else. You’re wasting time. Be more efficient. Think of your debt. There are too many voices. I sit down and order myself a coffee hoping my thoughts would settle into the seat. Another thought, “You’re not good enough.” Click-clack, click-clack, and click-clack I go on my laptop. There never seemed to be any time. Any time at all. My anxiety screeches and scratches hoping to derail my work.

    I’ve grown up by the straps of my boots. People tell me I am in a good position in life. I beg to disagree. It all feels so fragile, because life is fragile. My uncle was just five years older than me when he was murdered. My grandfather was around my age when he died. The days me and my family would go hungry because we had no money. As I finish typing away my last page I recall those 3 AM panic attacks. Where I lay in the corner of my room crying out for help. No one is up at 3am. Trust me I’ve tried. No one ever picks up their phone. Part of me hopes they don’t pick up because I know how silly it all is. I logically know it’s a panic attack. My body however feels like it’s on the verge of collapse. I fear that my heart will stop in the dead of night and I will die alone wrapped in my sheets. My friends text me in the morning asking me why I called, I tell them the truth but tell them not to worry about it. To this day I never keep my phone on night mode anymore in case anyone tries to call me late at night. I want to be accessible.

    I walk by an asylum. Sometimes I wonder if one day I will have a nervous breakdown and wind up on their front doors. But there is no rest for me. There is always more to do. My phone buzzes another email from work. Another buzz, it’s from school. Another buzz it’s from my sister who needs help with her collegiate homework. An endless barrage of requests, but I keep going. My family depends on me to clear the path ahead. I pay for my siblings college textbooks even rent deposits. My debt grows high trying to sustain those I care about and myself, whatever little is left. As I answer my texts, emails, phone calls I think of my father. My father toils in the hot fields of the San Joaquin valley, his body a sacrifice for our livelihoods growing up. I may not have same physical strength my father had, but I make up for it in brains. One day I know I will breakthrough. My family, my community, and even myself have suffered from mental illness. I know all the work and toil I am putting in now will bear its fruit one day. I just have to keep caring and have hope, no matter how much it hurts.

  • This woman’s story is very inspiring for women of today’s generation. Throughout her words, she has expressed the many obstacles that may have to be overcome in order to succeed or continue on in order to provide for a family. Like this woman, I too have had to face many personal obstacles, but they have made me grow as a person and given be insight to the opportunities that come when the hard times have passed. Being the first in my family to attend higher education, my ultimate goal is to succeed in all of the goals I have set for myself, and become a certified Occupational Therapist working with children who have physical disabilities. I am excited for the time to come where I can make a true difference in someone’s life, like this woman does every day with her career.

  • Everything that this woman has experienced has inspired me to complete my goals and help others while I am doing it. When I was in high school, my family faced a crisis that resulted in my father losing his job. My mother went through similar experiences at this woman, getting 2 jobs just so my family could have dinner on the table every night. Experiences like these only make people stronger and more open-minded, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    This crisis that my family went through has also inspired me to pursue a career, just like this woman. I am currently in school to become a speech pathologist, and want to help children that have speech disorders. I know careers in the medical field can be stressful, but I know i have what it takes to work through all the rough parts of the job. The reward at the end, which is making a change in children’s lives is well worth the stress that I may have to go through. I am happy an excited to make a difference in this world, just as this woman has.

  • I found this story to be extremely inspiring. This woman exemplifies a driven and selfless person who works for the sake of helping others. As a caucasian female I do not feel like I have faced the hardships of discrimination, although I do acknowledge the potential disadvantages and stereotypes that I receive as a woman.
    I am currently in college, studying to become an Occupational Therapist. I hope to work with children who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities. I fell in love with Special Education in high school and decided that I would like to spend my life helping children with disabilities. I believe that working with people with disabilities is one of the most important, humbling and eye-opening experiences. Although I have faced personal hardships I have gained an understanding that there will always be someone that is suffering worse than I am. I believe that acknowledging that fact is important because it inspires optimism and appreciation.
    I hope that one day I will feel the personal satisfaction and perseverance that this woman has shown through her writing in this article. When you help those in need, you are helping yourself more than you know.

  • I was very touched to read the story of this extraordinary nurse. I think in society today nurses play such an important role in medicine because they invest time and energy into their patients because they genuinely care. This nurse is an incredible example of this. It is inspiring to hear that even though she has faced various challenges in her life, she has not and will not give up. In difficult situations giving up can be the easiest option but this nurse was brave enough to not just think about what is best for her, but what is best for her children and all of her patients. Her passion for helping others gave her the motivation to get through all of her problems and stay grounded.
    I can relate to this woman’s passion for helping others. I believe there are many under-served populations all over the world that need our help but since they are not in headlines or news articles, they are ignored. I want to help the people who often get ignored because they as well face challenges, whether it being lack of health insurance, transportation, accessibility to medical attention, or due to social stigmas. I think it is important and critical that everyone have the same opportunity to live a healthy and happy life, no matter where you live or how much you make.
    Working abroad or with non profit organizations in rural communities all of over the world might not be the highest paying job, but helping those in need is a passion of mine and will be worth all of the challenges. In the future I would like to be a Medical professional and work with organizations such as UNICEF or Doctors without Borders. I want to help those who perhaps do not have a voice. Just as the nurse explained the stigma that comes with the mentally ill, I believe these barriers must be broken because society can become informed incorrectly.

  • This is an amazing story. I once heard a writer say, “we all have a story”. This mother overcame many obstacles, this is what connects me to her story, as I too have been faced with many obstacles in life. As a single mother I know first-hand the struggle to provide for ones’ family, maintaining a home in a nice community as well as ensuring you have healthy meals. I’ve been challenged with several lay-offs, particularly during and after the global recession. Due to the high cost of living, and literally no income my daughter and I were homeless for several years. But I was determine to ensure my daughter lived in a nice community and attended a favorable school, to which by the grace of God she graduates from this year. I’ve instilled in her the importance of integrity, education and citizenship. But, while I support my daughter, as well as provide a supporting role to two siblings that suffer from mental illness (one of which actually has a court order to take medication), and a sister struggling with Cancer, I am determined to personally accomplish a level of success; continuing my education is a step on the journey to my success.

  • I really resonated with this woman’s values and the the overall message she creates through telling the various hardships she has encounters and still encounters within her life. Although working in a non-profit, human service career is not the easiest path to financial success, and working with those suffering with mental illness can be emotionally taxing, it is the knowledge that you are positively impacting the lives of those in need that make it all worthwhile.

    I am about to graduate college with a BA in psychology and health and human services and plan on enrolling in a clinical counseling program to later become an LCPC. From an early age, I knew I got my energy and greatest sense of accomplishment through working with others and helping them overcome barriers. I have experienced frustration many times when people question my decision to pursue a career in counseling stating that I should “use my brain power in a career that offers greater room for growth”- i.e. a higher salary.

    Like this psychiatric nurse, I know that I may struggle within the initial years of my career as an LCPC. I will in no means be living a lavish lifestyle, but I will be doing work that is so internally rewarding to me that I will be willing to make these sacrifices. When it comes down to it, money is not equivalent to happiness when considering a career. Like this woman states in her interview- “this job moves my heart” – something that you rarely hear an investment banker or a manager at a large corporation proclaim.

  • I relate to a lot of aspects of this story. Through out my life I have been told that I so pretty I should just be a model and a stay at home wife, because that is what pretty girls do. When I voice that I want to be a psychologist, everyone in my area thinks that’s an easy job and that I will make a lot money working with rich Newport beach clients. However, these are all assumptions that people make because I am pretty pr because of where I grew up. My heart is calling me to do greater work with people in greater need. I feel that I will face many of the same obstacles once I graduate from International Disaster Psychology. Working with survivors of human trafficking and returned child soldiers in not an easy career tract and it is not the most funded but it necessary, just like psychiatric nursing is necessary.

  • As someone who struggles with mental illness, I appreciate how you put your heart into the work. I know it takes a lot of patience and understanding.

  • I can relate with this woman very much because of the way she likes to help people. I to am the same way. I love to be able to help people even when I don’t have much to offer, whether it’d be helping a homeless man get meal for the day or helping pay for someone who is short in cash at the grocery store. Although I have faced family obstacles in my life that have pushed me back from being able to help others I always find a way. Having my mother go through Chronic Leukemia was a struggle for me and my family. At times, It was like the woman in the article said, “Heat or Eat”. my mom had to have medication prescribed to her so that her leukemia wouldn’t return. This medication cost $400 a month. My parents struggled with having to live from pay check to pay check. And with my mom not working as a babysitter she couldn’t help pay for the medication. This took a he toll on my family. It was a constant struggle to having to find a way to get the money.

    Now with college rolling around it’s even harder to think of how’d we pay for it. Like the woman, I always wanted to be able to help people when I didn’t have much. I babysat for weeks and did extra work for people around my block to help pay for schooling necessities for me and my sister. At times, I’d help my friends out and drive them to their work or anything they needed because I knew that what made me happy was knowing that they were being helped and they were doing okay.

    I always wanted to help seek Justice for people that have been abused or have been hurt in anyway. whether it’d be friends in abusive relationships or animal abuse. I am very dedicated to helping people in need, even when they don’t vocalize it. I want people to see life through my eyes, fun, exciting and worth living. Wanting to work in the Criminal Justice area takes a lot of strong minded people. and That is what I am. I’m dedicated to having people find peace with what has happened. I want them to feel safe and secure with the life they have, not to have them live in constant fear.

  • I really appreciate how relatable this story is. I am currently working my way through nursing school, and at times it can be overwhelming. I can hardly imagine facing as many difficulties and still surviving nursing school. This story encourages me to keep working towards my goal and to remember that nursing is a calling.

  • This story is truly touching and I can relate to the passion this woman has for helping people have a happy life, since she had to so many hardships of her own. I didn’t have cancer, but I did suffer from mental illnesses including anorexia, depression, self-harm, and anxiety disorder. It’s been difficult in college so far, especially since I had to transfer several times and even withdraw due to my own struggles. Now I’m in a safe and healthy mind set, and I share that desire this woman to help those in need from discrimination and lake of opportunity all because life hasn’t been smooth sailing. I decided to comment on this article because reading this gives me hope.
    A woman who has lost so much and dealt with so many tragedies in life is still so happy, and that shows me that I can accomplish anything in life since no obstacle is to hard to overcome. I use to believe that my mental illness would never be relieved and I would never recover because it was so difficult. I mean going to residential treatment and having to put my whole life on hold for a year is not a piece of cake. However, divorce, cancer, and a serious fall that caused permanent disability isn’t exactly easy to handle either. This woman doesn’t have much money or resources, and honestly she could easily give up, and be hateful of life, but she keeps pushing forward. It proves to me that this level of self-motivation exists! She is working hard for the good of humanity, and one day soon I hope to share a similar accomplishment.

  • I chose to comment on this story because I can relate to the trials this woman has overcome and she inspires me. I have struggled with anorexia almost my entire life. But the eating disorder isn’t my actual problem, it’s the coping mechanism. I have endured sexual abuse and my eating disorder has helped me cope. However, I don’t need my eating disorder anymore because I am, like this woman, a survivor.

    After being hospitalized for 8 months and overcoming three different occasions of sexual abuse, I am proud to say I am a Junior in college with a 3.98 GPA, who works and lives on her own. I am healthy in my mind, body an spirit.

    Like this woman, there were times when I felt like I just couldn’t win. Like everything was against me, but like her, I focused on the positives and that truly got me through. She inspires me to constantly strive to make a difference in others’ lives, even though my life isn’t exactly how I’d like it to be.

  • I understand what she means about the work being rewarding. I work as a CNA at a nursing home and previously worked as a Direct Support Professional in the home setting. I know how difficult it can be to work with people who have a mental disability. I currently work with many people with dementia, while at my last job I helped people with bipolar and other personality disorders. To some degree I can say that I know how to help and communicate effectively with them, but everyday is a learning experience. It is true that the work is rewarding, I often find myself exhausted but fulfilled at the end of my shift feeling like I actually helped some people and hope to continue that feeling in my chosen field of work.

  • I can definitely relate to the feeling of wanting to give back after having overcome many personal obstacles. It is the reason I decided to pursue social work after surviving homelessness, poverty, and domestic violence.

  • Life is is hard. I believe that the Nurse and I have something in common because of the tolls we carry. We do not carry the same issues but our issues are quite similar. For example she is a single mother who is struggling financially, I am a college student struggling financially. Being a single mother has a negative connotation. Being the first generation has a negative connotation as well because I have to set the standards for the next generations. These names or labels rather may have negative meanings, but it is also quite beautiful once you can see what we can can overcome and not fall becuase of the name. Yes, she is a singke mother, yet she did not let that detour her from providing for her children. And yes, I am a first generation, but I won’t let the pressure of being perfect tear me down emotionally or mentally. That is the wonderful beauty of life, to never give up.

  • I can relate like so many to the difficulties that were faced. I suffer from a disability and I was home when I returned to school. School became an evolutionary process for me. I eventually realized that of all things teaching was my calling. Mind you, through the exploration I evolved into that position. I also like so many here am not motivated by money. I have worked with a nonprofit helping animals throughout my education. It is giving back to the community and saving one life at a time with the animals. Education is similar. It is helping one student at a time find what inspires them. What is internal in their learning process. I hope to give back to the community in that fashion for the rest of my life.

  • This Woman’s story is truly a triumphant one. Not only has she beat the battle with cancer but she also overcame it. Even while battling a divorce, and being a single mother with two kids she still managed to come out triumphant, with both of her children attending college and following their mothers footsteps do become great young women. I can relate to this lady on a personal level because I too have a passion for nursing that goes beyond what most people may understand, and I love to volunteer to help fuel that passion. Not only do I love to help others but I tend to put that before everything else as well. You can never be too much of a blessing to someone and living by that notion is what can really benefit you in life. Like the bible says, there is as much joy in giving as there is in receiving. Helping others can help me feel like I am making a difference in the world, not just living to please myself. This lady is also a selfless human being and she deserves everything her life will soon come to offer. I wish the best for her health and her family in the near future.

  • I am really moved by this woman. I began my interest of nursing when I was a senior in high school, so I took on extra credit courses for the CNA program that we offered. I then moved to Arizona from California after graduating to attend a college for my medical assistant degree. My CNA instructor had told us from the beginning, you don’t know how to manage your time and other’s time if you don’t know what it is like to be in their shoes. So I knew it was best for me to start from ground up. I didn’t know that it would take me so long.

    After three months of attending college, I met my now husband and we became pregnant. He dropped out of college and began working for UPS and I was to finish my schooling. My goals were at a standstill at this point after I graduated. We moved all over and I had two more children. My medical assistant degree is basically a piece of decorative paper and I am a stay at home mom.

    I decided to get up and finish my dream of completing my nursing degree after my youngest was born. My husband was very much against the idea of me working. I come from a Portuguese background and my husband comes from a Hispanic background. Women have babies and stay home taking care of the family. My mom was my inspiration. My father abused us and cheated on my mother and took all of our hard earned savings, leaving us with nothing. My mom left him and worked three jobs so that we could at least have band or a sport of our interest while we attended high school.

    During the first couple of years back in college, I was having a hard time with adjusting and controlling my emotions. I would soon be diagnosed with depression. My husband was never home as he was working oilfield and my in laws were my only source of support and we hardly saw eye to eye with care taking let alone the fact that I was going to school while their son was never home because he was to go above and beyond to support us. So, I felt very alone.

    About 2 years after my diagnosis and every set back imaginable, I cheated on my husband and left back to California. It was the hardest part of my journey and I just wanted to give up. Nothing felt right and everything was pointless at this point. I had no one supporting me and I felt alone. My kids were all getting ready for school and I just didn’t care anymore. So I packed up everything thinking that I was going to just move on and start over again. I of course knew that I wasn’t mentally stable, so I went and stayed with my mom who watched over us while I saw a psychologist once a week and ran some tests.

    We found out that I was indeed bi polar, with a personality disorder and had a form of self mutilation disorder as well. I didn’t want drugs to fix me so we found other alternatives. I visited every church in our surrounding area and tried to get involved with family activities. I kept a calendar around me and kept my moods documented. I began talking more to my husband and we began to agree that repairing what was broken would be best before throwing it all away.

    Three years later, I am an active member of Church Of Christ in our small town in Texas. We are looking to expand to our family, and I am attending a Christian based school to obtain my BSN. My kids are happier than ever and so are me and my husband. We have found other friends that help me when I need it and in a supporting manner. I still struggle but between our church family and the relationship that me and my husband have rebuilt I can say that I don’t do it alone.

    If it weren’t for the people in the nursing community who helped me through the hardest points of my life I don’t think I would be where I am right now. Most of the one’s who guided me had some medical background and has encouraged me to not stop. So, here I am, looking at the finish line with two and a half more years to go and I am ready.

  • As a Vietnamese-American boy growing up with strict Asian parents, I had no choice but to learn how to become independent at a young age. The sacrifices my parents made to allow me to come to America in hope to find a better future allowed for me to push myself through many obstacles in life to obtain success. I believe that education is the key to success and with a better education; I believe that one day I could make a difference in someone’s life. I strongly believe that furthering my education will bring me closer to making a difference to those around me. While being a full-time student and working part-time, I gained experiences working with the general public meeting people of different diversities and culture. I love the idea of public health being the science of protecting and improving the lives of society. I’ve always had a strong passion to making changes, even if it’s only making a difference in one person’s life. I want to be able to build better systems in a way to improve the health of families and communities in the future. My years of volunteering with H and R Block to aid the underprivileged population me to have a stronger desire to work with the underserved populations to close the disparity gaps existing worldwide.

  • This woman’s story pulled at my heart strings. While I am not yet a mother, nor do I plan to go into nursing there are many things that I can relate to in her story. First and foremost is that my father passed away from Colon cancer in 2007. To know that this woman has been through so much and came out of it is amazing! She is truly an inspiration.

    When my father died, my mother was left the single mother of 2 under age children and one who was an “adult”, by society standards. I have watched as we all struggled with various issues since his passing and I hope that I can be like this woman and pull through the way that she has. Though I am not adopted, my older sister is. She is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her.

    Like this woman I plan to work in a high stress field. I currently work in home with children who have special needs, primarily autism. I have struggled with depression and anxiety, and I want to make a difference for people who are struggling in life. I want to make it easier for these kids to cope with the hand that they have been dealt and to push through and come out on top! All of these kids have such potential locked away and it is my goal to find the key to unlock what they are capable of.

  • I can relate to this women because I am a single mother and face all the challenges that comes with the title. Not only am I a single mother, but I am a young one too. I have volunteered with children and was a coach for a little soccer league. I also currently work and I am looking to further my education. Being a single mother and working causes such an emotional and physical drain in your life. I had such a great staff when I delivered that it motivated me to continue to be in the medical field. My ultimate goal is to help those in need and graduate from medical school. The struggle is real and there is nothing like having that gap and being able to separate between work and your personal life, but you do it because other people need you.

  • Like this woman, I am also an RN. I have also been in the same situation that she is in. Divorced, single mother of 2 and barely surviving on $15 an hour and not receiving child support from my ex-husband. I too, struggled to get out of a financial rut but kept persevering for a better life for not only myself but my children. I grew up in a rural community poor and my mom barely having enough money to put food on the table, I wanted more than that for my children.

    I was lucky enough though to find my husband whom offered me support in whatever dreams I wished to follow. I decided to leave the restaurant business and go to school full time for nursing. I have now been an RN for 7 years and am working towards my Doctorate Degree in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. In those 7 years of my nursing I have experienced many different areas of my field. These areas have included working in three different outpatient surgical facilities where I have worked with skin cancer patients, spinal surgery patients and general pediatrics. I have been fortunate enough to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN) in 2012, and since then have had the opportunity to work within two community hospitals within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and now a Level One Trauma center.

    During each employment I have met a wide variety of patients in different stages of their lives. Some living in pain for years; watching them wake up from surgery and walk out of the facility with a new sense of life. I have taught families of the pediatric population to care for their child after surgery with fear in their eyes. I have hugged the family members of a patient when our hard work and expertise in the ICU has saved their loved one’s life. I have cried with patients and their families when they receive a heart wrenching incurable cancer diagnosis. I have also held the hand of a dying patient and was there for them during their last breath so they would not die alone. Nursing is in my blood sweat and tears; it defines who I am as a person. I could not have chosen a career that I am more proud of and could not imagine spending my time away from my family doing anything else.

    Through all of my experiences the one thing that I have learned is that each patient is individual and completely different from the next, yet they all hold three important similarities. Each and every single patient wants the time to have their concerns heard and addressed, they want to be educated in a way that is easy for them to understand, and they all expect to be respected as a human being. I believe that this can be done in many areas of healthcare, but most importantly within primary health care. As a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), I believe that I will be able to provide to the needs of the general public within the community. I want to be a part of the healthcare community that is assisting in preventing the decline in the communities’ health and a first-line contact with those most in need.

  • Stories like this are really inspiring to me. It motivates me to keep on perusing my dreams even with obstacles in the way. This woman reminds me of my own mother who has worked and provided for my two younger siblings and me on her own. Even now that I no longer live with my mother and am in college she is always there for me. My mother may not be there to financially support me, I have to work for what I want my own. However, where it counts and where she can help she is there. It is selfless people like this that make the obstacles worth climbing. I strive to be this type of person and later hope I can reach out to even more people by getting my degree.

  • This story drew my attention because of the fact that this woman is a nurse and single mother. Although I am not either of those things, my mother is both of them. She has faced some of the same social, emotional, and financial hardships that this story outlines. I have watched my mom struggle and work her absolute hardest just so she could give me a better life. She now works two jobs revolved around nursing so that she was able to send me to the university of my choice. Our current financial situation is not great, but we push on in order for me to follow my dreams, just as she followed hers.

    I am aspiring to become a sports broadcaster – a little different than nursing. However, my mom has been the most supportive person I could have asked for in my life. Through her perseverance to accomplish her goal of becoming an RN, she has instilled in me what it takes to get where I want to be. She has pushed on me the importance of having thick skin when you are looked at as an outsider. My mom, much like this woman, was told she was “too pretty” and should be doing something else. I face that same challenge going into the media business because I fear people looking at me as just a pretty face and not an intelligent person regardless of gender.

  • I find her a very hard working person. She struggled through cancer and was able to survive. Not only that but she never give up even though she was sick. She fought through her fear and became a brave woman. Furthermore, I think her heart is the most precious thing ever. She had 2 children and was able to raised them up on her own. It not easy for a woman to take care of her kids, but at the same time strived for her dream. She loves her job and pity those who are homeless. She is a determine person who never give up her dream and continue to pursue her goals. Like her, I also struggle through hardship. I came to America at young age and have to adapt to the new life here. I had hard time speaking and writing in English. However, I continued to work hard and improve my academic skills. Right I have the chance to go to college, and I want to take this opportunity to improve my grammar and English. Her story inspire me to achieve my own dream no matter how hard it is.

  • Just as this woman has gone through hardships in her life, I have seen many others experience similar struggles in life. It takes a lot of strength, courage and compassion to be the person that this woman has strived to become. I cannot say I have experienced what the woman in this story has, but I have witnessed the suffering of loved ones, in particular, my sister and my cousin, both single mothers who were left by the irresponsible biological fathers. Raising two boys alone is tough, my sister has told me. While I was in the military I would send money home to give her financial support that both my nephews’ fathers never gave. It has been difficult for them balancing motherhood, and low paying full-time jobs to support their children, and that’s where I come in.

    Wanting something better for my family that have been placed in similar predicaments, I joined the military, and in doing so I have earned educational benefits to support my health-related education and career goals. Not being financially secure enough to earn a post-high school degree I had decided to take my educational pathway into my own hands. It is through seeing the daily struggles my family and friends go through that I decided I wanted to be a person that can help them in any way possible. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in the hope to apply to medical school and become a physician. I want to be someone my family can depend on so that they no longer have to struggle with daily expenses, just like the woman in this career story.

  • Coming from a family which is deeply invested in the health field, this story touched me. It is amazing to hear of an individual helping others and making a significant impact on others. Sharing a personal story such as this one was very brave and ambitious. It is easy to think that you have it bad when things go wrong in your own life. Stories such as this one make excuses unacceptable. It is inspirational to see individuals going out of there way to overcome their obstacles and progress.

    Being an African American Female in the Bronx, I did not think that there were many options for me in the future. The lack of motivation to pursue a higher education and the lack of finances made me feel like I was trapped. It is an aspiration of mine to become a neurosurgeon. This dream and the desire to help others changed my mind and pushed me to do what ever was necessary to make sure I went to college and finished. I am the first of my family to attend a university and I will make sure my nieces and nephews do the same.

    This story was uplifting and has in many ways reassured me that the path I am taking to help others is the right way to go.

  • I have similar goals and aspirations similar to this women. When I was in the 2nd grade, I was in a near-fatal car crash that almost took my life. I was in a medically induced coma for a week and I was a completely different person once I recovered, but I made it. After that, it taught me to never take life for granted and always be thankful that I got a second chance because I was not suppose to make it. I love helping people and giving back. Unfortunately, it was not easy to get to where I am now. High school was not that much of a challenge for me because I always had a support system and people who cared about me. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized you really are alone out here in the real world because all people care about it money. There were countless nights when I would find myself pulling all-nighters and crying because of the amount of stress I was under. There were times when I just wanted to quit, give up, and walk away. I am currently a pre-nursing major and my classes alone are expensive given the fact that I have to pay science fee’s for all my chem and bio classes. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree and soon hope to come back for a master’s in a few years. A degree in nursing can cost anywhere from $30,000-$100,000. Now, thats expensive
    People do not understand how stressful college or any life decision can be until they experience it. My money situation in school is tight right now and if I do not receive enough grants, scholarships, or loans, I have to pull money out of my own pocket and that is a struggle being as though my mother has to take care of two kids on a low-income salary. We find ways to make it work but it can be hard at times and it can make you feel like you are packed into a corner with nowhere to go. I am grateful that I find scholarship resources to help me and benefit from.
    I encourage everyone to always go after their dream and never give up.Hardships may come but you have to believe in yourself and never give up. Always remember that God has a plan for everyone and you just have to let it play out.

  • Like this woman, I also work with the developmentally disabled. I am a DD Resident Aid for my local mental health board. I have a passion for what I do and the thrill of helping others. That is why I am currently working toward my Human Services degree. I love my work but the income and job is very limited. I want to do whatever I possibly can to help any and all in need. Providing services, advocating, fund raising, etc. However, I am also a single mother, which can really make it difficult at times. My children’s father recently quit his job because he was so upset that they started taken child support directly from his check. I live paycheck to paycheck, which only comes once a month, and now this has really hurt me. I am determined though, and will do whatever needs to be done to pride for my children and continue my education. The only problem is those loans are pilling up while my income stays the same.

  • I can relate with this woman’s story and compassion on so many levels. Her passion to help others even with her own obstacles to overcome is an inspiration to others. The thought of knowing that someone else is going through a similar situation, and can move forward reflects their strength in their character. I can definitely relate to how disabilities can hender you from doing things that you want to do. Finding resources and tools to overcome these obstacles is what makes a person stronger. Despite what she’s going through, I can empathize with this woman for wanting to hell those who are mentally ill. I am a disabled Army veteran diagnosed with PTSD and bipolar disorder.

