Physical therapy aide dreams of opening a bakery

In this interview, we get insight into what it is like to work in a physical therapy office as an aide. She explains how she came to secure this job while going to school with the goal of becoming a physical therapist, and shares that the most meaningful part of the job is the relationships that she builds with her coworkers and patients.

What is your job title and what industry do you work in? How many years of experience do you have in this field? How would you describe yourself using only three adjectives?
I work as a Physical Therapy Aide for a therapy center. I have held this position for almost 3 years. Helpful, dependable, and sociable are the 3 words I would use to describe myself.

What’s your ethnicity and gender? How has it hurt or helped you? If you ever experienced discrimination, how have you responded and what worked best? Do you speak another language, and has it been helpful in your career?
I am a Pacific Islander female, and my gender and ethnic background have not hindered me. I have not experienced discrimination in my jobs, and unfortunately, I do not speak another language.

How would you describe what you do? What does your work entail? Are there any common misunderstandings you want to correct about what you do?
In my job, I help patients with modalities after their physical therapy. This may include putting ice on their injuries, or performing electrical stimulation. I also help with keeping the gym clean, the mats sanitized, and making sure there are clean pillow cases and towels. This work entails a lot of walking around and interacting with the patients and therapists. The only misunderstanding I want to correct is that some people think that I am a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your job satisfaction? What might need to change about your job to unleash your full enthusiasm?
I would rate my job satisfaction as a 9. I enjoy my job, in that I get to meet new people every day. I also develop friendships with the patients since they have to come for months for their therapy. The atmosphere that I work around is fun, bubbly, and entertaining. There is never a dull moment around the gym. The therapists and I try to keep the atmosphere lighthearted and easygoing, since the patients have to deal with a lot of pain due to their injuries. There is really nothing that needs to change except for wanting the application process for Physical Therapy school to be a little easier.

If this job moves your heart – how so? Ever feel like you found your calling or sweet spot in life? If not, what might do it for you?
This job does move me, because the friendships I develop here, whether its with my coworkers or the patients, are lasting. It’s a satisfying feeling when I see a patient at the grocery store or around town smiling, happy, and see them back on their feet. I can see myself with a career in this field, but I would like to do something creative or
artistic. My sweet spot would be something in photography or baking. My lifelong dream is to be able to open up my own little bakery shop downtown.

Is there anything unique about your situation that readers should know when considering your experiences or accomplishments?
To work in the physical therapy field, you have to be able to interact with the public. If you are shy or reclusive, then this is not a job for you. For years, I used to be extremely shy. I was afraid to open up and talk to people. I wouldn’t even look people in the eye and smile at them. However, I had a friend who was honest with me, and basically told me that I needed to change. So, I did. It took a long time, but I eventually was able to come out of my shell. I don’t think I would have been able to get this job as a physical therapist aide if I was still that shy, little girl.

How did you get started in this line of work? If you could go back and do it differently, what would you change?
I was going to college to get a degree, then apply for physical therapy school. I found out through a friend that there was an opening for an aide position at a therapy center. I called the director and talked with him, had an interview the next day, and I got the job. I wouldn’t change anything. I wanted the job and went for it.

What did you learn the hard way in this job and what happened specifically that led up to this lesson?
One thing you have to know about working in a small clinic or center is that “word travels fast.” People love to gossip, and coworkers love to gossip about coworkers. I learned that there were some things that I didn’t need to share at work or with certain coworkers.

What is the single most important thing you have learned outside of school about the working world?
The single most important thing I have learned is that you will be remembered most for your work ethic.

What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you in this job?
The strangest thing that ever happened was when a tornado went down the road just in front of our building.

Why do you get up and go to work each day? Can you give an example of something that really made you feel good or proud?
I get up and go to work each day because I enjoy working with the people I work for. They are fun, caring, and we look out for each other. I also getting to see the patients we work with. Since we are a small clinic in a country town, we have that Mayberry atmosphere. What really makes me feel good is when I’m out sick or on vacation, the patients check up on me when I get back. They tell me that they missed me, if I’m feeling better, or how my vacation was. It’s nice getting to work in that kind of environment.

What kind of challenges do you face and what makes you just want to quit?
The challenge I face is just being able to multitask and make sure all the patients are taken care of. Nothing makes me want to quit more than when I have to deal with an unhappy patient.

How stressful is your job? Are you able to maintain a comfortable or healthy work-life balance? How?
My job is not stressful at all, and I’m able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. With my job, I’m able to have holidays and weekends off, and work a 7-5 job. So I’m able to do the things I enjoy after work and on the weekends.

What’s a rough salary range for the position you hold? Are you paid enough and/or happy living within your means?
The salary range is based on your work experience, and is comfortable for students working through college or a single adult.

How much vacation do you take? Is it enough?
I take a reasonable amount of vacation. The job offers vacation/sick leave where you can take an ample amount of time off to go on vacation.

What education and skills do you need to get hired and succeed in this field?
For a physical therapy aide position, it’s on the job training. For a physical therapist, you need a bachelor’s degree in order to get into grad school for the doctorate degree. For a physical therapist assistant, you can get an associate degree from a PTA program

What would you tell a friend considering your line of work?
That it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to work in a field that helps improve people’s lives. It is a chance to work in a friendly environment, and get to meet new people every day.

If you could write your own ticket, what would you like to be doing in five years?
I would like to be a wife, mother, and homemaker. After my children are grown up, I hope to one day open up my very own bakery.



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  • This is a similar career path for many people getting into occupational therapy… it’s what I did after before entering grad school. I think it’s interesting that she is now considering opening her own bakery, because career development isn’t always a linear path, and sometimes it takes awhile for us to really find what we are supposed to do in this world. And that’s totally okay. 🙂

  • I really enjoyed this article because i could relate to it as an occupational therapy assistant student. Physical therapy is similar to occupational therapy because we both help rehabilitate clients through a kind of therapy but occupational therapy is different because it indirectly treats injuries by focusing more on helping the client become independent and able in the everyday tasks they perform in their lives. I fell in love with occupational therapy when i did a senior project in high school that required me to find resources for blind and visually impaired individuals to regain independence. I am currently in occupational therapy assistant school and i am working towards a bachelors in healthcare science so that i can go to graduate school to become and occupational therapist. Just like there are physical therapist aides, there are also occupational therapist aides. I am actually looking for a second job as an occupational therapy aide for the upcoming summer. Many things about occupational therapy and physical therapy are alike. We work in the same kind of facilities, we worth with the same patients, make similar salaries, and work similar hours. The part of the career that i like is something that occupational therapy and physical therapy have in common; I like helping people get better and live a healthy and independent life. Physical therapists and occupational therapists often work together to rehabilitate patients. The healthcare industry requires different specialties to work together and i look forward to working with both physical therapists and speech therapists in my future field.

  • This is great information and I can tell that she answers the questions with a lot of details to inform the readers about her everyday experience. I am currently volunteering at a Physical Therapy clinic and I am absolutely in love with the work field. I love talking to people and being a Physical Therapist, there is a lot of one on one interaction. One of the greater joys that I have experienced thus far is seeing the patients improve their health and seeing their body transformation. The patient’s health is always the priority and being able to give patients the right exercises will help improve their health.