    Often times when people find out that you have a mental illness they have already made assumptions and judged the kind of person that you are. I used to be towed on a regular that I will never amount to anything and I would never be able to do anything and even made fun of for having me on their mental illness by people who don’t understand what mental illness is in how we hope to go through life on a daily basis. Because I have self motivation and I’m dedicated to giving back to those in need I have proved to myself and to others that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I graduated in 2012 with my associates in criminal justice and even till this day people wonder how was I even able to accomplish his goal.
    Labels and stereotypes will always be around but our actions and how we apply ourselves is what defines us. I am two classes away from obtaining my Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Administration; once I graduate, I plan to take a class to be a life coach. I will work with juveniles who are currently incarcerated in a juvenile detebtion center The youth are our future and they need redirection, they need love, and they need to have more effective support from those around them. Who would be better to do this than the person that has once walked in their shoes and been down that path and made a change in a positive manner? Disabilities and mental illness do not define our character. I walk with my held high, smiling and always willing to help another in need. I’m recently grieving the loss of my only child, and me finishing school to assist other children in need is how I am able to keep moving forward.

  • I appreciate this article. This woman is a survivor of many things. Although she has experienced many things that can be/are damaging such as divorce, and cancer, she has still managed to help others. She has not let her unfortunate events turn into bitterness. On the contrast, she has turned her experience into something very positive which is the outreach to others who have been hurt/are hurt. I can personally relate to this because I, too, have a mother who is divorced. My mother has three children, but is now unemployed due to many illnesses; mental and physical. Although my mother is a college educated woman, life has take an unexpected turn, like the nurse in the above reading. However, this nurse has managed to take her life challenges and continue to help those in need.

    My mom faces the same struggles financially, but my mother receives no income. My mother has loss our home to foreclosure already. But, my mother still longs to help others, like the nurse in the above article. That is why i agree with the nurses statement ” Nursing is a Calling”….

  • This woman is an amazing soul. She has faced so many obstacles in her life and continues to be a light to all people. She has proved herself to be a determined mother, and nurse who is not afraid of anything. I too suffer from illness, anxiety and depression cause me pain on an every day basis, but I choose to overcome it daily and press on because life is beautiful, and there are so many beautiful people out there too.

  • I can relate to this story because i the person that i love the most my mom went through an emotionally and physically stressful time. My mom is one of the strongest,hardworking and loving person that i know. She use to be a full time worker to support our family and volunteer at several orphanage centers on her free time, but all of a sudden her sister was mentally sick and had to stop her job to be her full time caregiver. She did that for a whole year,but had to go back to work as a part timer and still take care of her sister but in the process my mom started to lose weight and also started having a hard time with her hands motor ability due to a nerve problem.What amazed me the most was that even at that time she never stopped helping others and volunteering and that’s why she is my hero.

  • I can relate to this story in many ways. I am a mother of three, ages 18, 13, and 2. I worked the whole time I was in my undergrad, 2 jobs, and then had to let one job go after I had my daughter so that I would have time with her. I have struggled through marital problems, financial woes, homelessness, the loss of family members and catastrophic injury that was life changing. I feel a need to help those who need it and to try to help others to find the silver lining in the storm. I have always tried to stay positive and to show my children that hard work and honesty really does pay off.

  • I really relate to this story. My mother also worked long hours raising my siblings and I and now works as an NO. She has overcome a lot in life and seems to have a great heart and genuine passion for helping others. I have worked with people who suffer from mental illness and drug addictions when I searching out my career interests and I can attest to the lack of support for mentally ill people especially those that are homeless. This story is inspiring and I hope to be able to advocate for patients in the way that she does in my future medical career.

  • Like this woman, I have constantly battled with emotional struggles. Though our struggles are not the same, I understand the feeling of just wanting to reach your end goal. Getting to college and then graduating from college is such a big goal of mine, and I have already accomplished part of it. From reading this woman’s story I have motivation to keep doing what I love, regardless of what others have to say of think. You must always fight for what you want.

  • It is my goal to one day be in the medical field. Sometimes life throws you many obstacles and it’s your job to overcome them or let them hinder you. Like this women I want to be able to continue to overcome my obstacles so I can one day reach my dreams.

  • Like this woman, I too overcame physical challenges and economic struggles. In addition I am a second language learner. I am one of 9 children of a migrant family that came from Mexico seeking a better life. My brothers and sisters and I worked with my father as seasonal farm workers when we were in high school. I am the first in the family to graduate from college. I mentored my siblings and 5 of them received college degrees. As a child I was stricken with polio and walk with a limp. After many surgeries I am able to walk with a limp. Despite the Dr.’s diagnosis of extreme physical pain that could disable me by the age of 25, I am 46 and in the best physical shape of my life. I am a bilingual teacher and I for 23 years I have served children and their families of many Title I schools. I am privileged to work with the families of disadvantaged backgrounds. My mission in life is to serve and do unto others as I feel very fortunate for what I have been able to accomplish through hard work and perseverance. All children deserve the opportunity to learn to be the best they can be so that can become productive members of society and as well as the right to social justice.

  • This story speaks to me greatly, My mother also a nurse has fought her way to the top she was raised in a poor community and became a single mother of two at a very young age. During this time she was able to maintain two jobs and support her children with no help from anyone. My mother paved the way to go to school, work, and support her children. She expected nothing less from her children and I want nothing more to show her that hard work and become a teacher whom can one day help those people in need, I watched my mom struggle to feed me; so I hope that one day I will be able to give back to my community and help be a positive role model to those children who are in need but also help support those single mothers who are struggling everyday with day to day life.

  • help in others motivates me, makes me happy. as well as many others who have provided their comments, I am also a warrior!
    my life has not been easy, I have been through financial, emotional, and many other obstacles in life. I am mother of two children, and currently providing for my family since my husband has been sick since September. Even in adverse times I am still volunteering in my community.

  • I really enjoyed this woman storys and how she have to work go to and also be a single mother’s. Also her working a non profit prove that she loves what she does which is taking care if people and not worry about being payed. I love to be a nurse because I wants to be able to put smile on people face and that is what she does and she I very happy about it.

  • She is a very strong individual. She faced a lot of trail and tribulation. I am happy to see she’s a person that refuse to give up. She’s a very caring person who cares about the homeless. I am a very caring person that would give to anyone that’s in need. I work at a hospital in a ICU, where sometimes it is very sad to see people suffering when I can’t help. She know about pain,suffering, lost, and she also know how it feels to not have enough money. Thank the lord for her and may she be bless with everything she needs in her life.

  • It is amazing what she has accomplished after so many hardships. Speaking from experience, it takes lots of strength and willpower to rise from difficult situations. Although my experience was not as bad, it still took a toll on me for quite some time. When I was a freshman in high school, I was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. I missed school for a month because I was paralyzed and because I had to be flown to a hospital three hours away from home for treatment. When I returned to school, I had to catch up on mostly everything I missed and keep up with current assignments. About a month later, my dad had an accident at his job that led him to dislocate his shoulder and break a couple of ribs, some of which punctured his lung. I was so distraught and as a result I completely shut down emotionally. I had to go to counseling sessions because my mom was worried about my mental health, and thankfully because of it I went back to being my normal self. My freshman year was a very physically and emotionally draining year. However, I never lost focus on my goals. Regardless of how upset I was, I continued to do my best in school. I managed to graduate in the top ten of my class and I am now going to college like I had planned. When I received my medal with my rank and GPA, I cried, not because I was going to miss high school, but because I remembered all that it took to earn my award. At that moment I truly realized that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

  • The world definitely needs more people like this woman. Even through everything she has been through, she still goes out of her way to help others every day who cannot help themselves. I want to do something very similar with my life, only instead of people who cannot help themselves, I want to work with and help animals who have no where else to go. The world would be a much better and nicer place if everyone sees it the same way as her.

  • This woman’s commitment to healthcare and the betterment of others’ lives despite adversity resonates deeply with me. As a refugee to this country, I too have felt financial and physical challenges in my life. While it seems easy to focus on oneself and chose the path of least resistance, I would not feel satisfied with my life choices if I was unable to help others find the same opportunities that I was fortunate enough to have.

    When my family arrived in America we were living in low-income housing and hoping to have enough food stamps to get us though the month. Though the struggle of daily life was real, conditions were far better than in our warring homeland. Our positive attitude and the kindness of volunteers in our community is what allowed us to settle in our new home. We learned the language, enrolled in school, found work, and began to live a more manageable life. But I will never forget the kindness that was shown to us.

    As I am about to begin medical school, I am aware of the financial hardships that my parents faced in getting me to this point in my life. I know that I want to work to help refugees and others who feel lost and need help. While these positions are not always the most profitable, I know that it is my calling and I am happy to make the sacrifice. Some people may questions this decision, but people like this nurse know that it is something that we love and something that we must do.

  • Such an inspirational story! I too faced many financial burdens. Here is my story:

    The old, chipped mahogany dresser stood out in the cold, vacant room. It was my mom’s beloved dresser, the only furniture we were able to bring with us. Piled high with photo albums, toys, books, and clothing, it housed the memories of our previous existence. Our lives had forever changed following my dad’s bankruptcy. The luxuries vanished as my family of five moved into a tiny, one room apartment. Desperately counting down the days until my mom could finally go to the WIC center and obtain food stamps for the basics–bread, milk, and eggs–became a routine. Our frail bodies were overcome with hunger; our necks were stiffened by nights of sleeping on the floor. Poverty had enveloped us. Not only was I trapped within the four walls of our cramped apartment, but I was also trapped within the confines of this new lifestyle. School, however, soon became my escape, my source of expansion. Even though I was physically confined by my financial hardships, education allowed me to expand intellectually, constantly challenging me and broadening my base of knowledge. Every academic success brought more self-confidence, more strength to move on from the hardships at home, and more power to control my future. My academic achievements continued and I accomplished completing high school at the age of 16 and college at the age of 20.

  • OMG this lady is such a hero to the people she works with.
    Despite her injuries, she was able to finish school and be positive about the
    whole experience. Many people would have given up when they fell on hard times
    but she kept on achieving a goal.

    I am a newly single mother raising a little girl. I had to
    put my education on hold so I could make sure all our bills are paid and to
    make sure she has everything she could every want. I don’t want my child to go
    without despite the mistakes I have made in my past. Since her father is no
    longer in the picture, my family has stepped up to be there for the both of
    her. My father is her number one person and I am so happy she has the father
    figure I had going up.

    I could only hope to have the courage and strength this
    young lady has. We are both from the south and both single mother. She is such
    a role model to all the single mothers trying to support their family and
    achieve their goals.

  • Like this woman, I too have overcome many physical and emotional obstacles to get to college. I was born with a soft cleft pallet and will forever have chronic sinusitis which means many doctor visits and medications for the rest of my life. I also have an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, O.C.D., and P.T.S.D. My father mentally abused me up until I turned 19 years old and in 4th grade my teacher touched me inappropriately. I have struggled a great deal with my anorexia, anxiety, and depression the most but because of my determination, I made it through high school with a G.P.A. above a 4.0 and I plan on graduating from college so that I can help people like me. I think the field of psychology will be very rewarding and a great challenge for myself.

  • Such an inspiring story! I truly believe single parents are superheroes. I admire people like this woman and my mom who have been able to work and get through school while raising children alone. The fact that this nurse has been able to do so while dealing with additional struggles is truly incredible! I find it very heartwarming that the nurses she met during her health struggles are the people who inspired her to become a nurse. Good caretakers truly are a blessing and make such a difference to those of us who rely on them.

    As someone who grew up in a single parent home before being adopted by her stepfather, I love that this nurse shared the fact that she is adopted and that she hopes to foster children in the future. Being able to be a part of my parents adopting my new brother has been so incredible. I’ve watched him grow from an angry 13 year old with violent outbursts to a sensitive, loving, thriving 16 year old! Foster and adoptive parents have the ability to completely change a child’s life.

    I am also glad to see someone who is caring for those who society often misunderstands and unfairly judges. Mental health is something no one should ever take for granted. I spent time in a psychiatric hospital after becoming suicidal due to my health issues, and the help I received there completely changed my life and made me realize just how important mental health is. There is a huge need for caring, compassionate individuals in this field.

    Overall, I’m just touched by this woman’s story. She is the kind of person we need more of in the world. Compassion and understanding go such a long way when it comes to helping others, and this woman seems to have both in spades! I truly hope her financial situation has improved since she did this interview.

  • Like this woman, I understand how obstacles in life can through a curve in life, however I myself am working hard to overcome them to achieve my dream of becoming a nurse. Starting college this year at the school of my dreams is motivation to reach new opportunities in my life.

  • I want to say, “Way to go”, and keep going. You seem like a very strong woman and I commend you for your perseverance. I have to say that I feel that we have a lot in common, as I to was hurt on the job and am now physically unable to work. I got hurt on the job in 2002, and in 2004 had to stop working completely due to my injuries. I have been fighting to have necessary surgeries in order to be healthy enough to go out and work. I was unable to go out and was just sitting in my room getting more and more depressed, so finally in 2008 I decided that I needed to do something or else the depression was going to win and I would no longer exist. I chose to fight it and I enrolled at the Community College and started my continued education. I graduated in 2010 with my AA in Psychology, and then continued on to a Cal State University to get my Bachelors. I graduated in 2013 with my BA in Psychology.
    It was a bit of a rough road for me while attending college, as I had finally been approved for some of the surgeries that I had been waiting on. For example, I had surgery on my right shoulder, and I am right handed, and I had finals within a few days of my coming home. I could have opted to put taking my finals off for up to a years time, but I chose to stay with my class and go in and take my finals. I have to admit, it was a bit difficult as my right arm was taped to my body, only my had was just free enough that I was able to write. I still made the Dean’s list that semester, I was proud of myself for not giving up.
    I am waiting to begin classes at Graduate School in order to earn my Masters Degree. I know that it will continue to be an uphill battle, as I still have to deal with health issues, but I know that the reward of being able to help others when I am done makes it all worthwhile. I have struggled to keep a roof over my head as my income is so little, and I look forward to be able to get a job that will pay more than eleven thousand dollars a year, which is a little more than what I live on a year now. Helping others is what is important, and my main goal, but I have to admit that being able to have an income where I can live rather than barely survive is the icing on the cake.

  • I can relate to this woman’s story all to well. The fight of a single mother stranded due to divorce is the same situation I am in. This causes all sorts of issues when trying to make enough money to care for your children and live your life. As we as mothers try to better ourselves to provide a stable loving home, we are simultaneously struggling to choose between food or the bills. I am constantly in a state of stress because I can’t afford one thing or another. It make me feel like a failure at times because my kids deserve more but I just can t afford it right now. That is why, like this woman, I am back in school so that I can make a change not only for my children but future generations.

  • I related to this woman’s story in many ways. I’ve also faced many obstacles while on my journey to obtain a higher education, and my goal in life is to help people. I’m studying to become an Occupational Therapist, with the desire to help individuals, no matter what disability or illness they face, have the best quality of life and independence possible. I chose this major because my sister had Cerebral Palsy, and her Occupational Therapist was her favorite part of going to the hospital. I wanted to also have a positive impact on people in my career.
    It’s been a tough program, but I worked extremely hard to get in. During my application process, I was a full time caregiver to my grandmother with severe dementia. I can remember being at the emergency room with her, and I brought my Anatomy and Physiology textbook and note cards. I stayed up all night studying on the ER floor. I have a passion and dedication to being the best possible OT I can be!

  • It is absolutely outstanding how much this woman has been through and still keeps going. She has overcome many obstacles to be where she is at and to provide for her children. I’m impressed by her encouragement towards her kids to get an education, even though she is on the edge of bankruptcy. She has been able to make it happen.

    I can relate to her because I feel that I have faced many obstacles to keep going to college. however, so far I have overcome them. I am hispanic and for one reason or another it has been hard for me to further my education. when I graduated from high school I had no idea what I was going to do with my life because i didn’t have the money for it. Thank God I earned a scholarship and was able to graduate with an Associate degree. I am eager to take the next big step. I dream of furthering my education and earn a bachelors degree and eventually a Master’s degree. I am in search for the vehicle that will take me there; scholarship, grants, what ever i can get. To once more overcome the obstacles and succeed.

  • Helping people has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. So far I have dedicated to helping people directly, on a mirco level. Recently I have developed a profound interested in learning what it means to help people on a marco level. Comparable to this women’s story, other people who are in greater need come first. I hope that I one day am able to influence something as important to me, as nursing is to her.

  • It’s tough being a mom and a full time college student, so kudos to this woman for attaining her goals! I am also a mom to three kids and am currently in school full time pursuing my Bachelor’s and then my Master’s degree in Psychology.
    It’s difficult to balance family time with class schedules and study time, sometimes it takes quite a bit of creativity to deal with the kids schedules and mine at the same time. Thankfully I have been able to mostly find balance and take care of my children and meet my educational goals. It takes hard work, but it is worth it to set a good example to my children and to be in a place in a few years where I can provide a better life for them.

  • Amazing story. I have faced many obstacles in my life, but after reading her story, my problems seem minimal. Like this woman, one day I aspire to become a registered nurse. Although there have been times where I have felt like I have wanted to give up, I never took my eyes off the goal. This story has made me want to continue pushing forward. Continue to share your story and inspire yound individuals like me!

  • I have a soft place in my heart for anyone struggling with mental illness. I hope that more and more individuals are able to access care now. I am pleased to read about nurses that care. I have been an LVN for 30+ years. I was happily going about my life, thinking that all was well and my future solid, when my husband of 21 years left suddenly and silently. I had just quit my job as a nurse in a community hospital behavioral health unit to go to school full-time and finally get my RN. I may never know why my husband choose to leave in the way that he did, but I am determined to continue on this path, in part because I love working with the mentally ill so much. My goal is to stay focused and continue in this ADN program, complete it, and continue to learn all there is to know about being at the bedside in a baccalaureate program.

  • What a powerful post!

    I believe everyone can relate to this woman. We all have obstacles that alter our life path. It’s those obstacles that make us stronger and really challenge us to see if we can achieve our goals. While it’s a shame that this wonderful woman has had so many struggles, I have no doubt that she will achieve her goals. Next time I feel like giving up, I’m going to remind myself of her.

    While I can’t directly relate to this woman’s story, I have faced my own challenges. Working to pay for college, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and having somewhat of a social life is very difficult. At times, I was extremely worn out and had a couple of mental breakdowns. Now, my career is looking bright.

    It’s important to remember that I will have more challenges to face in the future. It’s how I react and respond to them that will determine the outcome. I hope to take future challenges on as this woman has. I appreciate her sharing her story with us.

  • I can relate to overcoming obstacles to achieve my dreams, goals and aspirations. When I think of the meaning of health, I associate it to total wellness. It is the universal completeness of the mind, body and soul. The word health encompasses the physical, the social, spiritual, mental, and medical wellness of an individual. It is the basic understanding that applying
    appropriate behavior to provide a balance that keeps a person healthy. This can be achieved by being free from physical disease. It is the understanding that all systems and structures of the body are functioning properly and their activities in
    relation to their impact on individual and collective health and well-being.

    I am not currently employed in a healthcare setting. My interest in providing care and being a resource for the future is
    because I am a 32 year long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS. This degree will help me to help others to deal with their own diagnosis. I was exposed to this disease while I was living in New York City in 1980, before it got its current name it
    was known as GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency). I have watched and advocated for many people who have died from this disease and I personally have experienced the stigma related to it. I have seen this disease affect babies infants and toddlers, which ripped my heart out, to teens and the newest generation to be affected the elderly. I joined the STD/HIV Planning Council to help advocate for those who are affected by the disease and to help implement policies that will eventually affect all who live in the state.

    The other interest that made the decision to pursue health care as a profession was not until my tenure at a Family Health Council (1995) did I decide that the health care structure we as Americans had endured was out of control. The continuous banter behind the issue of “Abortion” made advocating on the behalf of those who were less educated and fortunate a desirable profession to pursue. The idea of Roe v. Wade being overturned made me cringe. The idea of women being pushed back into the “Stone Age” and the back alleys of our cities to terminate an unwanted pregnancy with the unsanitary conditions of the past would undoubtedly undo all the strides that have been made in women’s reproductive health. The Constitution and our “Civil Liberties” go hand in hand, without them we are in direct violation of the ideas the founding fathers stood for and we are becoming less of a democracy and more like a dictatorship under the disguise of a democracy. I happen to be “Pro Choice” and I support a women’s right to choose.

    Since health care is my focus, I would advocate for a strong and sustained response to the health care needs of many populations that are underserved with in this country. This scholarship would give me the opportunity to improve conditions
    for all people in proportion to the overall health of the economy. I would focus attention to the influences that communities have in regards to health and health access.

  • As a single parent , I identify very much with this story. I faced emotional, mental and most certainly financial struggles as a result of a divorce after 20 years of marriage . It was hard to find the drive and the courage to move forward with my life. It was my desire to help others that gave me the strength I needed to move forward .

  • Oh my goodness, I literally began crying halfway through this story. This woman is truly an amazing citizen and mother! To have to go through all that burden and still keep fighting to maintain a living for both herself and her children is beyond commendable! Not only is she a single mother and a cancer survivor, she also endured excruciating physical pain and still finds the strength to push on. It’s like the harder this woman gets knocked down, the stronger she gets back up. And on top of that, she donates her time to a non-profit organization in which she cares for mentally ill patients, whom she treasures dearly. Individuals like this are who inspire me to never give up and to keep pushing on in my endeavors to become a doctor. I just want to use my love for science to give back to society and help others. I believe that its life stories like these that should inspire our generation and make people realize that we should be uplifting one another and giving back to our community, as opposed to being selfish. This woman’s story has really inspired me even more to never give up on my goals, no matter how difficult life gets, and has showed me the joy that can come out of giving back to one’s society. I pray that somehow this strong, independent, and wonderful lady will be able to receive some form of funding or aid (whether it be from family, friends, or even a stranger) to help her though her situation. She seriously deserves an award!

  • This woman is an inspiration. Not only do I understand most of her experiences with the obstacle of being involved in a non profit organization, but I also understand the passion that she exposes during her career. I too have been involved with a non profit organization for almost a year now by volunteering. I volunteer at Casa De Los Niños while I have worked during internships at hospitals and going full time at my current high school. It has been a struggle but I refuse to give up on my dream to become a Registered Nurse that works in pediatrics.

    Casa De Los Niños is a safe place for children and babies who have been taken away from their families or parents due to neglect or abuse. I want to pursue a career that can not only help these children but to just make a difference in their lives. While I have worked there, I understand that just volunteering there has changed the lives of many babies that I have taken care of but one in particular that I cannot ever forget. She was a baby girl who was 9 months that I had taken care of while she was with us and in hospice. She was terminally ill with a tumor in her head and she changed my life forever. Throughout the time I had spent with her, I grew to give her all the care and love that she needed. She died in the month of August. When she died, I knew that my calling was to become a pediatric nurse and want to pursue my goal at the University of Arizona.

  • This woman’s caring personality can be easily seen through her interview answers! What a passionate woman about her career, and her life. Although I am not a nurse, I do volunteer at our local hospital’s Behavioral Health Unit, so I share similar experiences with this woman. I also am a Lead Staff Respite care provider for our county’s Department of Health Services. I work with many people who have Behavioral Health problems, and it has caused me to be able to take on a whole new appreciation for my good health, as well as my life. I am currently working my way through school, in order to receive my undergraduate degree in Biology. LIke this woman, too, I would love to be able to further my schooling, and go onto medical school.

    I, too, have a passion for helping others, especially when they can be at their most vulnerable points in life. I just hope that one, I will be able to make as great of a positive impact on others like this woman has!

  • I have faced many challenges just to get through school and now I am in college going to school to help other students with disabilities and veterans be successful in college. Sometimes, the challenges we face can be our biggest motivators.

  • What a strong resilient woman! She is full of hope and aspirations. I admire her enthusiasm for such a stressful and demanding job as that of a nurse. I understand her hardships as I also had to struggle in my life to achieve my dreams. She reminds me of myself when I had to work two jobs to support myself and finance my college education.

    I moved to the U.S. by myself when I was 20 years old with only $500 in my pocket. I had to start my life from zero. To support myself I took two jobs working in the restaurant during the day and in the retail store during the night. It was not easy but I always knew I wanted to go to college to earn my bachelors degree.

    After three years of hard work I was finally able to save enough money to finance my education. I enrolled into the local community college and after two years I transferred to the university to earn my accounting degree. I am graduating with my bachelors degree in May 2015 and will continue my education with a master degree in accountancy.

    Ultimately, I want to become a CPA and open my own accounting firm where I can provide tax and other related services to the public. As a strong supporter of volunteering, I would like to offer free tax returns to senior citizens and low-income families.

    In addition, I would also like to provide free information sessions to educate low-income families and senior citizens in my community about the recent changes in tax law that may affect their financial situation. Even though my accounting firm may be a small venture, I believe it can bring a positive change to the people in my community.

  • Being a single mom I can relate to the struggles of raising a child, attending school and also trying to work. You have to try to balance out being a parent, paying bills, going to school and working. My son had asthma as a baby and I found myself at the hospital constantly. I would be so scared that I would lose a job because I had to spend so much time at the hospital. I took a job to pay the bills but not that I loved or was passionate about. I am now pursuing a career that I am passionate about.

  • The adversity that this psychiatric nurse has continued to go through as a single mother, while continuing to to move through obstacles and still choose to help humanity in ways that feed her passion and ideals are inspiring. I can say that as a full time single mother of three young children, continuing my education, I may be able to relate to some of the struggles that she has come up against.

    Unlike the soon to be RN, I have had a career that I have felt passionate about for 16 years. As a massage therapist and reiki practitioner, I feel I was able to create space and safety for many people to heal in many ways. As a single mother who was not getting child support, I felt I could not continue to provide for my three kids alone with this career due to a neck injury from a car accident years earlier that left me with migraine headaches from over working. The injury left me unable to be consistently available for clients making it impossible for me to bring home consistent money. I had occasional help from my sister who was a student in MA which was amazing, as well as being on welfare. As a result of this struggle, a dream within started to grow, My hope is now to create a foundation for my children and my grandchildren that is different from the one I had. I would like to show them how education and making good choices as well as taking care of and respecting themselves as well as others, can help them live happy lives. I would like to be in a space where I would be able to help support my grandchildren as well as my children as they get older in ways I have not because of our financial struggles or ignorance of important family theories.

    Currently as an undergrad, I love learning about the development of humans, as well as the struggles that are
    very real for many. I hope to get a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy helping others who have had difficult family situations, which affect many other areas of one’s life. I hope to bring what I’ve learned as a massage therapist, yoga therapist and reiki practitioner to bring mindfulness and energetic awareness to people. I hope to bring Eastern and Western philosophies of health together to create a vibrant sense of well-being while creating a space for others to be heard.

  • I am so fond of her altruistic acts of kindness and the way she revolves around her nonprofit job. I am relate to this story because I want to become a psychologist in order to help those in need through cognitive therapy.

    Growing up I did not always have someone’s shoulder to cry on, I only had myself. I then turned to writing in a journal which then helped me break free from isolation. I made my goal from then on to always listen and give my full attention to all of my friends because I do not want anyone to go through an isolation stage. I want to help pre-teens and teens with knowing everything they’re going through is absolutely normal and they have the power to overcome any obstacles.

    And the thin is, I do not mind the amount of money I would gain through doing this. I want to help people in order to gain faith in humanity. Thankfully I am seeing more acts of kindness in my generation.

  • Such determination in the face of adversity… I hope I can be half the person this lady is. I finished my undergrad during a horrific time in my life, and am now back in focus working on my masters. I am the one in control of my life this time… no matter how many disabilities I have or wrenches thrown in the works 😉

  • Wow, this woman is amazing! I too am a nursing student and I understand the difficulties endured with life hardships and finances. What I love is this woman’s drive and desire to help people even though she was going through tough times herself. She reminds me of my mother because my mom is a single mother who raised me and my two sisters when my dad passed away.
    I live in a town where most of the population is Hispanic and many are poor immigrants. I’ve decided to become a nurse because I feel as though I need to help these people in with medical care. Many people in our county cannot read or write, therefore they often avoid situations that would require them to fill out paperwork, such as at a doctor’s office or clinic. I would like to work with these people to show them that there are people willing and able to help them. Health, I believe, is the most important thing to an individual’s life and to be able to care for another human being is a blessing.

  • I give many thanks to anyone in the psychiatric field. I have been dealing with Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Agoraphobia for the last 10 years since leaving the military. Recently I have been diagnosed with PTSD, which is actually a good thing. The counseling and medication changes since the diagnosis has helped tremendously with most, if not all my mental deficiencies. I just started College; something I thought would never be possible.

  • Hi Hcorey…..m a single mother also… I survived ovarian cancer… I have one tube and one ovary and this happen at the age of 22… I been through a lot and know there’s someone out there that’s been through worst. I was diagnosis at the age of 22 with ovarian cancer.. Doctors told me I may not be able to have any children…. Thank God I have a 6 yer old… She’s my miracle child that God placed in my life to have my mind focus on her and her future… I been through emotional, verbal abuse….. It’s not a good feeling… I experience a near death experience… Aspiration in my sleep due to the flu…. Yes but I’m still here and believe there’s a reason for everything that we go through… I decided to go back to college because I want to help people to focus on the good but not the negative… Sometimes we can turn a negative into a positive…. I did the exact thing… All the things I went through I turn those into positive thinking. I’m currently writing a book about what I been through and how I was able to get through those things…. Not to mention, I was rape 3 years ago and I felt like all hope was gone…. I couldn’t concentrate on school or anything. I’m pursuing a degree in Psychology. I want to help someone to overcome their obstacles and become the person they were design to be.

  • This woman’s story is truly awe inspiring and beautiful. I can relate to this woman’s passion for the mentally ill, and also some of the struggles she has overcome. I am the eldest daughter to my single mother and I watch at how challenging it is to just get through each day without the luxury of having a double income house-hold and another adult companion for help or leaning. I love people, and I believe the science of studying human behavior and relationships is something every human being should learn about especially the behavior of the mentally ill and addicted individuals. It is important for our society to return to working together and caring for others as this woman does. Survival for all humans can rely heavily on returning to the practice that the women in this story demonstrates, she feels the need to step in and make a difference.

    I am inspired by her ability to keep going and her love for helping others. It is extremely impressive that she finished her schooling with a 3.9 GPA while having her jaw wired shut and being in what had to be excruciating pain. I can somewhat relate to her physical pain and having that pain set her back in achieving her goals in a quick manner. I had a wisdom teeth nightmare surgery which almost prevented me from graduating from high school. I was in the hospital for thirty two days and had to be medicated constantly for pain and infection. I then was allergic to the medication I was put on which caused more extreme issues and set backs. Like this woman I ended up overcoming those struggles and graduated with a GPA of 3.5.

    This woman’s story is motivational and demonstrates the difficulties of daily life. She finds the strength within herself to still love and care for others even though she is not financially stable to conquer all of her challenges. Her story is a breathe of fresh air and inspires me to keep rolling with the punches that life throws at me. I really hope to finish school with a degree in Psychology so I can do more to help mentally ill and addicted people to overcome their struggles that are unique to the ordinary day to day struggles life presents.

  • Having been born with cystic fibrosis, a progressive genetic disease, every year I fall more and more ill. I am forced to miss portions of school (if not by my mother, then by a hospital admission) sometimes for weeks at a time. Of course, it goes unsaid that keeping up with a rigorous high school curriculum while bedridden can prove difficult; missing an AP Calculus lecture or an AP Chemistry lab is almost impossible to make up for. However, I try to make up for the “almost.” I try to beat it.

    Like the nurse in this article, I am determined not to let my “disability” control me. Whether it’s looking up math tutorials online, emailing my teacher for help, or requesting the aid of a tutor, me learning the material has never been a question. It’s always been known that I will catch up, and once I do, I move on to my next goal: getting ahead.

    That being said, I don’t stop there. I was naturally drawn to this article because I feel a kinship with the woman being interviewed. Not only do we push past obstacles to allow ourselves to reach our full potentials, but we realize what an amazing honor it is to be alive. And once you feel honored to be alive, you understand that your life does not belong to yourself, but to others, instead.

    Even when I feel sick or when I’m momentarily behind in my schoolwork, I make it a point to tutor after school as a part of our National Honor Society or as an individual volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor, Michigan. While I may sometimes be the one requiring help, turning around to then help another student feels one hundred times warmer.

  • I can relate to this story in a few ways. I am the child of a single mother. As I have grown up I saw how difficult it could be raising myself and my sister all on her own, but she always been the strongest woman I’ve ever known. For the past few years my mother has also been unemployed. However, that hasn’t stopped my mom, she continues to be the best she can for my sister and I. We may not have a lot of the money, but she always makes sure we have food, a roof over our heads and are happy. My grandmother, who I was very close with, and some of my other close relatives are also nurses. While I do not have plans to go into that field I have always been around it and raised to respect nurses. My mother and grandmother have a deep passion for helping people, even though they worked in vastly different fields. I want to become a Librarian, that has always been my own calling. I too have a passion for helping people find answers to their questions, but I also have a deep desire to make information accessible to the public.

  • This woman reminds me a lot of my own role model, my mother. She too works in the health field as an Residential Program Worker, where she cares for individuals with mental retardation. About 3 years ago she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, because of her illness, her work hours have had to be cut tremendously. My mother, just like the mother in this article, is a strong woman. My mom still manages to support my brother and I with her part time job, and I am extremely grateful for her for this. For women to be out in this world, dealing with illnesses and disabilities, while trying to raise a family, it’s all very powerful and inspiring.

  • Whenever I think of my African root particularly my country of Nigeria, I am filled with grief because I cannot forget my nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors that died from malaria, jaundice and cholera when I was a little girl. As a child, their deaths were puzzles I could not solve; I kept asking myself why they had to die. I became interested in knowing more about causes and cures for diseases, the origin of life, functions of the human body and the impact of environment on human. As a child, the imagination of the beautiful lives they would have lived gave me pain in my heart and at the same time gave me the greatest aspiration from childhood to become a nurse.

    Gold has its price but learning is priceless. With money, one can buy gold, silver and rubies as one desires, but above all treasures are knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is very important to be educated because literacy cures the disease of ignorance and fears of all superstition. This is why my motive in life has always been to be well educated even as I experience so many set back after my father—the bread winner of the family—died. As the first female child of my family to make it to college, a lot rests on my shoulders.

    Presently, I struggle to pay my tuition from my income, and it is affecting my concentration in school. I refused to dwell on pains of the tragedies that have befallen my family. Instead, I want to forge ahead and graduate from college. As a present nursing student, i work with people with special needs and my job is one of the best things i have in life. In future, intend to help people in needs with my nursing degree.

  • I am always fascinated with the stories other single moms have to tell.
    I remember laboring with each of my children ( all three peacefully born at home!) and – I could not help it – thinking of all the other women in the world who were giving births to the new lives that very moment, working and praying hard. Then, the sense of belonging to the sacred circle of women provided an incredible humbleness and humility, and now reading a story of the nurse makes me proud to be part of this universal sisterhood of strength and perseverance.

    I have been a single mom for the last 2.5 years. I came to the US to marry and American man and spent some 16 years being a full time mom. Unfortunately, I found the bitter way how the US courts treat devotion and motherhood. Even though I arrived as an academically accomplished woman (with the graduate degree from the number one University in my country), being in my late forties, with no work experience, I am struggling to find a qualified job that would support four of us and allow family time. I was working very hard after my divorce on the prerequisites, and despite the relentless competition , I am now admitted into Occupational Therapy program.

    This profession is non-existent in my home country, I literally run into it during my post-divorce impasse, searching and praying for guidance and the meaningful path. During my observation time with one of the outstanding OT l heard her story of visiting a handy capped facility in my country – the place where adults with amputated or deformed hands where kept. Yes, my handy capped country man and women did not have a fair chance of leaving a resemblance of self sufficient life. But when it was time for the US Occupational therapist to return home, because they fitted the residents of the handy capped facility with the simple plastic splints that they brought along with them, most of those unfortunate ones were able to use spoons and feed themselves -something they never ever thought would be possible for them. They were crying with joy and thanking the visitors from the bottom of their hearts! I am so very excited to be part of this incredible and humbling profession!
    There is still a lot of hard work to do: raising children without extended family and going to grad school, struggling financially… Once again – thinking of all of you – women and mothers in the world – faithfully working towards your peaceful goals – gives me strength and patience. Thank you all!

  • This woman’s story is so inspiring, and it both scares me and gives me hope! I am a divorcee with two young children, I was abused throughout my marriage and am still struggling years afterward with PTSD and depression. I am going back to school next month to get my Master’s degree in Nursing. In reading this woman’s account, I’m encouraged to press on and be able to provide for myself and my family, but to consider that there are always going to be challenges in life, and to take those in stride.

    • I am a divorcee with two adult children. As a teenage mother with many health issues, I have struggled to complete school, work full time and put my children through college. I understand the struggles of medical ailments and the impact it has on our lives and children. But a great deal of respect must be allotted to a woman who has done so much with so little and continues to care. As an educator of radiology and being a radiographer, I know that it is the medical care you receive that makes such a difference in recovery. She is an inspiration to us all. Many blessings to her and her family. Persevere my fellow mother!

  • This woman’s story offers both inspiration as well as a renewed faith in humanity. Not everyone in this world is looking out for only themselves. Despite the many obstacles this woman has faced, she has never given up or become bitter. She still has a desire to help others and still sees her dreams as attainable.

    The thing that really struck a chord with me is that I have a brother with mental illness. I am astounded at the lack of public education as well as general negative connotation that surrounds mental illness. It is refreshing to see that this woman is not only aware of the issue, but is working to make a difference for these individuals who many times have no voice of their own. As a nurse, I know what a difference one person can make for one individual. Imagine if we all thought this way…

  • I am fascinated by the fact that this devoted health provider emphasized on her motivation that is “to work and be a part of a team of people that consistently helps people learn to help themselves.” The minute I read those incredible determinations, I couldn’t help but to recall those memories of how I maintained to be positive while not seeing my mom for seven years, how I smashed down the language barrier when I immigrated to the United States of America three years ago, how I conquered my fear of presenting myself in front of the public due to my father’s abandonment by organizing my own club, how I determined to be active in community services in order to contribute…I have always believed that all my struggles were designed to strengthen me and therefore I could devote my experiences to others, just like telling my story of being a victim of China’s One-child policy to my classmates, to inspire them who might also experience being abandoned by their parent(s) to stay optimistic.

    Growing up in China and taking care of ill family members, I know how badly high quality health care is needed, especially in rural areas. It is meaningful for me to share those experiences with the health community. Altogether, we will strive to provide compassionate care around the world.

  • This story does reflect my perspective on life. Although I am just in my early 20’s and still a young
    adult, living with a neurological disease that leaves me in a wheelchair full
    time lets me share some of the dilemmas that the subject in the interview is
    faced with. Being diagnosed with a progressive disease at the age of 8 can be
    construed as a very defeating, however I have been raised to cherish every
    moment and look for the good in every situation. I firmly believe that a
    positive outlook can make a difference in every aspect of life.

    Like the nurse in the interview, I too would like to help everyone I come across. I have
    a very unique view on the way that social services and government assistance
    can help a person because I have been in a situation where my family has needed
    help with my care through financial, physical, or emotional means. Relying on
    government assistance makes it particularly difficult to maintain a degree of
    independence. I have personal experience with Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
    (BRS), which is a federally-funded institution whose goals are to find
    employment for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like
    BRS views all people with disabilities as the same, not individuals with unique
    needs. Like me, the nurse in this story is an individual with unique needs who
    requires more support than she is provided with. She and I both continue to
    overcome the roadblocks on our path to success and share a sense of
    satisfaction watching others overcome the odds as well. I am also pursuing
    higher education, but with an MSW degree so I can continue my love for helping
    other people.

  • This is when people should realize that life is beautiful and there is good people out there. When I read the tittle of the article, I thought it was about a nurse and her mother helping others. I was wrong. It is about a single mother who is a nurse, helping people every single day even though he needs a lot of help as well. It is a really inspiring story that made me realize my problems are not as big as I thought they were. It motivates me to keep pursuing my goals and dreams, so later on I can help more people just like she is doing. I just hope her and her kids to accomplish their dreams so they can save their world, and maybe someday I can help them achieve that.

  • I feel that I can relate in more than one way to this kind hearted woman. I too want to work as a nurse and help care for the sickly and make differences in more than one day. I feel her frustration for the lack of funds from the federal government to aide those who have no means or even the ability to help themselves. Having worked as a volunteer at Sarah’s house (a local shelter that houses women and children). I can understand the great feelings that come along with helping others but also the disappointment and heart sinking feeling that overtakes you when you aren’t able to help. I remember vividly a night where a young girl who was staying at the shelter where I worked was asked to vacate for not following curfew. In the weeks prior to her eviction, I had bonded with her. She was 17 years old and had was mother to a 3 year old daughter. Through conversation I found out she had been physically abused and had run away from home. She had been in several abusive relationships and almost always fell victim to violence. I knew she had nowhere to go and no one she could rely on. I wanted nothing more than to come to her rescue but I simply couldn’t. Like this brave woman I too want to save the world one person at a time.

  • This woman is very dedicated to helping others I’m very moved by what she is doing for the community even though she has so much on her table already.

  • I admire and can really relate to this woman. Like her I have had to deal with a lot of personal obstacles in my life. Like her I help take care of my sickly grandmother. I love her dearly and I admit it can be very hard to see someone you love breaking down. There are days when I got sad, especially my senior year of highschool. My grandmother was really sick and had to be in and out of hospitals for a good part of the year. It was really stressful with trying to keep up in school, prepare my self for college, and to help take care of her, but I got through it. I worked hard, and now I am a student at Webster University, and my grandmother is doing much better. I am still unfortunately faced with the challenges of financing my education but I know I will get through it. My grandmother is a huge part in my motivation to be successful. My ultimate goal is to become a graphic designer so that I can not only do what I love by creating art, but continue to make my grandmother proud.

  • This story really puts things in perspective and makes me realize the capacity of the human spirit to overcome the greatest obstacles. I share a similar past, only not as heartbreaking as cancer while caring for young children. I was a young child, thirteen to be exact, when I was hit by an emotional and physical earthquake.

    In eighth grade I began to really hate the way I looked and how much I weighed compared to some of my friends. I was 110 pounds and was very uncomfortable with myself. I tried dieting and things spiraled out of control as I developed Anorexia Nervosa and Depression. I dropped thirty pounds in six weeks, my hair fell out in clumps, my skin changed tone, and I isolated myself to the point I would not speak to anyone during or after school. My family intervened and I soon recovered, only to relapse several times between eighth and twelfth grades.

    When I fully recovered at the end of my senior year, the school faculty asked me to represent the school in a county event for students who had overcome physical challenges and still played high school sports. This would mean telling my story to everyone in the county, thousands of people. I decided I would tell my story and continue to tell it as long as it would help other young people know they were not alone in their struggles. I wanted them to know I understood and that they needed to seek help before it took away years of their lives the way it had mine. So I told my story, and it liberated me to finally live my life to the fullest and pursue my dreams even though I can never get back the years my eating disorder took away from me.

    I want young people to know that things get hard, but they can be overcome and all your aspirations can be fulfilled. Just like this brave woman, you too can move forward to achieve great things.

  • This particular story really strikes a chord with me. This woman is obviously relentless, good-natured, and strong. A lot of her story paralleled to my life so far.

    As a Mexican-American female, I myself have faced discrimination throughout my life. In my high school, my peers in my AP and honors classes would underestimate my talents. And, when accepted to Harvard, some of my “friends” said that affirmative action was the only reason I was accepted (completely untrue by the way). At times, it was hard to continue pursuing my dreams of going to college because I felt like I was being questioned at every turn.

    But, like this woman, I pushed on, and took the hate and criticism and transformed it into something positive. I am now looking to study education of racially marginalized and low income students in the U.S., so that I can improve education methods and educate people about the effects of educational policy.

    Furthermore, this woman’s financial situation has been an issue. The same goes for me. Were it not for financial aid and scholarships, there would have been no way I could afford to go to college. And even though I am now working up to 16 hours a week just to pay my remaining tuition, I continue to do so with a smile on my face because I know that pursuing and achieving my dreams is worth the effort.

    It’s inspirational to see such conviction and passion for a line of work. I, too have a passion. I want to work to improve education in the U.S. and work to give all students equal opportunities to attend and thrive in higher education. This woman suffered through horrible circumstances and physical conditions, and she still loves her job and what she does. I contain that same passion and drive, and it is because of stories like this that I become inspired to continue to work for my goals, no matter how impossible they may seem.

  • This is an amazing and inspiring story. This woman has a real passion for her line of work. I,too, have a passion for people like she does. Preserving humanity is important to me, and like this woman I also affirm that “everyone deserves to have someone in their corner.”
    The story of how she came to be a public health nurse is a beautiful one. My past has also guided me in choosing a career in the healthcare field. My family has had to persist through low income poverty, and finding adequate healthcare coverage and having healthy food to eat are some of our current struggles. Because of these circumstances, in my future I want to work with a non-profit organization to elevate the health of low-income families, particularly in a Latino community.
    This woman inspires me to hold onto my dreams of using my talents, efforts, and time to help others. I aspire to someday work as hard as she does for the betterment of others.

  • This woman is the prime example of what being determined really means. Bad things happen to good people and her story shows that. Sometimes people dwell on the bad and it clouds their perception-they give up on themselves and give up on their future, but she does the exact opposite. It seems as though her struggles fuel her to achieve more. Her obstacles don’t hold her back and don’t discourage her from truly reaching her goals. It’s as if she knows that even if she has suffered in the past and or is still is suffering in the present that the suffering will bring her a better future.

    She inspired me. I too have struggled from emotional obstacles from losing my younger cousin who was like a sister, to a rare form of cancer, to family financial struggles-not knowing if we had enough money for me to even go to college, and again losing a very close uncle, who was like a father, to another rare form of cancer and losing him within less than a month of his diagnosis. There are times when I question if I can achieve the goals I have set in life, or when I even question if I can move on because of the pain I feel of missing my cousin and uncle and of dwelling on the past. But this woman has overcome so much and still has to overcome a lot in the future and she still manages to hold on to her dreams and to wake up everyday determined that she is one day closer to them. She inspired me to think the same. It’s as if her message is to tell others out there that our own personal world may be falling apart around us, but not to let that change our mindset or change what we really want out of this world. Just like I her I plan on becoming a Nurse Practitioner one day so that I can help keep others healthy so that their family members don’t have to feel the pain of losing them too soon.

    This woman is the face of determination. Obstacle after obstacle she is determined to overcome them and to reach her goals. She has refused to let the weight of the world bring her down and doesn’t dwell on the bad and have it cloud her perception of what she really wants. She gave me the strength to do the same.

  • I have also faced emotional, physical and mental obstacles like this woman. As a child I had a temper and was always in a rage. That constant anger affected my heart, it caused me to have heart flutters’ constantly having chest aches. I was always compared to my older brother, who is 2 years older than me. He would have a teacher and set a high behavioral standard and once teachers found out whose sister I was, they expected the same behavior from me. My brother and I went to the same elementary and middle school and had all the same teacher. The teachers constantly told me I would never amount to anything and that I was rude and ignorant. Can you imagine how that would make a person feel? Instead of me feeling defeated and pathetic, I chose to turn all those negatives into positives. I went to an amazing high school and I flourished. I met new teachers and faculty who truly liked me for me, no more comparison. I joined the Health Science course; similar to a Health Science Major in college. I earned my CNA at the age of 16 and that was just the beginning of goals that I wanted to accomplish. I enjoyed my school so much and I became more comfortable I wanted to make other students become comfortable as well, I became a Jaguar mentor. Jaguar mentors help underclassmen transition from middle school to high school and become comfortable and flourish as well. Now I am in college and I am Nursing Major and I am a part of another encouraging student club called Peer Care Wellness & Prevention. I have always wondered why I went through certain situations and I finally realized certain people have to go through situations to become a better person and learn from their past to enjoy their present and make a better future.

  • What an amazing and inspirational story. I am a nurse and single mother as well, and I have been through a few years of what is nothing short than a living nightmare. I lost my beloved father to lung cancer at the end of 2010,and things just went down hill from there, I was involved in a very emotionally and verbally abusive relationship where he told me almost daily what a disappointment I was, I was a terrible mother, and a despicable human being. I finally broke free of this man last year, and since then, life has been full of blessings and encouragement. I started working on my 1st Bachelor’s degree in the fall of 2012. I am getting a degree in Healthcare Management, and Lord willing, I should graduate this winter. I didn’t have the best GPA going in- I was in my 20’s when i got my RN degree and just wanted to pass. However, I have maintained a 3.8 in my upper level classes. I look fowward to using my degree to better not just myself and my son, but the people who I will take care of in the future.

  • This woman’s story was truly inspiring. As the child of a single mother, her story gives me just a glimpse of insight into some of the struggles my own mother faces on a daily basis trying to support my sister and I. It is often unimaginable that despite her own struggles, this woman is dedicated to and passionate about saving others. Additionally, I don’t believe that it is a ludicrous dream to want to save the world, but rather a calling that very few people have.

  • It fascinates me that even after this woman has faced many obstacles she still manages to keep a smile on her face. I have faced many emotional and physical obstacles throughout my life. Having to face discrimination at school had sometimes left me thinking as if I was a nobody and could not accomplish anything. Reading about stories such as these give me more motivation on making a stand and not let people judge because of ones ethnicity. Being one of the “smart kids” at school, people are constantly shocked because they see a hispanic taking AP and honors classes which leaves me trying to ignore any stereotypes that people have on hispanics. Over the years I have learned to over come these obstacles and it inspires me to never give up because there are other people that also face these emotional and physical obstacles such as this woman.

  • My upmost respect to this women! You are truly a role model to all! Despite the curveballs that life has thrown at you, you have been able to maintain optimistic and display a positive attitude! it is your caring, giving and generous heart that will set your apart from all others. There are plenty of people who have money, high income and the job of their dreams, but live so unhappy. You have found true happiness! Doing a job you love in which you give to others! Those are the kind of things that bring happiness in to your life!
    I also work as psychiatric technician (mental health worker) and it is stressful! Nonetheless, it brings great joy to see how you can work toward making a difference in someone’s life! This will continue to bring you motivation to reach your goals and finish school! Continue with your positive outlook on life and God will guide you in the right direction! Live your life with the passion you have and you will go very far in life! Your daughters are blessed to have you as a mother! Blessed to be a blessing!

  • I really respect this woman. She is truly blessed because working in that kind of environment is very difficult and only few strong people can do it. I know this because one of my cousins is bipolar. She is an extreme case in which it causes her to be schizophrenic. This is very hard for us because usually, 6 months of the year she is extra happy and excited. She’s too hype and wants to try every dangerous things. However, during the other half of the year, she is depressed, very sad, very angry and suicidal. I know from experience that it is very hard to work and to be around mental ill people.

  • This woman is a true hero in my eyes. This just shows that as hard as life can get there are many people out there that choose everyday to rise above the pain and keep pushing on, not only to create a better life for themselves but also for others around them.
    Like this woman, my mother too is a single parent and has struggled financially to take care of my brother and I. Cancer is no stranger to my family. When I was eight I lost my father to cancer and two years later I lost my aunt from my mothers side to cancer as well. I truly dont know how my mother delt with loosing her husband and then loosing her sister. All she wants is for me to get a good education so one day I am able to take care of myself and never be put in the financial situation she is still in.
    I hope that with the help of resources that are available to me that I am able to stay in school and be able to give back to my mother and help her for once. Along with one day being able to help others in need, like i am now.

  • I often feel as this person does when it comes to just helping out and trying to make a difference in peoples lives. I am not in the nursing field, but protecting the environment and making the world a better place helps everyone especially the poor as we are the ones that have to deal with environmental issues more than those that are well to do. I have fought through two chronic physical diseases and an anxiety disorder to get to where I am today. I am proud of all I have done and like the lady in the story I hope to do more in the future. I am a single mother of five children and have had to deal with all the issues of poverty. I lost my home and fell into a state of depression that I won over and continued through life to the point where I am now. Happily helping out where ever I can and working towards a degree in order to continue doing so.

  • As someone who has general anxiety disorder and slight depression, I have grown very passionate on increasing awareness on issues of mental health and disabilities. This interview was very touching to me, because despite this woman’s own hardships, she still wants to give so much to others in need. This reminded me of why I have been a member of the Inter-Cooperative Council, a non-profit student-housing cooperative in Ann Arbor, MI, for over three years. I work almost full-time as a part of the coordinating committee, organizing workshops and leading trainings on mental health, sexual harassment, and sexual assault for ICC members. It is a high-stress, low-paid position as well, though not nearly as high stress as an LPN, but when there are crises that occur such as sexual assault or attempted suicide, responding to assist houses in healing can be very emotional and intense work.

  • Wow her stories give my hope. Such a powerful story!!! I love when people are in a career not for the money but to make a change to do more than benefit themselves but to touch and change lives of others. There is nothing more spiritually fulfilling; making you feel you’ve added extra worth to yourself and to others than giving back. Service is a characteristic that appeals most to me and it is a very important part of my life. I am honored to pass the torch of inspiration, and bless someone else with unique information and opportunity; giving them a helping hand. Service is the highest expression of puissance. In the very act of giving I experience my strength, my wealth, and my power. This experience of heightened vitality and potency fills me with joy. Giving is more joyous than receiving, not because it is a deprivation, but because in the act of giving lies the expression of my aliveness.

  • This woman determination to keeping going and never give up has just inspired me even more to continue on my pre-health track to become an optometrist. Her story shows you that no matter what a person is going through, one can always find the light in it. It makes me so happy to see a mother sacrifice for her children the way she does. it is very rare that you see mothers doing that these days. Like her, I have a passion for helping others. I have gone through hardships in my life and continue to go through them today. I known that God doesn’t put more on us than we can bare. With his guidance, along with my family, I will be successful in life.

  • This is a very inpsiring story. Through prayer and dedication this shows that anyone can overcome there obstacles in life. I hope that she and her family will be bless. I needed to read this for strength and enocouragement.

  • What an inspiring story. This woman’s word encourage me to keep going and look forward to finishing my education.

  • “I am accused of seeing the world through rose colored glasses”. This profound statement sums up how I have felt all of my life. I always seem to entertain the naïve notion that everyone in the world truly cares about other people’s feelings, rather than their own selfish interests. In relation to mental hospitals and facilities, I have had my own disheartening moments, especially one incident in particular, which changed my view on our nation’s mental healthcare system entirely. A few years back, I was going through an immense amount of emotional and psychological trauma, which affected my work, my relationship, and my ability to function from day to day. I just needed somewhere to go for help, to get away from it all. I had such a bad mental breakdown one weekend that I somehow ended up leaving my boyfriend, moving in with my co-worker, and calling 911 to send the police to escort me to the mental institution!
    The policemen’s reactions were far more sympathetic than that of the actual psychiatrist at the hospital. They were “proud of me” that I was not actually suicidal and that I had called in for myself before someone else was forced to admit me. The therapist, after asking me a series of basic questions, told me “You’re fine. This isn’t a hotel. You cant just stay here if there’s nothing wrong with you.” This coldness from a professional who was supposed to ease my mental suffering shocked me into choosing my major in college. I want to be a psychologist so that I can go on to get my doctorate degree and create a facility where people who are at their mental breaking point can “just stay”, and get the help and attention they need without being made to feel like something is “wrong” with them. Like this woman, I too feel it is my duty to take away other’s suffering and make the world a happier place any way I am capable.