  • This article relates to the profession I would like to enter, not exactly but close: I want to go into Occupational Therapy. There are some facilities where Physical Therapist work along side with Occupational Therapist; therefore, this young woman could encounter a occupational therapist a few times in her life.

    I truly enjoyed reading how she feels towards her job because she sheds such a positive light on the field. She mentions how so likes going to work every day due to the interacts she creates; not with just the staff but with the patients too. This is honestly my favorite part about all the jobs I have ever had. She has the ability to build relationships with people she would not have the opportunity too otherwise. This is what I look forward to. I cannot wait to wake up every day and do what I love. All I want to do help people reach their full potential.

    We both have similar goals in life. She wants to open up her own bakery. I on the other hand, want to open up a resource center for individuals with disabilities. In my home town one would need to drive a hour to get to the nearest facility for individuals with disabilities and I would like to change that.

  • This article directly correlates to me in the way that, one day, I want to be a Physical Therapist or PT aide/assistant. It’s the path I’m taking in college right now and this excites me more than ever. This article really gets my hopes up for what I’m in for in the future if I do end up making it somewhere in the Physical Therapy department. I love to help others and being able to have that interaction with people everyday is beautiful. Like she says at the end, she wants to have her own bakery one day. Although she loves her job, there’s always something else you want to have that will make you even happier and I respect that very much. Being able to help someone everyday to better their life is what I’ve been doing since i was a kid and hope to be doing for the rest of my life.

  • This article was a very good one to read. I gained a lot of new information that was very informative. I liked how it explained that gossip goes around in small offices. A lot of co workers like to talk about each other, and sometimes it can push you away from the big job.

  • I am currently studying Kinesiology and want to become a Physical Therapist so that I can help others get back on my feet. Just a couple days ago, I saw an opportunity to become a Physical Therapy Aide to gain experience in the field and educate myself. I strongly relate to when she said you see the opportunity and you go for it. Luckily, they responded quickly and I have an interview tomorrow! I find it so inspiring that she dreams of opening a bakery but still has the idea of becoming a Physical Therapist. I can not wait to get the feeling she gets from her job.

  • I used to study physiotherapy and i worked like a physiotherapist assistant, an i know how wonderful in the experience working one o one with the patients. is incredible the connection that you create with them.

    is great to work with people and see the improvements every day and getting to know to that improvement is because you did well your job, and they appreciate that.

  • This was a fantastic article providing a brief overview of the realistic job duties and satisfaction associated with a career as a physical therapy aide. This story really resonated with me because I am working towards my master’s in occupational therapy and will some day be working alongside other therapists as a team.

    I really liked that the aide was satisfied with her career choice, but also had something still motivating her. Although her motivating factor wasn’t health care related, I found it inspiring. I think that it is wonderful to have these aspirations that motivate us to branch out of our shell and achieve greatness.

    I also would like to add that even with interests in baking, there may still be a health care field related or even therapeutic career such as an occupational therapy assistant, aide, or activity director to aide with activities of daily living (including baking)! I definitely believe there are creative ways we can utilize to find career choices that incorporate all of our interests to keep jobs engaging, joyful, and motivating.

  • This is an interesting article. As an pre-occupation and well-being major, I hope to work with patients and make an impact in their lives. One of the major aspects within myself that I had to deal with was shyness as well. For many years it was hard for me to interact with others and withhold a conversation. Now, a lot has change. Watching how people such as physical therapist change lives and improve the well-beings of others is exteremly inspiring. I want to reach the same level or even higher than this young lady in the future.

  • I was considering studying Physical Therapy for about a year until I discovered that Occupational Therapy is a better fit for me. However, I still think about PT from time to time and really enjoy that type of atmosphere. I am a dancer and have had PT myself so I know I would get along well with a lot of individuals in the PT gym.

    I continue to have doubts on my career choice because double majoring in Psychology and Dance with concentration in Flamenco opens up many paths and opportunities for me, I’m not sure where to go. Occupational Therapy fits my long term goals however becoming a performer and teacher for dance is a dream of mine, one of which I will have to work really hard to attain but I am still considering.

    So I definitely relate to this article. I will continue working towards both and see what happens!

  • I loved reading through this and seeing the perspective of someone in this field. It reminded me of things I had thought or had hoped for my future career. Initially I had wanted to become a physical therapist, however this was not going to be possible financially.
    I wanted to go into this field because I wanted to help people and make connections with people everyday, I saw it as an extremely fulfilling career choice. Instead, I chose to go with American Sign Language interpreting because this degree worked more for me financially and I would still be able to help people everyday.
    My older brother was born deaf so this second career choice really hit home with me and seemed like a natural and still fulfilling choice. I hope to have as good of an experience being an interpreter as she did as a PT aide.

  • I really love the way she speaks about her work, how it is fulfilling and how much she enjoys it. As an aspiring doctor I one day hope to work in a field where I can give back to my community and help others through a medical issue. I definitely agree with her when she says that having a strong relationship and communication with clients is the best way to make a plan that works for them so they can get better. I hope to do that in my time a medical professional so that patients can feel comfortable to trust me and believe that together we can get them back to full health.

    This interview also spoke to me because of her testimony on being shy, when I was younger I really struggled with interacting with peers and family. I had to overcome much of my difficulties so I could get the best out of my education, but to this day communication is something that I work on. Now I work on my communication so that I may well in my chosen field, and feel more confident about my ability to interact with others.

  • This interview is a perfect example of why we should love our job. She was being sincere and authentic when describing her profession. It shows she is passionate about her career.
    From the interview, I can tell she was prepared to respond effectively to the interview questions.

    I can relate to her story because I was once a very shy man that can not be a sociable person. I was the guy that always got nervous to present in front of people. I remember last year, I had a chance to work an internship as a CNA(certified nursing assistant). To be a qualified as CNA, you’re required to be a companionable person. The first week was terrible. My voice was so low that the resident can not even understand what I was saying. After I had a conversation with my instructor, I was willing to change. She told me the exact same thing as her friend. Ever since then, I became a new person. Like the women, it took me a while to avoid my shyness, but I was able to do it.

  • This interview seems very honest and straightforward. I definitely can relate with this women because like her, I am also in a healthcare system where relationships both with patients and coworkers is what makes the job so rewarding.

    I am a senior in dental hygiene school right now and I get to see several patients a day and clean their teeth. When I first started doing this, I had a hard time finding real meaning. I didn’t know if scraping tartar off people’s teeth was very fulling to me. It was once I actually started to interact, educate and even prevent disease is when I realized how important my job is. I saw that positively interacting with my patients could make a change and it has certainly given me desire to pursue education and relationship building. Like this women I also have a desire to find a balance in my life and have a family while holding a meaningful profession.

  • This article suits me like a glove. I am currently studying occupational therapy, a sister profession to physical therapy. I am seeking a part-time job as a rehab aide, and after having read this article, I now have a better idea as to what this entails. Just as the author of this article is passionate about her work, I am passionate about my career path and work rigorously in order to best prepare myself to work in the field of occupational therapy. I volunteered for two summers at a physical therapy office doing tasks similar to those listed above, so I am able to relate wholeheartedly to the joy of companionship experienced within this work. My own experience with this is actually what pushed me to develop a focus in geriatrics.

    In addition, I adore the piano. I love playing, practicing, writing music, and teaching piano lessons to others. I have been a piano teacher for about five years now, and the rewarding feeling I get by watching one of my students succeed is one that it unmistakable. Just like this author aspires to open her own bakery, I would love to continue teaching piano to students for the rest of my life. It allows me to spend my time around my favorite instrument, listening to music and passing on my skills to others. If ten years down the road, I am working as a geriatric occupational therapist in an outpatient clinical setting while also teaching piano on the side, I will have made my dreams come true.

  • Personally, I found this article interesting because here’s a woman who loves helping others and her job, but also wants to pursue another career to make herself happy. Her story honestly just really shows that she is happy with her job, but still wants another one to be happy. It’s something she has always wanted and is not going to let anything stop her or get in her way.

    I could relate to this article because I feel the same way, you could be doing something you already love, but still want to do something for yourself to make you even happier. The key to being happy is to do something you love, she is doing something she loves and is trying to do something else she loves too. That is how I aim to live my life, doing something I already love, but still pursing something that makes me just as happy.

  • This article was very interesting to me not only because she is someone who is in the health care field, but because she wants to own her own bakery shop. I am studying to be a speech pathologist and I am also a swim coach for my hometown and I love it. I would truly want to be a speech pathologist and work with young children, but I would also like to continue to be a swim coach as well because I just adore the children I already work with. I related to this article a lot because even though she loves her job and loves the people she works with, she would still like to be able to follow another dream as well and that is what I could like to do.

    There are not many people out there who are happy with their jobs. I know many people who complain about their job and I do not want to be that person. I figure that if I want to live a happy, healthy life I might as well do something that I like to do as well as something that I have been working hard to do. I believe that many people should follow this idea because everyone deserves to be happy and enjoy their job. I do not see the reason to go into something and not be happy with what you are doing. I hope that she does get her dream bakery and I hope that I could someday be as happy as this woman is with her job.

  • I found this article interesting, because the person being interviewed is in the health care field, but she also has dreams of her owning her own bakery. I would like to be a speech pathologist, but after I have started following a plant based diet, I have had the desire to open up vegan ice cream shop for other individuals like me who cannot eat dairy. I have always believed that if you have a dream you should follow it. I will be curious to know how her bakery turns out in the future, and hopefully I can follow in her footsteps. I hope that I will figure out how to attain both lifelong goals in the future so that I will be able to serve people in multiple facets in life.

  • Being able to help others in your career choice is what its all about! I am a deaf studies major and your quote fits in with my major as well the relationships you make with the ones you are helping are the best feelings. I am in the graduate program at the University of Arizona and with my Bachelors degree I focused on my work as a sign language interpreter. My job is to help deaf individuals have a flow of communication so I am the middle man, but I need to make sure in my field I have a strong relationship with my clients because they are putting all of their trust in my hands to make sure I am helping them with communication and all the private things they tell me they are to put all of their trust in me. I decided to further my education to help out high school kids pick a second language. I think by educating them at a young age and by making relationships with them, they are to choose possibly the career choice I did and they will fall in love with the major I chose.

  • When I first became CPR/First Aid (FA) instructor I was only eighteen years old and still going to high school. I had to teach myself three different types of CPR, first aid, and child and babysitting safety once I started the job. As I read about the physical therapist aide’s job experience I could easily relate to many of her job experiences. As an instructor, I have to deal with people who just want to get the training and then become certified. This can make my job difficult because if certifying people was that easy we would just allow students to take an online test instead of paying an instructor to teach the course. Besides having to deal with students who do not wish to be in my classes, I can honestly say that once I leave my job, I do not have to think about it until the next work day.

    The physical therapist aide’s story is similar to my story right now because I am a female going to college, I am getting ready to apply for medical school, and have a 9-5 job that allows me to make a steady pay while living a relatively stress-free lifestyle. I also have the dream of running my own bakery but that dream will come true for me when I am retired from being a neonatologist. The physical therapist aide is very relatable for me because she started off as being this shy girl who did not want to really interact with other people but learned that, that is not a healthy way to live. When I moved to a new school for middle school I became very closed and an introvert. My friends really helped me open up again but it would take three years before I would become open enough to talk to strangers and look people in the eye when they were talking to me.

    As a CPR/FA instructor, I have to be able to teach multiple people skills that may not come very naturally to them. This is the challenge of my job because everyone learns differently and I am sure that the physical therapist aide can agree that when people are unhappy or frustrated, following directions becomes much harder for them. My job makes me happy because I have learned to overcome those challenges, as well as the challenge of being a young twenty-something instructor. This post really inspires me to continue to work hard at my job because you never know when your student could someday be the one saving your life or become your physical therapist aide.

  • As a second year Physical Therapy student at Grand Valley State University, I can appreciate the immense depth that is the backdrop of this and other similar professions. The journey to get in is not an easy one, filled with applications, anticipation, and stress. The experience throughout is even more challenging, with never ending exams, assignments, and fiscal responsibilities. Despite the challenge and rigor associated with this, there is not a single moment I would change. Each time I step into a clinic or engage with a patient, I am reminded of how great of a desire I have to serve and help others through a life filled with quality movement habits. I must consistently work at being as engaged and extroverted as this is how I would want someone to interact with a friend or family member of mine.

    I find this post especially prominent in that if we have the right intentions in mind, the rest will fall into place. I had no idea what I wanted to establish a career in until my senior year of undergraduate studies, and even then, making a ‘set decision’ was scary. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and am now in a field all about the sciences. Every individual journey looks different and we may not all achieve the same end goal, but we can find purpose in our career by doing what we love and helping others.

  • My goal is to become an occupational therapy assistant and reading this story is everything I hope to experience when I finally get there. I have always had this hidden desire in me to help people in a way that would a positive difference in their lives. Unfortunately, it took me a while to figure out what career to go into because there are so many careers related to helping people such as nurse, emergency medical technician, firefighter, etc. I knew that I like anything related to healing and learning about the human body so I thought occupational therapy would be a great fit for me, plus they often work with physical therapists/assistants/aides as well.

    When it comes to being outgoing, I will admit it takes me a while before I can get out of my shyness. During high school, there was a moment where my face turned red and my hands were shaking because it was right before I had to go up to the class and read my poem. Later, I had joined theater and choir where I was able to sing and dance in front of other people without feeling so shut in and it has helped me become more outgoing in general. I’m still a little shy but it’s much more short lived compared to the fast and I’m confident that in time, I can only get better at being outgoing. I need to be if I want to do well in this field, so I’ll do whatever I can to overcome my shyness completely!