  • This woman reminds me a lot of my mother. Back when my parent’s split up, my dad moved back to Ghana. Because he was out of the country, there was no way a court could make him pay child support. Some months he did, some he didn’t. But, my mother eventually had to file for bankruptcy. My mother was a cardiologist, but recently quit to become a stylist. She doesn’t make much money, but she’s happy.

    I am currently a sophomore at the University of Missouri, studying psychology. I struggle with anxiety and depression, which is why I’m a psychology major. I want to be able to help people get what I never got to get growing up. I know I probably won’t make much money neither, but i’ll be happy. And I believe that’s more important.

  • I think this nurse is a perfect example of a hard work, determination and hope. I can relate myself with her because of my physical condition. I have a sever asthma since I was two years old. It gets worse with the stress. Doctors in Pakistan told my parents not to send me to school, as I can not deal with the school stress, so I got married at the age of nineteen. After having a baby I decided to go back to school. I am working really hard despite of my physical condition and have a GPA of 4.0. I think when there is a will there is a way. And nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

  • I have survived mental illness myself and am still recovering. I look up to this woman for her willingness to inspire in spite of her own challenges. Those with illnesses cannot be stopped from living fulfilling lives.

  • I can definitely relate to her story. Because of the nurses who helped her throughout her battle with cancer, she wants to give back by becoming a nurse. She feels that she owes it to the world, and is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. I have also been blessed in a different way. At early childhood, I witnessed and personally experienced abuse from my biological parents. If it wasn’t for a close relative who adopted me, I may be dead, in critical condition, or simply miserable. The mere thought of it is too much for me to handle.

    Because of these events, I have learned to value my life a lot more. My relatives have blessed me with love, and now, I just want to give back. In my case, I want to give back through music therapy. During the times when repressed memories of my past emerged, I would sing. Music became (and still is) my healthy outlet, and I want to share that with others.

    Music therapy is still emerging in may places, and like this woman’s job, it may not have a high pay. I know that it still wouldn’t stop me. I know that my life would not be complete if I did not give back in this way. In the end I also want to be able to also say “This job moves my heart.”

  • This story touches my heart because this woman reminds me very much of my mother. My mother is the hardest working person I know who also was a single mother to two children, my brother and I and went through three divorces with three different men. She always did what was best for her children and put everyone before herself. I have been her support system for as long as I can remember helping her through the many obstacles she has had to face in her life. As much as I was there for her she was also there for me throughout my life. My mom has taught me to be independent and hardworking in the same she was when she was trying to raise two children by herself. I will always put others before myself the same way my mother did but at the same time I will work hard to make sure I can provide for myself and support myself as well as my future family.

  • This nurse is a fantastic example of what determination and heart can do. I see her story reflected in my life a little – especially related to financial hardship and dreams of continuing her education. It’s been a struggle for me to be able to afford the unique nursing program I’m currently enrolled in, but I know if I keep my head down and take it one day at a time, I’ll endure and be an RN in less than 10 months. A little bit of courage and a lot of drive can make a world of difference and help make dreams come true!

  • Like this woman,i have the passion to volunteer in non profit organizations.since my undergraduate study i helped my student union in outreaching to rural areas in my home country in Africa in which i used to see patients,educating them about thier health.Graduating as a physician in Africa faced me with many obstacels in having sufficient medical supplies and equimpents but this always encouraged me to look for more resources to help my community.

  • My name is Felicia Menon and like this woman I have discovered that the medical field is my calling. All my life money has not been in particular abundance. Though I have never been the sole supporter or two children I have been that child that watches as their parents struggle.
    However, money is not what related this article to me the most. A few years ago my grandma was diagnosed and recently passed away from colon cancer. Now, that was a woman who had been through every financial, emotional, and phsyical crisis there was. Yet, her demeanor towards everyone remained as it was, kind and honest, much like this woman describes herself.
    Her greatest impact was making me believe in what I could do. For most of my life I dreamed of being a mom. I didn’t think I had the drive or the ability to dream of becoming a doctor or even a physicians assitant. However, in those last couple of months at my grandma’s bedside, talking and laughing, I realized that this is where I wanted to be. Before that time, I was told I was smart and sciences were my best subject but I did not find that a good enough reason to pursue a career in it.
    My grandma showed me what my heart was made of. Making her laugh made me laugh, and crying with her brought strange peace. I know now that I CAN help people for the rest of my life. I want to make the kind of impact that she made and that this woman is making for the rest of my life.

  • I can certainly relate to this woman. I’m currently experiencing debilitating financial struggles right now, and I’m on the brink of losing everything… But I’m still dedicated to staying in school and earning a degree in biology so I can eventually become a doctor. Even though my life has been very difficult, I would still like to help others and hopefully make the world a better place in general. I admire this woman very much.

  • I enjoyed this women’s story maybe because I too can relate to several aspects of her story. I too was diagnosed with Cancer and have been faced with several types (mostly self induced) of challenges. I am a former addict and the first person to attend (and finish) college. I quit High School, joined the army served, after discharge returned to school and got a G.E,D, Later in life after battling and eventually winning the battle against my Cocaine addiction I returned to school attained my Associates, went back to school and am about to attain my bachelors and am now preparing to enter school again to attain my Masters. I share with her a drive to give back. My recovery from my addiction and survival from my Kidney Cancer has given me a sense of purpose which I share with the interviewee. This (the behavioral health field) is my calling. Very similar to this young lady my chosen path may not pay as well as some others, but I willgain an opportunity to help others.

  • This woman speaks to my heart; We’ve traveled similar roads. Except I started this road much earlier in life. My name is Kathryn. There are a lot of things of which I am – I look like your average 20-somethings, privileged law student. But what people don’t know about me is that I’m a young, single, hispanic mother of two children. I suffer from several mental illness, the most extreme being bi-polar which I inherited from my birthmother, to the less severe (and sometimes entertaining) A.D.D.. I take 6 medications every day to be “normal.” I’m a survivor of an emotionally abusive and isolating relationship with my children’s father. But what I’m most proud of, and what I want my two children to remember about my story – like this woman here – is that regardless of how many obstacles I had in front of me, I was able to push myself and go to school. Not once, but twice! And in between those educational endeavors, I was a hard worker; I worked between 60 and 80 hours a week while my children played with their grandparents. It may sound incredible, but my story is my own and my story is true. I’ve earned every credit hour of my undergraduate degree and every dollar in my pay checks. And like this woman here, in 5 years, I hope to have finished my JD and pursue a career in the legal field.

  • This story caught my interest as soon as I began to read it. This woman is compassionate and strong she is a role model for all women. I also feel the strong desire to reach out and help those in needs espically when they have disabilites. I was able to peer tutor for special needs students in high school and it changed my life. Being able to go spend time with these students each day was a blessing they are the most amazing people I have met. They deserve the best in life and I was honored to be able to make a small difference in thier lives. This woman has a huge heart and I truley belive she will be able to fight through her problems and continue to change the world one small step at a time. The world would be a much better place if there were more people that acted as she does. This was a truley inspirational story and I enjoyed reading it.

  • I am prior service US Air Force, I always knew I wanted to help people and have always been told that I have a big heart. Like this wonderful woman, I too have a passion to help those in need. I ask for nothing in return but to see those who are happy by my help is enough reward for me. I know I cannot help everyone and I remind myself of the Serenity Prayer. I’ve been through my own hurts and mistrust, lesson of life have been learned.
    In the future I hope to work with other veteran with PTSD and anxiety disorders such as myself.
    I want to teach them and influence my fellow veterans that they can lead a better way of life.

  • This article really reached out to me. I grew up in a house with a severely mentally ill parent and I love that mental illness is finally being talked about and addressed. Because of my parent’s severe mental illness our finances were a mess. My parent had access to all of our accounts and used all of our money and savings to invest in poorly performing stocks in the stock market. Mental illness is a topic that many people want to cover up and hide due to personal/family shame and that should not be the case. We need better treatment options and therapies for mentally ill persons in this country.

  • It is incredible to hear how this woman has been able to conquer so many obstacles and still stay positive. This woman is an inspiration to me and others as well. I am an eight year undergrad student that has struggled to be able to pay for college to continue my education as well as take care of myself. This inspires me to continue fighting against the difficulties I tackle every day. This story is motivation for me to continue to face these obstacles and accomplish my goals and to never give up.

  • I thought I wanted to be a nurse be I realized I cry when passing an accident I do not know how I would handle losing a patient. I commend you at all you are trying to do. I a person who wants to help children and families. I want to feed the hungry but at almost fifty where do I start

  • I can relate to this story. I have overcome many obstacles in my life. I came from an abusive home and had to overcome issues with eating disorders and depression. I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 17. I always wanted to go back to school but could not until I got older. I have two children, so juggling schooling and running them all over is a challenge but well worth it. I want to work with abused children. This is my passion. I want to show them that they do not have to continue the cycle and they can make a difference in this world. I believe that whole-heartedly. I want to be a leader and lead by example. I want to be living proof for these children. I struggled through high school to graduate due to the circumstances but am happy to say I am a straight A student in college but I have run out of financial aid so I need help to finish and reach my goal. I know I can make an impact in children’s lives so I must find a way to do this.

  • I can easily relate to the woman being interviewed in this article. I am in love with helping people, as she is. In all seriousness, I sometimes dream of providing food and shelter to every homeless person that I see. I have tried my best to be an aid to those in need. And up to this day, feel as though I can do so much more. It is as if I have not even begun. In addition to this, financial needs are another thing I have in common with this woman. Both of my parents came from Mexico at the age of 15 in hope of acquiring jobs and saving money for their families back home. Both of my parents were unable to receive an education greater than the 6th grade. They never attended a college and thus have no clue about financial aid or scholarships or how anything works. Consequently, it has been difficult to learn about these things on my own, seeing as though I cannot go to my parents for help, like most students can. Because of their poor education, my parents do not have great paying jobs: my mother works as a house-cleaner, and my father works in construction. Both their jobs are laborious and low-income jobs. So, finances have been a huge source of stress and hiccup in my college career. This woman, however, has given me hope to pursue my goals and aspirations despite all the struggles and obstacles I may face. What I am currently going through does not begin to compare what she has already overcome. I can easily see myself in this woman. With the proper determination and passion, I will be able to conquer my dreams.

  • I feel like I am truly able to relate to this woman, seeing as though my mother too struggled like her. Making it difficult for her to get an education due to financial issues. The difference being, this woman went to school and my mother did not. By my mother not going to school, it has been difficult for her to get a well paying job, making it a burden on my family having both my sister and I in school. Although they have managed to salvage as much as they can to help pay for school, a scholarship as such would help out a great deal, making it easier and less stressful for when it is my brother’s turn to head on off to college and I, medical school. The passion this woman has to strive to be her best, is the same burning passion I have to get an education and become the best doctor any Indian woman can dream to be, and help pay back my parents and relieve them of their debt.

  • It is amazing to see how this woman has been able to overcome so many obstacles in her life yet she still manages to stay positive, and hopeful. This woman should be an inspiration to many out there; she certainly is to me. I am a 4th year college student that has struggled every year to be able to pay for college to continue my education. As neuroscience major, everyday I learn about the complexity of the brain and the lack of understanding that causes the lack of effective treatments for mental diseases. This inspires me to continue fighting against the obstacles I face everyday, the hope that maybe one day I will collaborate in the fight against the mental health issues that society deals with today. Now every time I find myself doubting myself and my goals I can think about this woman, and how she never gave up no matter what and as a consequence was able to make a difference.

  • This story is very touching. This lady has been through so much as has a positive attitude about it all. That right there is determination. I may not be in the health field but I do have the same mind set as this woman. My goal is to teach music in schools for grades k-12. I hope to raise awareness at how music is important to have in schools and how it can benefit children in many ways. Money will always be an obstacle but reading this woman’s story, I know I have no excuses.

  • It is always amazing to me how many people can experience struggle, heartbreak, and many other life changing events. Many in our society fall back on the excuse that this is the deck of cards that life has dealt them. I, like this woman, have had many experiences that have had to be overcome. In order to get ahead of the problems and heal not only myself, but as a family, I have come to believe that God has a plan for us all and that the heartaches and struggles presented to us are for a purpose. We might not know it at that particular time why these are happening, and at times cannot see how we are ever going to get over those struggles and move ahead. I am realizing though, that as my life progresses and I fulfill my many different roles as a wife, a mother, and a Military Officer, that there are others struggling with some of the same heartaches. It is such a good feeling when I can tell our story or have the knowledge needed to assist my Soldiers and their families. With faith and hard work, as well as the support of our loved ones and communiteis, we can overcome almost anything.

  • Absolutely amazing! The fact that she has pushed through so much in her life if just simply amazing. I especially find is overwhelming that no matter what she still sticks to her guns and keeps helping others. I too enjoy helping others. As a college senior I work my way through school and pay for my tuition and rent by working two jobs. One of these jobs happens to be assisting individuals with Intellectual disabilities perform everyday activities. Even when I don’t think I will have enough to support myself I am still happy that I could make a difference in someone else’s life. She also reminds me of my own mother who worked two jobs and went to college at the same time while she had to take care of her infant child, me.

  • Simply amazing. Stories like this inspire me to continue toward my dream despite the obstacles.

    There have been many obstacles I have been forced to endure throughout
    my college career as well as the path leading up to it. Financial strains are
    among the most common problems facing parents and students today, and I can say
    from personal experience that I am familiar with the struggle. I was blessed
    enough to have received the Presidential Merit Scholarship from Grambling State
    University upon graduation from high school and to have had the doors to my future
    opened before me.

    With this opportunity awarded to
    me, I vowed that I would seize every opportunity to excel in school. Academics
    and service have always been among the most important values I have tried to
    uphold. With that being said, I worked hard to obtain a 4.0 GPA my freshman
    year in college and join more than 5 organizations upon entering school,
    including NAACP, Student Government Association, and the Favrot Student Union
    Board. To further my service to the school that had given so much to me, I
    applied and was chosen to become a Grambling State University Student
    Ambassador. As an ambassador, I am a representative for my school not only in
    my community, but nation wide as well.

    As I increasingly gave my time
    outside of the classroom, I increasingly spent time hitting the books and this
    definitely paid off. I was inducted into
    the Earl Lester Cole Honors College my sophomore year as well as inducted into
    the National Society of Leadership and Success where I earned the top honor of
    the National Excellency in Leadership Award.
    Just recently I was accepted into the Grambling State University School
    of Nursing, where I am continuing to expand on my skills gained from earning my
    Certified Nurse Assistant Certification and Pharmacy Technician Certification
    in high school.

    My activeness both inside and
    outside of the classroom prove my dedication to enriching the lives of those
    around me as well as seizing every opportunity to gain as much knowledge as I
    possibly can. It takes many people a
    whole lifetime to discover their purpose. However, I’ve always known. Nursing
    has been in my spirit for as ling as I can remember. I have the passion to help
    people using my compassion and intellect, providing the best possible care to
    each patient that walks through the door. I want to stand by their side when no
    one else is there and let them know that I will do everything in my power to
    bring them back to complete health so they can impact the world as well.

    All of my experiences have
    continued to push me toward my long-term goal of attending nurse anesthetist
    school. Although I earned my merit
    scholarship prior to entering college, like most students I am still struggling
    financially. This scholarship will provide a student of a minority group, the
    ability to pursue my dreams while in school and to continue my dreams soon
    after, with the ability to continue my education toward my Master’s Degree in Nursing
    so that I will one day become an extraordinary nurse anesthetist. I will be
    able to purchase all of the necessary textbooks needed for my to become a
    stellar student as well as start my own student nursing club that will provide
    the opportunity for fellow nursing students to connect and form a support
    system for one another. With hard work and the desire to leave my imprint in
    someone’s heart and the foundation and framework for a successful future, I
    believe that this scholarship program can provide the means to continue to mold
    me into a superior student, great nurse, and most importantly, a well-rounded

    As the Mother of Nursing, Florence Nightingale
    once stated, “Nursing is an art; and if it is to be made an art, it requires as
    exclusive a devotion, as hard a preparation, as any painter’s or sculptor’s
    work; for what is the having to do with dead canvas or cold marble, compared
    with having to do with the living body – the temple of God’s spirit? It is one
    of the Fine Arts: I had almost said the
    finest of the Fine Arts.”

    Leave a message…

  • wow, like her I am a single mother of 3 kids, she has different health problems that I have but Like her I want to teach my kids that with God any obstacle is an obstacle. My dream is to work whith UN and help children and single moms to continue their dreams.

  • I may only be 18 years old but I love the passion this woman has for her field of work. It’s encouraging to see that despite her disability she was able to succeed her goal in helping others. You can see she tries to live everyday to the fullest in helping others and give in whatever way she can to help benefit others in there lives because she knows how hard life can be.

    This woman encourages me to work hard for something I really want and not finish it half ways, but go all the way and give everything I have, if I know it’s going to make me happy in the end. I hope and pray at the end of it all that the Lord may allow me to help as many people as I can and love on every family and teen I come across.

  • I find her stry encouaging. I have ealth problems and mental health issues. Sometimes, it takes every bit of strength I have to get out of bed and go to class, or do my homework. I keep going because I know that someday, when I have my PhD in Psychology, I will be able to help others understand what is happening to them.
    I have a 3.93 GPA and I am 50 years old. I am a freshmen in college and I would not trade the experience for anything. I raised my children, sometimes on my own, sometimes with help from my family and I am grateful that they are walking thier own paths now.
    I can understand the pain this person goes through just to get through the day, and I feel as she does, that we need to make the world a better place by helping people.

  • Your story reminds me so much of what my aunt had to go through before she became an RN. Although she was not a cancer survivor, but she is a single mother and a great mother to her sons. When my parents got laid off from their jobs, she was able to give me a lot of financial support to get through high school while my parents went to look for other jobs. Your story is very inspirational and I admire you for being strong.

  • As a college freshmen, I am inexperienced with the tribulations of true adulthood, including the burden of financial difficulties and the stress induced by such an emotionally draining career. I cannot say that I know how this woman feels; I don’t think anyone can say such a thing with all that she has been through, but if I can relate to one thing this woman has endured, it is her reasoning behind wanting to care for those unable to do so themselves.

    I too feel that my calling lies in servicing humanity through providing aid to the mentally ill, chiefly due to my experiences with my older brother’s mental illness. I always told myself when I was younger, before I even knew what condition my own life would be in as an adult, that my brother could live with me if he ever fell on hard times. I told myself that I would take care for him if he couldn’t, for any reason, care for himself. I can relate to her inborn desire to provide support, in whatever form I can, to those in such need. I hold firm to my childhood resolution, and I hope that I may extend this succor to whomever else I can. I wish the best for this woman, as she deserves much more for her unwavering audacity and selflessness.

  • Although I am a 19 year old young woman, I can still relate to this woman in many ways. She has clearly faced many obstacles in her life. but she has not let them interfere with her goals. My parents got divorced a few years ago and it affected me because I missed seeing my father everyday. On top of that, my mom is a single mother who sacrificed a lot for my two older sisters and I. I respect the woman is this story because I can see her as my own mother, and they both put a lot of effort to barely survive financially and support their children at the same time. Everyone hits obstacles during their journeys, but it’s overcoming them that makes each and every one of them stronger and better people. Even though my parents got divorced, my father resides at a psychiatric center, and we are barely financially stable, I still put all of my effort into doing my best academically and pursue my life-long goals.

  • Wow. I can relate to so much of your story. The herniated disk, the health problems, and being a single mother. I too know what it’s like for the doctor’s to tell you what you can’t do but you work even harder to show them what you can do.
    The world need more people like you in it. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • This is a sad story that also touches home for me. I understand the burden of taking care of your kids and dealing with you own health issues. It can become overwhelming at times and many time you may feel like giving up. I know the pain of trying to finish school and with everything else going on around you. If I could give any advice its stay on the path you have set for yourself even though road blocks will come if you keep trucking you destination will be completed.

  • This story is very inspiring. This woman dedicated so much and I will do the same pursuing my career in the medical field.

  • This story was very inspirational. I can relate to this women in many different ways. I lost my father to colon cancer when I was 16 years old. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through. Watching a loved one slowly die and suffer is the hardest thing to watch. Being my fathers care giver during his illness helped me realize my love and passion for health professions and helping the ill. I am currently studying pre-nursing at Towson University. The last thing I promised my father was that one day I would be walking in the halls of John Hopkins hospital helping patients in need.

    Another reason I have been inspired to be a nurse and help people in need is last summer I was admitted into a mental hospital for severe depression and an eating disorder. I was surrounded by wonderful nurses just like this women and having there support really does help patients. The nurses wanted the best for us and were the ones who took care of us and helped us become better.

    In life there is always struggle but without struggle there is no progress. I have faced many obstacles in my life but I always overcame them because I would never give up. Being a single mother with a disability and raising two children is just another inspiration and motivation to keep going. If this women can do it and still be happy then I am able to do it. My lifetime goal is to be a nurse practitioner at John Hopkins hospital and I am beyond determined to reach my goal no matter what stands in my way.

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  • I know from watching my mother how hard it is to be a single mother. I have watch my mother struggle so much as a single mother of 3. My mother has dreams and things she wants to do but she puts us first, she already struggles so much to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs, and making us happy.
    My mother has also, multiple times, gone with eating so that we could eat. She sent us to stay with someone, while she stayed in a house with no electricity and no hot water. I am someone who wants to do what they love not only for my benefit but to make sure my mother never has to struggle again. I also have ideas about getting people off the streets, getting rural areas the care that they need.
    This really made me even more motivated to get where I want to go and make sure that I succeed.

  • I can personally relate to this woman’s personal and professional struggles, still maintaining her passion to help others. I have had to face three major surgeries, including one for my back to relieve excruciating pain and to help me function in a normal capacity. I have been the main caregiver to my uncle, my mother’s brother, who lived for over 40 years as a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran. I and my mother, and my husband were with him as he took his final breath still at home with those who loved him and cherished him.

    I have devoted the majority of my adult life trying to help others, especially the less fortunate in our society, to improve their lives, to feel a sense of dignity and self-worth. I have attempted to help people as a teacher, as a mentor, as a caregiver, and as a leader in various nonprofit charitable organizations.

    Only through the process of helping others can we hope to achieve a higher understanding of how to live a more fulfilling and positive life. Life is more than a good job, a sound financial future, and the ability to enjoy many of the material pleasures of this world. Life is adhering to a true moral compass, which always shows us the direction of our own individual “True North.”

  • This story moved me to tears.While I’m not a nurse or a mother, I felt a sense of camaraderie with this
    incredibly inspiring woman. People like the nurse in this interview play an instrumental role in the lives of their patients, and as someone who was significantly affected by nurses, one in particular, just like the one in this interview; I’d like to share my story.
    About a year ago, I fell ill with Pneumococcal Meningitis. I was in the ICU in a medically induced coma for about a week with full blown septicemia and kidney failure, as a result of the meningitis. In addition to being septic and having kidney failure, the swelling around my brain was increasing,and my critical care doctor told my family that my chances of mortality were quite high. Fortunately, thanks to a fantastic medical team, I was brought out of the coma and the ICU, and into a regular hospital room to recover after they were able to treat the septicemia, and reduce the brain swelling. I had no health insurance when this incident happened, so in addition to the severe pain I was suffering, I also experienced unimaginable anxiety.

    I was unable to walk due the amount of muscle mass that I had lost; this was startling to me. I was in shock on so many levels, and it was the care, nurturing, compassion, and kindness of my nurses that got me through what I consider to be the most challenging time of my life. As I write this I’m brought to tears because one nurse in particular, treated me as if I were her own daughter. The way she encouraged me when my occupational and physical therapists would come in, the gentle way in which she would bathe me; and the way she would brush my hair and caress my forehead when she’d finish reminded me of my own mother. I truly don’t think I would have be able to get through that time of my life without her, or the other amazing nurses that I had at St.Louise Hospital in Gilroy, California. I look forward to becoming an occupational therapist so I can do volunteer work in their hospital and pay the kindness forward.

  • This story struck a chord in me because it reminded me so much of myself.

    I am 19 years old and already a mother; a single one at that. Like the amazing nurse interviewed here I know what it is like to be low income and I am a part of a community that benefits from the amazing work she does. Attending UC Berkeley as a single mother is rigorous, to say the least, but I know the education I walk away with is going to be an amazing asset.

    My health as suffered as a result of financial concerns, legal concerns, academic concerns, parenting concerns, etc. I struggle with depression and anxiety. And from what I’ve learned, low income communities are hit too hard by such stressors. I too hope to become a nurse practitioner one day with an emphasis in public health so that I can come back to the community I am in now and serve those who need my help. I know how arduous it can be, and I hope that one day, I’m able to make a difference, no matter how small, in many people’s lives. I live to help people. It’s what I aspire to do.

  • This story was so inpspirtional to me. I am a CNA and I am going to school to complete my RN degree. I love helping people and that is why I also turned to nursing. My life has not been nearly as hard as her life, but I still felt like her struggles were my struggles. It’s amazing to hear about someone who hasn’t had life handed to her on a silver platter still make a difference. I love her commitment to helping other and I hope to carry that same passion across when I’m a nurse.

  • As an undergraduate, I am still deciding where my life is going to take me. My sister is bipolar and I have grown up living with the affects that mental illness can have on a person and a family. My parents are doing everything they can to help her, which includes a therapeutic boarding school and lots of therapy, but not everyone is so lucky. Without the support of my parents and therapists, my sister would probably not be alive
    right now.

    Coming into college I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I am planning on majoring in neuroscience with a focus on research so I can also give back to those in need mentally. I think the mentally ill are the people who aren’t taken seriously as needy because they are not understood. More awareness about mental health and better support for them as well is what is most needed in the world today, as well as medicine that helps the mentally ill without horrible side effects. Hopefully I can make the difference in the world that I would like to do.

  • As I began reading this inspiring story, I can’t believe her amazing story parallels my similar and outrageous journey in my first ADN degree. My more bizarre physical and mental health journey, followed by financial struggles. It’s like I reading about myself. I have so much empathy and respect for her than most women pursuing a nursing degree.
    I continue to wear similar, blistering shoes that hurt but they are the only pair I own. My second half of my nursing journey is completing my BSN while I am struggling with all of the above and the some. Just a glimpse of what I am enduring currently is my 32 surgery and several close calls of death. I am still here. Anyone can become a nurse, a nurse who has been more of a patient knows and understands what makes an extraordinary nurse. No class room, textbook or clinical gives you the experience of being a patient first hand. Nursing is not just about intelligence IQ but also the people IQ many nurses lack to have empathy which should be used in adjunct to nursing care for healing.

  • Reading these inspiring stories just makes me work harder towards my goal of becoming a Dentist and giving back to my community!

  • She has a life that many many of us do not have, struggles that many of us do not face and if we do we believe that we will never be able to over come them. The way that i relate myself to her is the financial struggle and the emotional struggle. Being a student with secrets that can tear you apart is hard. I have depression and not many friends having a depression disorder that can effect me horribly I try to look at life like i owe life a chance to live it for me and having a chance to get a higher is amazing the money is the problem, however money will not get in the way of my education. She did not let her cancer and struggles get to her so i have no excuse to let my future shine.

  • First I would like to commend you on your drive and adversities. I personally have not seen as many obstacles in my life as she has. I am a 22 Year old double major (biology and health science), and I also work a full time job in order to help support my family. I am the first of six children to attend college (2 older, 3 younger). I come from a low income family, and many of the struggles you face my mom has faced, and to some extinct so have I. My situation is a high stress situation do to the amount of demand I face daily and the fear of not setting a good example to my three younger siblings and my niece and nephew. Because of my background I strive and struggle every day to pave the way for them and show that they can also achieve what i have and more. My dream job would be to be a physician assistant, and with my Health Science degree i want to open up a non-profit health community center that focus on health living and eating habits. Previously in my life I have worked with so many volunteer organizations for both children and families such as; Habitat for humanity, Big Brother/Big sister, Roanoke Family Shelter, Baltimore Soup Kitchen, Bonner Scholars, Tutoring, assist day care providers, and more. I want to be come a PA in order to have a stable financial ground, so that I can help those that look up to me, and I want to use that as a vessel to my non-profit in the form of giving back. I speak English fluently as it is my native tongue, but i have also learned some sign language and I also speak minimal french.

  • Your story is both inspiring and moving. I applaud you for striving to reach your goals and working because you are passionate about helping others. Your contribution to society is great and invaluable. I strive to help my family with our obstacles and also make contributions in society. I have had many experiences volunteering in low-income, underserved populations and will continue to do so in order for those populations to be reached.

  • I applaud this lady for her courage and true sense of determination. She has overcome so many obstacles and still continues to give of herself and help others in need. It takes someone with a pure, kind, empathetic personality to achieve all she has achieved. In my eyes she is a winner and an asset for the company she works for. There are so many people in need of proper medical care especially in the field of psychiatry that it disturbs me personally as I too have overcome many obstacles physically and mentally and am struggling every day to keep my chin up and achieve my goals. I am an 18 year old senior student struggling with Bulimia and depression and this has incapacitated me tremendously. As a dancer the feelings of self worth, self esteem and just feelings of not being able to be “normal” like I used to be have affected my social and school life. I have had to give up many friends who have failed to understand what I am going through so dealing with feelings of loneliness and rejection have been the most difficult for me. Also giving up dance which I have been doing all my life due to physical pain from fybromyalgia and chronic fatigue have instilled feelings of not accomplishing my goals and deep sense of failure. I am happy to say that at this time I am looking forward to graduating from high school and continuing on to college and following my dreams of graduating in the medical field in order to give back and help others overcome teen depression and bulimia. I feel many times these disorders are not taken as seriously as other medical conditions as I would constantly be told ” you are too pretty and smart and talented and should not have anything to be depressed about, so get over it”. This remark just made me feel worse and just confirmed the fact that depression is many times stereotyped. I am glad I have been getting help thru proper medical attention and therapy and will continue to do what is needed to overcome this. I am lucky to have a good family support system. Everyday is still a struggle for me so everyday I must set small goals and look forward to what I can accomplish and take small steps to reach my goals.

  • I grew up with a single mother who was left with 10,000 dollars in debt because of my biological father and she worked three jobs to pay it off and support both my sister and I. She also had health problems like lupus and severe back problems and the worst of it all was that my dad refused to help her with child support. Even though those were awful times, It was very inspiring to have an example of a strong woman in my life to teach me how to work hard and be responsible. That woman’s children will also look at her and be grateful to have such a powerful role model in their lives.

  • This is an amazing story. ever since I was little I have always been involved in volunteering in one way or another. last year, my mother lost her job and I my health insurance. I have really bad asthma but thank God I have not had an emergency this year. I am working on a degree in psychology and I am hoping to help children in the future overcome dramatic situations. I love helping others and I hope one day to help this way. I commend you for your amazing courage and persistence. Helping people is an amazing experience.
    I also have a lot of sympathy for you with your ex husband. My older sister recently got kicked out of her house by her husband and he took the kids. Luckily she just got full custody of the kids but it was hell that he put her through. I think any women who has to undergo this are extremely strong. I completely understand the things you must have been through. I also love your heart and your amazing ability to go through the bad and want to give back.

  • Hope is the overall concept of this story. When you are crawling on your hands and knees, the only way out is up. Some people have too little or some have too much things in their lives. Her character drives her to wake up everyday and make it the best experience despite everything she has been through. I really admire women due to my mother who shared her love to me and thrust it upon my soul. Due to her love, i learn to accept everything as it is and make change my lifestyle. I began to understand the ideas of myself and those of the opposite gender. Understanding each other, you are able to vision a better future appreciating everyone around you.

    Breaking her back and working at a non-profit organization are key struggles she is going through. My father recently had a stroke and the lost of our home due to a fire has cause great concerns to me emotionally and mentally. Yet i still have hope of these struggles implementing a sign of overcoming adversity. I live life through my positivity and smiles. I forge these smiles and appreciation to other people to create a healthier atmosphere to include others.

    I believe that no matter how much hardships you have been, that gives you no excuses to weep and complain. That you can always do something about it and learn to move forward. There is always another way and that way could lead to something better. A blessing in disguise gives me an opportunity to find something better. When my house burned down, it has instill within me a better connection to those who i would never imagine would come to our aid. It showed me who were my real friends and hope that there were still good people in the world.

  • This is a very powerful story and makes you think about your circumstances and not to question your struggles. I appreciate my ability to move around and work because this woman made me see how blessed i really am. Even with all of her physical constraints she continues to work and also put her two girls through college. It was hard enough being divorced and stranded in another city then being hurt and a two time cancer survivor. She reminds me greatly of my grandmothers who have sacrificed so much for our family. Also the fact that she is Caucasian speaks levels to the reader because many people think Caucasians dont struggle or they don’t need government assistance and this story lays all of those myths to rest

  • This is such an incredible story. Its amazing how physical and emotional obstacles can increase your passion and drive. I can relate to so many things in this interview. I was given 2 months with a 2% chance to live 13 years ago and this made me not only value everyday that I am given but it also gives me the drive an d passion that I have for helping others. I am still facing so many obstacles at this time but I refuse to give up because I feel like He kept me here for a reason and Nursing is that reason. I wish you all the luck and with God everything is possible,

  • Like this woman, I have also overcome many physical and emotional obstacles to get to college. I was adopted at 10 days old, and although adoption is not an uncommon ordeal, a baby of color being placed into a white family is. As I have gotten older I have had to overcome discrimination, not just as a female, but as a female of color. I was also born with a congenital heart defect and had open heart surgery when I was four to repair a quarter sized hole in my heart. Every day is a blessing for me, I never take any life experience for granted, because many more surgeries loom in my future and I may not get a second chance at life again. I also did not talk until I was 4 years old, and when I did start to talk I suffered from severe articulation and phonological disorders, and was in a speech program until I was in 7th grade.

    When in high school I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go to college at all. All I knew was that I wanted to help those in need. At the end of my senior year after volunteering with my old speech pathologist, I decided to pursue speech-language pathology as my chosen career. I’m not in it for the salary, I’m in it for the children. Because I know what it’s like to be bullied because you’re different. If I can inspire one child to pursue their dreams, and accept their differences because differences are what make you unique, then what’s stopping me from changing the lives of children all over the world.

  • Rousing
    story! I work as RN, I always wanted to help other so wanted to go to medical
    school. I was not able to go due to financial and family issues.

    I moved
    to U.S with my parent in several years ago. My father always wanted that I
    would go to medical school and help poor people at my country site. Where I am
    from, people die without any treatment just because they do not have money to
    pay for small blood test. Someday I want to go back to Bangladesh and treat
    this poor people without any charge and help them a way I could, so they do not
    have to die without any treatment.

  • This is such an inspirational piece. Growing up, I was raised in an abusive home where money was scarce. I was expected to amount to nothing but a full-time worker at a local fast food resturaunt; or in my opinion, something worse, waiting at home caring for multiple small children while my husband worked a minimum paying job. There comes a time in one’s life where you have to take the hand given to you and make it into something better.

    LIke the nurse sharing her story, when one overcomes such obstacles in life, the true reward comes from helping others amount to something they may have thought wasn’t possible. I decided to turn my roots into a beautiful flower, moving from a small town in Oklahoma to my current place of location here at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Ca. I am studying Chemistry with a minor in Psychology and anticipate the public health route for graduate school. Making a difference in the lives of others will be my ultimate means of happiness. When the Lord bless you with such opportunities, such as studying at a wonderful institution, it becomes our responsibility to respond in whichever way seems plausible.

    To the interviewee, I respect your field of study and how you turned it into something so beautiful, even after all you went through. I may not know you personally, but your story truly inspires me. I can only hope that my future brings me as much joy as it has brought you. Thank You.

    -Brittni Moore
    Pepperdine University

  • I, too, have had trials and tribulations to overcome while attending to my education along with my role of being a wife and mother. In spite of it all, I’ve managed to graduate with honors and continue to further my education. My experiences has made me that much more determined in obtaining my goal of becoming a physician’s assistant. I wish to return to society the aid that I’ve been so fortunate to receive thus far. I look forward to treating patients in rural areas where healthcare is scarce. I feel that the work one does should not be measured in monetary value, but measured in what difference a service to others can do. My hope is to set an example not only for my own family, but for other individuals and families.

  • What a truly amazing woman! I love seeing stories like this, because it inspires me to keep on pushing despite struggles and obstacles that may come my way.

    It reminds me of my own sister. When I was ten, my mother passed away, and my father has been absent ever since.

    My sister had to take upon a part-time job in high school to take care of the bills. All while balancing work and taking care of me, she had the drive to apply to colleges. It has been two years since she received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. She is now working in a pharmacy as a technician.

    She has inspired me to never blame my situation but make the most out of it. I aspire to possess the same drive and persistence as the woman in the interview.

  • This is such an inspiring story! It is because of people like the woman in this story that I want to become an RN. It is my dream to someday, once I have my RN license, to work with the people that everyone seems to have forgotten. I think that helping those in great need is so rewarding. It breaks my heart that such an amazing individual with so much compassion is unable to support herself and her children.

    This story reminds me of my mom. Her dream was to become a nurse but because she lived in Ukraine, they did not have any kind of financial help and she was unable to pursue her dream. Later on when she moved to America, she did not speak English so she was not able to go to college. She also had health problems, much like the woman interviewed, so she had to put her dreams on hold to help support her family.

    I hope to one day be the kind of nurse that the woman in this story is and touch people’s lives in such a incredible way.

  • I have been an LPN for two years so I can relate. I have also worked at an assisted living facility where I dealt with mentally disabled elderly population. Although I have no kids, I can only imagine how difficult it was for this women to get through this experience but she truly loves her job. The work that she does is truly inspiring and having to battle with cancer while doing it is beyond brave.

  • When reading this story I thought of my own mother. My grandfather wouldn’t let her be a doctor (he was a doctor), because he said that she would never marry or have a life if she did. She ended up studying architecture but worked very little in that career path once she graduated. At the age of 44 she started to study once again in order to become a Registered Nurse. Due to the political situation back in my home country we all had to come to the U.S. just as she was about to graduate. Even though the University did not validate any credits for her, she did not give up and started studying once again, right from the beginning.

    Just as all of this was happening my parents went through a divorce. My father went back home and my mother, my brother, my sister and myself stayed in the U.S. for our safety. Though my father gave my mother child support, it was all still very hard for her. She had to take the three of us to school, which was more than an hour away from our house, still go to classes and study. She had to be a parent at the same time.

    Because she was part of the accelerated program she could not get a grade lower than a B or she would be kicked out. I remember her studying in the car with recordings she would make, sleeping late, and waking up early. I’d never been more proud of my mother than when me and my siblings stood with her on stage as they handed her her diploma. My mother became an extroardinary cardiovascular nurse in the ICU. I saw her struggle emotionally at times; this was not an easy-going unit. But, she did it. Though not a doctor, she finally accomplished her calling after all those years and I saw her care deeply for her patients. Ironically, my grandfather couldn’t have been more proud.

    I admire my mother for all she has accomplished and all she has been through. She managed to overcome all obstacles. I wish to some day live up to that. She always put others before herself; she even gave up her career after all she went through to take care of my grandparents when they became ill. To be that selfless is a virtue I wish to attain with experience.

  • This woman reminds me very much of my mother. She grew up in a terrible family situation, gave birth to me at 18, and went through a divorce and still manages to take care and be strong for me and my brother. She’s fought against the odds and had to make a bunch of tough changes to support us. She is currently working 3 jobs as a dental hygienist and recently finished her Master’s in education. Times have been tough, but she’s always managed to pull through and is one of my biggest inspirations.

    Hearing other life stories like these really inspire me to do my best and to never give up, no matter what I have to face. I really hope that my story can inspire others and push them to accomplish bigger and better things and to hopefully continue with a post-secondary education or their dream career.

  • It is a very inspiring story, and it makes me happy that people like this woman are out there! In a world where most of us are selfish and only think about ourselves it makes me happy that she took her own experience and used it to help others.

    My life has been very harsh and I had to become strong since 18 years old when I moved from Europe to the USA to continue higher education. I had no idea that at 31 years of age I would still be going to school , but I am happy that I didn’t give up ! No matter what I have been through I never stopped going to school and now I can say that my 11 year old son is so proud of me and we always compete for our grades, I get more A’s than him!

    Life is full of surprises , but I never gave up on my dream and now I am closer than ever to reach that dream !

  • This story is very inspiring. I love learning of people who despite obstacles in their life accomplish a lot, do what they love, and love helping people.

    I myself have over came obstacles in my life to get to where I am today and am still pursuing where I want to be in the future. I started out in a horrible marriage, obese, and having no faith in myself to accomplish anything. Finally one day I decided to get off my behind because no one was going to make my health and my life better but myself. What was wrong with me? I did not have debilitating physical ailments like other people, I do not battle with a learning disability, if other people with so much more challenges can do it and succeed what the heck was my excuse?

    So I finally went back to school and pushed through to finish getting my AAS in Medical Assisting, got Certified in the state of NV and am now working for 2 great doctors/surgeons and am back in school working on a B.S. in Health Administration with a concentration of Health Management. The nurse in this article is such a great inspiration and role model. We need more people who persevere to do and be what they want in life no matter the circumstances.

  • I enjoyed this woman’s story, because like her I want to help people. At first I was afraid to go to school because I did not think I was cut out for it, then after I started school there were many problems and physical injuries that also came in my life that I thought I would not be able to continue school or even finish but I am pushing through and when I am done I want to work with children and find some non-profit organizations that help children, I have always believed in and fought for the under dog or the ones that no one else wants to help, those are the kids I want to help. The ones who are forgotten and left behind, I want to be the one who helps them..

  • It’s amazing. She has all this passion even in the face of despair. I love it. She has passion, hope and determination, all of the qualities that I aspire to be in my career. She is truly an inspiration. I want to do Labor and Delivery, just as she said- to watch life being made, or help save little lives. I want to help create community centers to advocate for prenatal care and provide services for pregnant women. Thank you for your story

  • I love the fact that this inspring powerful woman, mother and nurse went on to say that although her problems are very real and worth mentioning, that she is still HAPPY. I’ve been through my share of difficulties but I think that if you can surpass all the pain and trouble, and are still able to look at the glass half full, you’re on the right track.

  • I love how she wants to change the world by making a difference one person at a time. That is truly how we change the world. Dedicating her life to working with mentally ill adults is something that I admire. I currently work with developmentally disabled adults providing activities of daily living support and job training. I have never met people more loving than those that the rest of the world calls disabled. If anything, I believe it is the rest of us who are disabled in some manner.

  • This woman has a wonderful spirit. The fact that she has overcome so much and is choosing to keep going and not be a quiter. Amazing. I too have a passion for helping others. I work in long -term care and I have a few residents who suffer from behavioral disorders and all they need is compassion.

    Often times when talking about my job I explain to people that kind words and gestures go a long way. When a patient learns to trust you and know that they can depend on you they tend to let you in and allow you to create a foundation for teaching, learning. and resptfullness.

    I have run into so many patients that have been labeled as mean or grouchy, or even hard to deal with. When I interact with these same patients I have no issues and they end up getting attached to me and then my collegues are asking how did you calm them down. I simply say you just have to listen I mean really listen to them and let them be involved in their care as much as possible.

  • This story is very motivational and definitely inspires me to work hard. I’ve always been a hard worker and helping others came as a natural ability. I do not personally know nor can imagine being in the same position as this woman. she is truly a phenomenal woman. Among other things I do have an aunt who grew up with a very harsh childhood. Mind you that my aunt is my hero and every time that I feel like giving up or feel lazy I think of all the things that she has been through.

    My aunt was the oldest of six kids, my grandmother was not a good mother, she would always have some man over and put them over her own children. so my and and also my dad were homeless a few times throughout their childhood. My aunt was also in medical school as a single mother with 2 children. although it was hard and a huge transition for her she is now a strong, loving mother with 3 kids, happily married to a very successful doctor and she is now a pediatrician.

    Knowing the background of my family and also reading this heartwarming story, I feel even more motivated than before to become someone amazing in the medical field and make a difference in many people’s lives. I plan to become a RN as well and after that a physician assistant. I also want to minor in nutrition. I set my goals high for myself and i know once i reach them nothing will make me happier than to see the face on my patience and their reactions to what i accomplished. Making a difference in their life.

  • This woman’s story is so inspiring and beautiful. I feel just as much passion for health and the wellness of others. I am studying to become a holistic therapist and I hope to touch as many people’s lives as possible in the most positive way I can. I want to wake up everyday glad to have the job I do and excited to be able to make a difference. Even though she has had struggles in life, she has the motivation to carry on with what she is doing and has the optimism to eventually have what she needs. I can relate with having to overcome health issues and it can prevent one from living life fully, only if one let’s it. However like this amazing woman, she has taken it and turned it around for the greater good in her life and the lives of her children.

  • I could relate to this story in someways, Iam a single mother and it has taken me a long time to go back to school. I had to struggle everyday just to make ends meet and to this day iam still struggling but not as much as i had too. I have a passionn to help people who are in need thats why i decided to go into the medical field i feel i can make a different in someones life. I also want to give back some of the kindness that people have showen me when i was down and out. there are times that i did just want to give up and quit, but i had people to encourage me to move forward and keep going even when times were really hard. I want to give that back, i want to be there for other people who dont have anyone there for them.

  • Very touching story. I am studying to be a nurse and I have a mother who was in the same situation when I was a young child.

  • This is indeed a heart-warming story. It is rare to come across individuals who live through so much pain and hardship, and who use their experiences as motivation to help other people who are also suffering. This woman is worthy of congratulation and emulation. This is the type of role-model that children today need in order to become truly compassionate toward people.

    As a student who fractured her foot during her final semester in school, I can scarcely imagine what it must have been like to have such as injury to my jaw and probably not being able to verbally express myself as a result.

    Her ability to function so superbly under the circumstances she has endured is remarkable. So too is her ability to successfully raise her two children. Her positive, beneficent spirit permeates this article and has no doubt inspired many to look beyond their struggles and all that is wrong with their life, and to embrace people and challenges with open, accepting arms.

  • Just like her, I am driven to promote positive change to the world, especially in mental health. I had encountered trauma that was very close to my heart, where I was the first responder at my uncle’s alcohol poisoning and eventual death. This affected me deeply, even though I tried to put it aside and concentrate on getting my college degree, as I was in my 2nd year of college at that time. My results deteriorated, mainly because of the trauma and the need for me to miss many classes, but I eventually graduated as I persisted in pursuing my passion. Now, I am in a doctoral program in clinical psychology, and I hope to make a difference to people, especially those who have suffered trauma in some form.

  • i can relate alot to this woman. Like her i am a single mother of 2 children. Even though my children are much smaller and both have ADHA and one with a deleveopmentaly delayed problem. I myself is contuining with my dream as an RN. I started late and wished i have done it early but i had along money issues as well as child care. I then started and finished the Medical Assistant and CNA degrees and currently hold a Phlebotomy certicate as well but i still was unhappy. So i tried once again to finish my RN. i am obataining my RN degree. Still struggling with money issues and student loans, But i feel i need to get out there and help people theres alot of people not as lucky as some and need others to care for them.

  • This interview reminds me that there are still many people in our society that want to do nothing but good. I see some of myself in this woman. I too have an illness that I was able to overcome. Instead of using it as an excuse, I use it as motivation.

    I have always had a heart for helping those in need. For many years, I have spent Christmas morning feeding the poor in center city Reading, Pennsylvania. My heart goes out to these men and women who have nothing while the rest of the country is opening their presents.

    My parents instilled in me an attitude of service. I was very involved in service activities at my alma mater, Tulpehocken High School. As present of National Honor Society, I organized an event to raise money for the homeless. This annual event brought in thousands of dollars for a local shelter as well as educated students on other ways they could help the homeless.

    I am a biology student that is looking forward to a career in the medical field as a future doctor. However, I did not want to wait to start helping people. I work as a caregiver with a local agency and this summer I begin training to become a CNA. Just like this woman, I want to help people. That is exactly what I will do with the rest of my life.

  • i am a caregiver now and i know how important it is to take care of people in need. every day i see how important is my job and i do it to the fullest. people needs us very day and to be part of that community is a blessing.

  • I even though I am a high school senior I feel like I can relate well to this woman’s experiences. I was recently in terrible accident where a truck ran me over in a crosswalk. This accident left me will a broken back, but it didn’t ruin my spirits. I was lucky and had wonderful doctors and a mom who is an RN to nurse me back to health and show me the empathy that I needed to recover. Now I have a passion for the medical field and for helping others who are put in similar situations. I hope that I can become a person that can show people the empathy I was shown, just like this woman.

  • You have true dedication to the welfare of society. When I
    was younger, I use to wonder why not everyone wanted to go into the healthcare
    profession. As I got older and became an EMT, I realized the small amount of
    insanity needed to be able to work in this field happily. We see a lot of
    things; more often heart breaking than heartwarming. And yet, as you describe
    so explicitly, we keep coming back everyday. The most impressive thing about
    your life is how clearly you have been swallowed by the profession. It is
    amazing how many hurdles you continuously work through to achieve your goals of
    helping people.

    Perhaps one of the most telling things about your character
    is the amount of experience you have and the specific field you chose. The five
    years you have spent working with the mentally ill shows how much you love this
    job. As mentioned before, there are many things witnessed in these medical
    professions, and it is extremely easy to become burned out in these fields.
    Some scenes are so horrifying in emergency services that personal can develop
    PTSD. Such jobs have a large turnover rate due to people being unable to handle
    and cope with the stress of this field. These occupations require a calling and
    a love to stick with them. The fact that you have been at this for five years
    and are still enthused about it shows the truth of your love to this duty.

    Something else that bespeaks about your qualities of
    patience and compassion is that you choose to work with the mentally ill. As an
    EMT there are similarities to our field when stressing over treating our
    patients, but after that, responding to emergencies has an entirely different
    flavor than working with the mentally ill. The amount of time alone that you
    invest in the patient is a huge difference; depending on the call we might not
    see our patient for anymore than half an hour; you on the other hand treat and
    watch a patient for weeks, months, years. It takes a very special person to
    talk and work with someone for that amount of time, especially when success
    rates are far lower than we hope for. I love emergency medicine, even with the
    lows of crying over people who didn’t make it, but your job and circumstances
    are very unique and something that I don’t think I could do. For this I hold
    you in the highest regard.

  • Even though I am barely 18 years old, I can indirectly relate to her story.
    She has gone through so much in her lifetime and still has the will to get
    out of bed and continue her life every day. I am the daughter of a single
    mother and she raised me while she was attending college without child support
    from my biological father even though it was court ordered. In addition, my
    mother has had multiple car accidents that left her with joint problems and she
    has endometriosis that has had her returning to the doctor that also added to
    her financial strain of raising me alone. Even though her endometriosis was not
    as life threatening as cancer, it was still a lot of emotional strain to get
    through life knowing that she had to provide for another.

    When I first started thinking about college, I had no idea what degree I
    wanted but then I realized it did not matter what I chose as long as I could
    help people whether it be aiding humans themselves or their animal companions
    that helped them get through their hard times. Now I am a freshman and the
    University of Arizona and I chose to study Biochemistry as my major because I
    could branch into so many different fields such as medicine, pharmacy, or
    veterinary science. I want to be able to help people who have gone through
    mishaps and their lives.

    When reflecting on my life, I do not think that I had too many obstacles to
    go through except when I was bullied when I attended grade school. I was
    constantly moving with my mother when I was younger which made it hard for me
    to make many friends so I chose to be alone a majority of the time. I felt more
    comfortable in solitude reading books since I had grown accustomed to it.
    Others probable thought of me as weird back then and so found me as an easy
    target. Even though I did not have a multitude of friends, I always managed to
    make one great friend who was there for me and made the insults of the bullies
    not matter. When I look back at it, I realize that that was when it set in that
    I wanted to help people. It was all because I had a few friends that helped me.

    When I graduate with this degree, I will be extremely proud of myself. A
    degree in biochemistry will mean that I now have the ability to aid in
    bettering the lives of people. Everyone wants someone who can make their lives
    a little easier to bear and I hope that I can be that person to others.

  • **So sorry. I’m reposting this because I wasn’t originally logged in with facebook. Original is directly below **

    I definitely feel the pain, the pleasure, and the struggles of this woman through her voice. It’s clear that she loves her work and she loves taking care of others. I do not doubt that if she could re-do everything she’d still pick a health career. However, I know that if this woman was offered more money, she could help more people without being so emotionally, physically, and mentally troubled. Societally, we are making it difficult for women and men like her to take up some of the lowest paying jobs that truly make the most difference. I truly wish I could help her by making it so that truly good natured people like her get paid more and can help people equally well. And it is a fact that for good people, Health Care can be a thrilling career. But without certain certifications and qualifications, attaining good pay can be difficult. Despite what some people may think, prospective nurses are sometimes driven away by the work because despite being able to help people, they can’t eat or support themselves with lower level certification and are driven away from the field.

    This inversely occurs when loads of students are driven to become doctors because the pay is high, but the student does not care much for the field or other people. That’s why there are many doctors who care more about making a few extra bucks by offering extra services that the patient does not need, instead of offering the non-expensive services the patient does need because they don’t bring in money. This also drives prospective doctors away from lower paying fields, leading to the low amount of doctors in the Family Practice and General Practition section of the physician field (because the pay is FAR lower than if they were a Surgeon or OB/GYN). Days have come and gone where Doctors haven’t provided the best aid to patients. Its the nurses and aides that have emotionally and physically supported the physically and mentally sick and wounded .

    If all turns out good and well, I will become a Doctor that won’t care about making the most money, and instead I will care about whether I have helped my patients to the best of my ability.

  • I definitely feel the pain, the pleasure, and the struggles of this woman through her voice. It’s clear that she loves her work and she loves taking care of others. I do not doubt that if she could re-do everything she’d still pick a health career.However, I know that if this woman was offered more money, she could help more people without being so emotionally, physically, and mentally troubled. Societally, we are making it difficult for women and men like her to take up some of the lowest paying jobs that truly make the most difference. I truly wish I could help her by making it so that truly good natured people like her get paid more and can help people equally well. And it is a fact that for good people, Health Care can be a thrilling career. But without certain certifications and qualifications, attaining good pay can be difficult. Despite what some people may think, prospective nurses are sometimes driven away by the work because despite being able to help people, they can’t eat or support themselves with lower level certification and are driven away from the field.

    This inversely occurs when loads of students are driven to become doctors because the pay is high, but the student does not care much for the field or other people. That’s why there are many doctors who care more about making a few extra bucks by offering extra services that the patient does not need, instead of offering the non-expensive services the patient does need because they don’t bring in money. This also drives prospective doctors away from lower paying fields, leading to th low amount of doctors in the Family Practice and General Practition section of the physician field (because the pay is FAR lower than if they were a Surgeon or OB/GYN). Days have come and gone where Doctors haven’t provided the best aid to patients. Its the nurses and aides that have emotionally and physically supported the physically and mentally sick and wounded .