  • Its moving to see how dedicated you are to your job. Things like this prove how much i really want to be a Therapist. Making bonds and connects with people that you just met. Making a difference in each others lives, growing, and the amount of support. I wouldn’t be able to imagine what else I would want to do in the career choice i have made. When the interview mentioned about being shy I could relate. I have sometimes difficulty starting to talk to new people but the thing is I want to overcome my shyness and get to know the wonderful people that i will soon come to meet. I’ve been through some millstones and through out the years i have always wanted to help people in ways that would be significant in their lives and always chose the medical path and finally once i fallowed a MFT Personal Therapist, that was when i decided to choose to following in what I have learned in the few weeks I spent following. This interview made me recognized how this specific type of therapist may not be that stressful as indicated when asked if it was, but if it ever does come to that point, I will be well equipped and be ready to overcome it or any other things for that matter finding a way to resolve and balance everything, I truly believe that this path will make me enjoy life and my career because I’ll be doing something that I like doing, thank you for this interview it gave me a better perspective and thank you for sharing this !

  • When scrolling through these stories, this one stood out the most. The reason I state this is because I am also a Physical Therapy Aide. My dream is to be a Police Officer, being an aide helps me in a lot of ways. When I am working I have to be able to multitask but yet be generous to our patients in the process. A big amount of our patients have been coming to our office for many years unfortunately, but that does not mean that they are not getting better. Some of these patients have chronic pain, this chronic pain can go away for a certain amount of hours but it comes right back. We help these patients by providing certain treatments such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation or even setting them on ice or heat.

    One they are done we help them get off these treatments, when asking them how they feel, they respond with “I feel really great, thank you so much you don’t understand how much it means to me”, I usually respond with “you are very welcome! I hope that you feel better for the rest of your day!”. The best part of the job is seeing peoples face when they are done with physical therapy, they are so grateful to be able to do things that they could not before, they go on to thank everyone for assisting them and leave with a big smile. Being an aide has helped me be a better person; it has helped me develop skills that is really needed in becoming an officer. When becoming an officer I want to be able to encourage our youth that being part of the law is a great thing, but the thing that I look forwarded to the most is being able to help a community that has a high rate of violence. Growing up in such community has influenced me to help people in need.

  • I really enjoyed reading this interview, because it put a lot of things into perspective for me. I am currently in the process of completing my freshman year of college. It was not until I entered college a few months ago that I discovered I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy. For many years before this I felt like I was at a disadvantage because many of my peers already knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. Although I am only in the beginning stages of pursuing a career in physical therapy, this interview has reassured me even more that this is the career for me.

    After reading this PT aides interview, I am excited to one day be involved in a career that I am truly passionate about.To hear about the joy she feels and the joy she brings to others is a feeling that I hope to one day have in my chosen profession. She mentions how she has genuine close relationships with her patients, and the environment she works in is a positive one. These are some of the things I would hope to have to compliment the profession that I choose to pursue. I can also relate to her mentioning that she used to be a “shy little girl”. For as long as I can remember, I have been known to many as the quiet one. However, as I have grown and matured into a young woman I have realized that 9/10 times being shy will not get you very far in a lot of aspects of life. Just as this PT aide is able to serve as a positive role model for many individuals who wish to pursue a career in helping others, I hope to be able to do the same and one day share my story.

  • I didn’t know about physical therapy and what miracles it can do for you until 2 years ago, when i was unfortunately in a car accident and had to consult a physical therapist for the first time. I can not explain in words how much it had helped me, put me back on my feet. I support this field and what you do with all my heart. i thought my only option was surgery, which was terrifying in the age of 25. I thought i would have to give up on all my physical activities. My dad has also received a physical therapist diploma recently, and now he is healing people with this amazing field of work.

  • As soon as I reached the section where the author mentions being “extremely shy” I had an immediate connection. She mentioned that she would not have been able to get her job if she had not changed, and I thought that’s me. I was that shy, little girl she is talking about. I would not be where I am today if I was still that same little girl.

    When I was younger it was almost impossible to get me to say even two words, and now I am working towards a career as a counselor. It took me a long time to get to the point where this career was a logical, or even realistic option for my life. When I finally made it to the other side, the more open side, of my personality everything seemed to fall into place.

    I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life working with people, and building relationships. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life, and It would not be possible if I had not broken out of my shy-girl shell.

    I would like to thank the author for sharing her story. It is always heartening to hear a success story that has a similar beginning to your own.

  • I discovered my passion a long time ago doing sports. I practice Triathlon since I was 8 years old. For me, it was hard to keep up with high school’s homework, tests, stress and emotions doing Triathlon. Sometimes I got frustrated because I did not reach the score in a test or I did not do well in the competition, of course it affects me because those failures makes me sad and frustrated.

    Now, I have the opportunity to apply to Colleges in United States of America. I am really excited to study the major I want, which is Kinesiology and Exercise Science. I think when you find your passion every day is an excellent day.

    I know it will not be easy to start from zero in another country but when I want something I fight against everything to get it. I will tell people NEVER GIVE UP, because when you least expected everything changes. The difference between lossers and winners is that winners never give up on what they want. I want to be a winner.

    Nowadays, I start a little bussiness selling cakes. I have been feeling frustrated because there are a lot of things in my mind like trainings, studies for the SAT test, universities, cakes, my mind is a mess. But what really makes me keep going on, is the passion I have on what I am doing.

    ”Do not give up on your dreams until you reach them”- Victoria Deceda

  • I understand how important it is to find your passion. There are so many people who don’t love what they do; I was one of them. Although I worked in non profit I always felt like something was missing. Now I’m attending nursing school soon and I am so excited to have the opportunity to help other people mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Jobs that help others is not just a client relationship; people began to develop a human connection, which is something we all strive for. The impact we have on people is what we’ll be remembered for and I hope that most people say mine was positive.

  • From early on, I was taught to assist others and to strive to acquire a heart of a servant. Such fundamentals have allowed me to develop the skills of compassion and empathy, which assist me in efforts to serve in my community, but ultimately drove me to make the decision to major in health sciences in order to become a physical therapist.

    I currently work as an acute care student rehabilitation assistant at the University Hospital located in Columbia, Missouri, and within the six months I have been employed there I have encountered some of the most driven, and committed individuals who have impacted me on so many levels. Although it is my job to help them, they give me the reason to come to work every day excited while stress-free, in relation to the article above. New patients allow for new challenges but moreover new relationships.

    Working at such a facility repeatedly provides me with eye opening experiences. I am permitted to see others situations and or struggles but also observe courage and tenacity to face such problems by the individuals who I come in contact with. I have been deeply inspired by many, which in turn, reminds me to be thankful for what I have. Witnessing such instances has impacted and changed my views on life tremendously. I dream not of living for myself, but seek to better others. I believe my sole purpose in life is to positively impact as many individuals as possible, and my future career as a physical therapist will allow me to fulfill what I was put on this earth to do.

  • While reading this physical therapist aide’s story, I was convicted of the similarities I have in my life with this woman. I do want to pursue a career in the health field as a Speech-language Pathologist, but I also have passions in other areas. However, this interview also helped expose the qualities in my career that I admire and easily overcomes the other careers I would desire to pursue.

    In her interview, I noticed that she acknowledges the benefits of working with people. One of the aspects of Speech-language Pathologist that appealed to me was the fact that there would be more personal time working with the patient. Instead of working with many people at one time, this career allows me to spend one-on-one time with the patient.