    If all turns out good and well, I will become a Doctor that won’t care about making the most money, and instead I will care about whether I have helped my patients to the best of my ability.

  • I am a single mother also, struggling to get my degree also. I have a passion for helping others. I need a degree to further my career. I have been working with children with Autism. I am one of the few that love their job. I am excited everyday to go to work. I love these kids.

  • Wow! There a just more than a few things I can relate to with this future R.N.! As a nursing student who also has a minor in psychology and volunteer at a non-profit hospital, I can understand how rewarding yet difficult it is to give the quality of patient care you desire with the limited materials that are given. This is why nursing is a calling! You have a fire to help that allows you to overcome challenges and see the big picture of improving people’s lives. In addition, my parents are divorced and my own mother, like this mother, has to work just to pay the bills and care for my younger brother, much less can she help me with college. Another similarity is that my father, who makes six figures, does not give me a dime for my education yet puts me out of the range for government support, like this nurse, so you really have to do everything on your own. I not only can understand but empathize with her struggle to work and pay for college.Yet, the support of family, like the support she gives to her daughters, makes me view her as my own mother, a strong role model and woman. This wonderful woman’s story gives me great hope and inspiration because she has battled cancer and extremely disabling back injuries and I am lucky enough to be young and healthy and striving to complete my B.S.N.. It is good to learn from the mistakes of others and I know that from reading this post that I am on the right track as I am going to complete my bachelors degree in four years and that I am not alone when it comes to facing challenges in education.

  • I applaud this woman for her dedication to the medical field even after all she has experienced in her lifetime. Much like this woman, I have witnessed the pain and destruction that comes along with cancer. Not only did my aunt survive ovarian cancer but my grandfather also won the battle against lung cancer. It was the time spent in the hospital supporting my grandfather that I realized that I wanted to major in nursing upon completion of high school.

    At an early age, my father told me that God blessed me with life and it is my duty to use this gift to aid in the betterment of society. When I was old enough to understand, my aunt sat me down and told me her story. As a newlywed, my aunt was prepared to start a family, but she noticed that she could not get pregnant. After taking a closer look, she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, where she later had to have her ovaries removed. If you know about the female reproductive organs, you know that the ovaries secrete estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that prepares the uterus for pregnancy. Hence, no estrogen and progesterone= no babies. Her dream of starting a family was crushed, and to top of her misery, her husband left her because she couldn’t provide him with a family. But after all of this tragedy, she continued on in life. She told me that it made her a stronger person and gave her power she never would have known.

    When my aunt told me this inspiring story, I knew that I wanted to join the medical field and help make a difference in lives, but I didn’t know what specifically I wanted to do. While I was busy focusing on myself, trying to figure out I planned to do with MY life, my grandfather was in the hospital after being diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. I spent months driving my grandfather to hospital visits, taking care of him when my grandmother couldn’t. While attending these visits, I was introduced to the student volunteer program with Dignity Health. They provided me with the opportunity to shadow nurses and doctors in nearly every unit. When I was given the chance to shadow a labor and delivery nurse, I fell in love.

    I saw children being born every single day. I witnessed the pleasure the mothers experienced, the unyielding shock on the face of the fathers. I also witnessed a girl younger than myself that gave birth. I saw the pain, I saw the pleasure and I just knew that I was home. “. . . I am a friend, nurse, mother, human.” I plan to be that friend when a patient needs someone to talk to. I plan to be that nurse that brings new lives into this world. I plan to be the human that makes a different every day I am on this earth.

    • The way the subject put her children really moves me. Being the product of a single parent household, I can tell you first hand that a lot of mothers in the same situation would expect their children to help them through the situation, or find some way to work the system.
      Growing up, I was the oldest of four, and there were days I would have to stay home from school because my sibling was sick and my mother had to go to work. The focus was not on my education, but instead upon the younger sibling. As I get older, I see how difficult the choices can be, and this pushes me even harder to make a better life for myself and make my way in the world before I take on the challenge of children.
      Thank you for sharing your story

  • It is truly inspiring to see a woman faced with difficulty yet continues to push through to make a difference in the world. She seems like my mother. Different circumstances of course, but working hard to make ends meet and wanting to make a difference, wanting to do some good. I wish to be able to do something like this one day. To look back and say that although I faced difficulties myself, but still made a positive influence in the world.

  • I feel so inspired by all the strength and perseverance that this women has. I identify with her in that I’ve had to keep pushing forward with my studies. I’ve had some difficult situations of my own to over come nothing like this women but as a student moving on through my classes has been difficult for me. This has caused me so many times to feel inferior to the rest and eventually, all this negative thoughts just get to me and make me feel like I can’t keep going. However, I always find the strength to over come it. I don’t have any kids but I have 3 younger siblings and I have always wanted to set an example for them my family is what keeps me going through this difficult times.

  • It is incredible how much strength and dedication this woman has after what she’s lived through. Her unfortunate past has only increased her dedication to help others and provide care to those who are in a greater need of it. Her work ethic is commendable. As she said several times, nursing is a calling, and likewise I’m interested in a healthcare profession. I hope to become a doctor and also want to help people. I am compassionate and caring, which I think are some of the most desirable qualities in a healthcare career. I am dedicated to spend 8+ years to prepare for my career, and I believe it will be worth it. I will be glad to wake up every morning and know that I am needed in a place where I can make a difference.

  • I am also the same where I have difficulties to financially pay for my schooling. Not only am I helping to pay for my school but I also offer my support to my mother that alone is rasing my brothers and I. I do believe in hardwork does pay of especially for a good cause. Since I am also trying to achieve to be one of those vets that can help families while they are going under and have a child that feels he/she only has the support from their pet. Such all these comments write about how we are all going to make a difference and just pushing each other for that goal we can achieve.

  • It is truly remarkable how much this woman has gone through and what a light-hearted spirit she maintains even though life continues throwing obstacles in her path. I feel connected to her in the sense that we have the same goals in mind.

    I am starting nursing school in a month and I worked very hard to get accepted into this competitive program. I also have a psychology degree and have wondered whether I should use my background in this field to become a psychiatric nurse. It takes a special kind of patience and nurturing personality to get up every day and face mental illness. It is a different kind of beast because its signs are coated with other layers upon layers of issues with no distinct name.

    This woman truly inspires me because even though she has faced such debilitating accidents through her life, she does not let her disability define her or even hinder her. She looks ahead and doesn’t give up. Thank you for your story!

  • Becoming a nurse was something that i wanted todo for a long time. I thought the money would be great, i loved helping people and making a difference and caring for them. However, i looked at the fact that one day if i was a nurse and had a family how could i leave my children, work hard hours, and not to mention the physical burden on my body. I have so much respect for her it takes a hard working, dedicated and focused individual to do what she does everyday. Props to her for being so successful.

  • I really feel what she is going through and i really applaud her because she is working hard for her family. There are a lot of obstacles in life and it is up to us to know how to overcome them. I hope i can do the same.

  • I am a mother of five children. It is always a struggle trying to attend school and still take care of your children. This story is very inspiring because it gives you hope that all things are possible. You have to be strong and make sacrifices in order to reap the benefits in the long run. When attending school you have to seperate your wants from your needs. This hurts when you have to do this to your children as well.
    I have always wanted to work in the healthcare field. I am not able to deal with all of the blood among other things but as long as I am in the field I am satisfied.

  • Similar to the nurse, I can understand the financial difficulties to pursue your dreams. Being a full time student at the University of Arizona, I am in no means of being financially stable; it is always a question if I will be able to return the next semester.

    This woman’s story is admirable, she faces all of these hard ships and continues to help her community because it is what she loves. I also have a passion to help others, and make people smile. We all have our personal calling, some just do not pursue their dreams. Like this woman, I strive to follow my heart and attain my goals.

  • I am a busy mother, employee, basketball/baseball/soccer coach. I am hoping to finish my degree so we can move out of low income housing and into a nice house of our own.

  • Thank you for posting your story! It is encouraging to see other people stay positive and motivated throughout their struggles. You sound like a tremendous nurse. Keep up the great work.

  • This woman’s story I will keep close to my heart because she is still optimistic and still craves to help those in need even through all her difficulties. I too have an unrealistic need and want to help people. I have faced many challenges that have so far prevented me from doing what I want.

    I would like to build an orphanage with a medical facility and a school in Africa, specifically war-torn Sierra Leone. I feel like that is my place, to help those who have absolutely no one.

    Right now my biggest obstacle is school, I want to go to school yet I am not financially able. I will take this woman’s view and be optimistic that I will go to school, that I will complete my dream to help people and change the world.

  • When I do become a doctor, I would love and it’s my ideal to
    work pro bono, just like this phychiatric nurse.
    I know this may sound naive or unrealistic, yet I know it is
    possible! I would like to travel to places where medical help is unreachable
    and be of assistance in any way possible. My ideal is to work at something that
    makes me happy; be the best I can be combining technique with intuition and
    discipline with love; and helping out the less fortunate. Like this nurse I hope have an impact
    in my community and form ripples so more people can work charitably and
    ultimately help those in need.

  • I as well have had to overcome financial, physical, and emotional obstacles to get where I am today in the career I love. Like the write I to am a single mother of 2 young children. I began my educational career wanting to become a nurse but being a single mother I didn’t think it was fair to my children to have to work every other holiday, weekend, or rotate shifts. I put my dreams of becoming a nurse to the side for my children’s sake to do the next best career choice for me which was accounting. I have struggled through getting my associate’s degree and am now on to getting my bachelor’s. I wouldn’t trade all the struggles or hardships for the world, because of them I am bettering my children’s lives.

  • I am glad to have read your story. It takes drive and a lot of energy to do what you can to better situations others may have forgotten or just did not want to deal with. I feel there can be more done for the mentally ill. I am also a nurse who works on a neurology floor and a clinical instructor who has had the opportunity to be involved with homelessness. I was not aware of the needs until I was involved. What a nice labor of love for you and those you protect.

  • This
    woman is amazing because she never let anything get in her way and hold
    her down. All the things that she had to go through just basically made
    her stronger. She didn’t quit or stay down after falling. Her
    determination to support her kids and make a career of herself is what
    got her through nursing school with a high GPA and also continue to
    further her education. I , too, can relate to her story
    since my mother suffer through two stroke while I was in college.
    Instead of quitting school, I managed to get through school and earn a
    Bachelor Degree and also continue on to get my second degree in nursing
    while helping to support my mother and her disability. I managed to be
    there for her through all the therapies she had to go through. I am
    grateful that she was about to recovered but , of course, not a fully
    recovery. It still a blessing that she still able to communicate and
    have mobility. I can definitely relate to how much work she had on her
    while gong through school and also suffering from an accident. Her
    determination and motivation to finish up school and continue her
    education is worth taking into consideration that anything is possible
    with hard work and dedication.

  • I am inspired by this story because I have a sister who is mentally ill, so I understand the amount of patience one needs to work with mentally ill patients. I am a single parent, a student, and working part time. It is very hard for me to work full time, go to school full time and be a full time mum. Therefore I priorities by putting my son and education first, and work comes last. I know what it is to choose between heat or eat. This lady is very inspiring, and encouraging.

  • I have been through many struggles, and triumphs just like this woman. Her story makes me realize that I truly do know exactly what I want to do with my life, and I am on the right path. I can relate so well to her story, living paycheck to paycheck, making sacrifices between food or a warm house. Not qualifying for programs by just a few dollars that stand in my way.

    I am hopeful that one day soon I will not have to worry about where the money for food is coming from, or that I do not have health insurance, because one day soon I will make a big difference in this world, one life at a time! All it takes is one life at a time to make a change, and I will be that change.

    No matter how hard my life has been in the past, or how hard it will be in the future, I have always, and will continue to get right back up every time. The world needs more people like her, more people like me, and I am trying to make sure that I do everything in my power to make that happen.

  • I am a mother of 2 and I understand fully about the sacrifices a woman makes in order to make ends meet. I to have put off furthering my education in order to work and support my family. I have worked at jobs that offered no promotions without a college degree. I am tired of living pay check to pay check and the best way for me to succeed in life is to further my education. Now that my daughters are older I can start my journey to a higher education.

  • This woman is simply amazing for what all she has done, suffered through, and what she continues to do each day helping other people! I too have struggled, and have worried about my future in terms of finances, career, and where I would live. Throughout my experience as a nursing assistant, I was going through a few different health problems at the same time. I was experiencing vertigo and severe chest and stomach pains that I assumed were attributed to my stress levels. The vertigo was causing me to faint. I avoided climbing stairs simply because I was terrified of falling. I would wake up with severe chest and stomach pains that were literally making it difficult for me to breathe.

    I was working only part time at 56 hours per pay period, but I was also a full time student. Between the vertigo, pains, working, and going to school, I was truly burning myself out. There was not enough caffeine in the world to keep me going. It was difficult maintaining a positive and enthusiastic attitude at work with the other aides, nurses, and patients. I was short fused, and struggling to keep my grades up. My health insurance was not that great, and I was accumulating out of pocket expenses as a result. I was told by my doctor that the vertigo would go away, but there really is no cure for it. The medicine she prescribed would only subside the symptoms and even that was not guaranteed.

    After having two endoscopies and taking medications that were intended to treat my supposed acid reflux disease, the doctor’s were still wrong. After having another painful episode, I was in the emergency room again. The ER physician was baffled that despite my history, an ultrasound was never ordered. As it turns out, it was my gall bladder all along. After it was removed, I never experienced that horrifying pain again. I am feeling like myself again, and made the necessary changes for my job and my schooling situation. It’s been a tremendous improvement, and it feels good to know I have overcome such obstacles in pursuit of trying to be the best that I can be.

  • I am also a woman working very hard everyday at my job so I can provide for my child. Everyday I wake up at 6 to my son. We spend most of the day together until I have to attend school or work. I am a single mom and also live with my parents which makes in home daycare much easier on my financial side. My sons father chose not to stay with us because he was not mature enough to handle having a baby. Luckily I taught at church for a good part of my life so having a child comes easy to me but recently my son was diagnosed with being hyperactive.. This is not easy at all. I have to make sure he has a set schedule and try to explain to him whats going on for our day. He is only 16 months but already thinks like a 2 year old. Being able to get this scholarship would mean a lot to me because it would provide a little more money that is not loan based. Thank you.

  • I can relate to the nurse and all the trials she have been through. My story is somewhat similar only during my nursing career, I suffered congestive heart failure and back problems. I am currently on disability but am in school for Human Services. At age 35 I went to RN school but did not finish because my son was also disabled. He suffered abuse at six months old from the baby sitter. My son was tortured by the sitter and her daughter molesting, burning him with cigarettes. I quite school, and did not go back until age my son was able to attend public school full time. I ended up going to LPN school because I wanted to hurry and make a living for my 3 children. I worked as a geriatric nurse for 10 years. I was a single mom so I had to work two jobs. This is when I suffered the heart attack. I am rehabilitating may self in another career because the doctor said I can no longer do bedside care. I decided to go back to school for Human Services management.

  • This woman’s story spoke to me on several levels.

    I, too, have struggled to recover from — and to transcend — a debilitating injury. I suffered a traumatic brain injury while I was an undergrad, and I still deal with the aftermath every day.

    Like this woman, by experiences during recovery shaped my ultimate career goal. I’m training to be an Art Therapist: to help others heal, communicate, find peace, and feel a sense of achievement.

    I can also relate to her experiences working with those who are suffering or in pain. Two days a week, I lead art projects in the pediatric oncology ward of my local hospital. There are days when I’ve run to my car in tears from the pain or the beauty of it all.

    There are days when I’m humbled, days I’m heartbroken, and days of wild hope — but there’s never been a day when I question whether I’m on the right path.

  • I applaud her efforts to continue pushing forward and having the fortitude to do so. She has passion and compassion, much like myself.

    Although I do not have disabling physical problems, as you get older (almost 50), your body starts to change. In addition, carving my third career at this point in my life, is quite a challenge. Losing my job in July, having a mortgage to pay and food to put on the table for me and my two sons (ages 16 and 13) is also challenging. My two sons have challenges which I also deal with on a daily basis. My 16-year-old son has ADD and a learning disability. My 13-year-old son has Down syndrome with cognitive impairments and expressive language deficits. I am their primary caregivers and I attend college full-time. My two sons attend public school and have two different school schedules. My older son can ride his bicycle to the bus stop. However, I am responsible for putting my younger son on the bus every day (9:15 a.m.) and getting him off the bus every day (4:15 p.m.). Accordingly, I must schedule my classes around my two sons daily schedule, as well as be available when they are home (sick, holidays, summer break, winter break, spring break). There are very few programs here who accept children with disabilities in their out-of-school programs and this is another challenge that I constantly face.

    Just like the nurse, no matter what my struggles are, I will continue to push forward and achieve my goals. With financial assistance, I will continue my education until I graduate college with a bachelor’s degree and become a math teacher. For the first time in my life I will have a job that I actually will enjoy going to every day.

    Becoming a middle school math teacher will afford me financial security for my family and not have to worry about leaving my children home alone allowing me to be there for my children when school is not in session.

  • I cannot wait to graduate and practice as a Nurse with my bachelors degree! This article, this woman, has only solidified the fact that nursing is a calling in my life in which I am impatient to answer. Sometimes my classes get difficult, the material and homework piles up, and I feel defeated… However, it is with my determination that I continue on with my studies. And after reading this article, I now know that there is no excuse big enough to keep me from succeeding in crossing the finish line of my dream.

    I have no personally thought about becoming a psychiatric nurse, but I have put significant thought into becoming an oncology nurse or possibly a trauma nurse. I also have special interests in nutrition, as well as public health with an emphasis in the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Just as she has a dream to create change in her community, to better the lives of others and allow them to find pride and meaning in their lives, I too have a goal of creating change. I want to see patients find comfort in eating better to aid in their therapy. I want to eventually see the eradication of HIV/AIDS in my lifetime. I want to see safer and more reliable resources for injection drug users, sexually active and high risk community members. I want to help families beat cancer, and feel empowered by their own self-worth and strength.

    I was raised by a single-mother, who beat breast cancer, who worked hard to give me everything I needed, all without the help of child support. I only have positive and supportive memories of my mom as a child, and I accredit her tremendous approval and ability to push me to my success and future successes. Without women like my mother or the woman in this article, the world would be a little less incredible.

    It is stories like this that inspire me, that push me to do great things. It is not one success, but the accumulation of my successes, trials and errors that will create greatness and impact the world. I am aware that I cannot let setbacks drive me to the ground; for it is how many times I get back up, not how many I am knocked down, that truly matters and defines my character. I will become a passionate, hard-working, and understanding nurse. I will never stop educating or advocating for myself and others, and I will always find learning experiences from listening to my patients, peers and mentors. I will make people like the woman in this article proud that there are others in the world seeking good and justice. That is a promise.

  • I can relate to you. I have scoliosis and I had spinal fusion sugergy. The doctors classify me as disabled but every day I go to school and overcome these boundary. I am constantly in pain but I work through the pain. In school kids would laugh at me because of my disability but I knew education was the only thing that could get me to the point in my life where I would be happy. I am now working on my degree and staying positive. I do yoga and regular excerise to help with my back pain.

  • Life is full of tons of obstacles. In the end, all that
    matters is if you made it worth living. This is one of the stories that tell me
    never to give up and keep on pressing. Although I have no injuries and life isn’t
    as hard as it seems to be for this particular nurse, I am must say that my
    dream of being an anesthesiologist keeps getting dimmer. This is so because of
    the limiting resources available to me as an international student.

    Reading this
    interview however in more ways than one is a motivation to me. If a single
    mother of two can push past all the adversaries surrounding her, who am I to
    sit still and not strive? I will stop at nothing to get the education I deserve.
    With God’s help and the support of people around me, I would achieve this.

  • I think it is very outstanding that this nurse that fought back to overcome so many obstacles. She has done a very fabulous job trying to handle all that she has been forced to deal with.
    I am very proud of her and I think that it would be great if more people would follow her example.

  • This page reminds me of my older sister and my inspiration
    in trying to achieve my goal in helping fight cancer. My older sister was
    diagnosed with cancer and it really impacted my family as I was still young. It
    was an obstacle that my family has overcome. In achieving my goal, I plan on
    opening up a non-profit organization that donates to the technology used to
    help cancer patients. I like how the article says “she is driven to get up
    each day by a desire to create a positive change in the world around her.”
    I can relate to what the article says because I want to change the world by
    helping fight cancer, the second leading cause of death in the United States. I
    want thousands of families out there to know that there is help and I hope that
    none of them share the pain that I felt.

  • This is so inspiring. This woman has been through so much and yet holds tight to her calling, even when she can’t really afford to. I want to be like this. I strive to exemplify my beliefs in my everyday life. Education, specifically the teaching of English is my calling. Discussing literature and engaging in intellectual intercourse is how I grow as a person and I believe it is of the utmost importance. I have to work through these tough times to do it. I work a full time job and have an apartment and car to pay for. The car constantly breaks down and my apartment has been run through the gambit. At the beginning of the semester I even had to miss a week of class because I didn’t have the gas money to get from my apartment to school and then still have gas to get to work. It is a huge challenge to go to school everyday, and an even bigger one to find time to study, but it is my passion and I won’t let anything stop me.

  • This is heart touching. I have worked with the mentally ill also. Sometimes we sacrifice things to do a job we love to do. Not all place you may have a passion working for pay the greatest, but helping people and seeing them smile because you truly care is worth it in the end. Kudos to you!

  • WOW! Is truly all I can say. When you read stories such as these it makes you so grateful for the little things in life, and gives you the strength everyday to make today better than yesterday. Although I am not in the “Healthcare” field I do work with Allied health students and graduates. My job is so fulfilling, and I do know it is my calling.

    So many of them struggle from day to day and you may not even know it, until you get thank yous from your students that were able to land a job that was not only what they choose to do for a living, but a job where they feel appreciated, where they know they make a difference, and where they know at the end of everyday they will be able to put food in their children’s mouth all because they were given the tools necessary to make it, and/or they were willing to listen and accept the words they needed to hear to keep pushing. I know how this woman feels when you hear “You make too much for Government Assistance” But you know that you have to do what you can do with what you got, especially when you have little ones who look up to you and need you to make it for there sake.

    I hope this woman is able to brush off what has been thrown her way as road blocks and use those same blocks to make stepping stones to her get her to where she has always wanted to be. She is already winning. She possess the passion, the motivation, and the dedication to do it.

  • This story is touching. The indigent population seems to be the one that is always forgotten. We give our children too much, we need to let them see what it is like to not have necessities that we take for granted. Let them volunteer with this population so that they can be more appreciative of the things we give them.

  • This is the type of story that makes one look back upon themselves and think how can I make a lasting impact on someone else’s life. Your selflessness and dedication is nothing short of inspiring. I’ve always felt that if my work could follow my heart, then I would know where to find my calling. The size of your heart and spirit is something i truly hope to match regardless of my career paths.

    My mother is also a nurse and has been over fifteen years. Growing up, it was very clear that we had no money and my mother made the decision to go back to school to support a family of four. From strapped cash and food stamps, I watched Mother take on double night shifts at the hospital and weekend calls at the Crisis Center for raped and abused women and children. Not only did she put food on the table, but she made a difference in someone else life every night.
    It’s strong dedicated women like you and my mother that inspire me to become a nurse and save lives, families and hearts.Your story tells young men and women everywhere that despite the odds that we may face, whether it be financial, physical or spiritual, our willingness to succeed will bring us to the grace land. If you can accomplish all of that, maybe there’s hope for me as well. Keep making the world proud!

  • This is a very inspirational story.

    Similarly, my mother was a nurse and a (breast) cancer survivor. I use the past tense because after being in remission for 2-3 years, she had to battle breast cancer again. She passed away in 2005. She displayed to me what faith and hard work looks like and, most importantly, what having both can help one to achieve.

    I love how you said your job “moves” your heart. You seem very passionate about and very dedicated to your calling.

  • You GO Girl! You know that you are giving back to your community and that is a higher calling some wouldn’t want. I love your CAN do attitude and I believe these rough times will even out for you. Good luck with all that paperwork but keep your chin up because you are a survivor; and an educated one at that. 🙂

  • I am really impressed with the nurse’s attitude and approach towards her career and life. I hope her story inspires other to continue to work hard for what we dream for.

    I can relate to those times where everything went wrong. In one semester, my cousin died, my grades were slipping (this was really hard to swallow) and I was confused on what I wanted to be in life. I became reclusive in school and I just did not want to deal with anyone or anything. Life for me was going to school and sitting in class staring at the professor and constant questioning of what I wanted to be in life. I felt as if I would amount to nothing in my life. I felt like a failure, I felt like I was a disappointment to my parents and mainly myself.
    It took me awhile, but now I have decided to not pursue the pre-med track and instead opt for the engineering course (specifically computer or software engineering). After making this decision, it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off. I felt rejuvenated and was ready for this upcoming school year. No more science classes, hello math! So far, I am loving my decision. My parents are supportive. I wish I read this sooner, maybe I would have been inspired and gotten back on track faster. Sometimes we think we have it bad, but in the world, there are others who are in a worse predicament. I would like to approach my academic and personal life with the same attitude this nurse has. She has inspired me to continue working hard and achieving my dreams.

  • this is a great story. i hope you to get you NP. i would love to get mine as well. this woman is very passionate with her life. shes very positive. she has overcame alot to be where she is now. she seems like a very good mother.

  • This woman can be described as passionate and caring for her job and her children. She has gone through so much and she manages to get through which would describe her as a fighter and a strong woman. She is a leader and she loves to give back to the community.

  • This woman has such a passion for life. She is strong for her children, her patients, and herself. She has endured the most grueling and physically damaging injuries and she still pulls through. Her positivity and perseverance makes her an amazing human beings. Her life is almost in complete shambles, yet she wakes up every day to try to help make someone else’s day better. She’s a true role model and leader!

  • Like this woman, I too have a passion for working in the non profit sector. I have always been been committed to helping others and giving back to my community. Unfortunately, I too have faced many personal obstacles in my life. Although there have many times where I could not see how they would be overcome, I never let that get in the way of my goals. Throughout college I still managed to pass all of my classes and even graduate with honors. My ultimate goal is to have my own non profit doing art with kids in the community. Just like this woman, I feel like the children need me. Through this I can provide them with a positive way to express themselves while also learning new skills.

  • I can understand this woman’s pain. For the majority of my life my father worked three jobs to support our family. Things have gotten much better now due to my stepmother getting a career in nursing. However, my father and stepmother split up recently and sad to say, I am back in an area where I can not get the things I was able to before. I am doing my best though and hopefully, I can somehow raise the money needed to make my tuition on time.

  • This story is very inspirational and taught me there are people out there who are less fortunate than myself. I have always known that there are people less fortunate but that hit it home for me. If she can get through all of this and still have hope and continue working to her dream it inspires me to do the same no matter what I encounter in my life. I am only a teenager and a freshman in college but I can relate to her wanting to help others because I myself want to be able to make a different in others lives. The idea of working for a non-profit organization is close to my heart because I wish to open a non-profit music school.

    I admire her dream to turn the area into housing where they could work and live, I had never thought of anything like that before. It is such a brilliant idea. Reading about her life and the different obstacles she has encountered has made me realize I can do so much more. Thank you for sharing your story because now I am inspired and hope to make a big difference in others lives just as you did.