    I feel that this interaction will be most beneficial to both of us because the patient will receive more specific attention, and I will be able to focus all my attention to that patient. Seeing my patients improve and develop more confidence would encourage me to keep continuing my job. Although the process may not always be rewarding instantly, the struggle and patience throughout the patient’s journey will make the ending result even more well-deserved. I look forward to the days when I have the moment with my patients, discovering together that they have just overcame that obstacle in their lives.

  • This blog related to me a lot because I one day want to enter the medical field. The best part that I liked in the blog was when the writer explained her experience when she goes to work. She explained how she is in a caring and fun environment, which is what I hope to one day experience. It sounds that the writer really enjoys her job and is passionate about her job, which is the best thing to have for a job. It is also interesting to hear how the woman wants to become a baker later in her life. When I become settled and have created a family, I hope to have a side business for event planning.

  • As a future physical thereapist, this story has really put things into perspective for me. It’s awesome to hear that someone with a career that I hope to have one day loves what they do for a living! I’ve also had a passion for seeing people improve themselves with hard work and dedication. I love meeting new people, and with this career I know that I’ll be meeting all sorts of people. It’s also great to hear that she doesn’t have a lot of pressure and/or stress in here job. The environment sounds very encouraging. Both of your coworkers and patients caring for you sounds like a reassuing feeling, and it’ll make me want to go to work the next day with a smile on my face. I can also relate to her on being shy my whole childhood. Living in my sister’s shadow has really restricted my opportunities and capibilities, hindering relationships and my future. Coming out of my shell is something that I wish I’d done earlier, but better late than never. When I let go of my shyness and put myself out there, I took opportunities, built stronger relationships, and my confidence sky rocketed.

  • I am a 3rd year in college and am pursuing a career in pharmacy. As much as I would love to give consultations to patients and supplying prescriptions, my sweet spot in life is being a musician.
    Your story inspired me. I really liked how you knew what you wanted to do and went for it with no regrets.

  • I work at an agency that assists the mentally and physically disabled, in their residential program. It is satisfying to know that I am helping individuals with special and particular needs lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. My job can be frustrating and stressful at times, but the connections I have made to both the residents I support and the staff I work with have made it a meaningful and worthwhile experience.

    I am often moved by the impact my fellow staff and I can have on the individuals we serve, the improvements I have often seen, and the teaching moments that allow me to make a difference. Like the physical therapy aide in this interview, my job entails a lot of interaction with the public and a good sense of work ethic. Although I enjoy what I do, I see myself taking this experience and using it be an empathetic and understanding practitioner of holistic healing. I want to continue working with the public and healing and changing lives, but in a more hands on and advanced way.

  • It makes me so happy to see someone who loves what they do, especially because your job includes helping people. We have so much in common! I’m also a Pacific Islander female who was unbearably shy growing up. But going to college has helped me grow out of that and now I’ve realized my dream job is also to be working with people. I’m a communication major about to start my third year of college and I still don’t know what I want to do. But I know I want what she has. Somehow I want to use my degree to work with people. I have a party time job in retail and what I love about it most is being able to talk to customers all day long. I hope one day I can find a job I love just like you 🙂

  • I have been in colleges and universities for 4 years now. However, I’m not a senior. In fact, I’m a freshman. Again. I started out studying medicine at a university outside the US. Then, uncertain that medicine was what I wanted to spend the rest of my life devoted to, I switched to a college in the US where I studied forensic psychology. I wasn’t unhappy but it wasn’t too long before I switched majors again, this time studying victimology. Around that time I began to wonder why I was changing my path so often. Like the woman being interviewed, I was not unhappy with my studies, but I felt that deep down I wanted to do something more creative, something different.
    Now I am at another university. I am studying something that I am passionate about, and I hope that one day my job satisfaction will too, be a 9.

  • Reading this interview brought a smile on my face. I was glad to see that like me she also loves her profession.
    Hi All.
    I am writing from India. I have completed my Bachelors degree as a Physical Therapist and now obtaining my graduate degree from Columbia University.
    I can totally associate to what this interview says. As we can obtain from the interview, the main reason why I also love this profession is the satisfaction it gives me. You don’t realize . when by treating the patient you develop a strong bond with them. Its so satisfying to see your patients get fine and walk by themselves happy and content out of the clinic door.
    I also believe its really important to have a good rapport with the patient, this helps in knowing the patients symptoms and helps in designing a tailor made program for that patients need.
    Its really important to have some motivation and excitement in your life. Its like the love for your work that should motivate you to get up each morning. Along with that its the satisfaction of your patients that helps you gain a good night sleep.
    The physical therapy profession also provides you with good working timings so that you can give time to your family and friends, there are a very few emergencies and lot of time for vacation.

    This interview is truly motivating for someone chose a profession, especially if someone gets happiness by helping others and has a bubbly personality.

  • I’m an upcoming sophomore attending Florida Gulf Coast University and I’m majoring in Health Science with the hopes of getting into the physical therapy program for graduate school.

    I can relate to this article because I see the passion she has a physical therapy aide as well as working with people. The woman being interviewed clearly enjoys her line of work and receives fulfillment through helping others. I personally see myself in a career field that has to do with assisting people because you begin to see that you can have impact on other people’s lives.

    As you get older your egocentric ways begin to diminish and it becomes more evident that there is more to life than just you. I seek fulfillment through helping others because it gives a greater meaning to my life. Having a career in physical therapy would mean more to me than just a pay check to pay the bills. It’s a career choice that gives meaning to who I am as a person and would give me enjoyment from doing something I love rather than just working.

    Not everyone understands what it’s like to have a passion for something. Most people spend their entire lives searching for what makes them passionate but never seem to obtain an answer. From what I’ve read the woman interviewed is passionate about what she’s doing with her life. I too understand the driving force that makes one get up everyday to do something they love. So yes, I can relate this story

  • I am an incoming undergraduate freshman attending Willamette University looking to pursue an Exercise Science Major, and later become an Athletic trainer or Physical Therapist.

    I really relate to this article because it is reassurance if something that I would love to do as a career. I am fascinated by the body and as an athlete myself, I would love to help people get back to full strength and be their normal selves. It was really clear and amazing to see how one can love their job so much and I look forward to it. You can tell how happy and excited the woman was to go work the next day, and I look forward to that. I love to interact and have conversations with people, and I believe I can be a good motivating factor to help them get better.

    Seeing how much this job is enjoyed really excites me for my future and I look forward to having the ability to assist other people and athletes that need to get back to working form after an injury. I would love to tell the kids that when I was their age, I went through the same things, but with patience and hard work, they too can overcome all obstacles in no time.

  • I am an undergraduate student currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and I just recently changed my major from Kinesiology to Sociology. I relate to this because I also like to make people happy and enjoy seeing smiles on people’s faces. Just like this woman in the article, I used to be a very shy person. I still am a little shy and don’t talk to many people, but I am currently working on it and she’s right it is hard!

    I was a Kinesiology major because I did want to do Physical Therapy, well at least I thought I did. After taking the some of the pre-requisite classes before I can apply to the major I just saw that the physical therapy career field was not for me. I decided to do sociology because this is something I do enjoy and do want to pursue.

    What’s funny is I also would like to open my own bakery one day! I love to cook but I specialize in baking. I just love chocolate and sweets! I love that this woman is a very determined individual and she goes for what she wants. I’m inspired to be like her.

  • Now this is something i can relate to! I am an undergraduate currently attending the University of Arizona in pursuit of a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. I love the motivation and drive by this individual. The job description motivates me even more to fufill my dreams! Hard work and effort will get me there.

  • As an undergraduate student currently pursuing a degree in biology with hopes of going on to get a Doctorate of Physical Therapy someday, I can truly relate to this article.

    The portions of this article regarding job satisfaction and about the job moving your heart really hit home for me. A few years ago, I suffered a pars lumbar stress fracture. Ever since, I have been in and out of the physical therapy clinic for pain from the fracture which never fully healed, scoliosis, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction; I guess one would call me familiar with the settings of a physical therapy clinic.

    I had always wanted to be a sports medicine physician, but after my experiences with my physical therapist, Paul, I knew that becoming a physical therapist would be a more rewarding profession for me; the special relationship that came with seeing Paul twice a week for almost four years never seemed to come about with my sports medicine physician. Because of this, I knew which of the two professions would suit me better.

    Reading about your happiness with your career, as well as the reasons for it, are certainly a relief. The friendships with patients and coworkers as well as the satisfaction you feel as you see a patient progress in the healing process are exactly what I experienced as a patient. Now I know I can look forward to the same happiness in the future as the therapist.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and your insight. I can relate to how you feel about loving your job, but feeling like you could do more.

    In the past year or so, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I was an office assistant for at least ten years before moving to a library assistant position. I loved the work–the organizing, the detail, being able to help people with their administrative needs–but at the same time, I’m wanting to do a little more than just that.

    I decided to go back to school to pursue a History degree in hopes to become an information professional, specializing in History. I hope with this experience I can provide research assisting needs as well as consult on projects. Reading your experience puts my mind at ease. I’m happy to see that I have company!

  • This article has hit a soft spot in my heart. I have been a physical therapy technician at a hippotherapy clinic for three years. We use horses as a therapy tool to help adults and children with special needs. I love my job, boss, coworkers, and patients. I witness patients grow in strength and ability, and it gives me such satisfaction to know that I played a part in the process. My degree is going to be in Horse Science with a specialty in therapeutic riding so that I may one day open my own clinic.

  • rwashington26
    I’m not in the medical field but, the profession I perform to make a living can become healing for my clients. The profession that I’ve work in for 35 years is cosmetology. Because beauty is universal, it has no healing boundaries. It allow me to be compassionate, and encouraging to that client walking into the the salon door that’s suffering from an autoimmune skin disease known as “alopecia areata”, which results in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere. It an amazing feel when you can see the joy of beauty upon a client’s face after you have restored their hair covering.

    I’m currently pursuing a Master’s of Art in Management and Leadership. I would like to establish an organization for student in the local high schools, who want have an opportunity to attend post secondary schooling, which would allow them to S.H.I.F.T ( Sept Into a Futuristic Tomorrow) in learning a vocational education in the arena of beauty. It can be aesthetics, nail technology, or cosmetology, all can become “open door opportunities” for our future generations. Help me make a difference.

  • I’m currently pursuing a degree in Nursing, which I really enjoy because I excel in science and ti genuinely interests me and I’m also a very sociable, compassionate person and I would love to make a difference in the world.However I dream of becoming a chef and opening my own restaurant as well.

    I learned to cook from my mom when I was twelve and I’ve loved it ever since, but it always seemed like just a hobby to me until recently. When I go home for winter and summer break I realize how much I miss cooking and I make dinner for my family and scour the internet for new recipes.

    Once I remembered how much I love to cook (and how much my family loves my cooking) It dawned on me that maybe I could one day be a chef. But for now that plan is on the back burner until I follow through with my Nursing degree.

  • I have a dream of opening a bakery as well. Eventually one day, that dream may come true after working hard to achieve success. But first I have to continue in college, pursuing my undergraduate degree at the University of South Florida, which happens to be my dream college, I have been wanting to attend here since my tenth grade year of high school.

  • I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree, in progress to obtain my (DTP) doctorate in physical therapy. Being able to see what these individuals do on a daily basis, and all of the work they do for each patient is something that has moved me.

    I plan on making an impact on my community, by helping every individual I can. To give each specialized and individualized attention.

  • I just recently was released from physical therapy for a pulled hamstring. The injury was the most annoying and painful experience I’ve ever had to go through, but my therapists are the ones that helped me through the process. They always had a positive attitude towards everything and made me excited to go to treatment every week. Even though I have had my mind made up on what I want to have as a career for as long as I can remember, working with these people reminded me exactly why I want to go into the medical field. I want to be able to help people in need and be able to put a smile on their face in the process. Many people go into the medical field for the high incomes, but I want to help others and know that every day will be different and I will get the chance to meet different people every day. Knowing that one day I will be one of the doctors that saves someones life is exciting to me! Although I may not be wanting to go into physical therapy, reading this interview was an inspiring reminder of what I want for my future.

  • I recently had the opportunity to shadow a physical therapist in my community. It was a great experience seeing first hand on the day-to-day responsibilities and duties a physical therapist must do. I witnessed intense procedures and sometimes patients in great pain. The physical therapist was there to aid with reliving the pain caused on the patient. The job often didn’t stop there for the physical therapist. The patients would come in with stories needed to be shared and the physical therapist would play as a listener while helping the patient. After the patient’s session was over, I noticed the patient very relieved and satisfied with the physical therapist. while I am looking towards more of the dentistry field; I still would like to have the same positive effect on my future patients that the physical therapist provided for her patients.

  • I found that this interview answers all of my questions that I’ve ever had about being a physical therapist, or an aide. I just recently graduated high school, and will being my career path towards being a physical therapist in the United States Air Force. Her answers about the lifelong relationships that she built with her patients resonated with me especially, because for my freshmen and sophomore years of high school, I was diagnosed with bone cancer that was eating away fat my left knee. After surgeries, I was introduced to physical therapy and formed friendships with my therapist and became known around the clinic as “Rockstar.” Thanks to them, I was able to continue my passion for running track and cross country, and even won awards for competing in State Championships. Thanks to people like this, I was able to realize that I want to do the exact same thing, and help people realize their own passions.

  • Like everyone else here, I can relate to this article even though I am still in college. I just finished volunteering at a physical therapy clinic in Downtown Los Angeles and I have experienced the emotional attachment and environment described here. I have met numerous people including an actress and retired Harlem Globetrotter. My first experience as a volunteer was great and all the patients would always greet me and ask about my weekend and family. Although many patients only spoke Spanish to me, I loved translating and learning how to communicate better using two languages. This is my dream job and I am looking forward to working in this field in a couple of years. I live to help others and to make sure that they can have another shot at life no matter their injury.