  • I feel like as a teenager I can relate to this lady. I have health problems I am trying to overcome to avoid getting diabetes and thyroid problems. In trying to achieve a weight-loss goal I have found a great passion within me. I want to help those who struggle with their weight and be there for them. It is one of the hardest things to go through when trying to achieve any goal and not having anyone’s support–not even your family.

    I truly respect this lady for going through everything she has and wanting to give back by helping others. This is a true example of how people should be. They should do something good to give back to the community. Although, she seems that she is going through a rough time with her job I think the fact that she did that to give back for her health recovery will only be good karma for her. I think she should follow her heart and give back in other ways if this seems to much to handle for her, but I respect her.

  • This is right along my line of work, which is why I picked this article. I have not had any severe physical disability that has limited me, but I have been through some rough things in my short seventeen years of life, being a college sophomore. I really want to be a psychiatrist so that I can eventually give back to the African American and minority community because I think that segment of people is overlooked by far the most in the world of psychiatry.

  • I can understand the situation this woman is in. My husband and I were foster parents and have seen stories such as these, that the woman receives no support from her significant other. In some cases, the children are removed until the individual can get back on their feet. Also I have worked with special needs students as a licensed teacher assistant. Many of these children and adolescents get bounced around from person to person. The family can not handle their disability and therefore the child is placed on medications that they may not need or worse, the child is given up to the state in hopes someone else will adopt them. Last I too have spinal issues. I have 18 herniated discs, my two knees have had eight surgeries between them, and I just had a total knee replacement. There are other medical issues that I have and I am not working. The income I have is eventually not going to be enough due to the high costs of living and I am raising two children. So I can wholeheartedly empathize with this woman and her daily struggles.

  • Your story is very touching. I have a similar situation where I have overcome personal health problems as well. Due to the great medical staff in addition to the not so great staff or facilities that need improvement has inspired me to pursue my RN degree. Your story gives me hope and makes the light at the end of the tunnel a little brighter so I can keep proceeding. In addition to becoming a nurse I also plan to give back to the community as well. To educate them in addition to be an advocate for their health care treatment and provide them with the resources of places or organizations that can assist them. I also think that your idea for a project to re-purpose the old Kinds Park in to housing and involve the people that need it. I pray that you do meet this goal of yours and with Gods blessings that await you I am certain that you will.

  • Your story is very inspirational. It is an eye opener because we always evaluate our lives and become our worst critic; not thinking that we should be grateful because there is always someone out there going through more than what you think your going through.

    I have worked as a nurse aid, LPN, and now an RN and people automatically think that I have money just because of my title. The economy is so bad now that my title means that I can get a 2nd or even a 3rd job to keep up with everything that constantly increasing. I give you a big applause because through sickness, pain, let downs, and a lack in finances you made it. I pray that every desire that you have for you and your children life come in fullness and give you great joy, peace and comfort.

  • I have worked in nursing homes since 2004 and even though the setting is different, it is kind of the same. I am also a single mother to a 2 year old, he is the only reason I go to work every day. People think that because I work so hard as a nurses aide that I make a ton of money. The reality is I make $10.50 an hour and I work a lot of 12 hour shifts just to make ends meet. I miss my son. Your story is truly inspirational. You have been through so much and nothing has kept you down. If you can go through all of that and still succeed, so can I . Thank you!

  • My mother earned her RN degree after a couple of years of moving to the US from a foreign country. This article conveying a nurse’s and a mother’s hard work, perseverance, and passion reminded me so much of my own mother. Her once smooth skin and face now wrought with wrinkles. I always imagine how this strong beautiful woman in front of me can still smile and function after the misfortunes that dominated her life. Being separated from her oldest daughter, adapting to a new country and working for a living when she had not to before. Sure I was suffering half of what she was going through, but I was young and adaptable. There was a time in our lives when everything was stable. Safe. Then our greatest misfortune befell us. My father was diagnosed with cancer. He lost the fight after two years of everyday drive to the hospital, constant run to the emergency room, and long drives in the car to help him ease the pain enough to sleep. My mother always said he was only waiting for my older sister to get better because she too was diagnosed with the same illness as him a year after he was.

    Sure we suffered greatly. The woman in this article certainly did. But there were enough people in our lives to hold on to to get off our knees and our hands off our head and to wipe the tears down our cheeks. My mother highly stressed as she is in the hospital she works in still says she cannot imagine working anywhere else even if it means staying hours after her shift without pay. This lady in the article feels the same way. They both share the passion to care for strangers. And that, I believe, is a rare gift. Who would want a nurse any less attentive and passionate than these two women?

  • I can totally related with the story and find inspirational within. Although the struggles I face was different, I’ve learnt that every one faces struggles. Life comes with unexpected turns, obstacles, and stipulation. Therefore, to succeed one must obtain effective skills on how to adjust to the inevitable hiccups in life.

  • This story was so unbelievably inspirational. I have never heard of someone struggling as much as this kind woman did. I do not even know this woman and I feel as though she is one of my role models. Being able to tell this story to people and be strong about her whole situation is breathtaking. I am beyond inspired and so incredibly proud of this woman being able to overcome all of these obstacles. I am still in shock that she has survived and has never given up on what she believes in. It is awesome to know that people like this REALLY do exist, and the world is filled with loving, caring, and inspiring people such as this woman. I honestly would like to say thank you, for showing me that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it and never give up. I would also like to say thank you for showing me that as long as you have the ones you love by your side, you can overcome even your hardest challenges. I cannot wait to share this story with my family, I know for a fact they will be just as inspired as I am.

  • Your story is quite heartbreaking. Why does someone who works hard to support their family have to even think about the threat of bankruptcy? There is something seriously wrong with our capitalist society which allows for such disparities in income. Some people can inherit a position or spot in a company and make millions of dollars even if they have no qualifications or talents, others can work hard their whole lives and still struggle to put food on the table.

    I can relate to your work because I work in non-profit myself. I work for the Alzheimer’s Association and there are countless times when I get a phone call from people who really need help, but there are simply not enough resources available to help everyone. Either that or there is some kind of technicality which prevents them from being eligible for benefits. I too have a dream of eliminating the bureaucracy associated with care so that more people can be truly helped.

    Oddly enough my family has also been touched by mental illness and it is my goal in the future to help people in similar situations. Both my father and my sister have had severe manic episodes associated with bipolar 1 disorder. Through these experiences I have seen how devastating mental illness can be to a person and their family. I have also seen many different ways of treating the mentally ill. Some facilities are atrocious and in my opinion only prolong illness, others are very positive places where healing can actually occur.

    I have faith that with perseverance you will accomplish all of your goals. You have already come a very long way.

  • This story kind of reminds me of my mother. She is also a single mother who has had to deal with great obstacles related both to money and her health. Her mental illnesses kept her from being able to work for a long time and also impacted her physical health enough that, for a while, she was almost completely bed-ridden. Like the nurse in this interview, she didn’t qualify for government-funded healthcare because her total amount of child support was just slightly over the threshold. She has a job now, but still can’t afford health insurance to cover her medications, one of which is $200 a month.

    When I left for college, the older of my brothers decided that he didn’t really want the burden of being her emotional support like I have been for the past seven years or so and started living with my dad full-time, so my dad stopped paying child support. My youngest brother’s dad also cut his child support in half for reasons unknown to me. She’s been living with my aunt and uncle for a about a year now, but that looks like it will come to a screeching halt soon.

    I read this story because it reminds me of my mom’s plight, but also because it reminds me of myself. After seeing what my mom has gone through, I am inspired to help others who are mentally ill and impoverished. I am majoring in psychology, and one of the things I want to do with my career is help provide services to those who can’t normally afford them, like the nurse in this story. Unlike her, however, I don’t want to be in the medical part of the equation. I want to provide therapy. As much as they need medication, I feel that it is also necessary that they get to talk to someone who will listen for hours at a time and who is trained to help them deal with the problems that can’t be medicated away. I want to be the person who provides that. I guess you could say that the same people whose plight touched the nurse’s heart are also calling out to mine.

  • This woman has had so many obstacles in live that I can’t
    even imagine having. Yet she has gotten up every time and continued happily
    with her live. It’s hard to relate to this but if I am ever put in any
    situations as hard as she has, I hope I have the courage she has had to
    overcome everything.

  • Although she has triumphed over these hurdles presented to her and her family, she is still admirable. I am finishing up my degree in Business and will go on to pursue a degree as a Registered Nurse. She is extremely motivational by not giving up at the hardest times in her life. I have not experienced the medical injury she has nor have I filed for bankruptcy but I have encountered and overcame life obstacles. We, many times, take life for granted – even if we are so close to falling face first. But, we must get back up on our feet and keep it moving. God Bless you!

  • Her story is great. I also have financial barriers, children, and have had illnesses occur while trying to finish my degree. Her story really helps me to understand that others out there work a little bit harder then myself. It also gives me hope that people and survive even with so much negativity around.

  • I relate to her story in that I too have had to overcome great financial barriers. Being a single mother is a hard job on it’s own, and then to add in a job plus school! It is a balance of duty to your family and to your future that is a hard one to maintain. I love how she continues to mention she will find a way to go back to college to finish for her RN! Great motivation in this story and it is one that many can identify with.

  • This is an amazing story. Not only does it inspire me to work hard and do what I love, it also shows no matter what obstacles we face in life, we can be people that make a difference. Her story shows when passion and destiny cross, success is inevitable. Thank you for sharing this story and as a female African American going into Engineering, I am ready to take the challenge and show other girls that Engineering is not just for boys but also women and that all it takes is to be focused and have your passion as the driving force behind all that you do.

  • I choose this story because of all the obstacle she overcame. I myself have somethings to overcome and with Gods good grace I have every intention of succeeding. This women is so inspiring, with all she did overcome she is the nurse who is still happy to help you, flash a smile your way, listen if you need to talk, and most of all she is loving her job.

  • I chose to read this article because I plan on becoming a nurse a few years from now. this was so inspiring and anyone who read it would want to do something for someone else. I want to receive a masters in nursing so I am able to help more people than I could with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.

  • I read this career story because it relates to my field of work, nursing. I have always worked in a non profit orgrniaztion, in the acute care setting with the last area being adult critical care. I love nursing and have since I was a littel girl. I watched my father suffer heart disease, having multiple heart attacks and undergoing open heart surgery with triple bypass and fixing of an aneurysm. I was 12 years old at this time. This experience, watching the nruses care for my father anf then helping him at home recover and get back to his usual activities helped steer me in the direction of nursing. When I was 14 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent a radical mastectomy, chemo and radiation surviving about a year and three months after the diagnosis. This was the final push to my destination as a nurse. I tore my bicep out of my shoulder moving a large patient in the ICU and this injury ended my bedside career as a nurse so now I teach in nursing program. I still love and will always love nursing, helping people get back to their optimal level of functioning but since I can no longer work at the bedside I am helpig others become great nurses to carry on a wonderful profession. It is a great feeling to watch a student see the light bulb come on when they understand an idea or have completed a nerve warcking skill such as starting an IV. I am pursuing my doctorate in nursing to continue to teach and advance the nursing profession.

  • I chose to read this story because it sounded relevant to my
    life. I currently work for a non-profit organization that provides residential
    supports to adults with intellectual disabilities. In addition, my father and
    several of my uncles have diagnosed mental health conditions. Growing up with
    my Dad, I saw the difference that dedicated nurses and doctors can make to
    families in need of assistance. I also witnessed the damage that can occur when
    nurses do not show compassion for their patients.

    I cannot imagine what it is like to be on the edge of bankruptcy,
    with two kids to support, a lasting disability, no health coverage etc. The
    nurse in this story demonstrates admirable qualities and I would hope that I
    could respond with similar hope and tenacity if I were faced with a similar set
    of circumstances. As it stands, I have one child and a loving wife. We are not rich,
    by any means, but we are not uncomfortable. Despite my circumstance I hope that
    I can serve with the same gratefulness in the work I have been given. I am
    always mindful of my father’s struggles and I love to see people with mental
    illness treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Thank you to this
    nurse for representing the kind of commitment that the mental health profession
    so desperately needs.

  • I love how she just keep on pushing even through times are hard and I can understand that because sometime its hard to feed my 2 sons and I work part time and I don’t have any health insurance but the fact that me and my kids wake up every morning is just a blessing in it self and that all I ask for at the end of the day and I am ok with my situation because I know that this storm don’t last forever and Just lik her I would always like to continue with my education when the time is right. So if she can still smile through all that she is going through why can’t anyone else.

  • I love her attitude! “I am still not giving up!” And she shouldn’t. She is an amazing role model to her children…even if they don’t realize it now. I married at 17 and had three children with my now ex-husband. I was in a controling relationship in which I had no support. I started CNA school with hopes of continuing on and becoming a nurse. Unfortunately, my ex didn’t support me when it came to watching the children and providing for the family (he didn’t work for a full year) and so I was forced to quit school. I endured emotional and mental abuse and after 12 years (in 2005), I decided to leave, with nothing more than a bag of clothes each for the kids. There began my new life as a single mom. Difficult didnt even begin to describe the struggles. I seeked help from the gov’t only to find that I was making $50 too much a month. Mind you, I was only earning $10//hr then with 3 kids. Apparently, according to the guidelines, I was “well off.” Their father did not pay child support and once told me, “That’s what you get for leaving.” I cried just about every day, but mostly in the shower so the kids wouldnt see me. I could only afford basic foods and paid all my necessary bills late, usually on the day before it was due to be disconnected. Often times, dinner would be just enough for the kids. Since I would not eat, I would drink a big glass of water to fill me up. The hardest thing was keeping the children from going down the wrong path. Thankfully, and difficultly, I gave them tough love. It was hard to say “no” to them…but often times, I knew that “no” was the best thing for them. I instilled in them the importance of an education and of making the right decisions and of not quitting. I hated that I quit school, but I had no support. I took a good look at my life and decided that my kids were my support. So, 3 years ago, I decided to go back to school. Best decision ever. I wanted to show my kids that no matter what, you can do anything you set your mind to. Good things started happening once I stopped blaming myself and started doing something about it. Today, I stil have one year left, but I’m proud to say that my struggles and sacrifices have paid off. My oldest just graduated high school and is headed to UNC-Charlotte to study engineering. My other two are #3 and #9 in their classes, respectively, and I am now married to who I still describe as the most amazing person I have ever encountered. I didn’t become my circumstances. I overcame them. 🙂

  • I find this story really inspiring because I myself have dealt with the difficulties of mental illness. It’s amazing how one person with so many difficulties can overcome and persevere through all of the things that kept knocking her down. I can only hope that I have the willpower and willingness to get through everything in my life, just as this woman did. Now I have a whole new understanding of what it REALLY means to get back up even when youre knocked down..

  • This woman is a representation of many women who are trying to overcome mental illness, and other obstacles in life. These women are the same women who are trying to overcome the unexacting tragedies that life throws their way. This really hits home because she reminds me of my sister. My sister is a single mother of two daughters, one who faces the hard times of Downs Syndrome, she is currently in school, and was laid off. She is currently looking for a job while trying to support her daughter, and of course she is lucky enough to have my mother, brother, and I, to support her and help her as she reaches for a better future for her and her two daughters. It has been especially hard to watch her struggle because she was technically my mother as my mother worked long hours. She is my motivation to become successfully in my life so that I could repay her for all that she has done because it is women like my sister and the women above who are then for the behind the scenes; for the horrible colds, the boo-boos, and even the scary monsters under the bed. Therefore, these individuals deserve the extra help to return their efforts.

  • This woman is amazing. I believe there are many people in the world just like her that help keep the world with a little bit of sanity. A similar experience I can say I shared was when I was 17 years old, las year, I helped/volunteered at a nursing home just to spend my free time usefully. It was pretty unusual to see how life was different from inside those walls,compared to life outside. I don’t have any children to take care of, but these elderly people were my children for a couple hours a day. They needed me to help them from small tasks as using the bathroom, to more important tasks such as deciding what they want or are allowed to have for dinner. It was great feeling wanted and helpful to strangers that I knew deep down inside, they appreciated me. Thankful for the small things that I could do for them. My dream, if i could write my own ticket, in 5 years I would like to be in medical school and on my way to learning how I can help decrease the spreading of deadly diseases and how I can help cure them one country at a time.

  • This article is not only one that I can personally relate to, but it also speaks volumes. My mother went back to school for nursing after she and my father split up. Taking care of me, paying for schooling, and maintaining a decent GPA all while still working a full-time job was a serious struggle for her. I recall occasionally waking up late at night to find her doing homework or studying. It was a far from easy task, but she would often tell me she was doing it not only for us so that we could live more comfortably, but also for all of the people that she would someday be helping and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

    My mother’s determination allowed for her to overcome the obstacles in her life, and she successfully graduated from school and got a job at a local hospital. Soon after graduation she got married and had my little brother. Her story, one that I am beyond proud to be a part of, goes to show that hard work always pays off in the end.

    Even now that I am in college, my mother and her perseverance remain my main inspiration to work hard and act selflessly. When I come across stress or difficult tasks, I often think of how my mother was in similar situations and how she overcame them. When you set goals and are willing to work toward them anything is possible, and this article, as well as my mother’s story, certainly prove that.

  • This story is talking to me! I can relate to this article in so many ways since I have experienced much of what is written in here ever since I started working with children with special needs. I feel moved every day working with these children as I see the impact of every little action of mine on the children. Because of the influence I have in their lives, I have to push myself harder and harder every day to understand myself and to overcome my own barriers to better serve the children. Although I know I can’t alone save the world, I am focused on serving and saving one child at a time which will make a difference in the future.

  • Hello this story relates to me in so many ways because my mom also was a single parent trying to raise two children while attending college and working. She made the best living that she can with what she had, even though there wasn’t enough money we managed and made it threw! I commend my mom for being so strong and independent like the young lady from this story! My mom made me the women I am today and with this scholarship I can further my education an become the best that I can be.

  • Wow! This story makes me reevaluate my life. It is easy to say, “I have it so hard.” But then you read story like this and you see that there truly are people in the world worst off than you. There is no room to complain. I thought it was hard working full time, juggling family time, and working on my degree at the same time. However, I am lucky to still have a full time job and a husband that is there to help me. And not to forget the help my mother gives me everyday. This woman is a true inspiration. It is nice to see that there are still individuals in the world that want to do good for man kind and do not need the money or power to feel succussful. I hope this woman finds that through her hard work and dedication, something great will happen to her and make it better.

  • This is such a inspiring story. There are many cases like this so she is not the only one. My support goes out to her and others who are going through this same situation.
    -God Bless

  • I am a home health care provider and I am currently enrolled in school to get my bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration. then hopefully on to get my Masters in Health Care Administration. I have a concentration in long-term care and hospice. I can definitely relate to not having enough money to pay both the house payment and get needed medication. . It had often been a difficult road as well in getting my degree because I had to take time off to care for my father with kidney failure. I also know how it feels to lose someone in my own family with the passing of my sister from epilyse. I want to be able to provide hospice care for terminal ill patients with compassion for them and their families. I know it is a hard thing to care for someone you do not know and have so much compassion for them, but it takes a special kind of person to do this kind of job and I commend her for it. I love being able to wake up in the morning and know that what I do is making a difference it makes me smile.

  • I am a single mother of one child and understand how hard it is when raising a child. I am working on my Masters in Health Administration. I have not given the opportunity to work in healhcare field but you have hoped me into never give up but just keep striving to what I want to accomplish. I will continue to further my education.

  • I am a home health care provider and just graduated with my associate’s degree in Health Care Administration. I am continuing on with my Bachelor’s program to get my Bachelor;s degree then hopefully on to get my Masters in Health Care Administration. I have a concentration in long-term care and hospice. I can definitely relate to not having enough money to pay both the house payment and get needed medication. There have been times I had not eaten so that my son and granddaughter who live with me after their house fire could eat and get my son’s seizure medication. It had often been a difficult road as well in getting my degree because I had to take time off to care for my father with kidney cancer and had a few surgeries on my right hand. I learned to type with my left hand while being wrapped up and in a cast from my fingertips to my elbow. I have experienced death in my own family with the passing of my mom from cancer and the suicide of my sister. I want to be able to provide hospice care for terminal ill patients with compassion for them and their families.

  • I am also an LPN currently working on my Healthcare Administration degree. I admire a nurse that can work with the mentally ill. It is a true calling and takes a very special person to do this job. I can relate to being an LPN and thinking it would have been so much better if I had gone ahead and gotten my RN right away, working as an LPN is hard and many states feel like LPN’s are not as good as RN’s. I believe as far as bedside nursing goes LPN’s are great, some RN’s are but there time in school is spent on more book work that clinical work and LPN’s spend more time in the clinical aspect of nursing which makes our skills for being a bedside nurse seem to be above where most people think they should be. I can also relate to just getting by and occasionally not having enough money to pay the light bill and get the groceries. The money that an LPN makes is not comparable to what an RN makes and many times in many positions we all do the same job.

  • This story reminds me of my life trials and tribulations. I am also a single mother to four kids, my two oldest are special needs, and my two youngest are full of life and knows more than they should. I had a child at 25wks he is the reason of my knowing what I wanted to do in life. It’s crazy to say that each one of my kids where positive stepping stones in my life. Being a mother and a medical assistant has taught me more than I thought I knew, my patients have leveled out, my downs lead me to up, and recently I’ve just realized that I can only change myself. I have been married two times to men that I ignored the yield signs to, which has leaded me into depression and anxiety. As my kids are my life I solely have to make sure that I am capable and mentally able to provide for them as well as myself. When I found myself at the bottom of my life darkness I had to overcome my weakness and find help to bring out my strengths. So now as a mother, a woman, and a provider furthering my education is the goal that I am continuing to battle.

  • I too am a single mother of 2 children and I also work in the healthcare workforce. In 2010 I put myself back through school after not attending any classes since 1995. I attended ECPI University and graduated with honors (4.0 GPA) and after graduation I got the best job I ever had in my 34 years of life.
    I work for an urgent care center and my hours vary there from 10-12 hour shifts. I work 40 hours a week for about what the author makes working part time. I too have to pay bills, for schooling (mine and theres), work full time, be a full time mom, and attend school full time now at University of Phoenix for my BSHA/HM to further my career in the healthcare field.
    I enjoy helping people and I choose this field after my grandmother had gotten real sick with cancer and we took care of her for the last 6 months of her life in my aunt’s home. While we cared for her something told me this is what I needed to be doing and on that day I registered for classes and here I am now.
    My children are my motivation and I believe what they see me doing motivates them to be better students. I definetly tell them all the time I work a full time job, take care of you two and I get all A’s in my classes and all you do is go to school so I should see all A’s on their report cards. Believe it or not my son’s grade have greatly improved from B-C to A-B grades.
    I hope with God’s help I can continue to further my education and teach my children in the process. I want the best for my family and I will continue to strive for success.

  • I can feel the hurt that the author has to endure. She seems like such a hard worker. Caring for the mentally ill is not easy. I for one could not do it. I give her so much credit for pushing on even though she seems to get one bad event after another. I don’t think that anyone who gives so much should be not given back what they deserve. It also really surprises me that she doesn’t receive health care through her job. That is just completely unfair. And what about insurance for the disabled? Even though she works there has to be something? I am a single mother that also has had a ex-spouse leave all the financial burden on my shoulders. It is terrible and it took about 3 years to actually get out of it, but you just need to trust that it will all work out.

  • I can understand where you are coming from being in this tough situation. I am a mother of only one but he is quite a handful at 8 months old. I am currently going to school for healthcare administration. Trying to do both has also left me exhausted and broke. School cost so much nowadays its hard because I have to take time away from working and making money to go. But I know it will all be worth it. I also know what its like to have gone through what you have physically because I took care of my mother when she had breast cancer. Sadly she was not as lucky as you but she is in a better place. That is also why I chose to join the medical field, to give back to people who gave to her.

  • I can relate with this story as well. I was in the nursing field for about 14 years or so as a CNA taking care of the elderly. I mainly worked in nursing homes. I am the type that has compassion, care, empathy, a heart. This is what it takes to care for the elderly. I had dreams and goals of becoming a nurse but it never worked out, as far as my plans. I had obstacles and the like that kept getting thrown in my face and I could not overcome them either, such as baby sitter issues, having only one vehicle, and the like.

    Now, I have been attending the University of Phoenix for three years now. I am in their online programs. My major is criminal justice administration. I chose to do online schooling so that I can attend school on my own time and at my own pace, still be at home with son and family, and work. Because I am so focused on school, it seems like every time I try to work, the hours and sometimes the days interfere with my school. I struggled my first two years while in the Associates program because of work and family problems and somehow I managed to overcome those obstacles.

    I can still help people in the criminal justice field as I did in the nursing field. I am the type that tries to help and wants to help everyone in the world but I know this is not possible wither.

  • Your story inspires me greatly. You are someone who is acheiving nothing but the best for you and your family. You seem like someone who is a rock to people who need someone. You have dreams and goals that you seem like you will achieve in the end. Obstacle that you have already been through couldn’t make any obstacle in the end hard for you to step over. I have obstacle that I have to go through every day in order to achieve my goal. I work full-time, go to school full-time, and am a full-time mother. My mother also is battling breast cancer. If I’m not working, going to school, or being a mother myself, I am helping my mom with my 8 brothers and sisters. I barely make any money working full-time, I myself make about 26,000 a year. Each day I worry about student loans, the future (Will I find a job?), etc. I live on about 3-4 hours of sleep but have to keep going. I want to be more in the future and I only tell myself that in the end everything is worth it. Health care is something to be proud of because you know in the end you can make a difference. God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. After I graduate with my degree I want to be able to share my stories with young adults and adults about the struggles I went through in order to get where I will be at. I want to be able to tell people to keep going and don’t stop. I fear everyday of things in the future but keep pushing myself to overcome my fears. I always try to live life with positive thoughts.

  • I want to thank you for your story. I feel that you and I are kindred souls. Although I cannot empathize with your personal struggles (I have no children to support and have never been seriously injured) I can truly appreciate your profession. I work with students with disabilities and wish to go back to school and get a degree in Exceptional Student Education. This type of work is the most frustrating and rewarding thing I have ever experienced. I, like you, have finished my day in tears before. I have also cheered, laughed, and applauded for the amazing things that I’ve seen my students accomplish. Although difficult physically and emotionally, I could never imagine doing anything else. My heart goes out toward these kids just as yours does for your patients. Excellent story and I hope you find success toward your RN.

  • This story made me cry, because it is very similar to mine. I too came from an abusive relationship and upbringing. I too found my self divorced from an abusive husband. I left with my life, and I work as a para educator, making $1100 a month and have a very hard time making ends meet. I too have the passion she has for the mentally ill. I believe she will make it because she has the tenacity and heart to do it. I commend her for her strength that comes from a place greater than she is.

  • You are very inspiring. When I was reading your article i started to tear up some. You make me have motivation and inspiration. Your story is so touching. Reading your story really has inspired me to believe that no matter what I can accomplish my dreams.

  • From one mother to another I commend you on your achievements and thank you for your help to our community. This is an inspiring story and it gives me hope that I can still overcome anything! Life can knock you down and hurt you but we just have to be strong. Someone who can go through life events like this and still smile are inspiring and give others hope.

  • this is a very touching and inspiring story and wishing you the best all the way. I know it is really hard to be a single mom but this story inspired me to do everything to be succesful. I realized that everybody’s life is different. I am always complaining because of my current life situation because of not enough income resources and too much pressure from everybody. But after reading this story it reminds me that there are other people experiencing much worst problems than the one I experienced. I know now what is the value of life. I want to be succesful in the field of medical now to help other people.

  • This is a very touching story and I wish you the best.

    I know how hard it can be; being a single-mother of 4, the caregiver to my grand-parents (due to my mother’s death 2 years ago), and living on a low, fixed income. Last year, I graduated with an Associates degree in Business; however, with no jobs available in my area, I decided to continue my education by working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. So far, I have a 3.39 GPA and look forward to continuing on and hopefully be a good example for my children.

  • This article really touched me personally. I can relate to being a single mother and work in a
    very stressful environment. I try my best to do what I can with what I make but when you have
    kids and then have medical issues, it just all becomes overwhelming. So many
    nights wondering how far I would be able to stretch my check to at least get by. I have a total of
    four kids all girls and two of which are twins. My oldest is 13, then 9, and my twins are 2. I also
    was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder. At first it was called CREST and now has
    progressed to systemic scleroderma. There is no cure, I can only treat the symptoms. My
    hands and fingers are disformed, I have loss mobility in a lot of areas but at least am thankful
    that I am able to still type and be able to perform my job. I am very thankful for my job because
    they have been understanding through my situation and I have great insurance benefits which
    is very hard to come by. I just commend hard working, determined single women because it’s
    rough, not just financially but mostly emotionally. I can go on and on but this story is just
    remarkable and very touching. I encourage anyone to keep those dreams alive, that there will
    always be a way as long as you have will to keep going forward no matter how hard it looks or
    feels…victory will be waiting for you towards the end of the tunnel.

  • I myself am a single parent of three boys and I know the struggle that we as single mothers go through. Stories like this one motivates me to keep going and let me know that aiming for what most might think as impossible, can and will be done! I am currently enrolled in school. I am looking to become a Counselor, so right now I am going for my BS in Psychology. It can be difficult: working, studying, and raising my kids but it must be done. I want to show my kids that if you keep your head to the sky anything can be done if they put their mind to it, and let them know they should never give up. The sky is the limit! All the problems and pain I may come across will be all worth it one day, I know it!

  • I have to say I don’t know what are going through, but I know it’s hard. Trying to provide for your family, being a single mom, and putting a smile on your face everyday so no one knows anything is wrong. We don’t walk in the same shoes, but I’m in the same boat. I am a single mom to a 4 years old and seeing his face makes everything worth it. I was working 2 jobs; waking up at 6 in the morning till 6 to almost 9 at night. My grandpa was the one I relied on the most to help take my son to Head Start and to pick him up. It’s hard sometimes to put a smile on my face (even though you are trying to figure out how you are going to your babies) to show your babies that everything is going to be alright. I’m in the same boat where my sons father has not paid for any medical, dental, child care, or child support (court ordered, as well). Even though we share custody. Oh, but I would like to add the fact that he just had a kid a couple months ago. Is willing to do everything for that child.
    Even though my world seems to be falling apart around me; Like you, I haven’t gave up. There are some days I just want to throw in the towel. But when I see my little boys face, he motivates me to give him the world.
    I am currently going to school for my Psychology degree and I am going to finish. I know sometimes I want to give up because I don’t think I have the will to do it anymore. But I need this more then anything. Somedays when you feel like giving up just know that your children will always love you no matter what. Your story touched my heart becasue it hits home for me. So I know what you are going through. I was always told, “It always gets harder, before it gets easier.” Just remember everything is wortt fighting for, it builds you up and gives you strength.

  • I applaud you dearly for not giving up on your dream. My sister is a cancer survior of ovarian cancer since 2003. It’s truly a blessing how you didn’t give up. You will do great keep up the excellent work.

  • I decided to pursue my degree in human services since I have been working in the social services field for the last 5 years. Working in this field has allowed me to assist those that have been considered the underdog. During this time, I have learned how to provide resources to parents that will allow them to become self-sufficient and not have to depend on someone else for support. I became employed for the head start program after my child attended school there. During the point that he was enrolled, my child was able to receive services to assist him with his speech impediment. During this time, it was discovered that my child also had severe mental health disabilities. Since I am not a parent that accepts my child being pushed aside, I was able to stand up and fight for the services that my child needed to become successful without having to be removed from society. The director of our program was able to see my determination in advocating for my child, and asked me to advocate for other children and families as well. Making sure that all people are empowered without punishment is my goal in my career field. I have been drawn to working with those that have special needs of all kinds, not just because of my child, but because in many cases there is no one there to stand up for them otherwise. While there are many aspects of human services or social services, I have been fortunate to find in my field that there are several different parts that I cover. I have discovered that this is not a field that should be chosen for the pay, but rather for the heart. If a person does not have the care or compassion to provide services to those that need assistance without considering compensation, they could become bitter and not complete the work without care.

    While I have not chosen the field of the nursing, I can
    relate to this article and the struggles that this nurse is facing. I am
    currently employed in the social service field while pursuing a human services
    degree. I am also a single mother raising a child with severe mental health
    issues and taking care of my disabled mother. While my struggles at home are
    difficult, there are many times at work that I can be frustrated. I currently
    work with a head start program, which provides services to children between the
    ages of 3-5 of all ethnic backgrounds. My frustrating days come from working
    with others that refuse to accept those with special needs. Many times, I am
    faced with working with those in other programs that feel that children with
    certain special needs should not be included in their program or that they
    should be isolated from others. I have found that by standing up for inclusion
    for all, I am able to empower families and those with special needs to stand up
    for the services that they are entitled to receive. This also shows my child that, while I stand
    up for others, I also stand up for him to ensure that everyone with special
    needs will be included without discrimination.

  • Just when I start to think life hard, I get such an inspiring and enlightening story like this. This woman had went through so much negative in her life but still kept her head up high and did not allow anything to keep her spirits down. This is what a real, independent, and strong minded woman is. I am a young monther of a toddler. I work full time as well as go to school. I am basically doing this at a very young age and I admit it gets difficult to make the bills too. But this woman inspired me and showed me that the things that seem impossible is possible and most things we come across in our lives are merely challenges to overcome. I can only hope to be as strong and optimistic in life as she is.
    I am also looking in to a health care career. I also enjoy helping people especially the less fortunate. I grew up with a hard life and so many people helped me to get through it. I wish to only make others happy as well. This wonderful woman proved that even though she had a rough personal life she had enough compassion and will power to do the job she loved to do which was to help others. Great story and much respect.

  • I am moved by this story. A single mother of two children who still shares a caring and compassionate attitude towards her career as a nurse and her towards her children despite many down falls and obstacles. Being a nurse can be a mental and physical challenge on its own but living with financial struggles untop of the work can prove difficult.
    Despite this mothers desparities she is keeping a positive attitude, still cares about herself, family and her career, she has inspired me!

  • I am currently a Medical Assistant in Louisiana. I was also in school for nursing when a tragic incident happened to me. I was 9 months pregnant and experience a still birth. I was depressed and experienced a emotional meltdown. I was mad at God and myself for a very long time.
    I was placed on anit-depressants that did not help and even placed in a psychiatric instuition for one day and realized this is not my life and who God intended for me to be. The devil knew I was at a vunerable point in my life and just kept putting things on me.
    Finally I gave it all to God. I went back to church and started reading m bible again and going to bible study. Having faith and trust in God turned things completely around for me. I went backt o work as Medical Assistant, I have a 19 month old daughter who I adore and love with everything in me. I am currently enrolled at Universit of Phoenix and I absolutely love it. With God all things are possible and there is nothing you can not do.
    This story touched my heart because I know what it feels like to try to make a better life for your family, to pursue a eduction, and have to struggle. It is hard, but with God by your side, it can happen.

  • I am also a single mother of two children. I have been on disability for major depression for several years. I do not have physical injuries as devastating as this nurse but I have some that can make life difficult. I am currently going back to school to become a psychologist. I have alsways been interested in healthcare but it took me along time to find the right fit for me. I admire people like the woman this story is about. What made me pick this story is the fact that she has all of these various obstacles but she never gave up or in to them. She perservered and now she is providing a useful service to people who need her. Despite my problems with my own mental health, I, too, refuse to give up or into it. I know deep in me that I am a useful person with a lot to offer so I keep perservering too. I am really glad there are people like her in the world! They give those of us who are not perfect hope.

  • I read your story and People like your are the reason god has put you on this earth. you have not gave up on life its self your a single mom that is working on doing well for your family.

  • You are a gem in this world and quite inspiring! Your heart of love has changed many lives and in time, it will be your turn. Not only have you conquered your own illnesses, a single mother, and faced struggles within your family, you are determined and strong-willed!

  • This was a very good story that is very encouraging and makes see just how strong strong are when they put there mind to it. I am a single mother of two I try very hard to balance, school, home and work plus have time to help my children with there home work. I have had my fair share of up and down in my life and this strong hit home.

  • This Story is great!! It shows how strong women are and how they balance day to day situations. I am a single mother of a four year old. I try very hard to balance being a mom , a student, and working my full time job. I also take training classes tuesday and thursday nights to become a counselor for young abused women and girls. I too am seeking counsling for those same issues of being sexually abused as a child and teenager. I just want to say congratulations to all of us strong women who find the strength to get out of the bed and make a difference for themselves and their families but also to those who make a difference in the lives of others

  • This made me feel inspired when I really need it more than anything. I am a mother of 2 and live with my fiance who is struggling to support us all while I go to school and struggle to look for work as well. During my two years in school I have faced similar struggles. My first year I became ill with Meningitis and struggled through two classes. I so easily wanted to just quit but my kids kept me going. Right now I am faced with a high risk pregnancy and the doctor does not think that the baby will make it. This is very hard emotionally but I know that I have come so far that I cannot let anything stop me now. I started out persuing a business degree but have changed to medical administration because with all that I have been through I want to give back. It is good to know I am not alone in my situation.

  • I had great admiration for individuals who put the needs of others first. There is no greater job than giving back and that is why I’m currently working opening up a group home for mentally disabled adults.

  • I have just recently graduated with a BA in Psychology; however, during my schooling I have become very familiar with the homeless due to research work. I have decided to pursue a second degree in Nursing to be able to keep working with this population. A lot of them need medical care and most people want nothing to do with them. I love your bathroom story. I have never gotten so many confused looks as when I am out with the homeless. I often wonder if they too thought I was a prostitute. I have four children and it is so nice to hear about some one in the same circumstances as I that has is pursuing a similar dream. Keep going, the sky is the limit, and all things work out in the end.

  • This hits home for me in so many ways. I have been a caregiver for many years and to see someone else who still has compassion while doing their job is a relief. You are sincerely an inspiration and I hope I can overcome my obstacles as you have.

  • This story is very encouraging! I am a single parent as well and have been hit with many obstacles two knee replacements and multiple surgeries., Taking care of a father who had colon cancer and working full time when not out on disability. I tried to get permanent disability but because of my age they fought me. I have to not work at all until approved. Being a mother you know that is not possible. I went to school part time for years but stayed encouraged even when others were not supportive. I work for an insurance company but hope to get into a hospital system once I graduate. This article has made me more determined to finish what I start no matter how long it takes to reach my goal!! Thanks

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you you are truly a blessing for alot of people.. And also a blessing to me I read and reread your story and all I could think about is how you have put your stuggles and problems to the side to help others.. And to me you are an “ANGEL”.. I respect you.. I to have a calling to go into the same field (well not nursing) but I to would like to open a facility for the disabled elderly, and our vets. Today on a humbug my bestfriend called and asked if I could take her and her father to run some errands today.. Well we went to pick up her father from the facility that he resides in When I say I wouldnt wish the facility on my worst enemy.. I could have cried this facility is raking in all this money from the patients and her father is sharing a room thats is dorm sized paying $900.00 a month he doesnt have the privacy that I feel he should have most of the patients are on medication and its not a warming inviting place at all.. I feel like for at that the elderly as well as the vets have done for our country we as a whole should look out for them even more there is no amount of money or anything else for that matter that can repay what they sacrificed for us (as a whole) to have a good life.. Even the elderly at one point in time they were a foundation for a family, a teacher, etc.. And they to should be cared and provided for in a better way so this to is why I would like to open my own facilty something I feel that can show the elderly and vets I appreciate all of them…

  • I love to hear about nurses who love nursing for the sake of taking care of people, that is why I went into nursing and I could never imagine doing anything else. I too deal with the frustrations of budget constraints as well as preconceived ideas on my patient population. I work with geriatric psych and advanced behavioral dementia patients. Geriatric care is a business that can turn a big profit and unfortunately many companies run it as business instead of an endeavor to care for those who cannot care for themselves. I take the worst of the worst behavioral residents and I fight a battle everyday too change the way people view and care for them.
    I could have been a teacher or an accountant but instead I choose to care for others. Sometimes I feel that quitting would be a much easier option, but small successes make me stay. I stay for the sake of my patients; I want the best quality of life for them. I have had residents who came to my facility completed sedated and given less than 2 weeks to live. I worked with that gentleman for weeks and with the help of his new doctor we adjusted medications, worked with behavioral programming and just gave him time. I was able to give that man another 7 months with his family. Seven months in which he was able to interact with them and that was something he had been unable to do before he came to me. To watch his 4 brothers sit with him and then cry tears of joy as they were leaving for having the opportunity to reconnect to him again makes all the stresses of my job worth it.
    I get up each day knowing I will be fighting an uphill battle advocating for my patients, but to give just one resident back part of their life is worth it. The hope that I MAY be able to do that for just one more person each day is enough for me. Like the nurse in this story my passion is to give my best to my patients and in my opinion that is what makes a good nurse.

  • For many years I was a single mother and working three jobs trying to make ends meet. Many years of wanting to go to school and feeling that I could not. Now, in my older years due to health issues I either had to face loosing everything or going to school. Due to medical problems, my working is very limited and have not found a job. I credit you for your determination and drive!! Your family I am sure is very proud of you!!

  • All I can say is WOW. After reading this story I had tears in my eyes because I can somewhat relate to the situation. Being a single mother and struggling with bills and everything else has been stressful as well for myself and reading this gave me strength to keep moving forward with my life and just stop once in a while and smile. I should be happy because me and my son are still on this earth, we wake up every morning and eat breakfast together, I should be thankful for that. It makes me feel more optimistic about my life and my sons life, and I am blessed to read such a story!

  • Reading this story was truly touching. All of the struggles that this nurse faces and the fact that she remains optimistic is refreshing. I can relate to her story when she states that a lot of patience is required to work in her field. I previously worked as a camp counselor for four years taking care of kids with Cerebral Palsy. At a young age, this taught me that you must be blessed and thankful for the life you are given because others may be worse off than you are.

  • This story is sad but at the same time it makes you want to smile to know that someone who deals with a 1000 times more than an average person, still doesn’t complain she keeps great faith and a smile on her face, she constantly motivates her self through her goals. I salute her because i probably couldn’t imagine going to sleep at night knowing all the worries that she has but this is a test of faith and self strength and i do believe that she will overcome those obstacles one day and she will have so much more to smile about.

  • I can relate to this courageous mother of two trying to achieve her goals while facing many obstacles. This story is a true testament of a person’s will to continue on the path of their passion regardless of what stands in their way. This woman loved her job and wanted to help people even though she had her own health issues. So many times it is easy to just give up and just pull the cover your head because it seems it is just too hard.
    I had to raise three children basically myself because my husband had a drug problem that left us homeless. I overcame these hardships and my children are doing great in their own lives. I have a job that I love in health care and I am trying to achieve my goal towards a Masters degree in healthcare. This story gives me inspiration and determination to achieve this goal.

  • I am very proud of this woman! This is a prime example of having faith and courage in yourself! No matter what the obstacle is in your life, you can acheive your goals if you put your best foot forward!

  • I commend this mother of two. This article was truly amazing to read. Such an inspiring article to read! I can relate trying to fulfill dreams that are not sometimes afforable or reasonable to achieve,but the drive of inspiration you receive from your innocent makes everything worth it all!

    I am also a single mother of two beautiful little girls. There were times I didn’t know if I would have gas in my car to transport my kids to school or food for them to eat. I thank God for making a way each time. We have to believe everything happens for a reason and we must understand it will all pay off!!!! I applaude all single mothers and single fathers!!!!!!

  • This interview has me tearing up as I type. It is a sad, yet happy feeling to know that there is someone who has the same struggles as me. I am struggling financially which turns into an emotional battle. I give praise to God for my daughter and my health. It keeps me going daily. This is why her interview is an inspiring story for single mothers who have to determine which is more important: food and utilities or education.

    When you have a true desire or yearn to work in health care, it is disheartening when you are not able to financially support your dreams. You can be the best mother on the outside but dying on the inside because you want to contribute more to society doing something you love wholeheartedly. This interview has given me light today, and I am glad that I was given the opportunity to read this article.

    Thank you ADMIN.

  • We may be in two completley differernt fields but the truth is single mothers understand each other and we grow from each other. I am a single mother to an amazingly strong little girl..my daughter has a rare form of MDA and was given a prognosis of two years old. And through the years she has gotten progressivly better. She is 12 years old this year, eats a little more than she did last year (she is tube fed every three hours), and she looks amazing. She has her bad days but the strength and will this child has is nothing more than a miracle and she has been that to me. After she started to actually meet some of her mile stones I started to go back to work. I work as a office manager for a construction company and I am depended on a lot. So I do come home stressed but my baby girl knows once we cuddle it out I am all better. I am a better mommy becuase of her. I work a lot full time, part time and go to school full time but I can do this becuase of her. Single moms are the best and we can do it all…

  • I commend her for staying strong. Nothing this women has been through in life is easy and yet she still wants to “save the world.” I know from personal experience of being a single mother with three small children is rough and I am only able to receive food stamps from the government. Finances are tough because I had to quit my job when I found out I was pregnant with my twins because I worked at a mental institution. Ever since I had my twins I have tried finding work, but it is not that easy. Also, when I finally do find a place of employment I will have to pay childcare for my children. Ever month I struggle not knowing if I will be able to afford my household expenses. When I work for a mental institution it was an awarding, yet complex job. I had situations were clients would try to fight me and where I would have to restrain individuals. Many people I know said they did not know how I did it; however, once a client gets stable on their meds it is very rewarding. I really commend this lady and if anyone is going through something or unsure of how they will make it her story will inspire many to push forward in life.

  • I completly understand. I do have to commend her on the drive to keep going for herself and for her kids. Sometimes life throws obstacles in our way, but it is true strength to keep on going and overcome. I moved to the US after my kids dad almost killed me. I was unable to work until I received a permanent resident reissuance, social security card and drivers license. I spent 9 months doing nothing. Once I received the cards, i was working, going to school and being a mother as well. Due to the abuse of the kids dad, my children are either adopted or my parents have guardianship. I overcame addictions, homelessness and abuse. After being sober I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. At times I just don’t want to get out of bed. I get up, go to my $16.12 an hour job and come home. Do homework. Spend times with my kids as soon as my weekend starts. Going back to school, I do see a promising future and for now – I am happy where I am. It is NOT forever. One day there is a better deal. I see this for the nurse. I am always told “theres always a storm before the calm” and one day we will be able to take a week vacation to Paris or someplace nice =)

  • I understand her and I feel her pain I am a mother of two I just have a high school diploma I have worked in a financial institution since 19 years old now I am in my 30s its a very stressful job which had affected me emotional beside the stress of being a single mother of two. One day after struggle after struggle I decide my children and I deserve more I am still struggle but I am looking forward to a better future so life is a little better with hope!

  • I relate to being a mother and overcoming financial issues. I am currently struggling with school work and maintaining employment with car issues along with no money with a husband that is disabled. School starting earlier and earlier every year is not helping me get the needed clothing and supplies and with recent tornado’s that hit our town and neighboring towns it has caused great hardship for many. I struggle everyday with continuing my education for financial concerns of meeting the bills I applaud you and what you have went through. I want to be like you in so many ways. God Bless You and hope your medical conditions remains good.

  • This is such a inspiring story, my situations are quite similar in detail.Understanding the reason why things happen is mainly to learn from them.In all cases we should stay strong and positive, keeping GOD with you determine your future.

  • This is an inspring story, I was impressed with her fortitude, gentleness, and quiet strength. She has expereinced and continue to do so, hard times, but she keeps her head up and is determine to presevere anyway. I wish that you will reach your dreams and be a successful RN and bring about effective and positive change for others.

  • I applaud you for all that you have accomplished, the hurdles you have overcome, and the encouragement you pass on to others. You are a true survivor and an inspiration to moving forward. I appreciate this story and the meaning it sparks deep in my soul. One day I hope to accomplish half of what you have accomplished in so many lives. Your desire to help others will spread like a wild flower; touching all and bringing beauty to the most unexpected places.
    Thank you for being you.

  • This woman is a true whole-hearted being! I am impressed by her willingness to succeed and her role as a mother even during hard times. I know a woman like her, my mother, also went through nursing school. She received her RN after 3 years with a 4.0 GPA, raising 3 kids after being widowed, and suffering from depression and anxiety all at the same time. The strength you find within yourself is never measured until you find yourself in a rough spot. Only then do you really know how tough you really are. 🙂

  • This woman has displayed unconditional strength. She went above her own needs to help others. She showed what selfless is all about. What a wonderful story and I hope this type of help is spreaded throughout others lives…

  • I can relate to this woman’s situation. I am a nurse. I raised two children as a single parent. I struggled financially and I have had my share of other personal problems as well. I have never had cancer or any other serious illness, nor have I had a serious injury. I was a victim of a workplace bully though. The stress at work made me ill. I was sick a lot, but no one could figure out what was wrong. I thought I had fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. I finally lost my job. It was a blessing in disguise! I found another job. I went back to school. I received my associate’s degree this year in psychology and am currently working on my bachelor’s degree. I was also just promoted at my current job to a management position.

  • I really sympathize with this woman, because of her loved to care for others she is pushing through her own problems. I understand her sympathy for the mentally ill population because I too work with the mentally ill. I am a case mananer in a mental health facility. It is not often that you find people such as the woman in the article that genuinley care about there patients. This is a woman that I truly Pray overcome all of her obsticles. I share a similar idea about the homeless people in the world, most of them does suffer from a mental illness and need help.

    Working as a case manager in a mental health facility is very challenging, but it has its rewards. This is not a career that is chosen for the money, you have to genuinely care to be productive.

  • I understand where this women is coming from. I have a quote from Bernice Johnson Reagon posted on my wall that says, “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re to help you discover who you are.” Everytime I feel that I need a boost from all the stress that comes day to day, I read it. There is a lot of pain and suffering in my husbands and my life with family members, as well as ourselves. My husband has been disabled and not able to work since 2004 because of an accident at work. His mother has diabetes, his father has prostate cancer which is in remission right now. I lost my father to cancer, my mother’s health is diminishing and recently diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. I also have two leaking heart valves that I am dealing with. I gave up my current job to be closer to home and moved my mother in with my husband to take care of her. My husband regularly checks on his parents and takes them to the doctors, dispite his condition. Since I voluntarily quit my job, I am not entitled to unemployment benefits, so we depend on my husbands social security disability. I started attending the University of Phoenix immediately after I quit my previous job for several reasons: To stop commuting four hours every day so I can dedicate that time to be closer to my husband and family members, to ween myself away from the fashion industry in which I worked 23 years in, to make myself marketable for a position in business management. I would like to work with the American Cancer Society or American Diabetes Association for my family members benefit. I have become a active member of these associations to help educate individuals about them and what they can do to maintain their own health issues. I have plans to start my own business concerning education with these diseases.

    • Your story is very inspiring. It shows that anything is possible and to never give up no matter what. Hearing your story has also influenced me to push even harder being a single mother. Because if you can do it with all of the obstacles that you had to face anyone can do. Thank you for taking your time to share your story with the rest of us.

  • This woman’s story is very touching. It made me more aware of the little things in my life that I complain about. Which is nothing near as heartbreaking as this woman’s life. There is an awful lot that I take for granted. There are obvious obstacles that everyone endures although mine may be a little more insignificant than hers, I still have overcame quit a few myself. I have three children, and a full time job. I am currently enrolled at University of Phoenix to attain my bachelors in Elementary Ed. I hope to make a difference in many young lives and try to make this world a better place one young mind at a time.

  • This story is truly touching. Although I am not a mother nor have gone through nearly as much as the woman in the story I can still relate to her. We all have obstacles that come in our way but its the way that one chooses to react to them that is important. I am currently enrolled in University of San Francisco and I am trying to get in to the Nursing program, unfortunately I am facing big financial problems but I know my passion for nursing will lead me to find a way to fix things.

  • This story is truly touching. I am a married mother of 4, husband is a carpenter but since this recession is going on it is making work for him very hard to find. He has been out of work for a year now and I have been out of work for about 3 years.

    Like the woman in the story I have a love for people but had no clue in how to be of service or how I could help or make a difference. While I was pregnant with my 4th child it has dawned on me that I need to be financially better for my kids and I needed a plan of what to do. What better way to do that than to obtain a job in the medical field and try my best to make a difference. The only way that I can make this happen now is to go to school and obtain a job doing just that.

    I am currently enrolled in the University of Phoenix and I am loving every minute of it. There are times when you wish that you didn’t have class or work to be turned in but I find that it always gets done. After I obtain my degree I wish to either work in Labor and Delivery or to be a RN or a Peditrician.

    I look at my kids with loving eyes and think everyday did I do all I can for them and how can I share the same love and respect to others. Everyone should have the love of a mother or a caring someone and that’s why I decided to start my career by going back to school so I can continue to show love, respect, and nurture others they way I have been, May God continue to Bless all of you.

  • I can relate to this story. I have been a single mom who went back to college later in life. Living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make everything happen is a challenge. Especially while going to college. I have several major medical injuries. I will not let myself stop or let failure happen.

    • Although I am not yet a mother, I greatly empathize with this story because it shows how although she had many obstacles she persevered and obtained her nursing degree. This will be me, I will walk across that stage and thank my mother who never had two dimes to rub together, but gave me all the care she had to me. I will cross that stage- I will get my degree and I will save lives.

  • This story is truly touching and one to which I can relate. I am currently In school and applying for the Nursing program. I have faced financial troubles for most of my life until recently. My mother has struggled with a mental illness for most of my life and my brother is mentally handicapped. I also have had back trouble from years of competition cheer leading.

    I decided to work in the medical field after my father was in Intensive Care for three weeks due to open heart surgery resulting from a massive heart attack. Originally I wanted to work in the Critical Care unit as an RN but after giving birth to my son I decided that I would prefer to work in labor and delivery. My experiencing with child birth was not a pleasant one. I was in labor for twenty-six hours and the final shift of nurses who cared for me were extremely uncaring. No one informed me of what was happening and they also showed no sympathy towards me.
    After that experience, I decided to work as an RN in labor and delivery so that I could ensure fewer women be treated the way I was. A child means everything to a mother and therefore I can relate to giving up everything in order to ensure their well being. I want to be able to comfort women and help to bring new life in this world.

    I appreciate all personals in the medical field for what they do. The job requires long hours, a lot of manual labor and even more so patience. However, it is all worth the pain, stress, and exhaustion to know that you are making a difference in someones life.

  • This career story made me cry and laugh at the same time as it also reminds me a little of my life. My mom is divorced, used to be a nurse but is going back to school to become an RN and she has 2 girls( my sister and myself) in college right now. Financially it is tough, due to paying for college, the bills, sharing 1 car between the 3 of us. But we all share the same theory in life as the woman from he story, and that is to be good person no matter what.

  • I am currently facing some health issues. mainly I have herniated disk that stops me from doing a lot of physical activitiy. I am in school because I have a desire to be the difference in someone’s life. I am a CNA and a phanary tech. Upon finishing this degree I am enrolling into a nursing program so that I can work with the Hospice or Alzheimer’s foundation. I am encouraged by this article to pursue my goals and I wish the author all the best.