  • I can definitely relate to this article, working in the Medical/Health Care Field on a day to day basis, I enjoy when I can make a patient smile and when I receive compliments from patients about my service and how I made them feel; that alone makes me want to continue to work with patients/people, I feel as if i can make a positive difference in the lives of people who are dealing with day to day life stressors and also issues that they may not encounter everyday. In my job as well I have to do extreme multi tasking and no one else is cross trained to do the position that I do so I am the only one if the office who can do this job. What is stressful is that I am trained to do many different tasks of many different disciplines and am not properly compensated for the job that I do; this causes me to go home stressed very often because I am a Master’s Student trying to finance school on my own (no scholarships, grants, tuition reimbursement etc) I go to school full time and work full time and maintain a 4.0 GPA with the hopes that I some way am awarded a scholarship. Tuition for a semester is more than I make in 2 months. I smiled when the Physcial Therapy Aide mentioned opening up a bakery. I have been trained in classical ballet for 13 years, in the city that I am from not many people gave African American students a chance to study ballet in their studios, but one brave lady opened up a dance studio and I trained under her for 13 years,she taught me so many other life lessons not just classical ballet; if I could pave my own way I would open up a dance studio and give youth no matter their race or ethnicity the opportunity to learn dance.

  • I can relate to this. Yeah , you love the job you have but there is no love like the one you have for your dream.

  • I am currently a pharmacy student but I feel like is can relate to this woman because we are both minorities and work in the medical field. She mentions that she was extremely shy but overcomes this. I feel the same way when I was going into my field. As a pharmacy intern, I have a lot of contact with patients and at first I was never sure what to say or how to go about solving the problems that the patients are encountering but eventually, I was able to break out of my shell and was able to feel more comfortable with my job. Communicate and forwardness is very important in the field. And mostly important you have to enjoy what you do and I felt like I can also relate to the PT in this article because she goes to work everyday loving what she does.

  • I find this interview very interesting because this person is a lot like me. I am currently in school working toward a degree in media arts, however my ultimate dream is to one day open my own bakery. As a child I always wanted to join the peace corp., a dream I still have, because I wanted to do something that matters. This woman has a job in which she helps people and can feel good about herself while doing it. I would love an opportunity to do something that matters, however I feel my only skills are in art. Art can help people in many ways, but it is not as hands on as this woman’s job. I look up to her for doing something that makes a difference in this world. It is very inspirational, and it encourages me to keep looking for that something that will give me purpose.

  • This is an excellent article that I think many of us can relate to. Currently I am a physical therapy aide, I obtained training for this through the army and have many of the same duties described in the article. Recently I started going back to school to earn a degree in sports and health sciences so that I can become a person trainer, a CSCS, an athletic trainer and hopefully one day open my own gym. Like this article, I have a big dream and I want to start working towards it.

  • I can completely relate with this article. I am currently a Certified Nursing Assistant on the side so I can make some extra money While deciding my career, I had to pick something that I not only liked but also that is realistic. I have always wanted to work one on one with patients and the best job is a Physician Assistant so after some research, I realized that is what I wanted to do. However, ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to be an interior designer. Recently I came to the realization that I can do both. I can finish PA school and once I am settled, I can still do interior design. I will be happy with either decision I make for my career, like this women in the article.

  • I can relate tremendously to this story based on my own life experiences and goals. As this woman had initially
    faced, I currently face the struggle of shyness. I am currently a pre-med college student and dream of the day that I am able to build a relationship with other people and help them physically, and even mentally in their lives. The only obstacle in my path is getting into physician assistant school. Like this women mentioned, to work in the physical therapy field, you must be able to interact with other people well. I fear that my shyness will interfere with the competitive process of being accepted into physician assistant school. This women seems like she was always passionate about what she wanted to accomplish in life, yet had a hard time communicating her strong qualities to other people. Her story inspires me because she is proof that I can overcome being shy
    and one day I will be able to connect with other people and accomplish my dream career of helping people within their lives.

  • I’m interning at a physical therapy clinic. It’s true what you say about work ethics. People dont care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Doing simples tasks such as cleaning the mats and sanatising equipment may seem mineal, but its always the small steps that prepare up for the bigger picture in life. I’ve always believed that humility is the surest way to success, while stubborness and pride will be the quickest way to defeat. I hope, to one day, become a physical therapist and use my hand to heal others. Thank you for your work!

  • I have always wanted a career in the medical profession. At first I wanted to be pediatrician and so after that my goal was to become and OB/GYN. I love helping people in anyway that I can which is why the medical field has always been of interest to me. One of my goals is still to become an OB/GYN but as of recently have been looking into becoming a Physical Therapist as my career choice.After reading this interview and seeing how happy this career choice has made this woman I now have another job choice that I can consider, a Physical Therapy Aide.

  • I can relate to the way that you were introduced into the world of physical therapy because it was my friend that introduced to me to my own passion in life.

  • I can relate to this story because I too am thinking about pursuing a career in physical therapy. I can also relate by not really facing discrimination because of my race.

  • I love reading stories like this because this woman is doing what I want to do. And when I can see that other people can do it, then it takes away my doubts of my capability of acquiring a position such as this one.

  • This was a very interesting story of a woman who helps other people. Its her job, yet not everyone could perform such a job. Especially it reminds me the situation in my home country, where not many people do this kind of job because its very low paid position.

  • This story was nice to hear, you could tell this person enjoyed their job. They mostly loved the caring and social part of it. It was in their initial goal to be in this type of work, although he does have dreams of owning his own bakery. It was nice, I hope he reaches his goal. I’m sure he will be missed at his place of work. This interview helped me realize that you will have tough days on the job and deal with people that you don’t want to, but their will be better days. You can have your cake and eat it too.

  • I find this interview very interesting. Even though she has a career, she is not limiting herself. She has other goals and dreams. I can relate because I do not want to limit myself in anything I do. I also have dreams that I would like to see come true.

  • i can relate to this because i too am thinking of becoming a physical therapist because they pay very well but i do not want the same thing that happened to this lady where she is not completely satified with her job which is why i am weighing out my options.

  • This is a very interesting interview. Even though she enjoys her job, she has other goals for her career paths in the long run. This is also something I want my career path to be like. I am currently an electrical engineer student in college. In the long run, my plans are to start my own business and be my
    own boss but before that I will need experience and resources.That is why once I graduate, I do not know what kind of job I will be doing but, whatever job I choose to take I will make sure to research it and find out if I will like and enjoy what I will be doing. Like the interviewee, I hopefully will be involve on some job related to my career in which I can help make a better world and help a lot of people.

  • I play FUTBOL 24/7 through my whole life, my body is in constant pressure going to the gym, running a few miles, riding my bike, going to practice, I have always love exercise. It was 3 years ago when my dreams shattered; during a high school soccer match, a 6 foot guy slides me over, making me fly, when I was about to land my right foot didnt land very well, making my knee bend out more than 180 degrees. Immediately, my knee pop out. Im not going to play soccer anymore, first thought that came into my mind. I was out of the field for 1 year and half doing therapy and wearing a cast. I had couple of surgeries. Not the greatest story of my life. I had to go to therapy 4 times a week. Recently my girlfriend became a physical therapist, I give her some advise how to threat the patients and what they dont like. Now I can walk, run and play soccer again I play for my university soccer team. And I am planning now to play for a semi-pro soccer team If I pass the cuts.

  • I have been playing tennis and baseball practically my whole life and as an athlete, it is inevitable to end up at the office of a physical therapist once or twice. The patients at the therapist are usually not content due to their injuries and they may seem to grumpy at times.
    It is times like this when the insightful aids like the young lady are needed to comfort the patients and help with their recovery. Personally, I would feel more motivated to get back on my feet if the therapist aid was cheering me on to do so rather than just being there for the money or service hours. I believe that like a baseball team, there needs to be chemistry between the patient and the therapist aid for everything to work out the way it they want it to be.

  • This article is a perfect example of what I mean when i said that you should love your job. If a person is only doing what they do for the money they most likely will be miserable and end up not keeping that job for a long period of time.

  • +This is an inspiring article for those who strive to make a difference in life. She is a living example of how a person must love what he or she does for a living.

  • I can relate about putting your dreams on hold to support your children and pay for school with a steady job. I currently work as an Administrative Assistant II for an engineering department. Although it is not what I want to do, it makes sure that there is food in my son’s belly, a roof over his head, and money for me to go to school. One day, however, I would like to open up my own ceramic shop. I want to teach children and adults that you do not have to be an artist to enjoy making art.

  • I know something about physical therapy because I had to go through it for 2 months after I had my surgery. My uncle and my mother is currently going to physical therapy. I’m all for physical therapy so someone can fulfill there dream. Although, I had to put my dream on hold, it’s a great opportunity for someone else who still can complete there’s

  • Through out my years my mother has always been my motivation to strive, thus for her and for myself I have maintain my goals in life very straight and focused. I hope this path I am taking will lead me to great opportunities. Since I have a set heart on what I want to do and where I want to get. After reading this story this ideals of mine have just been even reinforced. I know I want help others achieve their goals how my mother has been motivating me and I want to keep my motivation to continue on strong.

  • After reading this story I see that my goal is overall my main focus and that I should not change my mind throughout the path of my life. I should instead stay focus and live a great life.

  • After reading the story I have some better knowledge on how to approach my main goal. You see I had started college with the big dream of double majoring in pastry and baking and hospitality and tourism management. This way I could learn all there is to know about pastries while also knowing how to run a business. Well that dream has had to be redirected a bit as I have found out I am a diabetic. So I am still going to pursue the hospitality and tourism management and maybe I will run a sweet shop for someone or else I can help people relax and enjoy themselves when they get away at resorts. You see I just want to help people, see them smile and enjoy life. I am not worried about big pay offs yes it is nice but there are other things. Right at this time I work at party city while I am attending college and when I find the kids there Halloween costumes and they get all excited it is great. Also when we dress up and the customers reactions are great. My goals in life are to live long, help everyone enjoy there life and to give everything I have to give.

  • Physical therapy was one of my potential “life choices,” for lack of a better term. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to study and I’ve always had a knack for massage. I hope to at least go to massage school someday. I really enjoyed reading this article for it gave good insight into the author’s world. Her compassion and care for others showed through her words and I deeply admire those qualities in people. I also liked it for how it hit so close to home with me. Baking is a passion of mine and, as it seems to be with her, I love helping others.

  • I have always wanted to be a physical therapist, but wasn’t a serious student. Therefore, I’ve become a personal trainer and volleyball coach. I may not be a physical therapist, but I do feel that my job of coaching and training are similar to the interaction that she gets with her patients. I love seeing the improvement my players achieve as well as my training clients. Great interview.

  • This is an inspiring article for those who strive to make a difference in life. She is a living example of how a person must love what he or she does for a living.

  • I can tell that this woman is a hard working, determined individual. She loves people and love being able to help in the recovery of her patients. I too love my job and enjoy working with my co-workers.
    When I was younger, I was involve in this adult education class which helped adult get prepared to take their GED test. It gave me great pride when I a student come back and thank me for helping them get prepared for their GED test because they past their test.

  • This is a great inspiring story. The woman is content with her career choice. She receives fulfillment from helping other but still has dreams of her hobbies one day.

  • This is an amazing story. There is a huge fullfillment when you are able to work with the less fortunate. I can relate to you, I will not be helping elderly people. However, my goal is to help people financially.

  • I can relate to this person. I used to be a CNA aspiring to finish school as a nurse. I loved working with the less fournate just like this person. I have learned like her, that you have to keep your personal business personal or the whole department will know you business
    I am already a wife and a mother and have change my field of study to teaching. Even though I will not be helping the edlery, I will be helping the world by teaching.

  • Extremely expiring article. I too work as a physical therapy aid and I absolutely love what I do. Unfortunately the pay is not great, but I make the best of what I do, and by me not having any kids to take care of it works out for me. I eventually want to open and run a fitness developing clinic for all athletes with in all sports.
    I actually laughed at the part where the tornado went down the street, we actually were having a meeting when a earthquake shook the entire gym and scared the living day lights out of all the patients and staff.

  • I work as a Medical Technologist and I love being able to help people as well. The laboratory accounts for 70% of all diagnosis. My job can be stressful at times but helping another person is reward for the stress. I also would like to do something in photography!

  • Very inspiring story. I have gained 30 years experience in the dental field, and I can honestly say that I love what I do. You must be careful with office gossip because it does spread like wildfire!!! I wish her the best in her endeavors. With her spirit, and drive, I am sure she will do well!

  • I really enjoyed this article because I am a new mom of a 4month old. And I want very much to open a food truck one day. I have always dreamed of this. I really related to what she said about what you are remembered for, is your work ethic. I truly believe that. I also feel that you should not talk to co-workers about your personal life. mainly because word does spread quickly and can be changed out of context. I can attest to that.
    I was working at a salon that i was brand new in. I already felt like the outsider. I tried offering my advice to others and was never taken. I made mention one day of how stressed i was in my home life.
    Then, immediately over the next few days all these things came about that i was supposedly saying. I was given a mediocre chance to defend myself. But, unfortunately I lost that fight. I am still to this day bewildered by it. I feel that you should always keep your personal life to your self at work.
    You may be having the worst day ever in the world, but never show it. Just smile and show that everything is alright.

    • Great article. I began reading this article not knowing exactly what to expect. After reading this I realized her and I have a very similar life. When I grow up I would like to become a Physical Therapist and just like her If she puts her head into something she will do it. Although I love hanging out with friends and socializing with different people I also like to have my time as a reclusive individual. I know that might not be the best at a job where interaction is always needed but regardless of what you do you will always need to focus on yourself.

      Being a person that loves to exercise, a job with enough time after work to focus on yourself will be greatly appreciated. My goal in life is to have a job that doesn’t feel like one. I want to wake up, go to work, and forget that its work just because I love being there at all times. There is nothing worse than knowing you’re going to be stuck in a facility that you do not enjoy being in. During college I hope I can work as a Physical Therapist Aide as well, to prepare me to become a Physical Therapist, and help pay for my schooling.

      Regardless of where you are you should always know that your business is nobody else business. You should never talk bad about someone and tell it to other people, if you don’t like someone either keep it to yourself or tell them up front before it gets to them from someone else and makes the situation worse. Overall I really found this article to be inspirational. No matter where you want to end up in life there will always be room to have fun and get paid while doing it.